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Interstate 77 South
The first interchange (Exit 27) in Richland County joins Interstate 77 with Blythewood Road and the outermost suburbs of Columbia. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Blythewood Road connects Interstate 77 with U.S. 21 (Wilson Boulevard) at Blythewood nearby. The two lane road continues west from the Exit 27 diamond interchange to U.S. 321 (Winnsboro Road). Photo taken 06/01/07.
U.S. 21 (Wilson Boulevard) veers southwest from Blythewood and S.C. 555 (Farrow Road) to switch sides with Interstate 77 at the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 24). U.S. 21 continues south into Columbia as the first of 13 interchanges to serve the capital city. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Exit 24 departs Interstate 77 south for U.S. 21 (Wilson Boulevard). Wilson Boulevard becomes North Main Street through Columbia, carrying the US highway to Elmwood Street outside downtown. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Reassurance marker posted as Interstate 77 expands to a six-lane freeway from south of Exit 24 to Exit 18. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Farrow Road turns southwest and crosses Interstate 77 in four miles. This mileage sign omits the Exit 22 diamond interchange with Killian Road. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Killian Road constitutes a growing east-west arterial within the vicinity of Interstate 77. A number of car dealerships and retail have popped up along the road since 2008, with development continuing along a new alignment of the road east to Clemson Road. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Interstate 77 south at the Exit 22 off-ramp to Killian Road. Killian Road leads east to become Clemson Road beyond the intersection with South Carolina 555 (Farrow Road). Clemson Road and the new Killian Road alignment was constructed as part of a $9.2-million project completed in 2006.1 The two routes form a four-lane belt route southeast to Two Notch Road (U.S. 1) near Pontiac. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Speed limits decrease to 60 miles per hour from just ahead of Exit 19 to the southern terminus. Photo taken 06/01/07.
South Carolina 555 (Farrow Road) turns southwest to approach a folded diamond interchange (Exit 19) with Interstate 77. Carolina Research Park and Midlands Technical College resides just west of the freeway via Farrow Road. Use the exit also for the SoutH Carolina Archives & History Center. Photo taken 06/01/07.
South Carolina 555 continues southwest along Farrow Road from Exit 19 into Columbia. South Carolina 277 (Northeastern Freeway) begins from Exit 18 next and parallels Farrow Road southwest to Bull Street and central Columbia. Photo taken 06/01/07.
The South Carolina 277 freeway provides a shorter connection from I-77 south to I-20 west for interests west to Lexington and Augusta, Georgia. Interstate 77 meets I-20 directly east of Dentsville in 2.7 miles otherwise. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Two lanes partition from Interstate 77 south for South Carolina 277 (Exit 18) to Downtown Columbia and the University of South Carolina.
South Carolina 277 was never slated to become Interstate 277, but it was proposed to continue further southwest than its current end at Bull Street. Photo taken 06/01/07.
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2 photos
An on-ramp from South Carolina 555 (Farrow Road) splits with separate ramps ahead of the wye interchange with S.C. 277. A U.S. 1 trailblazer directs motorists onto I-77 south for Two Notch Road, the next exit. Photos taken 06/01/07.
Traffic from Farrow Road merges onto Interstate 77 south, one mile ahead of the Exit 17 parclo interchange with U.S. 1 (Two Notch Road). Two Notch Road represents an older arterial route southwest to Dentsville, Arcadia Lakes and Forest Acres. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Two lanes of Interstate 77 south near the crossing of Jackson Creek by this reassurance assembly. Photo taken 06/01/07.
U.S. 1, better known in this area as Two Notch Road, continues as a busy commercial arterial east from Interstate 77 to Sesquicentennial State Park and Pontiac. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Interstates 77 and 20 come together at a three-level directional cloverleaf interchange (Exits 16B/A) in 1.25 miles. Photo taken 04/16/12.
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2 photos
Travelers cross Windsor Lake beyond a reassurance shield (missing in 2012) and ahead of Interstate 20. Photo taken 06/01/07. Second photo taken 04/16/12.
Exit 16B carries drivers onto Interstate 20 west by Dentsville into northern reaches of Columbia. I-20 sees eight interchanges serving the capital city over the next 12 miles. Photo taken 04/16/12.
Exit 16A consists of a loop ramp onto a collector distributor roadway along Interstate 20 east from I-77 to the adjacent Alpine Road diamond interchange. Photo taken 04/16/12.
Interstate 20 ventures east from Exit 16A by the Northeast suburbs to Pontiac, Elgin, Lugoff and Camden. The freeway concludes at Interstate 95 in 65 miles. Photo taken 04/16/12.
Interstate 77 turns southwest along the western periphery of Fort Jackson from Exit 15 (South Carolina 12) to Exit 10 (S.C. 760). The main gate lies east of Exit 12; truck traffic and those headed to the Army base for basic training or graduation should use S.C. 12 (Percival Road) south from Exit 15 to Gate 4 via Boyden Arbor Road. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Interstate 77 again expands to six lanes from I-20 southward. Trucks are restricted from the left lane on this stretch leading 19 miles west to Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE). Photo taken 06/01/07.
There is no direct access to Decker Boulevard (Exit 13 of I-77 north) north to Dentsville and Arcadia Lakes from I-77 south. Motorists bound for that arterial should follow Percival Road west from Exit 15. Photo taken 12/21/13.
South Carolina 12 begins at U.S. 601 in rural Kershaw County and leads west along the north boundary of Fort Jackson to a folded diamond interchange (Exit 15) with Interstate 77. The 36-mile route parallels I-77 southward to Forest Drive. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Southbound motorists along Interstate 77 formally enter the city limits of Columbia at the South Carolina 12 under crossing. Fort Jackson lies wholly within Cola. Photo taken 12/21/13.
A wye interchange adds traffic from Decker Boulevard south onto Interstate 77 at Boyden Arbor Pond. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Forest Drive and Strom Thurmond Boulevard come together at a diamond interchange (Exit 12) in one mile. Strom Thurmond Boulevard represents the main access route into Fort Jackson. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Exit 12 departs Interstate 77 south for Forest Drive west and Strom Thurmond Boulevard east. S.C. 12 turns west onto Forest Drive to the city of Forest Acres and Taylor Street through the Columbia central business district. The state highway spans the Congaree River along a short expressway (Jarvis Klapman Boulevard) through West Columbia and its end at U.S. 1. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Shady Lane parallels the west side of I-77 through a residential areas surrounding Lake Katharine behind a sound wall along this stretch. Photo taken 12/21/13.
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2 photos
Interstate 77 southbound at the one-mile guide sign for South Carolina 760 (Fort Jackson Boulevard). Fort Jackson Boulevard links the Fort Jackson Gate #1 with U.S. 76 & 378 (Divine Street).
Sign changes removed Fort Jackson for S.C. 760. Photo taken 03/12/00. Second photo taken 12/21/13.
Curving southeastward again, Interstate 77 reaches the Exit 10 off-ramp to South Carolina 760. The 1.1-mile route splits with Wildcat Road (unsigned U.S. 76 Connector) ahead of its end at Devine Street and Cross Hill Road, another unsigned U.S. 76 Connector. Wildcat Road to Rosewood Drive bypasses the commercial junction of U.S. 76-378 and S.C. 760 to the Beltline Campus of Midlands Technical College and South Carolina 16 (Beltline Boulevard). Photo taken 12/21/13.
U.S. 76 & 378 angle southeast from Fort Jackson Boulevard along Garners Ferry Road to Interstate 77 by the WJB Dorn Veterans Medical Center. Two parclo interchanges (Exits 9B/A) facilitate movements between the Southeastern Beltway (I-77) and Garners Ferry Road in conjunction with S.C. 262 (Leesburg Road). Photo taken 12/21/13.
Interstate 77 bisects suburban communities to Exit 9. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Exit 9B departs for South Carolina 262 (Leesburg Road). This east-west highway ends nearby at U.S. 76 & 378 to provide access to Garners Ferry Road west from Interstate 77 south. S.C. 262 leads 15 miles east along the southern boundary of Fort Jackson to U.S. 601 near Leesburg. Photo taken 12/21/13.
U.S. 76 & 378 share pavement east 40 miles to Sumter. There U.S. 76 branches northeast to Timmonsville and Florence while U.S. 378 continues east to Conway. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Southbound drivers bound for U.S. 76 & 378 (Garners Ferry Road) leave Interstate 77 south at Exit 9A. Garners Ferry Road traverses a busy retail corridor from the freeway southeast over the next 1.5 miles. Horrell Hill and an exit of the Richland County suburbs is an eight mile drive to the east. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Interstate 77 (Southeastern Beltway) arcs westward toward the final two Cola exits. The state-named shield pictured here replaced a neutered shield posted in 2012. Photo taken 12/21/13.
One mile east of the three-quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exit 6) with South Carolina 768 (Shop Road). Shop Road comprises a north-south arterial route between George Rogers Boulevard at the State Fairgrounds southeast to Pineview Road outside the city limits. Photo taken 12/21/13.
South Carolina 768 follows a 4.8-mile route west along Pineview Road to Shop Road north through Exit 6 to Beltline Boulevard west and S.C. 48 (Bluff Road). Photo taken 04/16/12.
Westward, Interstate 77 approaches a six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 5) with South Carolina 48 (Bluff Road). S.C. 48 links the industrial south side of Columbia with Williams Brice Stadium (Home of the USC Gamecocks) and Capital City Stadium. Photo taken 04/16/12.
Interstate 77 kinks northwest ahead of Gills Creek. An regulatory sign affixed to the Shop Road overpass advises a 50 mile per hour speed. Photo taken 04/16/12.
A fourth westbound lane accompanies Interstate 77 south from S.C. 760 to Exit 5. South Carolina 48 ends 5.7 miles to the north at the intersection of Assembly Street and Elmwood Avenue (U.S. 21-76-176-321) beyond the Cola central business district. Photo taken 04/16/12.
Heading southeast from Exit 5, South Carolina 48 (Bluff Road) travels 15 miles to Gadsden and 23 miles to Wateree and U.S. 601. Photo taken 04/16/12.
Interstate 77 traverses a flood plain through southeastern reaches of the Cayce city limits between Exit 5 and the Congaree River. Photo taken 04/16/12.
The final mileage sign of Interstate 77 south precedes a flood relief bridge at four miles out from Interstate 26. Charleston, the ultimate destination of I-26 east, is 109 miles away. Photo taken 04/16/12.
Drivers bound for Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) are directed onto Interstate 26 west from the ending I-77 in four miles. Presently motorists must navigate a route entailing I-26 west to S.C. 302 west to reach the airport. An extension of the John N. Hardee Expressway from the terminal area to Interstate 26 is proposed. Photo taken 04/16/12.
The Congaree River flows south from the confluence of the Saluda and Broad Rivers between Columbia and West Columbia to separate Richland and Lexington Counties to Calhoun County south of Interstate 77. Photo taken 04/16/12.
S.C. 35 begins at the forthcoming diamond interchange (Exit 2) with 12th Street Extension. The state highway travels north 5.5 miles through central Cayce and to U.S. 378 (Sunset Boulevard) in West Columbia. Photo taken 04/16/12.
Exit 2 parts ways with Interstate 77 south for S.C. 35 north and the 12th Street Extension. The extension was completed in October 2003 to link Cayce with I-77. Further lengthening of the road southward brings the industrial roadway to Old Wire Road. Photo taken 04/16/12.
A ground level button copy sign for Interstate 26 was posted by the 12th Street Extension overpass until sometime after 2000. This sign likely dated to the original opening of I-77 as S.C. 478 Photo taken 08/05/00.
The final mile of Interstate 77 sees the roadways separate ahead of a three-level directional interchange with Interstate 26 and U.S.21-176-321 (Charleston Highway). Photo taken 04/16/12.
Interstate 77 southbound crosses over a CSX railroad line ahead of the Exit 1 ramp departure for Charleston Highway (U.S. 21-176-321). The trio of US highways overlap northward into Cayce and downtown Charleston. Photo taken 12/21/13.
A flyover ramp continues overhead of Interstate 26 to U.S. 21-176-321. The Exit 1 ramp ends at the intersection of Charleston Highway and Fish Hatchery Road. The control points feature Gaston and Swansea for U.S. 321 south beyond the split with U.S. 21 & 176.
Trailblazers affixed to the Interstate 26 panels reference interchanges for Interstate 20 (Exit 107) and Interstate 95 (Exit 169). Photo taken 12/21/13.
Interstate 77 ends at traffic partitions for Interstate 26. I-26 travels 105 miles to Charleston and 95 miles north to Spartanburg. Photo taken 04/16/12.
Exit 1 represents the highest flyover of the pervasive interchange between Interstates 26 and 77. A pair of end freeway signs reside along side the two-lane ramp. Photo taken 04/15/12.
Approaching the signalized intersection with U.S. 21-176-321 (Charleston Highway) from Exit 1. Columbia lies to the north; the state farmers market is to the south. Photo taken 04/15/12.
Fish Hatchery Road stems west from the end of Interstate 77 and Charleston Highway to the Styx State Fish Hatchery, Pine Ridge and South Congaree. Photo taken 04/15/12.

  1. "New Bridge is Nearly Complete." The State (Columbia, SC), March 17, 2005.

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