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Interstate 82 & U.S. 12 east
Interstate 82 & U.S. 12 encircles the northern reaches of Horse Heaven Hills from Prosser east to Benton City. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Umatilla, Oregon, the final control city of Interstate 82 east, appears on this mileage sign posted 25 miles west of the Tri-Cities. Photo taken 08/31/06.
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Roadways of Interstate 82 diverge as the freeway rises onto Horse Heaven Hills above the Yakima River. The westbound lanes directly replaced the original U.S. 410 and U.S. 12 alignment while a new roadway was built for I-82 eastbound. Photos taken 08/31/06.
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The Washington Central Railroad line from Prosser comes into view as Interstate 82 & U.S. 12 lower from Horse Heaven Hills near Gibbon. A flat area of agricultural land resides between the Yakima River and Old Inland Empire Highway to the north. Photos taken 08/31/06.
Gibbon Road connects the freeway with an isolated area bound by Horse Heaven Hills and the Yakima River near Gibbon. Yakitat Road begins nearby and parallels the freeway to the east, eventually utilizing a portion of original U.S. 410 and U.S. 12 eastbound. Photo taken 08/31/06.
A diamond interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 82 & U.S. 12 and Gibbon Road at Exit 80. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Both directions of Interstate 82 replaced the original westbound roadway of U.S. 12. Yakitat Road parallels the freeway on the original eastbound lanes, eventually disappearing from view on a higher course. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Yakitat Road ties into Interstate 82 & U.S. 12 at the Exit 93 diamond interchange above Benton City. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Exit 93 leaves Interstate 82 & U.S. 12 east for Yakitat Road. Yakitat Road ends to the south nearby and connects with parallel Chandler Road to the north. Chandler Road provides access to farming areas north of Kennewick Main Canal and south of the Yakima River close by. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Kennewick Main Canal comes into view along side Interstate 82 near Exit 93. The canal emanates at the Yakima River a few miles to the west and follows the north side of Horse Heaven Hills into Kennewick. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Goose Hill rises to the east as Interstate 82 & U.S. 12 dip to Kiona. The freeway directly replaced old U.S. 410 and U.S. 12 to Exit 96. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Washington 224 east begins at the Exit 96 diamond interchange in Benton City, adjacent to the south end of Washington 225. The two routes partition just north of the freeway with Washington 225 following 1st Street north to Babs Avenue west and 9th Street into the city center. Washington 224 turns northeasterly along Kennedy Road (former U.S. 410 & U.S. 12) briefly before continuing to West Richland. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Exit 96 lowers from Interstate 82 & U.S. 12 east to 1st Street. Webber Canyon Road ties into the state route terminus from Weber Canyon to the south.
Washington 225 totals 11.32 miles in an arc between Benton City and Washington 240 outside West Richland and Richland. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Washington 225 splits from Washington 224, 0.06 miles north of the Exit 96 eastbound off-ramp.
Washington 224 spans the Yakima River on a 1957-built bridge as Washington 224 ventures 10.15 miles east to Washington 240 at Richland. Photo taken 08/31/06.
The final cosigned shield assembly of Interstate 82 and U.S. 12 follows Benton City. The tandem end their 71.17-mile overlap at the next interchange (Exit 102). Photo taken 08/31/06.
Interstate 82 & U.S. 12 split in five miles at the west end of Interstate 182. Umatilla appears on this mileage sign for the southward turn of the freeway into Oregon. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Interstate 82 generally stays west of the Tri-Cities, opting for a mostly rural path with the exception of a stretch near Exit 109. Three exits serve the city of Kennewick from the freeway. They are Interstate 182 east to the Washington 240 freeway, Badger Road (Exit 109) and the north end of the U.S. 395 overlap from Oregon (Exit 113). Photo taken 08/31/06.
Candy Mountain rises to the east of Interstate 82 & U.S. 12 on the one-mile approach to the trumpet interchange with Interstate 182 (Exit 102). Photo taken 08/31/06.
Washington 240 constitutes a 41.31-mile route from Washington 24 near the Vernita Bridge, to U.S. 395 near downtown Kennewick. Connections with Washington 24 and Washington 243 link the Tri-Cities with the Interstate 90 Columbia River crossing at Vantage. Photo taken 08/31/06.
U.S. 12 follows all 15.19 miles of Interstate 182 through Richland and Pasco. U.S. 12 continues from the freeway end to Burbank in Walla Walla, County. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Exit 102 departs Interstate 82 for Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 east at Goose Gap. Interstate 182 enters Richland, north of Badger Mountain, and sees three interchanges for the city of 48,058. Interstate 182 fully opened to traffic in 1986 and was conceived as an alternative to routing Interstate 82 southeastward along the Columbia River from the Tri-Cities. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Interstate 72 East
Turning more southerly, Interstate 82 straddles northern reaches of Horse Heaven Hills to the merge with U.S. 395. This view looks southwesterly toward Badger Road and the adjacent hills. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Interstate 82 travels solo for the first time in Washington between Exits 102 and 113. Photo taken 08/31/06.
This mileage sign is posted six miles out from the Kennewick city limits along Interstate 82 east. Pendleton joins as the third destination for Interstate 84 east from the east end of I-82 in Oregon. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Dallas Road meanders south from West Richland to meet Interstate 82 at the Exit 104 diamond interchange near Badger. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Eastbound at the Exit 104 ramp departure to Dallas Road. Dallas Road turns westward from Interstate 82 to end at Badger Road nearby. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Interstate 82 skims the suburban fringe of Kennewick on the one-mile approach to Badger Road (Exit 109). This is the first of two exits to directly serve the city of 73,917. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Badger Road becomes Clearwater Avenue leading east from the Exit 109 folded diamond interchange into Kennewick. The arterial gradually transitions from suburban to commercial en the drive to U.S. 395 (Ely Street) near the city center. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Exit 109 loops to Badger Road below Interstate 82 as the freeway spans both the road and the adjacent Washington Central Railroad. Badger Road arcs westward to Kiona. Photo taken 08/31/06.
A power line corridor parallels Interstate 82 a short distance eastward from Amon Canyon to the merge with U.S. 395 (Exit 113). Photo taken 08/31/06.
U.S. 395 south merges with Interstate 82 at a trumpet interchange (Exit 113) in mile. The US route constitutes a busy arterial leading northeast 5.2 miles to Washington 240 near the Kennewick city center and a freeway from the Blue Bridge over the Columbia to Interstate 182 & U.S. 12. Photo taken 08/31/06.
U.S. 395 is a part of a longer corridor joining the Tri-Cities with Spokane via a long overlap with Interstate 90 at Ritzville. Much of the route is built to expressway standards from Pasco to Ritzville.
U.S. 395 merges with Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 for a 2.11-mile overlap in Pasco. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Interstate 82 east & U.S. 395 south
Travelers quickly meet the Exit 114 diamond interchange along Interstate 82 east & U.S. 395 south in one mile. Photo taken 08/31/06.
U.S. 395 shares pavement with Interstate 82 for the final 19.81 miles in Washington state. Photo taken 08/31/06.
The lane gained from U.S. 395 south defaults onto Locust Grove Road west and Washington 397 east at Exit 114. Locust Grove Road spurs west to Coyote Canyon at Horse Heaven Hills. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Construction undertaken since this photo was taken extended Washington 397 westward 11.03 miles from Finley to end at Exit 114 of Interstate 82 & U.S. 395. Completed in October 2008, the project provides for an alternate route into south Kennewick via Olympia Street.
SR 397 totals 22.31 miles overall east to Finley and northwest to Interstate 182 and U.S. 12-397 at Pasco. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Now heading south, Interstate 82 & U.S. 395 begin to climb over Hose Heaven Hills. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Several power line corridors appear as the freeway angles southwest toward Bofer Canyon. Photo taken 08/31/06.
One mile north of the Exit 122 diamond interchange with Coffin Road on Interstate 82 east & U.S. 395 south. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Exit 122 generally serves isolated agricultural areas as Coffin Road leads east to Nine Canyon Road. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Bofer Canyon Road (former Washington 14) come into view as the freeway turns westward along side Fourmile Canyon. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Umatilla and Hermiston are the final destinations of Interstate 82 east from Washington. Pendleton lies 30 miles east of the I-82 terminus via Interstate 84. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Interstate 82 east & U.S. 395 south overtake the original alignment of Washington 14 from Prospect Canyon southward to Plymouth. The eastern extent of Washington 14 was replaced by U.S. 395 when the route shifted westward from an overlap with U.S. 730. Photo taken 08/31/06.
The freeway again curves southward, parting ways with Fourmile Canyon, toward the Columbia River. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Washington 14 begins at the Exit 113 diamond interchange with Interstate 82 & U.S. 395. The state route stretches 180.68 miles, along the north banks of the Columbia River, to Interstate 5 at Vancouver. Photo taken 08/31/06.
McNary Road stems east from Interstate 82 and Washington 14 to the McNary Locks. Interests to McNary Dam should remain on the freeway to Exit 1 in Oregon for Devore Road north. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Exit 131 leaves Interstate 82 east & U.S. 395 south for Washington 14 west. Plymouth lies along Lake Umatilla of the Columbia River nearby.
Washington 14 replaced all of U.S. 830 between Maryhill and Vancouver in 1968. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Speed limits along Interstate 82 east & U.S. 395 drop to 65 mph for cars and 55 mph for trucks as the freeway leaves SR 14 for the Columbia River bridge. Photo taken 08/31/06.
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Many sets of power lines emanate from McNary Dam and spread to the west from Umatilla. Photos taken 08/31/06.
A green-box sign represents the last set of Interstate 82 east & U.S. 395 southbound reassurance markers in Washington. Trucks are required to use the right lane for the next 1.5 miles for a weigh in motion sensors. Photo taken 08/31/06.
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Travelers first lower and cross a BNSF Railroad line before rising again on the original U.S. 395 bridge across the Columbia River. The cantilever span opened in 1955 and was upgraded for Interstate use after the new northbound span was completed in 1987. Photos taken 08/31/06.
The southbound span travels 3,308 feet in length at height of 85 feet above the Columbia River. Known as the Umatilla Bridge, it was tolled until 1974.1 Photo taken 08/31/06.
U.S. 395 splits with Interstate 82 east at Umatilla in one mile. Joining U.S. 730 at the Exit 1 diamond interchange with U.S. 730 (6th Street), the US highway turns east 0.78 miles to Umtilla-Stanfield Highway south to Hermiston. Photo taken 08/31/06.
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Passing underneath the steel truss of the Umatilla Bridge on Interstate 82 east & U.S. 395 south. The state line lies midway across Lake Umatilla of the Columbia River. Photos taken 08/31/06.


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