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Business Loop I-83 connects Interstate 83 with York as the freeway bypasses the city to the east. The alignment follows a portion of the pre-freeway route of U.S. 111 along Georges Street, from the freeway end at Violet Hill, through Downtown to North York and back to I-83 at Exit 22. Business Loop 83 follows a freeway from Violet Hill southward to I-83 at Exit 15. That expressway opened to traffic in 1959, along with future Interstate 83 which was signed then as U.S. 111, from the Maryland state line to PA 74 (S Queen Street). This coincided with the creation of U.S. 111 Alternate along the former surface route leading north into Violet Hill, York.1

U.S. 111 Alternate was extended through York along the former in-city route of U.S. 111 through York when Interstate 83 was completed through East York. This designation lasted until 1961, when it was decommissioned and the portion through York resigned as Business Loop I-83.1

The alignment of Business Loop I-83 follows George Street through Downtown York. This was not always the case as George Street was one way in the southbound direction until 2001.2 Until that time, Business Loop I-83 northbound followed Jackson Street east, Duke Street north and Philadelphia Street (PA 462) west back to George Street.

Reconstruction of the freeway portion of Business Loop I-83 occurred as part of an overall project involving the exchange with I-83. This $57.9 million project upgraded the wye interchange at the south end of Business Loop I-83 to a three level interchange with access in all directions. Work ran from May 2003 to December 6, 2006.3

Business Loop I-83 North
Historically, Business Loop I-83 began at a single wye interchange from a left exit on I-83 north. Just north of that partition was this reassurance marker. 01/15/00
Ramps from the three level interchange with Interstate 83 converge ahead of the first shield for Business 83. Reconstruction of the freeway spur into York replaced the concrete roadway with asphalt and the grassy median with a gravel median. 06/27/10
Business 83 winds northward into Spring Garden Township and the York city limits along a freeway. 06/27/10
The freeway along Business Loop 83 concludes at a wye interchange with S George Street (old U.S. 111) just outside the York city limits. 06/27/10
Traffic from Business 83 and S George Street combine at this traffic light. S George Street enters York from Violet Hill. 06/27/10
S George Street has a signalized intersection with West Drive and the entrance to York Hospital. 06/27/10
A Business Loop I-83 shield was posted after West Drive but missing after 2009. 10/13/04
Country Club Road heads west from the intersection of S George Street and Rathton Road to York College of Pennsylvania and Richland Avenue near the Wyndham Hills community. Business Loop I-83 reduces to a single through lane at this traffic light. 06/27/10
Reassurance marker for Business 83 posted after Country Club and Rathton Roads. 10/13/04
The intersection of S George Street with Jackson Street in south York. Business Loop I-83 northbound once turned east onto Jackson Street two blocks to Duke Street north. 10/13/04
36 inch traffic signals at Business Loop I-83 (S George Street) and Cottage Place. 10/13/04
Northbound at the signalized intersection with College Avenue south of Downtown York. College Avenue becomes PA 124 east of the intersection with PA 74 (Queen Street). 10/13/04
Reassurance marker posted between Princess and King Streets in Downtown York. King Street flows east one block south of PA 462 (Market Street) eastbound. 10/13/04
PA 462 is not acknowledged as Business 83 (S George Street) intersects Market Street. PA 462 westbound uses Philadelphia Street one block to the north. The state route represents the original alignment of U.S. 30 through the city of York. 10/13/04
Business Loop I-83 (N George Street) northbound at Arch Street and Codorus Creek. A four lane concrete bridge spans the creek between Arch Street and Hamilton Avenue ahead. Replacing a steel arch bridge, the $2.38 million bridge opened on July 16, 2001.4 10/13/04
Northbound at the east end of Jefferson Avenue on N George Street. Jefferson Avenue comprises a residential street west from Business 83 to Newberry Street and Farquhar Park. 10/13/04
N George Street enters the borough of North York beyond Parkway Boulevard and advances to the split intersection with Seventh Avenue. 10/13/04
Northbound reassurance shield posted at the N George Street intersection with Eighth Avenue. 07/01/00, 10/13/04
Posted near the intersection with Tenth Avenue, a non-cutout Business Loop I-83 shield was the final reassurance marker along N George Street. It was removed by October 2008. 10/13/04
Business Loop I-83 (N George Street) approaching U.S. 30 (Arsenal Road) and PA 181. PA 181 begins at the upcoming traffic signal and travels northward along N George Street to Emigsville. 10/13/04
U.S. 30 shields appear at the intersection with Eleventh Avenue for forthcoming Arsenal Road. Arsenal Road, and Loucks Road to the west, represent a heavily traveled commercial corridor between northwestern reaches of York and Codorus Creek. 10/13/04
Interstate 83 trailblazers direct motorists to the nearby cloverleaf interchange with Arsenal Road. U.S. 30 east links with I-83 south and PA 181 (N George Street) north with I-83 north. 10/13/04
Business Loop I-83 is unsigned along the half mile overlap with PA 181 between U.S. 30 (Arsenal Road) and Interstate 83 at Exit 22. U.S. 30 is the main route from York west to Gettysburg and east to Lancaster. 10/13/04
The first northbound shield for PA 181. The intersection between U.S. 30 (Arsenal Road) and N George Street was widened during the early 2000s. 10/13/04
Guide sign advising northbound motorists to move into the right lane for I-83 and the continuation of PA 181 northward. A lane drop occurs at the left turn for Lightner Road west. 06/01/04
Business Loop I-83/PA 181 (N George Street) north at the southbound entrance ramp to Interstate 83. I-83 bypasses York to the southeast through East York. 10/13/04
Business Loop I-83 concludes at the northbound on-ramp to Interstate 83. 10/13/04
PA 181 (N George Street) continues northward four miles to Emigsville and the borough of Manchester. 10/13/04
Business Loop I-83 South
Business Loop I-83 combines with PA 181 south from Interstate 83 (Exit 22) along N George Street. The two overlap for a half mile between Exit 22 and U.S. 30 (Arsenal Road). Business Loop I-83 however is unsigned on the stretch. 10/13/04
U.S. 30 upgrades to a freeway from near East York to Lancaster, 23 miles to the east. Westward, U.S. 30 follows commercialized Arsenal and Loucks Roads to Kenneth Road and the West York bypass freeway on the 31 mile route to Gettysburg. 10/13/04
PA 181 ends and Business Loop I-83 emerges as a signed route along N George Street beyond U.S. 30 (Arsenal Road). U.S. 30 crosses paths with Interstate 83 nearby, but access is only available to southbound. 10/13/04
The first southbound reassurance shield of Business Loop I-83 stands along N George Street between Arsenal Road and Eleventh Avenue. N George Street narrows to two lanes through the borough of North York. 06/01/04
A second reassurance marker for Business 83 lies along North Street after the signalized intersection with 7th Avenue in North York. An original 18" shield for the route remained in service until 2000. 07/01/00, 06/01/04
Descending toward Codorus Creek and the York city limits on Business Loop I-83 south ahead of Parkway Boulevard. 06/01/04
The original Codorus Creek truss bridge on N George Street. The structure was replaced with a four lane concrete span that opened July 16, 2001 as part of a $2.38 million project.4 07/01/00
Business Loop I-83 (N George Street) south at PA 462 (Philadelphia Street) westbound in Downtown York. PA 462 eastbound follows Market Street one block to the south. The state route follows the original alignment of U.S. 30 between Kurtz Place and Lancaster. 06/01/04
Leaving the intersection with Country Club Road west and Rathton Road east, Business Loop I-83 (S George Street) leaves York ahead the freeway back to Interstate 83. 06/27/10
West Drive connects S George Street with York Hospital as Business Loop I-83 enters a wye interchange. 06/27/10
Business Loop I-83 splits with S George Street as former U.S. 111 winds along the freeway to Violet Hill in Spring Garden Township. 06/27/10
The 2.2 mile long freeway along Business Loop I-83 defaults to Interstate 83 with no exits otherwise. This scene looks at the Powder Mill Road under crossing. 06/27/10
Approaching the three level interchange with Interstate 83 in York Township on Business 83 south. 06/27/10
Originally Business Loop I-83 defaulted onto the left side of Interstate 83 ahead of Leader Heights. 2003-06 construction redesigned the interchange to add a sweeping ramp onto northbound. 06/27/10
Drivers turning back north on Interstate 83 are advised of the next three exits, all of which serve the east side of York. 06/27/10
Business Loop I-83 scenes
An Interstate 83 trailblazer directs motorists on Country Club Road east onto Business Loop I-83 south at S Georges Street. 06/27/10

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