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Interstate 80 West
A lane drop reduces Interstate 80 west to a single through lane at merge with Interstate 215 north. Photo taken 07/08/16.
Drivers formally enter the Salt Lake City limits at the wye interchange (Exit 128 on I-80 east) with I-215. Photo taken 08/25/14.
A second wye interchange adds traffic from 2300 East and the community of Canyon Rim to Interstate 80 westbound after milepost 127. Photo taken 07/08/16.
Continuing west, Interstate 80 runs along The Country Club golf course and Sugarhouse Park to a parclo interchange (Exit 126) with 1300 East. Exit 126 is the first of two interchanges along Interstate 80 for the Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake City. Photo taken 07/08/16.
1700 East passes over I-80 west, one half mile ahead of the off-ramp (Exit 126) for 1300 East to Westminster College and Sugar House Shopping Center. Photo taken 07/08/16.
1300 East joins Sugar House with the Wasatch Hollow and Yalecrest neighborhoods to the north as part of the decommissioned route of SR 181 to SR 186 (500 South). Former SR 181 (1300 East) concluded a 6.9 mile route south at SR 152 (Van Winkle Expressway) at the city of Holladay. Photo taken 07/08/16.
I-80 merges with Interstate 15 north in 1.75 miles as an auxiliary lane brings the westbound freeway to five overall lanes to Utah 71 (Exit 125). Photo taken 07/08/16.
The Innovate 80 project expanded I-80 between Exits 126 and 124 (U.S. 89). Construction from August 2007 to November 2009 added sound walls and widened the freeway to eight main lanes with an additional auxiliary lane in each direction. Photo taken 07/08/16.
A two-lane off-ramp serves Utah 71 (700 East) north from Sugar House to Liberty-Wells and East Liberty Park and south to Midvale township. SR 71 forms an L-shaped route stretching 22.45 miles from SR 154 (Bangerter Highway) in Riverton to SR 186 (400 South) at Central City. Photo taken 07/08/16.
The snow capped peaks of the Oquirrh Mountains provide a scenic backdrop as I-80 proceeds west toward the merge with Interstate 15 north. Motorists heading to Salt Lake City International Airport are directed to use I-15 north. The airport is located ten miles to the west along Interstate 80. Photo taken 06/09/11.
Forthcoming U.S. 89 (State Street) parallels I-15 to the east along a busy commercial boulevard south from Exit 124 to Midvale and Murray and north to Ball Park and Downtown Salt Lake City. Exits 123B/A quickly follows from I-80 west for the flyovers leading to Utah 201 (2100 South Freeway) west and I-15 south. Photo taken 07/08/16.
Interstate 80 crosses into the city of North Salt Lake ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 124) with U.S. 89 (State Street). Photo taken 07/08/16.
Exit 124 departs Interstate 80 west with two lanes for U.S. 89 (State Street) in North Salt Lake. U.S. 89 merges with or runs close to the I-15 corridor between Spanish Fork and Brigham City. Interstate 15 constitutes an urban route between those cities with as many as 13 lanes. Photo taken 07/08/16.
Drivers headed south on Interstate 15 to Orem, Provo, St. George and Las Vegas (Exit 123B) combine with those bound for the 2100 South Freeway to West Valley City and Magna (Exit 123A) on a collector distributor roadway emanating from U.S. 89 (State Street). Photo taken 07/08/16.
The westbound I-80 mainline partitions next with Exit 122 for the Interstate 15 c/d roadway to 2100 South, 1300 South and 900 South to the adjacent industrial and retail areas of Ball Park and Glendale in Salt Lake City. Photo taken 07/08/16.
The Exit 123 c/d roadway separates with a ramp for the I-15 northbound c/d roadway serving motorists from U.S. 89. Photo taken 07/08/16.
Interstate 80 turns north with three through lanes to combine with the I-15 northbound mainline as Exit 122 joins a three-lane c/d roadway ahead of 2100 South. 2100 South is the surface route component of Utah 201 between the 2100 South Freeway and U.S. 89 (State Street). Photo taken 07/08/16.
A semi directional T interchange joins Interstates 15 and 80 with Utah 201 otherwise. The exchange was rebuilt as part of the four-year $1.59 billion reconstruction of I-15 in preparation for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Photo taken 07/08/16.
Viewing the Salt Lake City skyline from the high flyover ramp at Exit 123. Photo taken 08/25/14.
Traffic separates for Interstate 15 south and Utah 201 west. The 2100 South Freeway leads west eight miles through West Valley City as a commuter route and alternate to I-80. I-15 continues south from South Salt Lake through Murray, Midvale, Sandy and other Salt Lake Valley suburbs to reach Provo in 40 miles. Photo taken 06/09/11.
Interstates 15 north & 80 west
Traffic from both I-80 west and U.S. 89 (State Street) merges onto the Exit 305 c/d roadway just ahead of the folded diamond interchange with 2100 South (SR 201). Photo taken 07/08/16.
The westbound mainline of Interstate 80 merges with I-15 north ahead of a flyover carrying motorists from the 21st South Freeway onto the freeway and adjacent c/d roadway north. I-15 north & 80 west overlap for 2.6 miles. Photo taken 09/08/05.
The I-15 & 80 mainline carries four lanes and an Express Lane northward to their split at Exit 308. A semi directional T interchange (Exit 306) connects the main lanes with SR 269 (600 South east / 500 South west) in one mile. Photo taken 07/03/16.
The lone set of standalone shields for the I-15 north & 80 west overlap precede the wye interchange (Exit 305D) with SR 270. Interstate 80 has several other shared alignments along its transcontinental path, including those with Interstates 29, 35, 94 and 90. Photo taken 07/03/16.
The freeway shifts westward over a Union Pacific Railroad line ahead of the successive ramps for Utah 269 (Exit 306), the Express Lane exclusive ramp (Exit 307) to 400 South and the continuation of I-80 west to SLC Airport (Exit 308). Photo taken 07/03/16.
Three lanes part ways from I-15 north & 80 west for Exit 308 to Utah 269 east and the Gateway neighborhood. SR 269 collectively totals 1.807 miles along the couplet of 500 and 600 South east to U.S. 89 (State Street) at the Grand America Hotel. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Interstate 80 west splits from Interstate 15 north below the flyovers with Utah 269. Beyond Salt Lake Valley, I-80 traverses Tooele Valley and the Great Salt Lake Desert en route to Wendover. Photo taken 07/03/16.
A semi directional interchange, the fourth along I-15 in Salt Lake County, separates traffic for Interstate 80 west to Elko, Winnemucca and Reno, Nevada and I-15 north to Ogden and Pocatello, Idaho. Photo taken 07/03/16.
Interstate 80 West
Traffic from I-15 south combines with Interstate 80 west as the freeway passes over 1000 West between the Euclid and Riverside neighborhoods. The westbound freeway continue across the Jordan River ahead. Photo taken 05/16/12.
Utah 68 (Redwood Road) and I-80 come together at a split diamond interchange (Exit 118) in one quarter mile. SR 68 travels 70.62 miles overall from U.S. 6 in Elberta northward along Utah Lake into the south suburbs of Saratoga Springs, Bluffdale, Riverton, South Jordan, West Jordan, and Taylorsville before entering Salt Lake City. Photo taken 07/08/16.
Redwood Road constitutes a busy arterial route north to the Jordan Meadows neighborhood. North Temple (old U.S. 40 / SR 186) intersects SR 68 just north of I-80 and west of the Utah State Fairpark grounds.
Parallel I-215 separates Jordan Meadows from the general aviation facilities of SLC Airport, with 700 North connecting the two areas via Exit 23. Photo taken 07/08/16.
Interstate 80 spans a Union Pacific Railroad line as Exit 118 departs for Utah 68 (Redwood Road) and the Sherwood neighborhood of SLC. The state route extends north from Salt Lake City to Woods Cross, where it hooks east and south to end at U.S. 89 in Bountiful. Photo taken 07/08/16.
Exit 117 carries all traffic in unison for Interstate 215 (Belt Route) north to the general aviation area of SLC Airport and North Salt Lake and south to Taylorsville and Murray. Photo taken 07/31/16.
Ramps for Interstate 215 combine with ramps from Redwood Road as the Belt Route and I-80 meet at a cloverstack interchange. I-215 provides a bypass route for I-15 north to Ogden and south to Provo in addition to serving West Valley commuters. Photo taken 07/31/16.
A high flyover transports motorists from I-215 north to a c/d roadway along side Interstate 80 west to the directional cloverleaf interchange (Exits 115B/A) with SR 154 (Bangerter Highway) south and Terminal Drive north. Photo taken 07/09/16.
The westbound c/d roadway begins as traffic combines from the respective I-215 on-ramps. A slip ramp quickly follows for the Interstate 80 mainline to Reno, Nevada. Photo taken 07/09/16.
Back to back off-ramps (Exits 115B/A) depart from the I-80 mainline for the passenger terminal of Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) and SR 154 (Bangerter Highway) south. Photo taken 08/10/16.
The Exit 115 c/d roadway continues beyond the I-80 on-ramp to add traffic from the adjacent wye interchange with North Temple Street (old SR 186). Photo taken 07/09/16.
A monotube supporting a dynamic message board also hosts the first confirming shield for I-80 west posted since the split with Interstate 15. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Interstate 80 overlays North Temple Street and old U.S. 40 on the south side of SLC Airport. Drivers from North Temple Street join the c/d roadway from I-215 ahead of a two-lane ramp for SLC Airport. Photo taken 07/09/16.
Exit 115B departs I-80 west for Terminal Drive. Terminal Drive loops north from Bangerter Highway to the car rental facilities and passenger terminal of SLC Airport. Photo taken 08/10/16.
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3 photos
3 photos
Exit 115B follows from I-80 west to join the continuation of the c/d roadway to Bangerter Highway south. Named after former Utah governor Norm Bangerter, Utah 154 connects the airport with the Westside Industrial area. Photo taken 07/09/16. Second photo taken 08/10/16. Third photo taken 07/09/16.
Exit 115B loops away from the c/d roadway for Utah 154 (Bangerter Highway) south. The 24.32 mile route varies as an expressway or controlled access arterial through West Valley City, West Jordan, Riverton and other suburbs to 13800 South in Draper. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Interstate 80 shifts northward over the next 1.7 miles through a wye interchange (Exit 114) with Wright Brothers Drive north. Photo taken 08/10/16.
I-80 west between SR 68 (Redwood Road) and forthcoming 5600 West was the last to be completed across the Beehive State. This five-mile section opened in August 1986. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Wright Brothers Drive provides the first of two routes from Interstate 80 west to the Salt Lake International Center business park. Photo taken 08/10/16.
I-80 west maintains four through lanes to a point just beyond Exit 114. Wright Brothers Drive spurs north to while grasslands spread southward toward the UP Railroad line. Photo taken 08/10/16.
The subsequent westbound exit is the diamond interchange with 5600 West north to Salt Lake International Center and Utah 172 south to West Valley City and Kearns township. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Utah 172 lines 5600 West for 9.22 miles between Exit 113 and 6200 South in Kearns Township. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Interstate 80 reduces to four lanes overall west of Exit 113. The succeeding exit with 7200 West is the last for SLC. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Westbound confirming marker for I-80 posted as the freeway spans a UP Railroad spur north to Salt Lake International Center business park. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Interstate 80 advances one half mile to the diamond interchange (Exit 111) with 7200 West. 7200 West links the freeway with adjacent North Temple Street (old U.S. 40) and California Avenue / 1300 South by a landfill. Photo taken 08/10/16.
Construction between June 18 and September 30, 2007 rebuilt I-80 between mileposts 107 and 108. Included in the work was replacement of the concrete surface and a rebuild of the ramps at 7200 West.1 Photo taken 08/10/16.
Westbound travelers leave the Salt Lake City limits ahead of milepost 109. Beyond Stansbury Park (Exit 99), services are limited on the rather isolated drive I-80 takes across the Great Salt Lake Desert to Wendover (110 miles) and northern Nevada to Reno (511 miles). Photo taken 09/08/05.
Interstate 80 shifts onto a causeway between a tailing pond and mud flats of Great Salt Lake. The marsh like landscape and salt water can permeate the air with a stench. Photo taken 09/08/05.
North Temple Street and I-80 veer southward along the southern periphery of Great Salt Lake. Photo taken 09/08/05.
Antelope Island, home of Antelope Island State Park, rises out of the Great Salt Lake to the northwest of Salt Lake City. Photo taken 09/08/05.
Utah 202 and Saltair Drive tie into Interstate 80 at Exit 104 in one mile. Utah 202 constitutes a 1.683-mile connector between the I-80 Frontage Road and nearby Utah 201. Photo taken 09/08/05.
The forthcoming diamond interchange (Exit 104) with SR 202 provides the final opportunity for westbound travelers to turn back to Salt Lake Valley via SR 201 (2100 South) east. Photo taken 09/08/05.
Drivers bound for SR 201 south to Magna, Saltair Drive north to the Saltair concert pavilion or I-80 Frontage Road west o Great Salt Lake State Marina depart Interstate 80 at Exit 104. Photo taken 09/08/05.



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