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Interstate 82 west & U.S. 97 north
Steel truss bridges span the Naches River on either side of the Washington 823 crossing between the travel lanes of Interstate 82 & U.S. 97. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Exit 30B leaves Interstate 82 west & U.S. 97 north in one quarter mile for Rest Haven Road. Rest Haven Road emanates at Terrace Heights and ends at Washington 823, beyond the Exit 30A off-ramp. Photo taken 08/28/06.
The westbound bridges of Interstate 82 over the Naches and Yakima Rivers date to 1932 as the original alignment of U.S. 97 between Yakima and Selah. The bridges were joined by southbound U.S. 97 spans in 1960. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Approaching the third crossing of westbound Interstate 82 over the Yakima River. The modern Washington 823 bridge to the left was constructed in 1999. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Three lanes span the Yakima River on the second 1932-truss bridge. The left lane defaults onto Washington 823 (Selah Road) north in one quarter mile. Photo taken 08/28/06.
A parclo interchange joins Interstate 82 & U.S. 97 with Rest Haven Road. The eastbound on-ramp doubles as the connection from Washington 823 south at Harlan Landing Park. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Washington 823 leaves the Interstate 82 right of way at Exit 30A and veers northwest across the Yakima River onto Selah Road. Photo taken 08/28/06.
A parting shot of the first northbound shield of Washington 823 as the state route spans Interstate 82 east. Following the original alignment of U.S. 97 through Selah, SR 823 totals 5.62 miles to SR 821. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Speed limits increase to 70 mph as Interstate 82 west & U.S. 97 north leaves Yakima. Meeting the freeway next is East Selah Road at Exit 29. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Interstate 82 & U.S. 97 round Yakima Ridge to the Exit 29 diamond interchange with East Selah Road. East Selah Road bisects the valley east of the freeway and west of Roza Canal through Pomona Heights and East Selah to Firing Center Road. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Shields for Interstate 82 west & U.S. 97 north posted beyond Exit 29. Elton Road acts as a frontage road northward to ponds along side the Yakima River. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Mileage sign posted for Interstate 82 west. Ellensburg lies just west of the end of Interstate 82, via old U.S. 97, in 31 miles. Seattle is featured for the connection with Interstate 90 west across the Cascade Range. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Washington 821 begins in one mile at the Exit 26 diamond interchange with Firing Center Road. The state route follows old U.S. 97, 25.21 miles northward to Thrall and Exit 3 of Interstate 82. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Washington 821 is restricted to trucks during the warm weather months as it parallels the Yakima River through Umtanum and Manastash Ridges. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Firing Center Road spurs eastward from Interstate 82 and Washington 821 (Exit 26) into the U.S. Military Reservation Yakima Training Center. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Exit 26 departs the westbound freeway for Washington 821 (Canyon Road) north and Firing Center Road east. SR 821 intersects the north end of Washington 821 (Harrison Road) nearby. Photo taken 08/28/06.
A non-cutout Interstate 82 and U.S. 97 shield assembly line a chain up area beyond the Firing Center Road on-ramp. Photo taken 08/28/06.
The concrete arch of the Fred G. Redmon Memorial Bridge peaks from the west of Interstate 82 as the freeway slowly rises to span Selah Creek. Photo taken 08/28/06.
A northbound side rest area follows the Selah Creek span on the ascent to Umtanum Ridge. Photo taken 08/28/06.
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3 photos
3 photos
It may not look impressive from above, but the Fred G. Redmon Memorial Bridge crosses a steep valley 325 feet above Selah Creek. Severe side winds are possible on the 1,336 foot bridge and a wind sock is posted midway across the span. Photos taken 08/28/06.
Looking east at Selah Creek valley and Pushtay, a 1,845-foot hill to the south. Pushtay was originally called "Squaw Tit", a name changed in 1999 after requests from the Yakama Nation, the Wanapum Indians, and the U.S. Army due to its derogatory nature.1 Photo taken 08/28/06.
Weary motorists are provided with a northbound side rest area midway between Selah Creek and South Umtanum Ridge. The site includes a scenic overlook for viewing of the Fred G. Redmon Memorial Bridge. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Cresting over South Umtanum Ridge at an elevation of 2,265 feet above sea level near milepost 21. Photo taken 08/28/06.
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2 photos
Interstate 82 curves northerly and lowers with a 4% grade into Burbank Valley. The rock cut of the freeway over North Umtanum Ridge comes into view. Photos taken 08/28/06.
Interstate 82 concludes a 55.46-miles stretch through Yakima County and enters the final 19.88-mile stretch. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Spanning Burbank Creek, westbound motorists again rise as the freeway prepares to cross North Umtanum Ridge. These spans were completed in 1970. Photo taken 08/28/06.
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3 photos
Climbing along Interstate 82 west & U.S. 97 north to a height of 2,315 feet above sea level over North Umtanum Ridge. Photos taken 08/28/06.
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The roadways of Interstate 82 separate on the descent to Lmuma Creek. Manastash Ridge and the Boylston Mountains rise along the northern horizon. Photos taken 08/28/06.
Lmuma Creek flows westward under Interstate 82 & U.S. 97 in this scene toward the Yakima River. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Turning northwest, Interstate 82 spreads across a desert plateau between the Lmuma Creek valley and Manastash Ridge. Photo taken 08/28/06.
One mile south of the Exit 11 diamond interchange with Military Road in western reaches of Yakima Training Center. Photo taken 08/28/06.
The first sign referencing Interstate 90 along Interstate 82 west appears before the Exit 11 off-ramp. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Exit 11 leaves Interstate 82 west & U.S. 97 north for an isolated area of Yakima Training Center. Restricted unpaved roads emanate eastward from the interchange. Photo taken 08/28/06.
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2 photos
Interstate 82 again expands with a wide median as the freeway travels along the south face of Manastash Ridge. Photos taken 08/28/06.
The Manastash Ridge View Points lie just north of Vanderbilt Gap along both sides of Interstate 82 & U.S. 97. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Interstate 82 cuts through Manastash Ridge at a height of 2,672 feet above sea level through Vanderbilt Gap. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Westbound at the scenic pull-off on the north face of Manastash Ridge. Kittitas Valley spreads to the north. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Lining the north face of Manastash Ridge, Interstate 82 & U.S. 97 gradually lower to an elevation of 1,440 feet ahead of Exit 3. Photo taken 08/28/06.
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3 photos
3 photos
Haze shrouds Kittitas Valley and Interstate 90 on this hot day along Interstate 82 west on Manastash Ridge. Desert scrub gives way to farm fields from Edgemont north to Kittitas and Ellensburg in these scenes. Photos taken 08/28/06.
Washington 821 returns to Interstate 82 & U.S. 97 (Exit 3) via Thrall Road east from Canyon Road in two miles. The state route ends at the folded diamond interchange just outside Thrall. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Manastash Ridge continues westward into the Cascade Range from the Kittitas Valley and Interstate 82's northward turn toward Ellensburg. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Exit 3 loops to Washington 821 south and Thrall Road east to Edgemont. SR 821 originally continued north along Canyon Road (former U.S. 97) to Exit 109 of Interstate 90 outside Ellensburg. Photo taken 08/28/06.
The final Interstate 82 westbound shield coincides with U.S. 97 north as the freeway parallels Wilson Creek. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Wenatchee, the northbound destination of U.S. 97 beyond Interstate 90, joins Ellensburg on the last Interstate 82 mileage sign. Photo taken 08/28/06.
One mile south of the unnumbered trumpet interchange with Interstate 90 on Interstate 82 west & U.S. 97 north. The two highways meet between Ellensburg and Kittitas. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Westbound drivers default onto Interstate 90 west to Cle Elum and Snoqualmie Pass. U.S. 97 follows the freeway 4.81 miles around Ellensburg before parting ways to U.S. 2 and Wenatchee. Photo taken 08/28/06.
A single lane ramp joins Interstate 90 east to Vantage, the crossing of the Columbia River (Wanapum Lake), and Spokane. Interstate 90 stretches 297.52 miles across the state between Seattle and Liberty Lake. Photo taken 08/28/06.
The ramp to westbound is signed as Interstate 90 and U.S. 97 north just beyond the gore point of the Spokane-bound ramp. The connection from I-90 west to Interstate 82 east passes over the eastbound ramp, breaking away from a usual trumpet interchange configuration. Interstate 90 travels 108 miles west to Interstate 5 in Seattle. Photo taken 08/28/06.



  1. "State Changes Name of Hill (Squaw Tit) to Pushtay." Yakima Herald-Republic, September 10, 1999.

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