The Wells business route from Interstate 80 loops north from Exit 351 along Homboldt Avenue and east along Sixth Street to U.S. 93. The east end merges onto the freeway from the entrance ramp at U.S. 93 while the westbound direction directly connects with Sixth Street via FREL70 (Elko County Frontage Road #70). The entire route is state-maintained, with Nevada 223 coinciding with Business Loop I-80 along a 1.98 mile course west of U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway).

Business Loop I-80 & SR 233 east
Business Loop I-80 begins and heads north along Humboldt Avenue from I-80 and the north end of SR 223 (Angel Lake Road). 07/16/17
SR 231 travels 11.62 miles north from Angle Lake in Humboldt National Forest to connect with Interstate 80 west to Reno. 07/16/17
A second confirming marker for Business Loop I-80 stands along Humboldt Avenue north after Dover Street. Wells City Park lies nearby. 07/16/17
Humboldt Avenue circles around the west side of the Wells residential street grid to Sixth Street (historic U.S. 40). The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest - Ruby Mountains office lies along SR 223 at Pacific Avenue. 09/08/05
The first shield for SR 223 appears at the eastbound turn of Business Loop I-80 to Downtown. 07/16/17
Business Loop I-80 follows old U.S. 40 southeast 1.1 miles to U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway). Highway 40 converges with Interstate 80 west in 4.3 miles by Willow Creek. 07/16/17
An I-80 trailblazer directs motorists originating from Highway 40 onto Humboldt Avenue south from Sixth Street (SR 233). 09/08/05
Business Loop I-80 & SR 223 (Sixth Street) continue along a four lane boulevard through the Wells business district. 07/16/17
A small array of businesses line Business Loop I-80 and SR 223 between Humboldt Avenue and U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway). Wells provides an oasis of services in an otherwise sparsely populated desert. 09/08/05
Business Loop I-80 & SR 233 navigate along an S-curve southeast from the Wells street grid to intersect U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway). SR 233 ends as U.S. 93 returns the business route to adjacent Interstate 80. 07/16/17
U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway) travels the height of Nevada, venturing north to Jackpot ahead of the Idaho state line and Twin Falls. Southward across the Great Basin, the highway continues to Ely, Caliente and Las Vegas. 07/16/17
Sixth Street (old U.S. 40) spurs southeast from U.S. 93 as FREL70 to a pair of businesses and the north side frontage road of I-80. 07/16/17
Interstate 80 overlays historic U.S. 40 east from Wells to Moor Summit on the north side of the distant Wood Hills. 07/16/17
Business Loop I-80 east & U.S. 93 south
U.S. 93 enters a diamond interchange with Interstate 80 to the immediate south of Sixth Street in Wells. 09/08/05
Interstate 80 heads west from U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway) in Wells to Elko and east to Wendover and Salt Lake City, Utah. U.S. 93 continues south of Business Loop I-80 for 78 miles to Lages Station, where it converges with the south end of U.S. 93 Alternate. Although not signed from this point, U.S. 93 Alternate travels southeast alongside I-80 to West Wendover. 07/16/17
Business Loop I-80 west
Business Loop I-80 separates from Interstate 80 westbound along old U.S. 40 (FREL170) to directly meet U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway) at SR 233 (Sixth Street) in Wells. 07/16/17
U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway) bypasses Wells to the east from Clover Valley north to Wilkins along the east side of the Snake Mountains. Totaling 520 miles across the Silver State, U.S. 93 joins Well with Idaho Falls, Idaho and Ely. 07/16/17
Business Loop I-80 & SR 233 west
SR 233 begins and overlays Business Loop I-80 west along Sixth Street between U.S. 93 and Downtown Wells. 07/16/17
A collection of older motels and local businesses line 6th Street from Shoshone Avenue to Wells Avenue through the Wells city center. 07/16/17
2 photos
2 photos
Business Loop I-80 and SR 223 west at the southward turn onto Humboldt Avenue from Sixth Street. Sixth Street (old U.S. 40) continues west and spans a Union Pacific Railroad line, becoming Highway 40 en route to I-80 and Starr Valley. 07/16/17, 09/08/05
Humboldt Avenue arcs southwest with four lanes 0.9 miles to Interstate 80 and SR 231 (Angel Lake Road). 07/16/17
Business Loop I-80 and SR 233 end at the west Wells interchange along Interstate 80. SR 231 commences an 11.62 mile course southwest to Angel Lake beyond the freeway. 07/16/17
Interstate 80 travels across the south side of Wells, passing between Wells City Park and Chimney Rock Municipal Golf Course,. The freeway converges with the Humbolt River west of the East Humbolt Range en route to Elko. 07/16/17
East from Humbolt Avenue, I-80 trends southward from Wells to Pequop Summit, Goshute Valley and West Wendover to the Great Salt Lake Desert in Utah. 07/16/17
Business Loop I-80 scenes
A faded trailblazer for I-80 stands at Shoshone Avenue and 6th Street (Business Loop I-80 east of Downtown Wells. 07/16/17
U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway) northbound at Business Loop I-80 and SR 233 (Sixth Street) west to Downtown Wells. 07/16/17
A four-way stop controls traffic at U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway) and Business Loop I-80 at Sixth Street (old U.S. 40). 07/16/17

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