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Traveling 13.415 miles, the Canyon County Business Loop for Interstate 84 loops south through both Caldwell and Nampa between Exits 27 and 38. Beginning at a diamond interchange with Centennial Way, the business route arcs southward from the Boise River to a one-way couplet of Cleveland Boulevard (east) and Blaine Street (west) through Caldwell. Cleveland Boulevard is former Idaho 19 west from Tenth Avenue and former U.S. 30 east from 10th.

The split directions of Business Loop I-84 combine ahead of the Cleveland Boulevard intersection with Linden Boulevard, as old U.S. 30 continues southeast from Caldwell to Midway, Karcher Junction and the city of Nampa. Following Caldwell Boulevard, Business Loop I-84 enters Nampa ahead of a second one-way couplet using 3rd Street (east) and 2nd Street (west). This split takes the business route to 11th Avenue in Downtown Nampa, which U.S. 30 utilized to Garrity Boulevard east. Garrity Boulevard comprises an industrial arterial, returning Business Loop I-84 east to I-84 near Tiegs Corner. Old U.S. 30 travels north from there one half mile to Franklin Road east to Meridian.

Business Loop I-84 East
Signs for both Business Loop I-84 east and Idaho 19 west are posted at the end of the Exit 27 off-ramp from I-84 & U.S. 20-26-30 west in Caldwell. Normally business loops are only acknowledged at one end from the parent route. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Interstate 84 & U.S. 20-26-30 proceed across the Boise River from the west end of Business Loop I-84 in Caldwell. Idaho 19 is posted alongside Centennial Way south to Simplot Boulevard, where the state highway branches west to Greenleaf and Wilder. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Passing over I-84, drivers along Centennial Way reach the eastbound on-ramp for Interstate 84 & U.S. 20-26-30 to Boise. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Business Loop I-84 West
Channelized Indian Creek flows alongside Business Loop I-84 (Blaine Street) west between 9th and 7th Avenues through central Caldwell. A decorative pedestrian bridge spans the creek as Blaine Street approaches Kimball Avenue. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Kimball Avenue angles southwest from Blaine Street to Memorial Park and Paynter Avenue and northeast to the I-84 south side Frontage Road. Photo taken 08/31/06.
A reassurance marker for Business Loop I-84 was posted beyond Kimball Avenue along Blaine Street west. This shield was removed when Blaine Street was street scaped. That coincided with work for a linear park along adjacent Indian Creek. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Passing by Caldwell City Hall, Blaine Street motorists see a reassurance shield for Business Loop I-84 after 5th Avenue. Photo taken 08/31/06.
A small guide sign precedes the Business Loop I-84 junction with Idaho 19 (Simplot Boulevard) west at 3rd Avenue. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Blaine Street turns to form northbound Centennial Way at the east end of Idaho 19. Idaho 19 constitutes a 19.92-mile route west from Caldwell to U.S. 95 near Wilder and with U.S. 95 south to Homedale. The state highway concludes as Oregon 201, southeast of Adrian. Photo taken 08/31/06.
This set of shields for Business Loop I-84 and Idaho 19 was removed as the guide signs for Wilder, Homedale and TO I-84 were replaced with a new ground-level assembly. Centennial Way carries the Business Loop northward to Whittenberger Park while ID 19 parallels a Idaho Northern & Pacific Railroad line west to Greenleaf. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Centennial Way comprises a four-lane parkway north across Indian Creek and a Union Pacific Railroad line to Interstate 84 by the Boise River. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Business Loop I-84 west after Chicago Street. Idaho 19 was decommissioned from Simplot Boulevard north to I-84 after 2006, though signage remains along the eastbound loop along Centennial Way. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Centennial Way lines Whittenberger Park to the diamond interchange with Interstate 84. Freeport Street ties into the Business Loop in this scene. Photo taken 08/31/06.
The first of two end shields for Business Loop I-84 west precedes the eastbound on-ramp to Interstate 84 and U.S. 20-26-30. Photo taken 08/31/06.
Shields for U.S. 20 and 26 are omitted on signs for the eastbound I-84 on-ramp. The trio share pavement east through Caldwell to Exit 29, where U.S. 20 & 26 break off for Maddens and Boise. I-84 & U.S. 30 remain cosigned to Exit 137 at Bliss. Photo taken 08/31/06.
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2 photos
A second end shield for Business Loop I-84 accompanies the sign assembly for the westbound on-ramp for U.S. 20 & 26 west to Notus and Interstate 84 & U.S. 30 northwest to Ontario. Centennial Way continues a short distance otherwise to become Madison Street east to Illinois Avenue. Photos taken 08/31/06.

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