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Interstate 77 South
Heavy traffic caused by an incident that blocked the northbound lanes snarls Charlotte-bound traffic as Interstate 77 south approaches the bridge over Fishing Creek. Photo taken 06/01/07.
The South Fork of Fishing Creek flows under Interstate 77 in this scene west of Lando and north of the Gaston Farm Road overpass. Photo taken 06/01/07.
The last southbound rest area for all of Interstate 77 resides in northern Chester County. Photo taken 06/01/07.
One mile south of the rest area is the Exit 65 off-ramp to South Carolina 9. S.C. 9 follows Lancaster Highway west 11 miles to Chester and east two miles to Richburg and seven miles to Fort Lawn. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Entering the Exit 65 diamond interchange with South Carolina 9 (Lancaster Highway) on Interstate 77 south. S.C. 9 traverses 263 miles of the Palmetto State from Spartanburg to North Myrtle Beach. A bypass carries the route around Chester along side portions of S.C. 72 and 121, with S.C. 72 & 121 south linking the county seat with Chester State Park and Sumter National Forest. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Southbound reassurance marker posted as Interstate 77 passes by the town of Richburg to the west. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Road 56 (Old Richburg Road) originates from South Carolina 9 (Lancaster Highway) to the east. A diamond interchange (Exit 62) joins Interstate 77 with Road 56 and Richburg in one mile. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Old Richburg Road continues west from Exit 62 to Knox and South Carolina 9 (Lancaster Highway), 2.8 miles east of the Chester bypass. Photo taken 06/01/07.
South Interstate 77 shield assembly posted ahead of the Murdock Road over crossing. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Great Falls, a town of nearly 2,000, is the next destination featured on southbound mileage signs. The town lies east of Interstate 77 along U.S. 21. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Rural scenery along Interstate 77 on the curve ahead of Rocky Creek. Photo taken 06/01/07.
South Carolina 97 (Great Falls Road) links Interstate 77 with Great Falls, six miles to the east. The state highway enters the Exit 55 diamond interchange from Chester, 13 miles to the northwest. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Southbound at the Exit 55 off-ramp to South Carolina 97 (Great Falls Road). South Carolina 97 totals 95 miles on northwest to southeast trajectory between S.C. 5 near Blacksburg, Chester, Great Falls and U.S. 521 & 601 outside Camden. Photo taken 06/01/07.
2 photos
2 photos
A look at the sign assembly posted at the end of the Exit 55 off-ramp of I-77 south. S.C. 97 intersects S.C. 901 at Rossville just two miles to the east. S.C. 901 switches sides with the freeway before ending at S.C. 200 near Exit 48. Photos taken 06/01/07.
A long straight away dips Interstate 77 southward to Little Rocky Creek beyond this shield. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Winnsboro, the seat of Fairfield County, is 23 miles to the south via I-77 and S.C. 200. Columbia is now 46 miles away. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Crossing into rural Fairfield County along Interstate 77 south near Stover. Fairfield County was home to 23,956 per the 2010 census. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Exit 48 with South Carolina 200 is the first of five exits in Fairfield County along Interstate 77 south. Photo taken 06/01/07.
South Carolina 200 travels 5.3 miles northeast to Mitford and an overlap with U.S. 21 to Great Falls. South of Exit 48, the state highway ends in 11.5 miles at U.S. 321 and S.C. 34 outside Winnsboro. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Four lanes of Interstate 77 spread into view between Exit 48 and the Big Wateree Creek. Exit 46 follows as a diamond interchange with Road 20 (Camp Welfare Road). Photo taken 06/01/07.
Road 20 meanders west to S.C. 200 and White Oak and east to U.S. 21. Photo taken 06/01/07.
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 77 stays east of Winnsboro on the 12-mile drive to Ridgeway. Columbia is just 36 miles to the south now. Photos taken 06/01/07.
Spanning Little Wateree Creek along southbound Interstate 77. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Road 41 crosses paths with Interstate 77 at the Exit 41 diamond interchange in one mile. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Old River Road (Road 41) meanders west 3.7 miles to South Carolina 200 near Winnsboro and east 2.8 miles to U.S. 21 at Flint Hill. Use Road 41 east for Lake Wateree State Park. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Low hills of rolling forest continues to make up the countryside along Interstate 77 through central Fairfield County. Photo taken 06/01/07.
South Carolina 34 links Interstate 77 with Ridgeway and Camden to the east from Exit 34. Ridgeway is just a two mile drive while Camden is 26 miles via U.S. 1 north from Lugoff. Photo taken 06/01/07.
A short truck climbing lane accompanies Interstate 77 south into the Exit 34 diamond interchange with S.C. 34. South Carolina 34 goes for 195 miles overall between Greenwood and Dillon. Simpson and Rockton line the route over the next six miles to the northwest. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Peach Street in Ridgeway becomes Peach Road west from town to a diamond interchange (Exit 32) with Interstate 77. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Drivers merge onto Interstate 77 south from S.C. 34 ahead of this shield. Some light industrial development appears just west of the freeway here in an otherwise ending stand of pine forest. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Exit 32 departs Interstate 77 south for Peach Road (Road 30). Peach Road journeys another 4.7 miles west from here to U.S. 321. U.S. 321 has paralleled I-77 south from Winnsoro but does not directly meet the freeway until the southern terminus. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Mileage sign posted four miles north of the first Richland County interchange on I-77 south near Center Creek. Photo taken 06/01/07.


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