Interstate 40 west & Business Loop I-85 south
The first interchange along Interstate 40 west & Business Loop I-85 south joins the freeway with McConnell Road (SR 3000) on the outskirts of Greensboro. McConnell Road leads west from Stewarts Mill into the Nocho Park neighborhood of east Greensboro. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Shields showing the historic designation of Interstate 40 west & 85 south through Greensboro. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Lee Street (SR 4240 west / SR 3037 east) intersects Interstate 40 & Business Loop I-85 at a diamond interchange (Exit 41) within the eastern suburbs. The four-lane divided arterial provides a direct route into central Greensboro. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Lee Street (SR 4240 / old North Carolina 6) provides the connection to U.S. 29 north to Reidsville and U.S. 220 north along Wendover Avenue. U.S. 421 was once routed along U.S. 29 & 220 north as well, but was later relocated onto Interstate 40 west to Winston-Salem, before changing paths again in September 2008 to bypass the city. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Exit 224 departs Interstate 40 west & Business Loop I-85 south for East Lee Street (former North Carolina 6) west. Lee Street (SR 3037) east continues a short distance to Causey Lake Road (SR 3285) and growing suburban tracts out toward Youngs Mill Road (SR 3029). Photo taken 07/24/04.
Descending along the ramp at Exit 224, drivers meet Lee Street near its intersection with Cedar Park Road, a north side frontage road for I-40. NC 6, decommissioned in 2005, looped north from I-40 through Downtown Greensboro, returning to the freeway via Patterson Street. Photo taken 07/24/04.
NCDOT often adopts a unisign for its reassurance shield assemblies when several routes are involved. This assembly displayed both Interstate 40 west & 85 south after the Lee Street on-ramp. Photo taken 07/24/04.
1.25 miles east of Joseph M. Hunt, Jr. Expressway (former U.S. 421) south on I-40 west. Joseph M. Hunt, Jr. Expressway (SR 3762) consists of a multi-lane divided highway southward from Guilford County to Liberty and Siler City. U.S. 421 followed the road between Interstate 40 and Interstate 85 until September 2008. Photo taken 07/24/04.
A diamond interchange joins the Joseph M. Hunt, Jr. Expressway with Interstate 40 & Business Loop I-85 within the wye interchange that brings U.S. 29 & 220 southbound onto the freeway. U.S. 421 joins Greensboro with Sanford to the southeast. Westward, the US route follows freeways west to Yadkinville. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Westbound at Exit 222 to former-U.S. 421 south (SR 3762). Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive stems north from Exit 221 to Lee Street (SR 4240) in Downtown Greensboro. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Trailblazers that were posted for Interstate 85 south, U.S. 220 south, and U.S. 421 north beside the off-ramp to Joseph M. Hunt Jr. Expressway. U.S. 29-220 south & 70 west merge onto Interstate 40 west from O'Henry Boulevard here as well. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Interstate 40 west, Business Loop I-85 south and U.S. 29-220 south & 70 west
Shields for Interstate 40 west & 85 south and U.S. 29-220 south, U.S. 70 west, and U.S. 421 north previously posted after Patton Avenue. This assembly was removed by 2012. Photo taken 07/24/04.
One half mile east of the diamond interchange (Exit 221) with South Eugene-Elm Street. A Norfolk-Southern Railroad line crosses the freeway here. Photo taken 07/24/04.
South Eugene-Elm Street heads north from Exit 221 into Downtown Greensboro. The two streets partition and parallel a Norfolk Southern Railroad line into the central business district. Area colleges served by the exit include Bennett College, UNC-Greensboro, North Carolina A&T University and Greensboro College. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Westbound I-40 at Exit 221 to South Eugene-Elm Street. The five-lane arterial continues southward to the Woodlea Lakes community and Interstate 85 & U.S. 421. Photo taken 07/24/04.
A large diagrammatic overhead precedes the Interstate 40 & Business Loop I-85 split at the interchange once known as "Death Valley". The substandard nature of the exchange coupled with a high accident rate was one of the reasons for the constructing the Greensboro south bypass. Interstate 40 & 85 previously split at Death Valley on their respective paths to Charlotte and Winston-Salem. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Randleman Road (SR 1007) ties into the freeway just east of the split. The street heads north from Exit 220 to Oak Grove and south to Rocky Knoll within the city. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Exit 220 departs Interstate 40 west & Business Loop I-85 south one half mile east of their split (Exit 219). Randleman Road ventures northward to Freeman Mill Road and south to Level Cross in Randolph County. The alignment represents original U.S. 220. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Business Loop I-85 takes U.S. 29 south & 70 west from left Exit 219 to High Point; Interstate 40 west carries U.S. 220 south briefly to the next interchange (Exits 218B/A). Photo taken 07/24/04.
Business Loop I-85 & U.S. 29 south and U.S. 70 west
Business Loop I-85 & U.S. 29 south and U.S. 70 westbound shields posted at the Creek Ridge Road overpass. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Rehobeth Church Road passes over Business Loop I-85 & U.S. 29-70 at a folded diamond interchange (Exit 35C). The roadway heads north into Dellwood Park and south into Shannon Hills Park. Frontage roads also connect with Vandalia Road, an the east-west road between The Pines and Woodlea Lakes through south Greensboro. Photo taken 06/05/05.
U.S. 220 follows a freeway south from Interstate 40 to Interstate 73 and Asheboro. Exit 35A provides access to the southbound freeway. Photo taken 06/05/05.
A three-quarter cloverleaf interchange joins the two freeways at Exit 35A. U.S. 220 combines with Interstate 73 south of I-85 & U.S. 421, and a part of I-74 from Randleman southward to Ellerbe. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Exit 34 joins Business Loop I-85 & U.S. 29 south and 70 west with Holden Road. The parclo interchange is buffeted by a number of commercial and industrial buildings. Holden Road heads north to the Oakwood community and south as Drummond Road to additional industrial areas. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Reassurance shields posted within the exchange for Holden Road. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Business Loop I-85 & U.S. 29 south and U.S. 70 west continue 1.25 miles from Holden Road to the merge with Interstate 85. An Interstate 85 trailblazer is posted in lieu of a Business Loop shield here. Photo taken 06/22/05.
Exit 33 departs to Groometown Road just ahead of I-85. Grandover Parkway stems west from Groometown Road nearby on a parallel alignment of Interstate 85 to Vickory Chapel Road. Photo taken 06/22/05.
Exit 33 leaves Business Loop I-85 & U.S. 29 south and U.S. 70 west for Groometown Road. Groometown Road heads south to Kirkman Crossroad and north to the Sedge-Town community of west Greensboro. Photo taken 06/22/05.
Traveling along the off-ramp (Exit 33) to Groometown Road. Groometown Road meets Interstate 85 at Groometown, opposite the interchange with I-73 & U.S. 421. Photo taken 06/22/05.
Continuing along Exit 33 through the Interstate 73 & U.S. 421 exchange during construction. Interstate 73 (Painter Boulevard) opened to traffic on February 21, 2008. Photo taken 06/22/05.
Business Loop I-85 and Interstate 85 merge, with the business loop sharing an implied overlap to Exit 118. Parallel Wiley Davis Road approaches Groometown Road to the west. Photo taken 06/22/05.
Business Loop I-85-U.S. 29 south & U.S. 70 west
The original Business Loop I-85 advances southwest toward a diamond interchange with Vickory Chapel Road and Jamestown. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Most Business Loop Interstate shields within North Carolina are devoid of the word "loop" as this assembly displays along southbound near Vickory Chapel Road. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Vickory Chapel Road leads north to Grandover Parkway and Guilford College Road before turning west to Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) at Main Street. Grandover Parkway heads east to Groometown Road near Interstate 85 at Exit 119. Guilford College Road meanders northward to Jamestown. Photo taken 07/09/10.
The freeway portion of Business Loop I-85 south ends as the four-lane divided highway approaches a signalized intersection with River Road. Photo taken 07/09/10.
River Road arcs northwest from Vickery Chapel Road to the intersection of Harvey and Oakdale Roads at Oakdale to the north. Oakdale Road leads north to the commercial center of Jamestown. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Business Loop I-85 and U.S. 29-70 continue across the Deep River and intersects Riverdale Road at this signal. Riverdale Road heads south from parallel Harvey Road to a nearby quarry and North Carolina 62. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Business Loop I-85 follows a late 1950s-expressway originally built for U.S. 29 & 70 around both High Point and Thomasville. Several interchanges line the route, including a parclo with Kivett Drive. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Kivett Drive leads west from U.S. 29-70 to Downtown High Point. Eastward, the road heads to the Mcculloch Gold Mill and Kirkman Crossroad. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Reassurance shields posted after the Kivett Drive on-ramp. A diamond interchange with Baker Road follows. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Baker Road arcs south from adjacent Triangle Lake Road to a series of industrial parks at Bakertown and North Carolina 610 (Fairfield Road). Photo taken 07/09/10.
Next in line for southbound drivers is the three-level interchange with Interstate 74. A diamond interchange lies just west with Brentwood Street as well. One ramp serves all movements from Business Loop I-85 south. Photo taken 07/09/10.
An at-grade intersection with Durand Avenue precedes the off-ramp to Interstate 74 and Brentwood Street. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 311 shifted from an alignment through both downtown Archdale and High Point onto a new freeway bypass between Business Loop I-85 and North Main Street on November 20, 2004 with the opening of the northern half of the High Point bypass. Constructed at a cost of $351.7-million1, the road was due to open in late 2003 but was delayed due to heavy rains and related damage to western North Carolina roads due to Hurricanes Frances and Ivan.2 Photo taken 07/09/10.
This sign referenced the temporary overlap of U.S. 311 along Business Loop I-85 and U.S. 29-70 between the High Point Bypass and South Main Street (former U.S. 311 now Business U.S. 311). U.S. 311 and Interstate 74 opened southeast from the business loop on November 22, 2010. Photo taken 07/09/10.
2 photos
2 photos
Business Loop I-85-U.S. 29 south & U.S. 70 west reach the off-ramp to Interstate 74 & U.S. 311 east to Randleman and west to Winston-Salem. Photos taken 07/09/10.
Ramps between Interstates 74 & U.S. 311 and Business Loop I-85 & U.S. 29-70 meet at signalized intersections adjacent to their parent freeways. Drivers bound for the High Point bypass north turn right at the first intersection. Two lanes otherwise continue west to Brentwood Street, with a ramp joining U.S. 29 & 70 first. Photo taken 07/09/10.


  1. "THE REAL DEAL ON THE NEW BYPASS." Greensboro News & Record, November 20, 2004.

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