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Interstate 85 South
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2 photos
South Carolina 110 continues another 1.9 miles south of the overpass above I-85 to end at U.S. 29 (Main Street) in the town of Cowpens. U.S. 29 veers west from there through Converse and Zion Hill into the city of Spartanburg. Photo taken 12/30/08. Second photo taken 08/06/13.
Six interchanges serve the Spartanburg area from Interstate 85 south over the next ten miles while Greenville is now 37 miles away. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Meeting Interstate 85 south next is Gossett Road (Road 57) at a parclo interchange (Exit 80). Photo taken 08/06/13.
Interstate 85 expands to a six lane freeway with a barrier median from just ahead of Exit 80 westward to the split with Business Loop I-85. Gossett Road meanwhile forms an arc from U.S. 221 at Cherokee Springs southward to Cannons Campground Road at Enola. Photo taken 08/06/13.
U.S. 221 (Chesnee Highway) ventures south from Cherokee Springs to cross Interstate 85 at the Exit 78 diamond interchange in one mile. The US route continues southwest from Exit 78 to Whitney before entering the city of Spartanburg along Church Street. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Exit 80 leaves Interstate 85 south for U.S. 221 (Chesnee Highway). U.S. 221 heads ten miles north to the city of Chesnee, where the route splits with an Alternate branch northward to Rutherfordton, North Carolina. Overall the 734-mile route ends in Lynchburg, Virginia to the north and Perry, Florida to the south. Photo taken 08/06/13.
A trumpet interchange (Exit 80) with Business Loop I-85 follows in 0.75 miles. Business Loop I-85 follows the original route of Interstate 85 by Lone Oak, Johnson City and Fairforest while I-85 veers northward along a six-lane bypass. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Two lanes prepare to depart Interstate 85 south for Business Loop I-85 toward Spartanburg. The nine-mile bypass of Interstate 85 was constructed between 1988 and September 1995 at a cost of $122 million. It provided traffic relief to the narrow and congested 1950s freeway that became the business loop. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Traffic partitions for Interstate 85 and Business Loop I-85 at Exit 77. The business loop freeway sees nine interchange for the Spartanburg area while Interstate 85 sees just three exits before the two routes reconvene. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Continuing west along Interstate 85 south, the freeway passes under Bryant Road over the next mile. Bryant Road sees an interchange with the Business Loop near Whitney. Photo taken 08/06/13.
South Carolina 9 follows U.S. 176 through Spartanburg along Pine Street to a split at Exit 25A of Interstate 585. There the state route follows Boiling Springs Road north to interchanges with both the business loop and Interstate 85 before reaching Boiling Springs, three miles north of Exit 75. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Southbound at the Exit 75 diamond interchange with South Carolina 9 (Boiling Springs Road) on Interstate 85. S.C. 9 travels 258 miles from Cherry Grove Beach on the Grand Strand to the state line north of New Prospect. NC 9 continues the route another 46 miles to Montreat. Photo taken 08/06/13.
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 85 kinks southwestward at the Valley Falls Road overpass on the approach to a diamond interchange (Exit 72) with U.S. 176. Presently Interstate 585 ends at its interchange with Business Loop I-85, 1.7 miles to the east. A 2003-06 project upgraded U.S. 176 from that interchange to nearby Fairforest Road to Interstate standards, leaving a short stretch to Exit 72 as an at-grade facility. Upgrade of this portion is needed in order to extend I-585 back to its parent. Photo taken 06/01/07. Second photo taken 08/06/13.
Exit 72 with U.S. 176 serves a bevy of colleges including USC Upstate, Wofford College, Converse College and Sherman College. USC Update resides just north of U.S. 176 and east of Valley Falls Road. The $63-million project to upgrade U.S. 176 during 2003-06 included access improvements to the university. Photo taken 06/01/07.
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2 photos
Upper Valley Falls Road passes over Interstate 85 south at the Exit 72 off-ramp to U.S. 176. U.S. 176 overtakes Asheville Highway from the ending South Carolina 56 nearby en route to Inman and Campobello. Southward the route doubles as the 2.25-mile long Interstate 585 between Business Loop I-85 and U.S. 221 (Chesnee Highway) at the Spartanburg city line. Photo taken 06/01/07. Second photo taken 08/06/13.
Replaced shield assembly posted at the Exit 72 ramp end with U.S. 176. Changes made here since then include installation of a traffic light and an Interstate 585 trailblazer. A 229-mile route, U.S. 176 travels mostly in South Carolina from Goose Creek to Hendersonville, NC. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Interstates 26 and 85 come together at a directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 70) in one mile. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Interstate 85 south expands to four lanes from the New Cut Road overpass to Exit 70 with Interstate 26. Interstate 26 generally travels northwest to southeast through South Carolina, joining the Upstate with Columbia and Charleston in the Lowcountry. Photo taken 08/06/13.
All traffic at Exit 70 departs Interstate 85 south in unison for directional ramps to Interstate 26. Interstate 26 east straddles the commercialized west side of Spartanburg en route to Clinton while the freeway northward mirrors U.S. 176 to Landrum and Hendersonville, North Carolina. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Single lane ramps shuttle drivers onto Interstate 26 west for Asheville, North Carolina and the capital city of Columbia. Interstate 26 ended in Asheville until August 5, 2003, when the route was extended northward to the Tri-Cities in Tennessee. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Interstate 26 stretches 349 miles from just south of the Virginia state line at Kingsport, Tennessee to just northeast of downtown Charleston. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Nearing the merge with Business Loop I-85 south, motorists along Interstate 85 next see the Exit 68 off-ramp for South Carolina 129 (Fort Prince Boulevard) west. S.C. 129 begins at Exit 68 and travels just 4.9 miles west through the city of Wellford to U.S. 29 (Greenville Highway) in Lyman. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Reassurance marker posted for Interstate 85 south as the freeway passes by an industrial park off of Blackstock Road. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Atlanta appears for the first time on Interstate 85 mileage signs at 169 miles out. Greenville is now just 25 miles to the west via I-385. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Exit 68 to South Carolina 129 circumnavigates the wye interchange with the ending Business Loop Interstate 85 to parallel the southbound lanes to Fort Prince Boulevard. S.C. 129 provides a bypass route of Wellford for interests along U.S. 29 south through Greer. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Leaving the parclo interchange (Exit 68) with S.C. 129, Interstate 85 turns more southerly by Wellford. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Interstate 85 spans the North Tyger River on the one mile approach to U.S. 29 (Exit 66). U.S. 29 leaves Spartanburg via Warren H. Abernathy Highway by way of Hadden Crossroads and Clevedale to meet I-85 at a parclo interchange. Photo taken 08/06/13.
U.S. 29 leads west from Exit 66 eight miles through Wellford and Lyman into the city of Greer. The US highway reconvenes with Interstate 85 at Exit 42, southwest of Greenville. Photo taken 09/24/04.
Interstate 85 dips in a valley over Jimmies Creek, east of Startex at this reassurance shield assembly. Photo taken 08/06/13.
The first in a series of interchange sequence signs posted for the Greenville metropolitan area precedes the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 60) with South Carolina 101. Motorists next encounter a diamond interchange (Exit 63) with South Carolina 290 at Duncan however. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Travelers pass by a former weigh station facility ahead of the 0.75-mile guide sign for South Carolina 290 (Main Street). The freeway spans the Middle Tyger River ahead of the Exit 63 off-ramp to the town of Duncan. Photo taken 09/24/04.
Exit 60 leaves Interstate 85 south for South Carolina 290 (Main Street). S.C. 290 heads southeast nine miles to U.S. 221 at Moore and west from Duncan to downtown Greer. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Proceeding westward seven miles to Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP), the succeeding exit of Interstate 85 joins the freeway with South Carolina 101 on the southeast outskirts of Greer. Photo taken 08/06/13.
One mile east of Exit 60 for South Carolina 101 on Interstate 85 south. South Carolina 101 bisects the Interstate 26 and 385 corridors between Woodruff and Greer. The state highway follows New Woodruff Road and Line Street northwest four miles to combine with S.C. 290 (Poinsett Street) outside downtown Greer. Photo taken 08/06/13.
South Carolina 101 expands into a four-lane divided highway west from Interstate 85 by the BMW Spartanburg plant. Exit 58 also serves the manufacturing plant from the west.
Overall S.C. 101 constitutes a 56-mile route from U.S. 76 in Hickory Tavern to S.C. 11 in northern Greenville County. Photo taken 08/06/13.
A two-wye directional interchange (Exit 58) connects Interstate 85 with Brockman-McClimon Road just west of the BMW Spartanburg plant. Photo taken 08/06/13.
15 miles east of Greenville, Interstate 85 approaches the Exits 57-56 distributor roadway for both Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) and South Carolina 14. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Exit 58 departs Interstate 85 south for Brockman-McClimon Road, a local road connecting the freeway with Abner Creek Road to the south and S.C. 101 to the north. This interchange was built in tandem with a new c/d roadway for Aviation Parkway and S.C. 14 as part of the 2004-06 "I-85 Access Project" aimed at improving access to the BMW plant and adjacent GSP Airport. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Aviation Parkway spurs north from a trumpet interchange (Exit 57) with Interstate 85 to the passenger terminal of GSP Airport. South Carolina 14 skims the western periphery of the airport by a number of business and industrial parks. Photo taken 08/06/13.
The c/d roadway for GSP Airport and South Carolina 14 parts ways with the I-85 southbound mainline. Opened in November 2005, the distributor roadway eliminates weaving traffic patterns between the two closely placed interchanges of Exits 57 and 56. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Exit 57 leaves for Aviation Drive as the distributor roadway continues west directly to South Carolina 14. S.C. 14 runs 59.2 miles from Laurens to Fountain Inn, Simpsonville, Greer and Landrum. Photo taken 08/06/13.
A historic look at the original Aviation Drive overpass at the half-mile approach to South Carolina 14. Photo taken 09/24/04.
2 photos
2 photos
A single point urban interchange (SPUI) joins Interstate 85 with South Carolina 14 at Exit 56. An auxiliary lane departed I-85 south for Exit 56 until the new distributor roadway was completed. Photo taken 09/24/04. Second photo taken 08/06/13.
Sign bridge posted on the South Carolina 14 off-ramp of Interstate 85 southbound. South Carolina 14 enters the Greer area four miles to the north. Pelham lies just 1.25 miles to the south at the Greenville County line. Photo taken 09/24/04.
Southbound travelers enter Greenville County within the Exit 56 SPUI. Photo taken 08/06/13.


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