Interstate 80 east
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2 photos
Rural scenes of Interstate 80 east precede the crossing of Hennepin Canal northeast of Sheffield. Photo taken 05/06/10. Second photo taken 05/09/09.
The first of four Bureau County exits along Interstate 80 joins the freeway with Illinois 40 at Exit 45. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Illinois 40 runs for 108 miles between Interstate 74 at East Peoria north to Illinois 78 at Mt. Carroll. Photo taken 12/27/09.
The folded-diamond interchange with Illinois 40 resides by Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park. A visitors center for the Hennepin Canal Parkway resides in the park. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Illinois 40 journeys southward 4 miles to Buda and 51 miles to Peoria. Northward the state highway continues almost due north 25 miles to Interstate 88 outside Sterling. Photo taken 12/27/09.
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2 photos
Long exit less stretches continue to set the tone for the drive across north-central Illinois along Interstate 80. Princeton is next at 12 miles, while Joliet is now less than 100 miles away. Photos taken 12/27/09.
The first rest area along Interstate 80 since the Mississippi Rapids Rest Area by the state line lies one mile ahead of West Bureau Creek. This is the first facility available to trucks since the rest area at Bettendorf, Iowa. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 80 curves southward from a forest area surrounding West Bureau Creek to the rest area off-ramp. A westbound area lies opposite. Photo taken 12/27/09.
A trailblazer points to the eastbound on-ramp from the Wyanet area rest area. Photo taken 05/09/09.
Leaving the rest area, eastbound drivers see a second reassurance marker on the stretch between Exits 45 and 56. Photo taken 05/09/09.
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2 photos
Interstate 80 winds northeast to parallel a BNSF Railroad line ahead of Big Bureau Creek. Photos taken 12/27/09.
Northern reaches of the city of Princeton encompass the forthcoming diamond interchange (Exit 56) with Illinois 26 (North Main Street). Photo taken 12/27/09.
Illinois 26 leads south to downtown Princeton, combining with U.S. 34 west along the way to U.S. 6 (Peru Street). U.S. 34 turns west with U.S. 6 to Wyanet while U.S. 6 east remains east to Hollowayville and La Salle. Photo taken 12/27/09.
North from Exit 56, Illinois 56 treks 29 miles to Dixon. The state route tallies 135 miles overall between Peoria and Wisconsin 69 north of Freeport and Oneco. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 80 encircles the northeast side of Princeton through to the U.S. 34 (Elm Place) underpass. U.S. 34 sees no direct interchange with the freeway as it ventures northeast to Dover, La Moille and Mendota. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Next in line for drivers is the northern terminus of Interstate 180 (Exit 61) in four miles. Chicago is now 114 miles to the east. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Two miles out from the Exit 61 trumpet interchange with Interstate 180 south on Interstate 80 east. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 180 spurs 13.18 miles south and east to Hennepin in Putnam County. The freeway was completed in 1969 to provide access to a steel plant and otherwise serves rural areas with traffic counts as low as 2,000 vehicles per day (2011). Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 180 along with Illinois 29 south along the Illinois River provides a direct route to Peoria from Interstate 80 at Exit 61. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Bureau County 27 (2400 Street East) spans Interstate 80, one half mile from the Exit 61 off-ramp to I-180. Interstate 180 travels nine miles south to a three-wye interchange with a connector to IL 29. There the route turns east to span the Illinois River to Hennepin. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 80 east parts ways with Exit 61 onto Interstate 180 south. I-180 ends at a diamond interchange with Illinois 26 south to East Peoria and Illinois 71 east to Granville. Photo taken 12/27/09.
East from I-180, Interstate 80 approaches East Bureau Creek. This portion of freeway was reconstructed in 2010. Photo taken 12/27/09.
The last Bureau County interchange lies eight miles ahead at Illinois 8. Once again, Joliet and Chicago are listed at 77 and 109 miles respectively. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 80 continues across wide open farm land as the freeway bends southeastward toward Ladd. Photo taken 12/27/09.
One mile west of the Exit 70 diamond interchange with Illinois 80 at the village of Ladd on I-80 east. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Illinois 89 comprises a 56-mile route from, ending 11 miles north of Ladd at U.S. 34 near La Moille. Photo taken 12/27/09.
South from Exit 70, Illinois 89 combines with U.S. 6 east en route to the city of Spring Valley. The state route concludes at Metamora (Illinois 116). Photo taken 12/27/09.
Reassurance marker posted between Ladd and the village of Dalzell on Interstate 80 east. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Plank Road (Exit 73) is the next interchange in three miles. Interstate 80 parallels the Illinois River from this point eastward 69 miles to Joliet. Photo taken 12/27/09.
This bridge across Spring Creek was replaced in 2010. I-80 also crosses over a BNSF Railroad nearby. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Nearing the La Salle County line, Interstate 80 enters the Illinois & Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor. The I&M Canal leads northeast from La Salle to Chicago. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Exit 73 constitutes a diamond interchange with Plank Road in one mile. Photo taken 12/27/09.
La Salle County entails 1,148 square miles and is the second largest county in Illinois. Interstate 80 sees seven interchanges in the county, which is home to 113,924 per the 2010 census. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Plank Road angles southeast from Illinois 89 and the village of Cherry to enter northwest Peru ahead of Exit 73 and Illinois Valley Regional Airport (VYS). Photo taken 12/27/09.
Eastbound Interstate 80 at the Exit 73 off-ramp to Plank Road. Plank Road ends at Peoria Street and Shooting Park Road in the Peru street grid. Exit 75 with Illinois 251, the main commercial arterial for Peru, departs in 1.25 miles. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 80 parallels May Road east from Plank Road to Exit 75 with Illinois 251 by an industrial park on the north side of Peru. Photo taken 05/06/10.
Illinois 251 follows the pre-freeway routing of U.S. 51 north to Rockford and south to Kappa. U.S. 51 shifted from this alignment to Interstate 39 in stages throughout the 1980s and 1992. Locally IL 251 heads south to Peru Mall and a cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 6 (4th Street) east of downtown Peru. Photo taken 05/06/10.
Drivers bound for Illinois 251 leave Interstate 80 east at the Exit 75 diamond interchange. The state route continues north 12 miles to Mendota.
Exit 79 overheads give travelers plenty of advance notice for the full-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 39 & U.S. 51. U.S. 51 doubles as I-39 throughout Illinois except for the northern approach to Beloit, Wisconsin. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Illinois 351 begins at the forthcoming trumpet interchange (Exit 77) with St. Vincents Avenue and heads south to downtown La Salle. Photo taken 05/06/10.
Interstate 80 veers northward and enters the city limits of La Salle at the La Salle Road under crossing. Photo taken 12/27/09.
One half mile out from the Exit 77 off-ramp to Illinois 351. Illinois 351 goes for 8.4 miles south along St. Vincents Avenue to Joliet Street through La Salle. The state route spans the Illinois River from south of downtown to Pietyville and Jonesville. Photo taken 05/06/10.
Exit 77 parts ways with Interstate 80 east, 1.75 miles ahead of Interstates 39 & U.S. 51 north to Rockford and south to Bloomington-Normal. Illinois 351 ends at Illinois 71 and 251, just south of Oglesby. Photo taken 05/06/10.
Drivers span the Little Vermillion River immediately east of IL 351. The tributary of the Illinois river flows 34 miles southward into the Illinois at La Salle. Photo taken 12/27/09.
One mile ahead of Exits 79A/B for Interstate 39 & U.S. 51. Interstate 39 north reaches south Rockford in 60 miles. There the Interstate combines with Interstate 90 (Northwest Tollway) to circumvent Rockford. Photo taken 05/06/10.
Snow covered reassurance marker posted for Interstate 80 in a forest area east of the Little Vermillion River. The freeway darts in and out of the La Salle city limits through to Exit 81. Photo taken 12/27/09.
I-39 ends 59 miles to the south of Exit 79A at Interstate 55 in Normal. U.S. 51 combines with I-55 south to bypass Bloomington from there. Photo taken 05/06/10.
La Salle County 13 (East 5th Road) passes over Interstate 80 east the ramp departure for Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 south. I-39 skirts through eastern La Salle with an interchange at U.S. 6 in two miles. The freeway spans the Illinois south across the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge from there to Oglesby. Photo taken 05/06/10.
Exit 79B loops onto Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 north for a rural departure of La Salle to Mendota in 13 miles. I-39 shares pavement with I-90 west from Rockford to Portage, Wisconsin. Photo taken 05/06/10.

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