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Interstate 80 east
Interstate 80 straddles the south shore line of Great Salt Lake from Black Rock Beach northeast to Saltair Beach. Looking north from the freeway, motorists can see the hills of Antelope Island. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Great Salt Lake State Marina protrudes out into Great Salt Lake on the north side of I-80. The adjacent frontage road incorporates portions of historic U.S. 40 not overlaid by the freeway. Photo taken 08/05/13.
The 1,215 feet tall Kennecott Garfield Smelter Stack rises prominently from the Kennecott Utah Copper plant located off Utah 201. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Utah 202 constitutes a 1.68 mile link between forthcoming Exit 104 and Utah 201 at the site of Garfield. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Saltair Drive connects Interstate 80 with Saltair, a concert pavilion located directly north of Exit 104 off North Temple Street (I-80 frontage road). Photo taken 08/05/13.
Eastbound drivers reach the diamond interchange (Exit 104) with Utah 202 and Saltair Drive. SR 202 provides an alternate route to Magna and other western Salt Lake Valley suburbs. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Interstate 80 arcs northeast along a causeway between Great Salt Lake and a tailings pond. Photo taken 08/05/13.
I-80 remains rural to a commerce park to the west of Salt Lake International Airport (SLC). Downtown Salt Lake City is 16 miles ahead. Photo taken 08/05/13.
North Temple Street lines the north side of Interstate 80 to Exit 111. I-80 directly replaced U.S. 40 along this stretch, which was prebuilt as a four-lane highway. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Turning east, Interstate 80 stays parallel to a UP Railroad line across the mud flats of Great Salt Lake. Photo taken 08/05/13.
A diamond interchange (Exit 111) follows in one mile along Interstate 80 east at the north end of 7200 West. Photo taken 08/05/13.
7200 West stems 2.3 miles south from adjacent North Temple Street to 1300 South by the Mountain View Landfill. This section is discontinuous from the arterial route through east Magna. Photo taken 08/05/13.
The subsequent diamond interchange (Exit 113) for eastbound travelers joins Interstate 80 with Utah 172 (5600 West) in one mile. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Utah 172 is a 9.22 mile state route along 5600 West between Interstate 80 and 6200 South in Kearns Township. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Exit 113 leaves Interstate 80 east for Utah 172 (5600 West) south to West Valley City, Kearns and West Jordan City. 5600 West north provides the main entrance from I-80 east to Salt Lake International Center commerce park. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Continuing east, Interstate 80 curves southward to a directional cloverleaf interchange (Exits 115A/B) with Utah 154 (Bangerter Highway) south and Terminal Drive north to Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). Photo taken 08/10/16.
Fog control measures may be taken by UDOT along Interstate 80 during the winter months. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Signs for Exit 115 omit SR 154 for Bangerter Highway south. The state route forms an L-shaped route south to Riverton and Bluffdale and east to 13800 South in Draper. Photo taken 08/10/16.
An auxiliary lane forms along I-80 east from the wye interchange with Wright Brothers Drive south to the collector distributor roadway for Exits 115A-C. Photo taken 08/10/16.
A two-lane off-ramp departs for the Exit 115 c/d roadway. Utah 154 is an expressway or controlled access arterial traveling south toward West Valley and West Jordan. Several continuous flow intersections (CFI) punctuate the route. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Drivers headed for Bangerter Highway (SR 154) south quickly depart from the c/d roadway. The state route winds by a number of industrial parks to the 21st South Freeway. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Exit 115B follows as a loop ramp onto the ending SR 154 to Terminal Drive. Terminal Drive loops north to the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) passenger terminal and rental car facilities.
Traffic remaining on the c/d roadway defaults into the wye interchange (Exit 115C) with North Temple Street. This section of North Temple was historically U.S. 40 and also used to be part of Utah 186. It serves the general aviation area of SLC Airport. Photo taken 08/10/16.
The Interstate 80 mainline passes through the exchange with Bangerter Highway (SR 154) and next approaches back to back ramps for Interstate 215 (Exit 117) and Utah 68 (Exit 118). Photo taken 08/10/16.
Spanning the Surplus Canal, an auxiliary lane accompanies I-80 east from the airport ramps to Exit 117 for Interstate 215. Photo taken 08/10/16.
All motorists bound for Interstate 215 depart I-80 in unison at Exit 117. Utah 68 (Redwood Road) parallels the belt route north to Exit 27 and south to Exit 13. Photo taken 08/10/16.
I-215 loops west of Interstate 15 from North Salt Lake to Murray. The freeway provides a bypass of Downtown and commuter route to the suburbs of West Valley City, Taylorsville and West Jordan. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Exit 118 quickly forms a c/d roadway for Utah 68 (Redwood Road) beyond Exit 117. A major arterial leading north from Salt Lake City to North Salt Lake and south to Taylorsville, SR 68 travels 70.62 miles overall from U.S. 6 in West Elberta to U.S. 89 at Woods Cross. Photo taken 07/02/16.
Traffic separates for Interstate 215 north to Ogden (via Legacy Parkway and I-15) or south to Provo (via I-15 from Murray). The Salt Lake City Belt Route meets Interstate 80 again at Parleys Canyon (Exits 128 & 130). Photo taken 08/10/16.
A high speed flyover shuttles drivers from I-215 north to a c/d roadway on I-80 west ahead of SLC Airport. The cloverstack interchange with the Belt Route ties into the modified diamond with Redwood Road. Photo taken 08/05/13.
The Exit 118 c/d roadway doubles as the link from I-215 south to I-80 east. Utah 68 (Redwood Road) otherwise parallels I-215 north to the Jordan Meadows and Fairpark neighborhoods of Salt Lake City and south to Poplar Grove. Photo taken 08/05/13.
I-80 proceeds east one mile from SR 68 to merge with Interstate 15 south. Exit 120 departs next for Interstate 15 north toward Capitol Hill and Rose Park in northern Salt Lake City and Ogden. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Crossing over Union Pacific Railroad lines, motorists along I-80 east are directed to use Exit 121 for Utah 269 (600 South) for the Salt Lake City center, Vivint Smart Home Arena (home of the Utah Jazz) and Temple Square (headquarters of the LDS Church).
This 2016-installed sign erroneously shows the ramp for 600 South as Exit 112 instead of 121. Photo taken 07/02/16.
The eastbound mainline for Interstate 80 turns south in 0.75 miles at a semi-directional T interchange. Photo taken 08/10/16.
The $1.59 billion reconstruction of Interstate 15 between 1997 and 2001 included a revamp of the full wye-interchange with Interstate 80 at Exit 120. The work also added a c/d roadway along I-15 north from Utah 269 (600 South) to the west split with I-80. Photo taken 08/10/16.
This Interstate 80 reassurance shield is posted prior to the Jordan River. This route marker was the first in the modern era to have the state name displayed on the shield. Photo taken 05/09/12.
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2 photos
Painted shields aid drivers on the approach to the Exit 120 flyover for Interstate 15 north to Ogden. Photos taken 08/10/16.
Interstate 15 joins Salt Lake City with the northern suburbs of Bountiful, Centerville and Farmington. The freeway remains urban to Layton and Ogden with suburban development and at least six lanes extending north to Brigham City. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Your speed signs accompany advisory speed assemblies as the I-80 freeway mainline lowers toward Interstate 15 south. Photo taken 08/10/16.
The beautiful Salt Lake City skyline and towering Wasatch Front compete for attention as Interstate 80 east enters the sharp curve to I-15 south. Photo taken 12/22/11.
Signed with a 45 mile per hour advisory speed, Interstate 80 veers southward and partitions with a two-lane ramp for Utah 269 (600 South) east. I-80 east combines with Interstate 15 south for 2.3 miles. Photo taken 08/10/16.
The flyover for I-15 north from Interstate 80 east was constructed during a year long closure of the freeway east of I-215 in 1997-98. Photo taken 08/10/16.
600 South forms a one-way couplet with 500 South from Exits 121 and 306 to U.S. 89 (State Street) between Downtown and the Granary District. The two one-way streets collectively total 1.81 miles as SR 269. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Interstate 80 east merges with Interstate 15 south, 0.75 miles ahead of the c/d roadway for Exits 305C-A to the 21st South Freeway (SR 201). Photo taken 08/10/16.
Interstates 15 south & 80 east
The freeway divides into a local-express configuration a half mile south of the SR 269 on-ramp. The forthcoming c/d roadway serves all movements both to the Salt Lake city street grid and SR 201 freeway west while the mainline continues uninterrupted to the south split with I-80. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Interstates 15 south & 80 east expand to seven overall lanes with the advent of traffic from SR 269 (500 South) west. Two lanes depart next for 1300 South to Smith's Ballpark (AAA Baseball), 2100 South (SR 201 east) and the 21st South Freeway (SR 201 west). Photo taken 08/10/16.
The Exit 305 c/d roadway branches away from the I-15 south & 80 east mainline prior to the wye interchange (Exit 305D on northbound) with SR 270 (West Temple). Photo taken 08/10/16.
The lone set of confirming shields for the 2.3-mile overlap of I-15 south & 80 east. Photo taken 07/02/16.
Interstate 80 resumes an eastward heading from I-15 south at Exit 304 in a half mile. The freeway reenters Salt Lake City through the Sugarhouse and Highland Park neighborhoods while en route to Parleys Canyon, Park City and Evanston, Wyoming. Photo taken 07/02/16.
Eastbound Interstate 80 splits with Interstate 15 south at a semi directional T interchange (Exit 304). I-15 continues south to Provo, St. George and Las Vegas. Interstate 80 east climbs from Salt Lake Valley en route to Green River, Laramie and Cheyenne, Wyoming. Photo taken 07/02/16.
Interstate 80 east
Traffic from the SR 201 east and the c/d roadway from I-15 south combines with the eastbound mainline of Interstate 80 just ahead of Exit 124 for U.S. 89 (State Street). The freeway travels through northern reaches of South Salt Lake to the 500 East underpass. Photo taken 08/10/16.
U.S. 89 lines State Street north to University Boulevard, where it turns west to 300 West around Downtown Salt Lake City. Southward, State Street carries U.S. 89 through South Salt Lake to Murray, Midvale and Sandy. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Two lanes leave I-80 east at the diamond interchange (Exit 124) with U.S. 89 (State Street). U.S. 89 north leads motorists to the Ball Park and Liberty-Wells neighborhoods of Salt Lake City while the subsequent two exits eastbound fall within the Sugar House neighborhood. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Grandeur Peak (el. 8,299 ft) and Parleys Canyon come into view as Interstate 80 east reenters Salt Lake City. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Exit 125 follows on I-80 east as a diamond interchange with Utah 71 (700 East). Utah 71 forms an L-shaped route east from Utah 154 (Bangerter Highway) in Riverton to Draper and north through Sandy, Midvale and Murray. Photo taken 08/10/16.
I-80 reenters the city of Salt Lake at the 500 East underpass and the Nibley neighborhood. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Exit 125 was expanded into a two-lane off-ramp as part of overall widening of Interstate 80 between U.S. 89 and 1300 East (Exit 126) between August 2007 and November 2009. SR 71 (700 East) concludes a 22.47 mile route northward at SR 186 (400 South) at Central City. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Interstate 80 runs between Fairmont Park and Forest Dale Golf Course to a parclo interchange (Exit 126) with 1300 East in Sugar House. 1300 East leads drivers north to Westminster College and the University of Utah (via SR 186 east). Photo taken 08/10/16.
Forthcoming 1300 East was formerly a part of SR 181, a north-south route between Van Winkle Expressway (SR 152) at the city of Holladay, and 500 East (SR 186) in East Central, Salt Lake City. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Eastbound drivers reach the two-lane off-ramp (Exit 126) for 1300 East by Sugar House Shopping Center and Sugar House Park. Beyond Sugar House, Interstate 80 ties into Interstate 215 at Parleys Canyon. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Confirming marker posted ahead of the 1700 East overpass. Interstate 80 winds along side Parleys Creek and The Country Club golf course to Exit 128 for I-215 south. Photo taken 08/10/16.
The next exit departs in one mile for 2300 East south to Canyon Rim and Millcreek township. Photo taken 08/10/16.
The northern extent of Interstate 215 separates into two prongs. The western prong connects I-80 east with the Belt Route south to Holladay and Cottonwood Heights via a wye interchange at Exit 128. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Interstate 80 passes over 2000 East on the half mile approach to Exit 127 with 2300 East south. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Exit 127 consists of a wye interchange with 2300 South at Claybourne Avenue. There is no access from I-80 westbound. Photo taken 08/10/16.
I-215 is the last Salt Lake Valley exit on I-80 eastbound as the freeway gains elevation. A chain-up area lies 2.5 miles ahead in Parleys Canyon. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Exit 128 quickly follows onto the western prong of Interstate 215. The eastern prong consists of a two-lane road winding east to a wye interchange (Exit 130) with I-80 in Parleys Canyon. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Interstate 215, the Salt Lake City Belt Route, forms a 270-degree loop to the south, west, and north around the metropolitan area. The freeway encircles Holladay south to meet Interstate 15 at Murray. This leg of the freeway was controversial due to neighborhood impacts and was not completed until 1989. Photo taken 08/10/16.
A subdivision comes into view as Interstate 80 shifts north across Parleys Creek to exit the Salt Lake City limits. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Roadways for Interstate 215 appear below I-80 along with a ramp from Utah 186 (Foothill Drive) east to I-80 west. Photo taken 08/05/13.
The Wasatch Range foothills rise abruptly to the east of the East Bench neighborhood of Salt Lake City. Carrigan Canyon appears to the north. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Foothill Drive (SR 186) angles southeast from the University of Utah to end at a wye interchange with adjacent Interstate 215. The five lane boulevard comprises the main arterial route through East Bench to Bonneville Hills, Foothill/Sunnyside and the Sunnyside East neighborhoods of SLC. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Exit 129 loops onto Foothill Drive north ahead of the split with Parleys Way. Utah 186 follows old U.S. 40 Alternate northwest to U.S. 89 (State Street), where it turns north to the state capitol. Parleys Way west to 2100 South is a historic alignment of U.S. 40 west through Sugar House to U.S. 89 (State Street). Photo taken 08/05/13.
Continuing east, Interstate 80 traverses Parleys Canyon from Salt Lake City to the Summit County line. Photo taken 08/05/13.
Looking south at Interstate 215 and Mount Olympus (el. 9,026 ft). Photo taken 08/05/13.


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