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Interstate 80 east
Interstate 80 angles southeast between the Cedar and Lakeside Mountains into Skull Valley. Photo taken 07/03/16.
The original alignment of U.S. 40 parallels the south side of I-80 as an unpaved road to the settlement of Delle in eight miles. Salt Lake City is now 59 miles to the east. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Passing by milepost 63, the mud flats of Skull Valley appear in the distance ahead of the Stansbury Mountains. Photo taken 07/03/16.
The Stansbury Mountains separate Skull Valley from Tooele Valley south of Great Salt Lake. Portions of the mountains are located within Deseret Peak Wilderness area and Wasatch National Forest. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Four miles ahead of Delle on Interstate 80 east. The Lakeside Mountain foothills rise just to the north on this stretch. Photo taken 07/03/16.
A diamond interchange (Exit 70) connects I-80 with Delle Road in one mile. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Southerly view of Skull Valley and the distant Cedar Mountain Wilderness area from I-80 at Delle. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Exit 70 departs Interstate 80 east for Delle Road, which links the freeway with the I-80 Frontage Road on the north side and Delle Tower Road, a local road to a cell phone tower, to the south. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Delle is home to a gas station just south of Exit 70. An abandoned motel and cafe are located just to the east along Delle Road. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Interstate 80 kinks eastward from Delle to Rowley Junction. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Salt Mountain appears along the western periphery of the Stansbury Mountains on the east side of Skull Valley. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Travelers reach Lake Point Junction, where Interstate 80 splits with Utah 201 ahead of Salt Lake Valley, in 28 miles. Photo taken 07/03/16.
The distant Castle Rock rises from the center of Stansbury Island in this scene beyond the adjacent I-80 Frontage Road and UP Railroad line. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Interstate 80 runs between the northern tip of the Stansbury Mountains and the Timpie Springs Waterfowl Management Area after forthcoming Exit 77. Photo taken 07/03/16.
During a long term rainy period, standing water may cover the salt flats of Skull Valley beside Interstate 80. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Utah 196 commences a 36.92 mile course south to Utah 199 from Interstate 80 at Exit 77. The state route ends just east of Dugway Proving Grounds. Photo taken 07/03/16.
The service station at Delle provides the lone services along Interstate 80 between Wendover and Exit 99 (Lake Point). Photo taken 07/03/16.
Iosepa is a ghost town located 17 miles to the south along Utah 196. The community was founded by the LDS Church in 1889 and abandoned in 1917. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 77) with Utah 196 south on Interstate 80 east. Rowley Road stems west from the exchange as a paved road spurring 15 miles north to Rowley. Rowley is located in Lakeside Valley, just off Great Salt Lake. The settlement is home to a magnesium processing plant. Photo taken 07/03/16.
State named shield for I-80 east posted just north of Big Spring and south of Timpie Springs Waterfowl Management Area. Photo taken 08/05/13.
The city of Grantsville is located 16 miles to the southeast of Interstate 80 from Rowley Junction. Tooele, seat of Tooele County, is ten miles east of there via Utah 112. Photo taken 07/03/16.
A number of power lines parallel Ellerbe Highway as the former route of U.S. 40 & U.S. 50 Alternate emerges from I-80 southeast to Grantsville. This stretch is not directly accessible from Interstate 80. Photo taken 08/05/13.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Interstate 80 travels as a defacto causeway through northern reaches of Tooele Valley across otherwise salt flats extending south from Great Salt Lake. Photo taken 07/03/16. Second photo taken 08/05/13. Third photo taken 08/05/13.
Grantsville lies 12 miles to the southeast via upcoming Exit 84. Exit 88 also serves the city of around 10,000. Photo taken 07/03/16.
South Mountain and the western Oquirrh Mountains encircle southern reaches of Tooele Valley along Tooele Army Deport and the city of Tooele. Photo taken 07/03/16.
I-80 pulls away from the Stansbury Mountains to the northeast of Timpie Valley. Old U.S. 40 runs along the eastern foothills of the mountains to Dolomite and Flux. Photo taken 08/05/13.
One mile west of the folded diamond interchange (Exit 84) with Utah 138 south on Interstate 80 east. Stansbury Island Road spurs north from Exit 84 to the north end of Stansbury Island. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Drivers pass over Utah 138 prior to the loop ramp (Exit 84) for the state route. Utah 138 arcs 2.6 miles southwest to Flux, where it overtakes former U.S. 40 & 50 Alternate southeast to Grantsville. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Exit 84 leaves I-80 east for Utah 138 south. Utah 138 forms a 20.44 mile loop south to Grantsville and east to Utah 36 at Stansbury Park (just south of Exit 99). Photo taken 07/03/16.
Eastbound confirming marker for Interstate 80 posted ahead of the distant Oquirrh Mountains. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Interstate 80 hugs the shoreline of Great Salt Lake from Lake Point Junction northeast to Exit 104. Salt Lake City lies 17 miles further east along the freeway. Photo taken 07/03/16.
A folded diamond interchange (Exit 88) joins Interstate 80 next with Burmester Road near the UP Railroad siding of Burmester. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Burmester Road spurs six miles south from Interstate 80 and Exit 88 to North Street in Grantsville. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Advancing east from Exit 88 across Tooele Valley on Interstate 80. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Speed limits remain posted at 80 miles per hour to Exit 99. Downtown Salt Lake City is located 22 miles from there. Photo taken 07/03/16.
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2 photos
Shallow water spreads over the salt flats south of Interstate 80 as the freeway runs along the periphery of Great Salt Lake. Photos taken 07/03/16.
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2 photos
Interstate 80 makes a gradual turn to the north ahead of Mills Junction to circumvent the Oquirrh Mountains. Photos taken 07/03/16.
Suburban development comes into view from Stansbury Park. The growing unincorporated community surrounds a golf course and lake along both Utah 138 west and Utah 36 south. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Utah 138 (old U.S. 40 & 50 Alternate) ends at Utah 36, 3.1 miles south of Interstate 80. A trumpet interchange (Exit 99) joins the state route with I-80 in one mile. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Exit 99 connects I-80 east with Utah 36 at an intersection with Saddleback Boulevard. The original off-ramp departed 0.6 miles further east with a sharper curve onto Utah 36 south. Exit 99 otherwise provides an array of traveler services. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Traveling 66.41 miles overall, SR 36 runs south from Tooele Valley and the city of Tooele to Rush Valley, Vernon, Boulter Summit and Tintic Valley. The state route ends at U.S. 6. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Trailblazers for the California Trail and Pony Express Auto Tour Routes stand along I-80 east ahead of the Hardy Road overpass. I-80 takes the routes east into Salt Lake Valley. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Hardy Road spans Interstate 80 at the former ramp departure of Exit 99 to Utah 36 south. Photo taken 08/05/13.
With the advent of commuter traffic from Grantsville, Tooele and Stansbury Park, speed limits reduce to 75 miles per hour along Interstate 80 east. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Clinton Landing Road parallels I-80 east to Lakeshore Drive south as a remnant of the former U.S. 40 & 50 Alternate. The freeway overtakes the old alignment to Lake Point Junction. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Rock outcrops appear above Interstate 80 from Lake Point, a 5,990 feet peak at the north end of the Oquirrh Mountains. Photo taken 07/03/16.
A second reassurance marker for Interstate 80 east appears after milepost 100 on the stretch between Utah 36 and Utah 201. Union Pacific Railroad lines parallel both sides of the freeway here. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Utah 201 splits from Interstate 80 in one mile at a wye interchange (Exit 102). The state route initially travels as an at-grade expressway, but eventually transitions to the 2100 South Freeway into Salt Lake City. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Utah 201 (2100 South) follows former U.S. 50 Alternate east to Magna and West Valley City. Photo taken 07/03/16.
One half mile ahead of Exit 102 for Utah 201 (2100 South) on I-80 east. SR 201 constitutes a 18.10 mile commuter route from Lake Point Junction to U.S. 89 (Temple Street) at Salt Lake City and South Salt Lake. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Exit 102 departs as a single lane off-ramp for the beginning of SR 201. The initial section of Utah 201 winds by the Kennecott Utah Copper plant and mining site. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Interstate 80 formally enters Salt Lake County at Lake Point Junction. Photo taken 08/05/13.


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