Interstate 89 North
Heading north from I-189, Interstate 89 parallels the commercialized corridor of Dorset Street to University Mall and Exits 14E/W with U.S. 2 (Williston Road). 10/07/14
U.S. 2 travels west through South Burlington from Williston to meet Interstate 89 at a cloverleaf interchange (Exits 14E/W) in a half mile. 10/07/14
The passenger terminal of Burlington International Airport (BTV) is 1.75 miles from Exit 14E via U.S. 2 (Williston Road) east and Airport Drive north. 10/07/14
Exit 14E departs Interstate 89 north for U.S. 2 (Williston Road) east at Dorset Street south to the adjacent mall. U.S. 2 constitutes a busy commercial arterial east to Vermont 116 (Hinesburg Road) south and the airport. 10/07/14
A loop ramp (Exit 14W) carries drivers onto U.S. 2 west to the University of Vermont campus, Champlain College and Downtown Burlington. U.S. 2 follows Main Street west to Willard Street, where it joins U.S. 7 north toward Winooski.
Use Exit 14W also for the Burlington-Port Kent Ferry across Lake Champlain and Burlington College via North Avenue. 10/07/14
Interstate 89 stays east of the Burlington city limits, only nipping the corner at the forthcoming Winooski River. Patchen Road from South Burlington spans the freeway ahead to become Grove Street. 10/07/14
A half diamond interchange (Exit 15) with Vermont 15 (Allen Street / College Parkway) provides the first of two exits for the city of Winooski from Interstate 89 north. 10/07/14
Lowering to cross the Winooski River, Interstate 89 north is one half mile out from the off-ramp (Exit 15) to Vermont 15. VT 15 originates in Downtown Winooski at a traffic rotary with U.S. 2 & 7 (Main Street). 10/07/14
A 70.0-mile route, Vermont 15 heads east from Winooski to Essex Junction and Jericho before entering the Green Mountains region en route to Morrisville, Hardwick and its terminus at Danville. 10/07/14
The Winooski River bridges accommodate six overall lanes of traffic. The 90-mile long waterway drains an area of the northern Green Mountains from Washington County to Montpelier and Richmond to Lake Champlain in northwest Burlington. 10/07/14
A truss bridge carries a Vermont Railway line across the Winooski River to the immediate east of Interstate 89. 07/31/07
A sign bridge was added to Exit 15 when the off-ramp was reconfigured with two right turn lanes and a single left lane. Vermont 15 takes Allen Street west 0.7 miles to U.S. 2 & 7 (Main Street) while leading east four miles along College Parkway through the St. Michaels College campus to Pearl Street and the village center of Essex Junction. 10/07/14
Interstate 89 curves northwest and quickly approaches a diamond interchange (Exit 16) with U.S. 2 & 7 (Theodore Roosevelt Highway). 10/07/14
U.S. 2 & 7 exit the city of Winooski just south of Exit 16. The pair continue north through the town of Colchester to intersect both Blakely Road (Vermont 127) and Bay Road west to Malletts Bay on Lake Champlain. 10/07/14
Exit 16 departs Interstate 89 north for U.S. 2 & 7 (Theodore Roosevelt Highway) south back into Winooski and north to the Colchester town center (via Vermont 2A). The tandem share 9.56 miles of pavement between Burlington and Chimney Corner in north Colchester. 10/07/14
Interstate 89 becomes more rural as it swings northward toward Malletts Bay through Colchester. 10/07/14
Leading away from Burlington, Interstate 89 reaches the city of St. Albans in 24 miles. U.S. 2 connects the freeway with the Lake Champlain Islands via the ensuing interchange. 10/07/14
Vermont 127 (Blakely Road) spans Interstate 89 west from U.S. 2 & 7 to Malletts Bay. There is no direct access to the 10.0-mile state route that loops west to the North End of Burlington. The state route is significant in that it was originally proposed to be a part of the Burlington Belt Line, an expressway running southward through Burlington. 10/07/14
A wide roadway separation precedes a set of weigh stations east of Malletts Bay. 10/07/14
Northbound I-89 spans Bay Road ahead of the weigh station. 10/07/14
Rising from a marshy area fed by Allen Brook, Interstate 89 advances one mile north to Exit 17 with U.S. 2 just west of its split with U.S. 7. 10/07/14
U.S. 2 exits Vermont across the Rouses Point Bridge into Upstate New York. The US route connects with Vermont 314 at Keeler Bay in 11 miles. VT 314 comprises a loop west to the landing of the Grand Isle, VT - Plattsburgh, NY Ferry. 10/07/14
U.S. 2 travels west from U.S. 7 across the Sand Bar Bridge onto South Hero Island. The US highway meanders northward to North Hero Island and Alburg Tongue between the expansive waters of Lake Champlain. 10/07/14
Entering the parclo interchange (Exit 17) with U.S. 2 on Interstate 89 north. U.S. 2 east merges with U.S. 7 south at Chimney Corner nearby back south into Colchester. 10/07/14
Taking Exit 17, this shield array directs motorists to U.S. 2 and 7. U.S. 7 remains east of I-89 into the town of Milton. A hodgepodge of industrial parks, residential subdivisions and retail line the route to the town center. 10/07/14
Reassurance marker posted just ahead of the Milton town line along Interstate 89 north. 08/01/07
Georgia Center, ten miles away, represents the next exit of Interstate 89 north. St. Albans is seven miles further at the subsequent interchange. 10/08/14
Interstate 89 lowers to cross the Lamoille River to the west of the Milton town center. 07/24/05
Flowing 85 miles, the Lamoille River originates in Lamoille County within the Green Mountains and drains into Lake Champlain at Great Back Bay near the Sand Bar Bridge. 10/08/14
Northbound travelers along I-89 cross the Franklin County and Georgia town line just beyond milepost 105. 10/08/14
Heading north from Milton, U.S. 7 (Ethan Allen Highway) straddles Arrowhead Mountain Lake to a parclo A2 interchange (Exit 18) with Interstate 89 in south Georgia. 10/08/14
Vermont 104A (Highbridge Road) concludes a 4.5-mile long route west from Vermont 104 (Main Street) in the town of Fairfax to East Georgia at U.S. 7 just south of Exit 18. 10/08/14
Exit 18 parts ways with Interstate 89 north for U.S. 7 north to Georgia Center and Vermont 104A east to Fairfax.
U.S. 7 stays west of I-89 to St. Albans and Swanton to next meet the freeway at Highgate. 10/08/14
Shields posted along the off-ramp (Exit 18) to U.S. 7. The Fairfax town center is a six mile drive to the east via VT 104A (Highbridge Road) and VT 104. Georgia Center is two miles to the north. 07/24/05
Cushman Hill rises to the east as Interstate 89 veers northward by Oakland. 10/08/14
Swanton appears on this mileage sign at 17 miles out. St. Albans is next in eight miles. 10/08/14
Interstate 89 hugs the west slopes of a series of hills. 10/08/14
The final rest area of Interstate 89 north lies one mile ahead. 10/08/14
Northbound at the Georgia rest area. Interstate 89 crosses the Fairfax town line just beyond the facility. 10/08/14
Vermont 104 heads north to pass underneath I-89 between North Fairfax and St. Albans Hill. The state route ties into Interstate Access Road, an expressway spur linking forthcoming Exit 19 with U.S. 7 (Main Street) in St. Albans. 10/08/14
North from Interstate Access Road, Vermont 104 parallels I-89 another 2.5 miles to end at Vermont 105 (Sheldon Road). VT 105 journeys east from St. Albans to Sheldon Springs, Enosburg Falls, Richford and Newport as part of a 98.2-mile route to North Stratford, New Hampshire. 10/08/14
A trumpet interchange joins Interstate 89 with Interstate Access Road west as the freeway runs alongside Bellevue Hill (el. 1,316 ft). 10/08/14
Interstate Access Road intersects Vermont 104 (Fairfax Road) nearby while en route to U.S. 7 (Main Street) south of Downtown St. Albans. Vermont 36 bisects the business district as part of its 29.4-mile route east to Fairfield and Bakersfield and north to Maquam and Swanton. 10/08/14
Vermont 36 (Fairfield Hill Road) crosses over Interstate 89 beyond this northbound reassurance marker. 10/08/14
Montreal debuts to northbound travelers at 73 miles out. Swanton is now ten miles away. 10/08/14
Interstate 89 bends back to the west to cross the Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail on the one mile approach to Exit 20 with Vermont 207 (Highgate Road). 10/08/14
Vermont 207 branches north from U.S. 7 (Swanton Road) and heads to Skeels Corners in Swanton and Highgate Falls while U.S. 7 loops westward through Fonda and Swanton Junction 10/08/14
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 20) with Vermont 207 (Highgate Road) on Interstate 89 north. Leading back south into St. Albans, U.S. 7 serves a retail area anchored by Highgate Commons shopping center. 10/08/14
Interstate 89 curves back north into the town of Swanton. 10/08/14
The Swanton village center lies six miles ahead via I-89 north and VT 78 west. Montreal, Quebec is a 69-mile drive via Quebec 133, Autoroute 35 north and A-10 west. 10/08/14
Rock outcrops appear along the east side of Interstate 89 as the freeway nears the Missisquoi River in this scene. 10/08/14
Vermont 78 (1st Street) meets Interstate 89 at a diamond interchange (Exit 21) in one mile. 10/08/14
West from the village of Swanton, Vermont 78 meanders northwest along the Missisquoi River to Hog Island, West Swanton and the Missisquoi Bay Bridge to East Alburg. The state route ends at U.S. 2 in Alburg, with U.S. 2 continuing the drive west to Rouses Point, New York and U.S. 11. 10/08/14
Interstate 89 remains just east of the Swanton village line to Exit 21. U.S. 7 angles west across the Missisquoi River along Grand Avenue to a one block overlap with VT 78 in the Swanton business district. The US route takes Canada and Spring Streets back east to leave the village for Highgate Springs. 10/08/14
Crossing the Missisquoi River along Interstate 89 north. The 80-mile tributary of Lake Champlain drains areas of the Green Mountains along the U.S. and Quebec border via two branches. 10/08/14
Northbound at the departure of Exit 21 to Vermont 78 (1st Street). Vermont 78 constitutes a 21.1 mile route between Alburg and Vermont 105 at Sheldon Junction. Highgate Center is a three mile drive to the east while the New York state line is 17 miles to the west. 10/08/14
The last reassurance marker posted for Interstate 89 north. 10/08/14
Now within the town of Highgate, six miles of Interstate 89 north remain. 10/08/14
Passing east of Highgate Springs and Rock River Bay along I-89 north. 10/08/14
A two mile notice is given to drivers along I-89 north headed into Quebec, Canada. 10/08/14
Interstate 89 next spans the Rock River, which flows southwest from Quebec into adjacent Lake Champlain. 10/08/14
U.S. 7 crosses over Interstate 89 and loops east from Rock River Bay on its final 1.5 miles. 10/08/14
A sign marks 45 degrees latitude and the midpoint between the Equator and North Pole on Interstate 89 north a half mile south of Exit 22. 10/08/14
Exit 22 to U.S. 7 (Ethan Allen Highway) south provides the last departure point for motorists not heading north to Philipsburg, Quebec. 10/08/14
A folded diamond interchange (Exit 22) concludes both Interstate 89 and U.S. 7 in north Highgate. An end shield for U.S. 7 stands just west of the freeway at Country Club Road and the southbound on-ramp. 10/08/14
U.S. 7 leads back south to Highgate Springs. The route totals 308 miles overall from here to Norwalk, Connecticut. 10/08/14
Looking north from the U.S. 7 overpass at the port of entry. Interstate 89 connects with Quebec Route 133, which leads to Autoroute 35 and Montreal. 08/02/07


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