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Business Loop I-85 follows a combination of freeway, expressway and arterial as it joins the cities of Lexington, Thomasville and High Point in the Piedmont Triad area of central North Carolina. The route overlays entirely with U.S. 29 and U.S. 70, and historically was part of Temporary Interstate 85, before the freeway was completed between Salisbury and Greensboro.

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With the relocation of Interstate 85 around south and east Greensboro in 2004, Business Loop I-85 from High Point and Jamestown was extended northeast over the old route of I-85. This included a shared alignment with Interstate 40 from south of Downtown Greensboro back to I-85 in east Greensboro. Future resigning in Greensboro will drop the business route designation, as it runs concurrent with U.S. 29/70 and I-40.

Business Loop I-85 scenes
Holden Road northbound at the folded diamond interchange with Business Loop I-85 & U.S. 29-70. Photo taken 06/22/05.
The southbound ramp for Business Loop I-85/U.S. 29 south and U.S. 70 west departs Holden Road north. Business Loop I-85 & U.S. 29-70 split with I-85 in 2.75 miles at High Point. Holden Road continues northward to Vandalia Road and the Pinecroft neighborhood of Greensboro. Photo taken 06/22/05.
Vickory Chapel Road south at the diamond interchange with Business Loop I-85 & U.S. 29-70. The northbound on-ramp provides access to I-73 and I-85 to the city of Greensboro. Vickory Chapel Road continues southward to Kivett Drive west of Kirkman Crossroad. Photo taken 07/24/04.

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07/24/04, 06/22/05 by AARoads

Connect with:
Interstate 40
Interstate 73
Interstate 85
U.S. 29
U.S. 52
U.S. 70

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