Interstate 80 Interstate 94 U.S. 6 East
An arched sign bridge supports a welcome to Indiana sign as I-80/94 exit Calumet, Indiana for Hammond, Indiana. Major reconstruction of the Frank Borman Expressway occurred between 2004 and 2011 between the state line and Interstate 65. Work included additional lanes, new collector distributor roadways and improved exit ramps. The $300 million project concluded with the $189 million upgrade of the interchange with Interstate 65, completed by summer 2011.1 05/09/10
A button copy interchange sequence sign that was posted at the Indiana state line one half mile west of Exit 1 with U.S. 41 (Calumet Avenue) north. I-80-94/U.S. 6 transition from the Kingery Expressway in Illinois to the Frank Borman Expressway at Hammond. 09/03/05
A directional cloverleaf interchange brings U.S. 41 southbound onto the Frank Borman Expressway eastbound for a one mile overlap through Hammond. Exit 1 carries all drivers bound for Calumet Avenue (U.S. 41 north) in unison ahead. 05/09/10
A loop ramp provides the movement onto U.S. 41 (Calumet Avenue) north to downtown Hammond, Exit 5 of Interstate 90, and U.S. 12/20 (Indianapolis Boulevard) near Whiting. 05/09/10
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Calumet Avenue continues south from U.S. 41 and the Borman Expressway to Munster and U.S. 30 (Joliet Street) in Dyer. 05/09/10, 09/03/05
U.S. 41 joins Interstates 80-90 & U.S. 6 east briefly between Calumet Avenue and Indianapolis Boulevard south. 09/03/05
Interstate 80 Interstate 94 U.S. 6 East U.S. 41 South
SR 152 follows Indianapolis Boulevard south 2.5 miles from its split with U.S. 20 (Michigan Avenue) to Purdue University Calumet and Interstates 80-90 & U.S. 6-41 at Exit 2. 05/09/10
Exit 2 leaves I-80-94/U.S. 6 (Borman Expressway) east for U.S. 41 south to Highland and Schererville and SR 152 north to Hammond and East Chicago. 11/04/11
Exit 2 splits into its ramps for Indianapolis Boulevard north and south. U.S. 41 follows a 280 mile route from south Chicago to Kentucky, south of Evansville. Overall the highway joins Ft. Wilkins State Park in northern Michigan with Miami, Florida on a 2000 mile journey. 11/04/11
Interstate 80 Interstate 94 U.S. 6 East
Next in line for eastbound drivers is the third directional cloverleaf interchange in a row, that of Exit 3 with Kennedy Avenue in east Hammond. 11/04/11
Reassurance shields for I-80/94 east posted between Exits 2 and 3. Wetlands line both sides of the freeway on this stretch, as the Borman Expressway travels through the Little Calumet River flood plain. 11/04/11
Like Exits 1 and 2, Exit 3 carries all motorists bound for Kennedy Avenue in unison from the Borman Expressway main line. Kennedy Avenue flows south to former SR 330 near U.S. 30 (Lincoln Way) in Schererville and north to Michigan Avenue in East Chicago. 05/09/10
Use Kennedy Avenue south for downtown Highland and north for the Hessville section of east Hammond. 11/04/11
SR 912 (Cline Avenue) crosses paths with I-80-94/U.S. 6 along the Hammond and Gary city line. The state road follows a freeway north to East Chicago and an arterial south to U.S. 6 Business (Ridge Road) at Highland. 11/04/11
Eastbound reassurance shields posted for I-80/94. The two share 18.53 miles of pavement between Lansing, Illinois and Lake Station, Indiana. 05/09/10
Beyond the directional cloverleaf interchange with SR 912 (Exit 5), I-80/94 enter the city of Gary, seeing interchanges with Burr Street (Exit 6), Grant Street (Exit 9), and Interstate 65 (Exits 11/12). 09/03/05
SR 912 travels an "L" shaped route 12 miles north to East Chicago and west to north Hammond. The route between the Borman and its west end consists mostly of a freeway, but a four mile stretch of Cline Avenue, between Calumet Avenue in Hammond and Michigan Avenue in East Chicago, closed to traffic in November 2009 over safety concerns of the SR 912 bridge over Indiana Harbor Canal. A 1.39 mile surface route consisting of Riley Road northeast from Cline Avenue to Dickey Road and Dickey Road southeast to Michigan Avenue was transferred from the city of Gary to the state to provide route continuity of State Road 912.2 Interests to Gary/Chicago International Airport (GYY) should use Cline Avenue north to Chicago Avenue and U.S. 12 east. 05/09/10
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Exit 5 parts ways with I-80-94/U.S. 6 east for SR 912 (Cline Avenue). SR 912 mainly serves industrial interests in the Indiana Harbor area of East Chicago from the Borman and Indiana Toll Roads. 09/03/05, 11/04/11
Two lanes loop onto SR 912 (Cline Avenue) north. Exit 5 originally consisted of a tightly configured cloverleaf interchange. 11/04/11
Next in line for eastbound motorists is the Exit 6 parclo interchange with Burr Street. 05/09/10
Grant Street (Exit 9) follows as one of two routes into central Gary from Interstates 80-90 & U.S. 6 east. Exits 9 and 10 (SR 53 / Broadway) were altered from cloverleaf into six-ramp parclo interchanges as part of the Frank Borman Expressway upgrade project. 09/03/05
Construction reconfigured the Exit 6 diamond into a parclo during the mid 2000s. Burr Street leads south to Black Oak and U.S. 6 Business (Ridge Road) and north to U.S. 20 (West 5th Avenue) in west Gary. 05/09/10
A distributor roadway separates from I-90/94 east for Burr Street (Exit 6). Two truck stops line Burr Street north from the Borman Expressway to parallel 25th Avenue. The town of Griffith lies to the south via Burr Street and Ridge Road west. 05/09/10
I-80/94 and U.S. 6 (Borman Expressway) continue east along the Little Calumet River, 1.5 miles to Exit 9 with Grant Street. A levee system lines the adjacent river to help prevent flooding on the nearby freeway. Heavy rainfall in September 2008 flooded a portion of the Borman Expressway during construction, so in 2010 a $1.1 million lift station was added to prevent future inundations.1 05/09/10
Chase Street passes over the eastbound Borman Expressway, 0.75 miles out from Grant Street. Grant Street connects I-80/94 with U.S. 12/20 (West 4th & 5th Avenues), west of downtown Gary, with U.S. 6 Business (Ridge Road). 05/09/10
Exit 9 leaves I-80-94/U.S. 6 east for Grant Street. SR 55 (Cleveland Street) begins a short distance west of the Grant Street intersection with Ridge Road. SR 55 leads south to Merrillville along a 110 mile course to Wingate. 05/09/10
SR 53 (Broadway) meets the Borman Expressway next, leading south from Interstate 90 (Exit 14B) to Merrillville. Interstate 65 follows with separate interchanges for southbound (Exit 11) and northbound (Exit 12). 05/09/10
Eastbound I-80/90 at Exit 10 for SR 53 (Broadway). SR 53 travels 14.1 miles from Downtown Gary southward to U.S. 231 at Crown Point.
The forthcoming exchange includes a newly built c/d roadway system for both Interstate 65 north (Exit 12) and Central Avenue (Exit 13). I-65 joins Northwest Indiana with Lafayette and Indianapolis to the southeast. 05/09/10
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2 photos
Leading east away from SR 53 (Broadway), I-80-94/U.S. 6 approach the wye interchange with the Northwest Connector. The connector simply facilitates movements between the Borman Expressway east to Interstate 65 south. A loop ramp (Exit 12) follows for Interstate 65 north to Gary and Interstate 90 (Indiana Toll Road). Upgrades to the exchange with Interstate 65 occurred between 2009 and 2011. 09/03/05, 05/09/10
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Exit 11 departs the eastbound Borman Expressway for Interstate 65 south to Hobart, Merrillville, Lafayette and Indianapolis. Interstate 65 comprises a 261 mile route that was completed by 1976 in the state.3 09/03/05, 05/09/10
Interstates 80-90 & U.S. 6 leave the city of Gary for Lake Station on their final 3.75 mile shared alignment to Ripley Street (SR 51). This interchange sequence sign assembly was removed during Borman Expressway reconstruction. 09/03/05
One half mile west of the Exit 12 connection to Interstate 65 north. The forthcoming interchange was redesigned as part of the Major Moves New Construction Interchange Modification to include a flyover from Interstates 80-94 west to Interstate 65 to coincide with new ramps from Colorado Street. Interstate 65 ends three miles northward at U.S. 12/20 (Dunes Highway) opposite Exit 17 of the Indiana Toll Road. 09/03/05
2009 construction segregated the movements to and from Interstate 65 via a new collector distributor roadway leading east to Central Avenue (Exit 13). 05/09/10
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2 photos
Before and after construction looks at the Exit 12 ramp departure from I-80-94/U.S. 6 east. Interstate 65 curves northwest into Gary, seeing ramps for East 15th Street and the Indiana Toll Road before concluding at a traffic light with Dunes Highway. 09/03/05, 05/09/10
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A half diamond interchange joins I-80-94/U.S. 6 with Central Avenue at Exit 13. Central Avenue stems east from downtown Gary and 11th Avenue along a Norfolk Southern Railroad to central Lake Station. 09/03/05, 05/09/10
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2 photos
Eastbound at the Exit 13 off-ramp to Central Avenue and c/d roadway return from Interstate 65. Central Avenue continues east from Lake Station to the city of Portage and McCool. 09/03/05, 05/09/10
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2 photos
The final reassurance shield assembly of I-80-94/U.S. 6, posted 2.25 miles ahead of their split at SR 51 (Ripley Street). 09/03/05
U.S. 6 follows SR 51 south from Lake Station (Exit 15A) south to Ridge Road at New Chicago and Hobart. SR 51 begins at nearby U.S. 20 (Melton Road) and ends 9.6 miles southward at U.S. 30 near Ainsworth. 09/03/05
Exit 16 constitutes a trumpet interchange with the access road that joins Interstate 80 east with the Indiana Toll Road (Interstate 90). I-80/90 overlap for 278.18 miles between Lake Station and Elyria, Ohio. 09/03/05
A cloverleaf interchange facilitates movements between SR 51 (Ripley Street) at Exits 15A/B. Ramps for the junction tie into Exit 16 independent of the Borman Expressway mainline. 09/03/05
Three ramps depart Interstate 94 east in short succession. Exit 16 for Interstate 80 east combines with a ramp from Ripley Street north before looping onto the access road. I-80/90 continue to South Bend, Elkhart, and Toledo, Ohio. 05/09/10
U.S. 6 resumes its eastward course on its original alignment from Hobart east through Portage. The US route branches away from the Interstate 80 corridor on a 149 mile path to Westville, Nappanee, and Kendallville. 05/09/10
SR 51 leads north to U.S. 20 from Exit 15B. U.S. 20 follows Melton Road east from U.S. 12 (East Dunes Highway) in the Aetna section of Gary to Portage. 05/09/10
Interstates 80 and 94 part ways at Exit 16. Interstate 94 continues to Michigan City and Detroit, Michigan. Interstate 80 follows toll roads east to Cleveland and Youngstown, Ohio. Interstate 90 joins Cleveland with Erie, Pennsylvania and Buffalo, New York. 05/09/10
An on-ramp joins the fray from U.S. 6 west & SR 51 (Adam Benjamin Highway) north from Lake Station. Drivers may either take Interstate 80 onto Interstate 90 east or join Interstate 94 east into Portage. 09/03/05
Interstate 80 east leaves Interstate 94 for the access road to the Indiana Toll Road. After merging with Interstate 90, Interstate 80 passes under Interstate 94 on the 51 mile drive to South Bend. 05/09/10
Following the access road between Interstates 94 and 90 along the "Interstate 80 eastbound" mainline. Drivers cross the Burns Ditch ahead of a directional interchange with the Indiana Toll Road mainline. Westbound drivers immediately enter a toll plaza, eastbound motorists next meet the Portage Service Area. 05/09/10
The access road configuration between the Borman Expressway and Interstate 90 was built to accommodate the original ticketed system of the East West Toll Road. The booths between the two freeways were removed in 1985 when the new Willowcreek main line toll plaza opened to the east of Exit 23. 05/09/10

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