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Interstate 77 U.S. 21 South
The roadways of I-77 switch sides through the exchange with I-85 so that Exit 13 A loops from the outside lanes of both freeways. I-85 travels northeast from Charlotte to the Piedmont Triad region. 05/31/21
Exit 12 departs I-77/U.S. 21 just south of the exchange with Interstate 85 at La Salle Street. 05/31/21
The I-77 Express Lanes extend south to I-277/NC 16 (Brookshire Freeway). 05/31/21
La Salle Street leads west to Beatties Ford Road through the Lincoln Heights neighborhood and east to Druid Hills and industrial Alando Junction. 05/31/21
I-77/U.S. 21 advances south toward Downtown Charlotte, meeting I-277/NC 16 (Brookshire Freeway), W 5th Street and Trade Street over the ensuing mile. 05/31/21
Exit 11 separates from I-77/U.S. 21 south ahead of the Oaklawn Avenue overpass for the systems interchange with I-277 south and NC 16 (Brookshire Freeway). 05/31/21
U.S. 21 continues alongside I-77 south along a 17 mile long overlap through the city of Charlotte. 05/31/21
A flyover links the I-77 Express Lanes with I-277/NC 16 southbound along the Brookshire Freeway. 05/31/21
A series of wayfinding signs direct visitors to the various attractions and points of interest in Uptown Charlotte. 05/31/21
Exit 11 partitions into ramps for NC 16 north to Brookshire Boulevard and I-277/NC 16 (Brookshire Freeway) southeast to the Fourth and First Wards in Uptown Charlotte. 05/31/21
NC 16 accompanies Interstate 277 (Brookshire Freeway) southeast to U.S. 74 (Independence Boulevard). I-277 turns west from there along the John Belk Freeway back to I-77/U.S. 21. 05/31/21
Succeeding parclo interchanges at Exit 10 C and 10 B join I-77/U.S. 21 south with W 5th and Trade Streets to Uptown Charlotte. 05/31/21, 03/11/22
5th Street leads to J.C. Smith University and the Biddleville neighborhood. 03/11/22
A distributor roadway extends south from I-277/NC 16 (Brookshire Freeway) to the ramps for W 5th Street. 05/31/21, 03/11/22
5th Street heads southeast to the Fourth Ward and Center City. 05/31/21
Exit 10 B loops onto W Trade Street east to the Charlotte Campus of Johnson & Wales University, the Third Ward and Spectrum Arena (home of the NBA Charlotte Hornets). 03/11/22
Bank of America Stadium, home of the NFL Carolina Panthers, lies between Morehead Street and Graham Street in Uptown Charlotte. 05/31/21
Trade Street parallels 5th Street one block to the west into Charlotte Center City. A half diamond interchange follows from I-77/U.S. 21 south with U.S. 29/NC 27 (Morehead Street) at Exit 10 A. 05/31/21
I-77/U.S. 21 separates Frazier Park and Wesley Heights on the ensuing stretch south to Exit 10 A for U.S. 29/NC 27 (Morehead Street) and the south end of I-277. 05/31/21
U.S. 29/NC 27 overlap between Mint Street (NC 49) at Bank of America Stadium in Uptown Charlotte and Freedom Drive to the west. 05/31/21
A lengthy southbound collector distributor roadway separates from I-77/U.S. 21 south for U.S. 74 (Wilkinson Boulevard) west at Exit 9 C, I-277/U.S. 74 (John Belk Freeway) east at Exit 9 B and NC 160 (West Boulevard) at Exit 9 A. 05/31/21
The ensuing exit for Clanton Road lies beyond the split diamond interchange (Exit 9A) with NC 160 (West Boulevard) and Remount Road. 03/11/22
U.S. 74 transitions from the John Belk Freeway (I-277) to Wilkinson Boulevard beyond the adjacent Freedom Drive (NC 27) overpass. Wilkinson Boulevard carries U.S. 74 and U.S. 29 from Morehead Street west to Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) and Belmont. 05/31/21
NC 27 was relocated in 2021 from Morehead Street, including overlaps with U.S. 29 and NC 49, and McDowell Street at the Second Ward onto Freedom Drive and all of I-277/U.S. 74 along the John Belk Freeway. 05/31/21
Reassurance shields posted along the c/d roadway within the exchange for Interstate 277 and U.S. 74. 05/31/21
Interstate 277 (John Belk Freeway) overlaps with U.S. 74/NC 27 east for 2.36 miles along the south side of Uptown Charlotte to Independence Expressway. 05/31/21
Exit 9 A partitions from the c/d roadway next to NC 160 (West Boulevard). NC 160 stems west from NC 49 (Tryon Street) to Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). 05/31/21
I-77/U.S. 21 shields posted at the NC 160 (West Boulevard) underpass. NC 160 forms a multi state route with S.C. 160 south into Fort Mill. 05/31/21
The final two control cities for Interstate 77 lie 23 and 92 miles south respectively from Remount Road in Charlotte. 05/31/21
Clanton Road provides a connection from I-77/U.S. 21 to parallel NC 49 (S Tryon Street) from Exit 7. 05/31/21
I-77/U.S. 21 reassurance shields posted after the Remount Road entrance ramp. Remount Road loops northwest to NC 160 (West Boulevard) and southeast to South Boulevard (former U.S. 21). 05/31/21
One half mile north of the diamond interchange (Exit 7) with Clanton Road to the Clanton Park neighborhood. 05/31/21
Exit 7 leaves I-77/U.S. 21 south for Clanton Road. NC 49 (S Tryon Street) meets the freeway directly at the succeeding exit in 1.75 miles. 05/31/21
Traffic counts along I-77/U.S. 21 south ahead of Exit 6 peaked in 2014 at 161,000 vehicles per day (vpd). NCDOT recorded 144,000 vpd on the stretch in 2019. 11/20/21
NC 49 (S Tryon Street) converges with I-77/U.S. 21 at Woodlawn Road (SR 1291) and Billy Graham Parkway (Charlotte City Route 4). Billy Graham Parkway is former U.S. 521 north from South Boulevard to I-85. 11/20/21
Exit 6 B connects joins NC 49 (S Tryon Street) south ahead of the intersection with Billy Graham Parkway (SR 5901) north. NC 49 constitutes an arterial route southwest to Renaissance Park and Lake Wylie. 11/20/21
Exit 6 A loops onto Woodlawn Road (SR 1291) east. Charlotte City Route 4 lines Woodlawn Boulevard east to Runnymede Lane. Prior to 2003, U.S. 521 followed Woodlawn Road and South Boulevard to I-485. 11/20/21
Tyvola Road (SR 1577) meets I-77/U.S. 21 at a single point urban interchange (Exit 5) in one half mile. 09/16/21, 11/20/21
Tyvola Road arcs southward from NC 160 (West Boulevard) to Billy Graham Parkway (SR 5901) and the former Charlotte Coliseum to Exit 5. The boulevard continues east to Fairview Road ahead of Southpark Mall. 09/16/21
The diamond interchange at Exit 5 / Tyvola Road was converted into a SPUI in 1999. 11/20/21
Nations Ford Road, a historic alignment of U.S. 21, meets I-77/U.S. 21 at a diamond interchange (Exit 4). 09/16/21
U.S. 21 remains along Interstate 77 south to Exit 90 in South Carolina. 05/31/21
Meeting I-77/U.S. 21 just north of Interstate 485 at Exit 3, Arrowood Road (SR 1138) runs east from NC 49 (Tryon Street) to South Boulevard (old U.S. 521) by a number of office parks. 05/31/21
Ramps at the diamond interchange (Exit 3) with Arrowood Road tie into the c/d roadway system for Interstate 485 (Charlotte Beltway). 05/31/21
Previously numbered Exit 2, Exit 1 B separates from I-77/U.S. 21 south with two lanes for Interstate 485 northwest to Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) and Huntersville and southeast to Pineville and Matthews. 05/31/21
The three lane c/d roadway (Exit 1 B) advances south into the four level interchange with Interstate 485. 11/20/21, 03/11/22
The Charlotte Beltway was completed northeast to I-85 near Harrisburg by November 2003 and northwest to I-85 by CLT Airport by October 2004. 03/11/22
85 miles separate Downtown Columbia, South Carolina from the exchange between I-77/485 in southern Mecklenburg County. Rock Hill lies 16 miles ahead beyond the Catawba River. 09/16/21
Exit 1 A departs from I-77/U.S. 21 south at the systems interchange with Interstate 485 for Westinghouse Boulevard (SR 1128). 09/16/21, 11/20/21
The parclo interchange (Exit 1 A) with Westinghouse Boulevard serves an array of warehouses and distribution centers along both sides of the freeway. 09/16/21
The ramps from I-485 to I-77/U.S. 21 combine just ahead of a slip ramp for Westinghouse Road (SR 1128). 03/13/22
U.S. 21 splits with Interstate 77 south just beyond the South Carolina state line at Carowinds Boulevard. Carowinds Boulevard (SR 1441) arcs southeast from NC 49 (Tryon Street) to the Carowinds theme park and the exchange at Exit 90. 03/13/22
Interstate 77 and U.S. 21 enter York County, South Carolina adjacent to Carowinds. 09/16/21


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