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Interstate 85 South
A 2004-installed neutered reassurance shield follows the Interstate 85 crossing over the Enoree River. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Interstate 85 southbound at the six-ramp parclo interchange with Pelham Road. Pelham Road travels east-west as a four-lane arterial between East North Street in Greenville and S.C. 14 at Batesville. Photo taken 08/06/13.
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2 photos
The two of three Interstate 85 interchanges within the city of Greenville join the freeway with Interstate 385 at Exits 51C/B and South Carolina 146 (Woodruff Road) at Exit 51A. Photo taken 04/15/12. Second photo taken 08/06/13.
A collector distributor roadway provides access to not only Interstate 385, but also the adjacent parclo interchange with South Carolina 146 (Woodruff Road). Photo taken 04/15/12.
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2 photos
The Exit 51 c/d roadway partitions from the Interstate 85 mainline at the Roper Mountain Road overpass.
Originally Interstate 385 consisted of a short spur west from a trumpet interchange with I-85 to downtown Greenville. The freeway was extended southward around Mauldin to the preexisting U.S. 276 freeway by 1982. This ultimately led to an extension of I-385 southeast to Interstate 26 at Clinton which provided a high-speed route between Greenville and Columbia. Photo taken 10/15/01. Second photo taken 08/06/13.
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Exit 51C departs the c/d roadway for Interstate 385 north. The freeway continues six miles to end as North Street through the Greenville central business district.
A $245-million project is planned for 2014-17 to upgrade this interchange by eliminating the two loop ramps and replacing them with new flyovers. Additional work will add c/d roadways along I-385 between S.C. 146 and I-85 from the south. Photo taken 10/15/01. Second photo taken 08/06/13.
Previously used button copy signs that were posted at the Exit 51B loop ramp onto Interstate 385 south. The extension of I-385 southeast to Gray Court, Laurens and Clinton replaced U.S. 276 from Mauldin southward. Photo taken 10/15/01.
Suburban growth along the I-385 corridor southward from Mauldin to Simpsonville and Fountain Inn has resulted in expansion of the freeway to at least six lanes to a point just north of Exit 24 in Fountain Inn. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Exit 51A leaves the c/d roadway for South Carolina 146 (Woodruff Road) before rejoining the I-85 mainline. Woodruff Road represents the main commercial arterial for southeast Greenville as it heads east from U.S. 276 (Laurens Road). S.C. 146 follows all of Woodruff Road as part of its 33.2-mile route to Woodruff and Cross Anchor. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Leaving the commercialized junction with Woodruff Road, Interstate 85 continues west by a forested stretch to the north. Development along the south side after 2005, anchored by the TD Convention Center, abuts the freeway. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Old Sulphur Springs Road crosses over Interstate 85 at the one-mile approach to U.S. 276 (Exits 48B/A). Photo taken 08/07/13.
A lone button copy sign survived the fall 2003 sign replacement project along Interstate 85 through Greenville. It was replaced by January 2004. Photo taken 01/11/04.
Southbound at the Exit 48 cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 276. U.S. 276 (Laurens Road) comprises a multi-lane surface arterial from Stone Avenue, east of downtown Greenville, to Main Street through Mauldin. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Exit 48A loops onto U.S. 276 (Laurens Road) south for its final 5.5 miles to Interstates 185 and 385 near Simpsonville. U.S. 276 travels just 108 miles overall from the Mauldin area to Cove Creek, North Carolina. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Reconstruction of Interstate 85 through the late 1990s resulted in the revision of the interchanges with Mauldin Road, South Carolina 291 (Pleasantburg Drive), and Augusta Road. A collector distributor roadway system facilitates the movements to the three arterial grade roadways. Photo taken 07/23/04.
Mileage sign posted between U.S. 276 (Laurens Road) and the Exit 46 c/d roadway along I-85 south. U.S. 25 (White Horse Road) follows as the next exit in two miles while Atlanta is another 145 miles to the southwest. Photo taken 07/23/04.
Interstate 85 southbound expands to four lanes in anticipation of the Exit 46 off-ramp. Drivers encounter a parclo interchange with Mauldin Road first.
Mauldin Road consists of a local arterial linking Augusta Road and S.C. 291 (Pleasantburg Drive) with Mauldin by way of Butler Road. Photo taken 08/07/13.
The I-85 mainline maintains six overall lanes with a 60 MPH speed limit between the adjacent two-lane c/d roadways. Use Mauldin Road west to make the connection to South Carolina 291 (Pleasantburg Drive) north and also to Augusta Road northwest to S.C. 20. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Motorists joining the Exit 46 c/d roadway from Mauldin Road can access Interstate 85 south ahead of the S.C. 291 (Pleasantburg Drive) overpass. Photo taken 08/07/13.
The Exit 46 c/d roadway continues to parclo interchanges with South Carolina 291 (Pleasantburg Drive) southbound and Augusta Road (former U.S. 25 Business) after the slip ramp onto Interstate 85 south. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Traffic partitions between Exit 46B to South Carolina 291 (Pleasantburg Drive) south and Augusta Road (Exit 46C). South Carolina 291 ends two miles to the southwest at U.S. 25 (White Horse Road). Augusta Road merges with the state highway southward within one mile and continues north toward Fluor Field and downtown Greenville. Photo taken 08/07/13.
One mile ahead of the interchange complex of Exits 44B/A on Interstate 85 south. Reconstructed in the late 1990s, the diamond interchange of U.S. 25 (White Horse Road) and half diamond interchange of South Carolina 20 (Piedmont Highway) were rebuilt with a collector distributor roadway system and new loop ramps from White Horse Road to I-85. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Nearing the partition of the Exit 44 c/d roadway split from the Interstate 85 mainline travel lanes. White Horse Road constitutes the mainline of U.S. 25 now, but this was not always the case. Originally the US highway split between a Bypass and Business component: White Horse Road carried U.S. 25 Bypass while Augusta Road carried U.S. 25 Business. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Two lanes leave Interstate 85 south for U.S. 25 and South Carolina 20 (Exit 44). South Carolina 20 represents the pre-freeway alignment of U.S. 29 between Greenville and Williamston. Photo taken 08/07/13.
The Exit 44 c/d roadway partitions to ramps for U.S. 25 (White Horse Road) and South Carolina 20 (Piedmont Highway). U.S. 25 represents the main route between Greenville and Greenwood to the south and Hendersonville, North Carolina to the north. White Horse Road bypasses Greenville west from Augusta Road near Donaldson Center Airport (GYH) to Travelers Rest. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Exit 44B ascends to meet U.S. 25 (White Horse Road). U.S. 25 ventures northward to Gantt, Interstate 185 & U.S. 29 and White Horse (junction S.C. 81) over the next 2.5 miles. Southward U.S. 25 overtakes Augusta Road from the end of S.C. 291 on the 47-mile drive to Greenwood. Photo taken 07/23/04.
Mainline travelers along Interstate 85 south pass under U.S. 25 and next approach Interstate 185 & U.S. 29 north (Exit 42). Photo taken 08/07/13.
Exit 44A leaves Interstate 85 for South Carolina 20 (Piedmont Highway) as the c/d roadway returns to the southbound mainline. South Carolina 20 migrates south from Greenville to Piedmont, West Pelzer, Williamstown, and Belton in eastern Anderson County. Photo taken 06/18/05.
An auxiliary lane joins Interstate 85 south to the directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 42) with Interstate 185 and U.S. 29 north. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Crossing over a CSX Railroad line, Interstate 85 drivers are alerted to the tolled Southern Connector, which carries Interstate 185 south and east to Mauldin. Opened on February 27, 2001, the toll road extended I-185 13.69 miles south and east to Interstate 385 and U.S. 276 near Simpsonville. Photo taken 08/07/13.
All traffic to Interstate 185 departs I-85 in unison at Exit 42. Interstate 185 provides alternate access to Columbia by way of I-385 south. Northward the route combines with U.S. 29 to Mills Avenue and Church Street south of the CBD. Photo taken 08/07/13.
The original junction between Interstates 85 and 185 consists of a wye interchange with no access from south I-85 to north I-185. Construction added full movements between the two freeways by 1999, with provisions for the eventual South Connector. Photo taken 12/08/99.
Interstate 85 U.S. 29 South
U.S. 29 merges onto Interstate 85 southbound from Interstate 185 for an eight-mile overlap. Photo taken 08/07/13.
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2 photos
A frontage road system accompanies Interstate 85 & U.S. 29 southward from their merge to the Saluda River preceding Exit 40 with South Carolina 153. South Carolina 153 (Earle E. Morris Jr. Highway) ventures northwest 6.7 miles from Exit 12 of Interstate 185 (Southern Connector) to U.S. 123 and Easley. Photo taken 07/12/05. Second photo taken 08/07/13.
The Saluda River doubles as the Greenville and Anderson County line across Interstate 85 & U.S. 29 south.
This county line sign was removed by 2012. Photo taken 07/12/05.


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