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Interstate 80 West
Lowering from the Mississippi River bridge into the city of Le Claire along Interstate 80 west. The bridge from Illinois opened on October 27, 1966. 09/04/05
A folded diamond interchange (Exit 306) ties the north end of the Fred Schwengel Memorial Bridge with U.S. 67 (Cody Road) at Le Claire. U.S. 67 travels 67 miles in Iowa, from the Centennial Bridge between Rock Island, Illinois and Downtown Davenport, northeast along the Mississippi River to Sabula and the route's northern terminus. 03/31/16
U.S. 67 doubles as the Great River Road west nine miles to the Bettendorf Riverfront and north through Le Claire to Clinton and U.S. 30. 04/08/13
Interstate 80 climbs onto the bluffs north of the Mississippi River and curves west to northern reaches of Bettendorf. 03/31/16
Welcome to Iowa sign posted as the freeway leaves Le Claire and Exit 305. 04/08/13
Downtown Davenport is a 16-mile drive from Interstate 80 at Le Claire via U.S. 61 Business south. Des Moines is 174 miles from this point. 03/31/16
The Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area entails a swath of 37 counties in northeastern Iowa. Affiliated with the National Park Service, the area includes a number of sites, programs and events celebrating the history of agriculture in America. 03/31/16
Two interchanges serve the city of Bettendorf from Interstate 80 west over the next five miles. Interstate 74 south from I-80 sees four exits for the city of 33,217 (2010 census). 03/31/16
Westbound travelers along I-80 reach the first of ten rest areas across Iowa in two miles. The freeway enters the Bettendorf city limits west of the Wells Ferry Road underpass ahead. 03/31/16
Beginning at parallel Indiana, just north of Exit 301, Middle Road leads southwest as a rural road to a roundabout with 53rd Avenue. South from there, suburban development takes hold along the road. 03/31/16
Interstate 80 crosses Spencer Creek ahead of the parclo A2 interchange (Exit 301) with Middle Road. 03/31/16
Middle Road arcs southwest through Bettendorf to Interstate 74 (Exit 3) and Locust Street at the Davenport city line. Belmont Road leads motorists east from Middle Road to Scott County Community College in 3.4 miles. 03/31/16
Westbound reassurance marker posted as Interstate 80 parallels Spencer Creek through north Bettendorf. 05/29/18
The next exit along I-80 west is the western terminus of Interstate 74 in three miles. Des Moines is another 167 miles from the first Davenport interchange. 05/29/18
A pair of rest areas line Interstate 80 in Bettendorf. The next westbound facility is after Exit 271 in Cedar County. 04/08/13
Two interchanges serve Davenport directly from Interstate 80 west between the ends of I-74 (two miles) and I-280 (nine miles). Interstate 280, like I-74, provides four interchanges for the largest city of the Quad Cities. 05/29/18
Drivers along Interstate 80 west formally enter the city limits of Davenport ahead of the 1.5-mile guide sign for Interstate 74. Interstate 74 leads south between Davenport and Bettendorf, 5.3 miles to the Iowa-Illinois Memorial Bridge across the Mississippi River. 05/29/18
Interstate 74 travels 428 miles overall between the Quad Cities and Cincinnati, Ohio. The freeway joins Moline, Illinois with Peoria and Bloomington to the southeast. Additional portions of Interstate 74 are signed in North Carolina, but those may never connect with the original I-74 in Ohio. 05/29/18
Interstate 74 separates Davenport and Bettendorf south to Exit 2 (Kimberly Road) before crossing the Mississippi by the Bettendorf Riverfront area. 05/29/18
A trumpet interchange (Exit 298) joins Interstate 80 with the eastbound beginning of I-74 just west of Crow Creek. The freeway turns east with I-280 in ten miles by Quad City International Airport (MLI). 05/29/18
Interstate 80 passes under Jersey Ridge Road at this mileage sign listing the three remaining Davenport interchanges. Brady Street (U.S. 61 Business) south into Davenport is the next departure point in two miles. 03/28/16
One mile out from the cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 61 north (Exit 295B) and U.S. 61 Business (Exit 295A) south on Interstate 80 west. U.S. 61 was realigned from the in-city route through Davenport by September 2011 (officially May 20, 2010) to bypass the city along I-80 west to I-280 east. 03/28/16
Interstate 80 travels alongside farm land and a John Deere plant west of Jersey Ridge Road. 03/28/16
U.S. 61 follows a freeway north to Eldridge, Scott County Park and De Witt. U.S. 61 Business leads motorists south to Downtown Davenport, the Davenport Riverfront and the Centennial Bridge into Rock Island, Illinois. 03/28/16
Exit 295B leaves Interstate 80 west for U.S. 61 north to Davenport Municipal Airport (DVN), Eldridge and DeWitt. The route continues as an expressway north from De Witt (U.S. 30) in 16 miles to Maquoketa and Dubuque. 03/28/16
U.S. 61 Business follows Brady Street south to its split with Welcome Way. Welcome Way carries the business route south to Northpark Mall and Harrison Street through the Davenport street grid while Brady remains the northbound direction from Downtown and the Davenport Riverfront to Interstate 80. 03/28/16
Interstate 80 West U.S. 61 South
Interstate 80 & U.S. 61 travel just south of Davenport Municipal Airport (DVN) and north by an industrial park west from their merge. 05/26/18
Northwest Boulevard is next along Interstate 80 west in two miles followed by the split of U.S. 61 south onto the eastbound beginning of Interstate 280 in five miles. 05/26/18
Northwest Boulevard branches from U.S. 6 (Kimberly Road) at Harrison Street and Northpark Mall through residential areas of northwest Davenport to I-80 at Exit 292. 05/26/18
Exit 292 leaves Interstate 80 west & U.S. 61 south for Iowa 130 (New Liberty Road) west and Northwest Boulevard south. Iowa 130 travels 32 miles from here to end at Tipton (Iowa 38). The route was truncated from south of I-80 in 1985 when Northwest Boulevard was turned over to the city.1 05/26/18
Iowa 130 begins and heads northwest from the diamond interchange with I-80 six miles to Maysville. 05/26/18
Still within the Davenport city limits, Interstate 80 transitions into a rural freeway west from Exit 292. 03/28/16
Westbound mileage sign posted three miles out from Interstate 280 and 162 miles from Des Moines. 03/28/16
Interstate 280 wraps around the west side of Davenport, providing a more direct route for I-80 eastbound through travelers headed to Moline and Rock Island, Illinois from the west. U.S. 61 follows the freeway south six miles to resume its course to Blue Grass and Muscatine while U.S. 6 briefly overlaps with I-280 to the adjacent Kimberly Road exit. 12/31/14
A directional-T interchange (Exit 290) includes left side movements along Interstate 80 west from and to Interstate 280. I-280 compliments I-80 as the southern half of the Quad Cities beltline, stretching nearly 27 miles from Exit 290 to I-80 at Colona, Illinois. 03/28/16
Nearing the off-ramp for Interstate 280 & U.S. 6 east and U.S. 61 south back into Davenport. Much of I-280 between I-80 and the Mississippi River is rural. The freeway crosses into Illinois on the swampy Big Island, meeting the Centennial Expressway (IL 92) spurring into Rock Island there before reaching the village of Milan. 03/28/16
Exit 290 parts ways along with U.S. 61 south from Interstate 80 west. This is the last I-280 encountered by I-80 west until San Francisco, California. I-680 in Nebraska was initially designated as I-280, but conflicts with two I-280's in Iowa led to the renumbering of the Omaha bypass. 12/31/14
Interstate 80 U.S. 6 West
A reassurance marker for I-80 appears within the interchange at I-280. Ramps and mainlines at Interstate to Interstate junctions in Iowa typically see extra shields. 03/28/16
U.S. 6 combines with Interstate 80 west for 19 miles from Davenport to near Wilton. 03/28/16
Leaving the Quad Cities area, Interstate 80 next approaches Walcott, a city of 1,629 (2010 census) in eight miles. Iowa City, home of the University of Iowa, follows in 46 miles. 03/28/16
Scott County Road Y40 (Plainview Road) meets Interstate 80 & U.S. 6 in one mile at a diamond interchange (Exit 284) in northern reaches of Walcott. 04/13/13
Exit 284 is known for the Iowa 80 truck stop, billed as the world's largest. 04/08/13
County Road Y40 follows 60th Avenue north from Walcott to Plainview and Iowa 130 (New Liberty Road). Southward Plainview Road leads to County Road F58 (Historic U.S. 6), northwest of the Walcott street grid. 03/28/16
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2 photos
Stockton is a seven mile drive west from the Walcott exit via Interstate 80 and County Road Y30 south to Historic U.S. 6. Iowa City is now 40 miles away. 03/28/16
The final Scott County exit joins Interstate 80 & U.S. 6 with County Road Y30 (20th Avenue), three miles north of the city of Stockton. 03/28/16
North from Exit 280, County Road Y30 heads 4.4 miles to Iowa 130, southeast of its approach to New Liberty. 03/28/16
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2 photos
Interstate 80 & U.S. 6 lead due west two miles from Exit 280 to bypass Durant, two miles to the north. Des Moines is now 148 miles to the west. 03/28/16, 04/13/13
One mile out from the diamond interchange (Exit 277) with County Road Y26 (Yankee Avenue) on I-80 & U.S. 6 west. 03/23/16
Crossing into Cedar County along I-80 & U.S. 6 west. 03/23/16
CR Y26 ventures south 2.3 miles to Historic U.S. 6 (5th Street) in the city of Durant. Northward, the county road continues 2.4 miles to CR F44 (290th Street) west to Sunbury. Bennett is a city along Iowa 130 at CR Y14, which can be reached by either Yankee Avenue or CR F44. 03/23/16
Interstate 80 & U.S. 6 reassurance markers posted as the freeway curves ahead of a tributary of Mud Creek. 03/28/16
Wilton, situated in northern Muscatine County along U.S. 6, is ten miles away. West Branch, home of the Hoover Presidential Library and Birthplace, is 21 miles to the west. 03/28/16
Nearing the Vermont Avenue overpass along I-80/U.S. 6 west. 11/04/08
Lowering toward Little Elkhorn Creek along Interstate 80 & U.S. 6 west in Farmington Township. Taylor Road (County Road Y14) spans the freeway in the distance. 04/13/13
U.S. 6 prepares to split with Interstate 80 west for a southerly course alongside Iowa 38 to Wilton. Iowa 38 is a 99-mile route from Iowa 92 in Muscatine north to Iowa 3, north of Greeley. 03/28/16
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 271) with U.S. 6 west & Iowa 38 south to Milton and Cedar County X64 (Rose Avenue) north. U.S. 6 rejoins its original alignment from Wilton (5th Street) south and west to Atalissa and West Liberty. 03/28/16
Muscatine is a Mississippi River city located 15 miles to the south along U.S. 61. 04/12/13

  1. Iowa Highways: 120 to 139.

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