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Interstate 80 east
Interstate 80 eastbound at the off-ramp for Interstate 287 at Parsippany in Morris County (Exit 43). I-287 travels 67.54 miles around the North Jersey metropolitan area between Mahwah and Edison. The freeway travels north from Interstate 80 to Boonton through Pompton Lakes and Oakland to the New York Thruway (I-87). Southward, I-287 travels to Morristown, Somerville, and Piscataway. Photo taken 08/11/04.
Passing under Interstate 287, Interstate 80 next meets a half diamond interchange (Exit 45) with Beverwyck Road (CR 637). Beverwyck Road leads north to Lake Hiawatha. CR 637 leads south to Troy Hills and Whippany as Troy Hills Road. Photo taken 06/13/05.
Exit 45 departs the Interstate 80 eastbound mainline for the collector distributor roadway that runs between Interstates 287 and 280. The c/d roadway carries all travelers bound for I-80 east from both I-287 north and Smith Road. Photo taken 06/13/05.
These overhead assemblies were left-over from the aborted HOV-lane project on Interstate 80 in 1998. The HOV lan ran 10.5 miles between Exits 34 and 43.1 Photo taken 06/13/05.
Baldwin Road passes over Interstate 80 east and its c/d roadway, 0.75 miles west of Beverwyck Road (Exit 45). I-80 totals ten overall lanes along this stretch. Photo taken 06/13/05.
One-quarter mile out from Exit 45. Lake Hiawatha lies north of U.S. 46 and east of Jersey City Reservoir. Whippany lies at the cross roads of Morris County 511 (Parsippany Road) and New Jersey 10. Photo taken 06/13/05.
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Interstate 80 continues east from Beverwyck Road (CR 637) to split with I-280 east at a wye interchange (Exit 47A). I-280 angles southeast to the New Jersey Turnpike by way of Roseland, the Oranges, Newark and Harrison. Photo taken 08/29/05. Second photo taken 06/13/05.
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Ramps to Interstate 280 depart both the Interstate 80 eastbound mainline and c/d roadway emanating from I-287. I-280 leads 12 miles southeast to Newark. Photo taken 08/11/04. Second photo taken 08/29/05.
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Exit 47A branches southward onto I-280 east by Troy Meadows. The urban loop totals 17.85 miles from I-80 to the New Jersey Turnpike at Kearny. Photo taken 06/13/05. Second photo taken 08/29/05.
Interstate 280 shield posted at the eastbound beginning of the freeway. Photo taken 08/29/05.
The c/d roadway combines with the I-80 eastbound mainline just ahead of Exit 47B onto U.S. 46 east to Pine Brook and Montville Township. U.S. 46 parallels the south side of I-80 to New Jersey 159. Photo taken 08/29/05.
U.S. 46 and NJ 159 split two miles to the east of Exit 47B at a wye interchange. NJ 159 connects U.S. 46 with County Route 506 east through the Caldwells and Montclair Township while U.S. 46 turns northeast to Fairfield Township. Photo taken 09/30/05.
Interstate 80 winds northeast from Montville Township to Great Piece Meadows through Fairfield Township. A seven mile exit less stretch ensues. Photo taken 08/29/05.
An on-ramp joins I-80 east from CR 613 (Two Bridges Road) ahead of the Passaic River into both Passaic County and Wayne Township. Meeting I-80 next is New Jersey 23 south to U.S. 46 east by Willowbrook Mall. Photo taken 08/29/05.
U.S. 46 veers away from Interstate 80 at Exit 53, looping southeast to Totowa, Woodland Park and Clifton. Photo taken 08/29/05.
New Jersey 3 splits with U.S. 46 in Clifton for a 10.84-mile route to East Rutherford (home of the Meadowlands sports complex), Secaucus and NJ 495 east to the Lincoln Tunnel. Photo taken 08/29/05.
New Jersey 23 crosses Interstate 80 at the directional interchange (Exit 53) with adjacent U.S. 46. The state route runs 6.82 miles between U.S. 202 at Mountain View and CR 506 in Verona Township. There is no access to NJ 23 from I-80 east. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Passing under NJ 23, one mile ahead of the half diamond interchange (Exit 54) with Minnisink Road (CR 642) on I-80 east. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Minnisink Road angles northeast from CR 640 (Riverview Drive) and U.S. 46 to CR 644 (Totowa Road) within the borough of Totowa. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Exit 54 leaves I-80 east for Minnisink Road (CR 642). CR 640 (Riverview Drive) south from the end of CR 642 leads motorists to Little Falls Township. Photo taken 08/29/05.
A pair of ramps add traffic from CR 646 (Union Boulevard) in Totowa. I-80 winds along the hill side abutting the Passaic River toward West Paterson in the borough Woodland Park. Photo taken 08/29/05.
A six-ramp parclo interchange joins Interstate 80 with Squirrelwood Road (CR 636) at West Paterson. Photo taken 09/30/05.
Exit 56A departs Interstate 80 east for Squirrelwood Road (CR 636) south. CR 636 south ends at CR 633 (Rifle Camp Road) ahead of Garrett Mountain Reservation. Photo taken 09/30/05.
Squirrelwood Road becomes Nagle Street through a residential area of Paterson to the north of Exit 56B. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Turning more easterly, Interstate 80 enters the city of Paterson ahead of the directional cloverleaf interchange (Exits 57A/B) with New Jersey 19. Photo taken 09/30/05.
New Jersey 19 follows a freeway south to both County Route 509 (Broad Street) and the Garden State Parkway in Clifton. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Exit 57A parts ways with I-80 east for NJ 19 south to Clifton. The state route concludes a 2.93-mile route at U.S. 46 and CR 509. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Exit 57B loops onto New Jersey 19 north ahead of the freeway end at Oliver Street. The state route follows Oliver Street east onto Ward Street to end at Main Street (CR 509) in Downtown Paterson. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Interstate 80 elevates onto a viaduct from 21st Avenue to a collector distributor roadway (Exits 58A/B) for Madison Avenue (CR 649). Photo taken 08/29/05.
Madison Avenue ends at Main Street (CR 601) to the southwest, with Main Street providing a route south to Clifton. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Northward from Exit 58B, Madison Avenue (CR 649) traverses the Paterson street grid to Riverside and New Jersey 20 (1st Avenue). Photo taken 08/29/05.
New Jersey 20 meanders southward along side the Passaic River from CR 504 (River Street / Lincoln Avenue) across from Hawthorne to meet Interstate 80 directly at Exit 60. Photo taken 08/29/05.
New Jersey 20 ends just south of Exit 60 at U.S. 46 on the Clifton city line. U.S. 46 west to New Jersey 21 south leads motorists into the city of Passaic. County Route 507 mirrors the Passaic River to the east from Exit 61 south to Garfield. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Traffic to NJ 20 north to Hawthorne and south to Passaic departs I-80 east in unison at Exit 60. A directional interchange (Exit 60) along the Passaic River shuttles motorists to the 4.15-mile state route. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Interstate 80 spans the Passaic River into the borough of Elmwood Park. A parclo interchange (Exit 61) with County Route 507 (River Drive) follows. Photo taken 08/29/05.
The Garden State Parkway (GSP) angles northeast from Clifton to cross paths with Interstate 80 at Elmwood Park. A trumpet interchange (Exit 62A) and access road connect the two routes in one mile. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Four lanes of Interstate 80 press eastward toward the Exit 62 collector distributor roadway for both the GSP and Saddle River Road (CR 79). Saddle River Road parallels the river northward to the borough of Fair Lawn. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Interstate 80 crosses over the GSP ahead of the Exit 62 c/d roadway. The 173-mile toll road travels the height of the state between Cape May and Chestnut Ridge, New York. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Interstate 80 prepares to partition into a dual freeway with Express and Local lanes east of Exit 62. The Express lanes offer an uninterrupted drive to Interstate 95 at Teaneck Township for the George Washington Bridge. Photo taken 08/29/05.
The Garden State Parkway leads north to Paramus and the NY Thruway and south to East Orange, Newark and Woodbridge. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Exit 62 partitions from I-80 east with two lanes for the access road to the GSP. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Exit 62A loops away from the c/d roadway for the Garden State Parkway. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Interstate 80 veers southward from Saddle Brook Township to Lodi. New Jersey 17 encircles the route at the next exit from the Local lanes. Photo taken 09/30/05.
Exit 62B follows in another half mile to Saddle River Road (CR 79) at Railroad Avenue east into Rochelle Park Township. A small mileage sign references New York City as ten miles away. Photo taken 08/29/05.
The Express and Local lanes both lead to the George Washington Bridge (GWB). The Express lanes default onto the inner roadway of I-95 north to the Upper Level of the GWB while the Local Lanes join the outer roadway, with exits to Englewood and Fort Lee, before forming the Lower Level of the GWB. Photo taken 08/29/05.
The on-ramp from the GSP onto I-80 east joins the Exit 62 c/d roadway ahead of the ramp for Saddle River Road (CR 79) and Railroad Street (CR S61). Photo taken 08/29/05.
Saddle River Road south ends at Market Street (CR 12), just across the Saddle River from CR 61 (Main Street) south into Lodi. Photo taken 08/29/05.
A crossover provides access to the Express lanes of Interstate 80 east from the GSP in Lodi. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Interstate 80 crosses the Saddle River into Lodi ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 63) with Riverview Avenue. Riverview Avenue ties into adjacent Essex Street (CR 56) for New Jersey 17 north to Rochelle Park and Paramus. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Passing under Riverview Drive, the forthcoming crossover to the Express Lanes departs next from the Local lanes. Photo taken 08/29/05.
New Jersey 17 separates into a couplet with southbound follows the east side of I-80. Exit 64 follows the Express lane crossover for NJ 17 south to U.S. 46 at Hasbrouck Heights. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Interstate 80 enters southwest Hackensack ahead of the Exit 64 off-ramp for New Jersey 17 south. NJ 17 ends at NJ 7 on the Kearny and North Arlington borough line, just east of Newark. The multi-state route travels 26.81 miles in New Jersey and 397 miles in New York. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Southbound NJ 17 appears along side I-80 east ahead of its off-ramp for Summit Avenue (CR 57) into Hasbrouck Heights. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Exit 64 parts ways with the Local lanes of I-80 east to NJ 17 south. U.S. 46 travels nearby from Lodi east to Teterboro and Little Ferry. Photo taken 08/29/05.
New Jersey 17 turns away from I-80 to merge with ramps from the Local lanes and Summit Avenue. A left side ramp departs for I-80 east as well. Photo taken 08/29/05.
A half diamond interchange adds traffic from Polifly Road (CR 55) ahead of Exit 65 onto North Street in Teterboro. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Adjacent North Street parallels I-80 between Green Street and Huyler Street (CR S40) at South Hackensack Township. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Interstate 80 reenters the city of Hackensack at Exit 66. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Exit 66 leaves the Local lanes for Vreeland Avenue at Williams Avenue. Vreeland Avenue ends at Hudson Street (CR 49), three blocks to the east, with Hudson Street leading north to Downtown Hackensack and south to Little Borough. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Interstate 80 rises to cross the Hackensack River into the village of Ridgefield Park. Exit 67 follows as a half diamond interchange with North Avenue at 2nd Street. Photo taken 08/29/05.
A glimpse of the New York City skyline from the Hackensack River bridge along I-80. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Exit 67 leaves from the bridge end for North Avenue, a south side frontage road east to Main Street in Ridgefield Park. 2nd Street north from I-80 becomes Palisade Avenue into the adjacent borough of Bogota. Photo taken 08/29/05.
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End signs are posted above both the Express and Local lanes of Interstate 80 as the freeway concludes its 2,900-mile cross country journey in 0.75 miles. Photos taken 08/29/05.
The Express lanes default onto the inner roadway of Interstate 95 north to the GWB. Interstate 95 south to the New Jersey Turnpike and U.S. 46 at Ridgefield Park is also accessible from the Express lanes. Photo taken 08/29/05.
The southbound ramp for Interstate 95 to Ridgefield Park is listed as the last exit in New Jersey for the Express lanes of I-80. There is however one more exit for motorists headed to I-95 north: Exit 73 for New Jersey 73 at Fort Lee. Photo taken 08/29/05.
A second set of end signs for Interstate 80 east, posted on the Park Avenue overpass in Teaneck Township. Interstate 95 follows the New Jersey Turnpike south to Newark, Elizabeth, Woodbridge, New Brunswick and Mansfield Township. The toll road splits into separate branches through East Rutherford (unsigned I-95W) and Secaucus (the I-95 mainline) at Ridgefield. Photo taken 08/29/05.
Ramps depart simultaneously from both the Express and Local lanes of I-80 for Interstate 95 south. I-95 meets U.S. 46 before joining the NJ Turnpike.
The major route for the Northeast, Interstate 95 joins New York with Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington to the southwest with New Haven, Providence and Boston to the northeast. Photo taken 08/29/05.
The Express lanes continue with two lanes from the end of I-80 onto the inner roadway of I-95 to the Upper Level of the GWB. Photo taken 09/30/05.
Three lanes join the outer roadway of Interstate 95 north for the Lower Level of the GWB. Photo taken 08/29/05.
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2 photos
Passing through the tri-level stack interchange with Interstate 95, the Local lanes of I-80 partition with a slip ramp (Exit 70) onto an adjacent c/d roadway for Degraw Avenue (CR 56) in Teaneck Township. Photos taken 08/29/05.
Interstate 80 east formally ends at the merge with Interstate 95 north beyond Exit 70. Together with the c/d roadway, 12 overall lanes pass under Degraw Avenue between Teaneck and Leonia. Photo taken 08/29/05.



  1. Interstate 80 (New Jersey).

Photo Credits:

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  • 06/13/05 by AARoads and Justin Cozart.
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