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Interstate 77 U.S. 21 South
Interstate 77 & U.S. 21 part ways at the Exit 90 parclo interchange with Carrowinds Boulevard just south of the state line. Photo taken 06/01/07.
U.S. 21 branches east and stays somewhat close to I-77 to Fort Mill. Pineville-Rock Hill Road (South Carolina 51) ties in nearby from Pineville, North Carolina as a former alignment of U.S. 21. Photo taken 06/01/07.
A parting shot of the lane distribution of Exit 90. The right lane joins the outer lane of Carrowinds Boulevard to the Carrowinds theme park. The road otherwise continues north to North Carolina 49 through a series of industrial parks. Foothills Way ties into the ramp end from the south to serve a few lodging establishments and other traveler services. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Interstate 77 South
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2 photos
The first rest area of Interstate 77 in South Carolina doubles as the state welcome center. The facility lies opposite a weigh station on northbound I-77. Photos taken 06/01/07.
Gold Hill Road and Springfield Parkway come together at the Exit 88 diamond interchange with Interstate 77 in one mile. Together the two east-west roads were designated as South Carolina 460 in 2012. Photo taken 06/01/07.
S.C. 460 follows Gold Hill Road west from Exit 88 to South Carolina 160 (Steele Creek Road). The state highway ends there as Gold Hill Road continues west as the sole route to the city of Tega Cay. Eastward, South Carolina 460 passes by Deerfield Drive south to Charlotte Knights Stadium en route to S.C. 160 (Tom Hall Street) in east Fort Mill. Photo taken 06/01/07.
South Carolina 160 loops south from Gold Hill Road to cross paths with Interstate 77 at a diamond interchange (Exit 85). The state highway follows Steele Creek Road as N.C. 160 from West Boulevard in Charlotte to become White Street into Fort Mill. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Overall N.C. 160 and S.C. 160 form a 27 mile loop from N.C. 49 in central Charlotte east to U.S. 521 at Pleasant Valley. Photo taken 06/01/07.
A southbound side weigh station follows the on-ramp from S.C. 160 by Lake Elliot next. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Sutton Road meanders south from South Carolina 160 (Steele Creek Road) and Pleasant Road to meet Interstate 77 at Exit 83 in one mile. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Entering the Exit 83 diamond interchange with Sutton Road on I-77 south. Sutton Road connects the freeway with Riverview and a number of subdivisions to the west of Fort Mill and U.S. 21 at U.S. 21 Business (Spratt Street) to the east. Photo taken 06/01/07.
U.S. 21 (Cherry Road) returns from Fort Mill to cross paths with Interstate 77 adjacent to South Carolina 161 (Celanese Road). Back to back parclo interchanges join the two surface roads with I-77 at Exits 82C/B/A. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Interstate 77 bisects a wooded area ahead of the Catawba River. Photo taken 06/01/07.
The Catawba River flows 220 miles, originating in the Blue Ridge Mountains east of Asheville and east and south to Rock Hill and an end at Lake Wylie. Interstate 77 spans the waterway along the John McKee Spratt Memorial Bridge. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Interstate 77 remains an eight lane freeway through the Exit 82 complete. South Carolina 161 begins from U.S. 21 (Cherry Road) adjacent to the freeway and follows Celanese Road to Rock Hill / York County Airport (UZA) and an overlap with S.C. 274. S.C. 161 is part of a multi-state route with N.C. 161 north from York to Kings Mountain. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Two lanes depart Interstate 77 south for U.S. 21 south into Rock Hill and S.C. 161 west to York. U.S. 21 splits with a Cherry Road for Anderson Road, joining the southbound beginning of South Carolina 121 along a bypass of Rock Hill to the east. S.C. 121 is part of a lengthy multi-state route through Georgia and Florida, ultimately leading to U.S. 19 & 98 near Inglis. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Exit 82C leaves the distributor roadway for South Carolina 161 (Celanese Road). Celanese Road becomes Cel-River Road southeast from U.S. 21 (Cherry Road) to Red River. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Traffic to Cherry Road follows via Exits 82A/B. The separate exit numbers reference turning movements from the ramp end at U.S. 21. U.S. 21 Business carries Cherry Road south from Anderson Road to Oakland Avenue and downtown Rock Hill. Photo taken 06/01/07.
A small mileage sign lists the distances to the Chester County seat of Chester at 26 miles out via I-77 to S.C. 9 and the capital city of Columbia, 71 miles away. Photo taken 06/01/07.
South Carolina 122 originates in downtown Rock Hill from S.C. 72. The state highway follows Dave Lyle Boulevard, a controlled-access arterial, east to a diamond interchange (Exit 79) with Interstate 77. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Exit 79 departs Interstate 77 south for Dave Lyle Boulevard. S.C. 122 ends 1.7 miles to the east at Waterford Park Drive. Rock Hill Galleria mall and Manchester Village shopping center line the arterial within the vicinity of Exit 79. Use S.C. 122 also for York Technical College and the Catawba Reservation. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Interstate 77 curves westward through eastern reaches of the Rock Hill city limits between Exits 79 and 77. Photo taken 06/01/07.
U.S. 21 partitions with South Carolina 121 and merges with U.S. 21 Business and S.C. 5 (Main Street) ahead of a folded diamond interchange with Interstate 77. S.C. 5 enters Rock Hill from Blacksburg and York to the west. Photo taken 06/01/07.
East from Exit 77, U.S. 21 & South Carolina 5 (Anderson Road) bypass Lesslie to their split at Roddey. S.C. 5 continues east to end at U.S. 421 near Andrew Jackson State Park while U.S. 21 resumes a southward course to Fort Lawn and Great Falls. U.S. 21 and I-77 next meet each other at Exit 24. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Interstate 77 reduces from an eight to four lanes south of Exit 75 as it leaves Rock Hill. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Porter Road stems south from Firetower Road near U.S. 21 Business & S.C. 5-121 (Main Street) to cross paths with I-77 at Exit 75. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Southbound at the Exit 75 diamond interchange with Porter Road. Porter Road navigates along a rural course 2.9 miles south to end at Neelys Creek Road. Photo taken 06/01/07.
South Carolina 901 is a 35-mile route that travels south from S.C. 5 at Rock Hill to South Carolina 200 in Fairfield County. The state highway meets I-77 at a diamond interchange (Exit 73) in one mile. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Exit 73 parts ways with Interstate 77 south for South Carolina 901. Now removed from Rock Hill, S.C. 901 (Mt. Holly Road) sees no control point. The highway arcs east from I-77 to Edgemoor and Lando in adjacent Chester County. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Drivers headed south to Columbia will reach the capital city in about an hour. Chester is 18 miles to the southwest via S.C. 9, the next exit. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Pine forest remains omnipresent along Interstate 77 as it enters Chester County. Photo taken 06/01/07.


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