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Interstate 90 east
The Indiana East West Toll Road begins and travels adjacent to U.S. 12-20-41 (Indianapolis Avenue / Boulevard) through northern Hammond. A half diamond interchange provides access to Interstate 90 east from Indianapolis Avenue at East 106th Street. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Turning south from U.S. 12-20-41, Interstate 90 (Indiana East West Toll Road) passes over East 108th Street on the approach to West Point Plaza 1 of the toll road. The Interstate 90 portion of the toll road utilizes static rate tolls as opposed to the ticketed system of Interstates 80 & 90 east from Lake Station. Photo taken 05/24/08.
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An eastbound reassurance shield, the first posted for Interstate 90 since leaving the Dan Ryan Expressway, resides ahead of the main line toll plaza. Photos taken 05/24/08.
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Indiana introduced its IZoom electronic toll collection system in the late 2000s to allow drivers to pass toll plazas without stopping. The IZoom system is compatible with the E-ZPass network of states. Photos taken 05/24/08.
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The first two interchanges of the Indiana East West Toll Road serve the city of Hammond. Departing in 1.75 miles is the eastbound beginning of Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue). U.S. 41 crosses paths with Interstate 90 in 3.25 miles otherwise. Photos taken 05/24/08.
Approaching a CSX and Norfolk Southern Railroad under crossing along Interstate 90 east at the second reassurance shield. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Indiana 912 follows a freeway (Cline Avenue) east from Interstate 90 (Exit 3) to East Chicago and south to Interstates 80-94 & U.S. 6 along the Hammond and Gary city line. The freeway is discontinous between Riley Road and Michigan Avenue due to a bridge closure of the SR 912 span over the Indiana Harbor Canal. Structural deficiencies were detected during a November 2009 bridge inspection, leading to a closure of the elevated roadway made permanent by the July 1, 2001 INDOT decision to go with the "no bridge" option. Indiana 912 utilizes a 1.39-mile surface road alignment between the two freeway ends. Photo taken 05/24/08.
A six-lane causeway carries Interstate 90 across Wolf Lake to the wye interchange with Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) east. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Exit 3 departs in one half mile for Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) east. Indiana 912 travels 12 miles overall between Interstate 90 and Ridge Road (U.S. 6 Business) at Highland. The freeway crosses the toll road again at Exit 10. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Exit 3 expands to two lanes as it claims the right lane of Interstate 90 east. Interests to Indiana Dunes National Seashore should remain along the Indiana Toll Road to Exit 31 (Indiana 49). Much of the lakeshore between Illinois and Porter is the home to industrial interests such as steel plants and oil refineries. Indiana 912 provides access to the Whiting and East Chicago industrial areas at Indiana Harbor and Gary/Chicago International Airport (GYY). Photo taken 05/24/08.
A long viaduct carries Interstate 90 east over the Great Calumet River, two Norfolk Southern Railroads, and Industrial Highway (former U.S. 12). Transmission lines continue along side Interstate 90 (Indiana Toll Road) to downtown Gary. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Exit 14A consists of a trumpet interchange and access road joining Interstate 90 with Buchanan Street. Grant Street parallels Buchanan Street three blocks to the west as the main route south to Tolleston and the Borman Expressway. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Five railroad lines parallel Interstate 90 on the half mile approach to Exit 14B with the southbound beginning of Indiana 53 (Broadway). Broadway joins the Toll Road with downtown Gary and the US Steel Plant north of the Grand Calumet River. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Interstate 65 follows as the next eastbound interchange in 2.5 miles. Interstate 80 merges onto the toll road in 6.5 miles. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Interstate 90 eastbound at the off-ramp (Exit 14B) to Indiana 53 (Broadway) south into Downtown. Trucks are prohibited from using the off-ramp onto Broadway north to the adjacent steel plant. Indiana 53 travels 14.1 miles south to Merrillville from I-90 in Gary. Photo taken 11/04/11.
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2 photos
The Adam Benjamin, Jr. Metro Center and county court house appear as part of the downtown core of buildings for Gary adjacent to Interstate 90 at Exit 14B. Photos taken 11/04/11.
Interstate 65 begins in one mile at the Exit 17 interchange complex between Interstate 90 and U.S. 12 & 20 (East Dunes Highway). The freeway leads south 887 miles to Interstate 10 at Mobile, Alabama. Photo taken 11/04/11.
U.S. 12 & 20 follow East Dunes Highway from a one-way street couplet (4th & 5th Streets) at downtown Gary. The tandem continue east from a traffic light with Interstate 65 to split at the Aetna community of east Gary. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Interstate 90 proceeds east 4.5 miles from Interstate 65 to meet Interstate 94, U.S. 6, and Indiana 51 at Lake Station. Interstate 80 leaves an overlap with Interstate 94 (Borman Expressway) for a 278.4 miles cosigning with Interstate 90 at Exit 21. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Exit 17 departs Interstate 90 (Indiana Toll Road) east for Interstate 65 south to Indianapolis and U.S. 12 & 20 (East Dunes Highway). I-65 continues south 87 miles to Lafayette and 261 miles overall within Indiana. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Drivers headed toward Interstate 65 or Dunes Highway enter a toll plaza at the Exit 17 trumpet interchange. Until 2004, the connection to Interstate 65 south required a brief jaunt along U.S. 12 & 20 west to the intersection with I-65 south and Taylor Road. That intersection was replaced by a new directional ramp between the two adjacent freeways. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Leaving the junction with Interstate 65 and the 15th Avenue overpass, eastbound motorists see this reassurance shield in east Gary. Photo taken 11/05/09.
Interstate 90 reaches Lake Station in five miles and South Bend in 62 miles. Toledo, Ohio follows in 208 miles. Photo taken 11/05/09.
Interchange sequence sign posted two miles west of the directional interchange (Exit 21) with the access road to Interstates 80 & 94 (Frank Borman Expressway). The city of Portage follows, which includes a travel plaza and Exit 23 with Willow Creek Road. Photo taken 11/05/09.
Interstate 90 straddles the Gary and Lake Station city line to Exit 21. Exit 21 connects the Indiana East West Toll Road with the east end of the Interstate 80 & 94 overlap along the Frank Borman Expressway. Interstate 80 east merges with Interstate 90 to Elyria, Ohio while Interstate 94 continues northeast to Michigan City and St. Joseph, Michigan. Photo taken 11/04/11.
One half mile west of the Exit 21 ramp departure to Interstate 80 west, Interstate 94, U.S. 6 and Indiana 51 (Ripley Street). Eastbound Interstate 90 reduces from three to two lanes at Lake Station. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Passing over Indiana 51 (Ripley Street), Exit 21 partitions from the Indiana East West Toll Road mainline. The south leading access road includes ramps to Ripley Street north to the Indiana 51 conclusion at U.S. 20 (Melton Road) in east Gary and U.S. 6 east & Indiana 51 south to Hobart. Photo taken 11/05/09.
Side toll plazas collect fees only for motorists departing Interstate 90 east for Interstates 80 & 94 or for those entering the Toll Road westbound. A mainline collection facility lies east of Exit 23. Photo taken 11/05/09.
Travelers of Interstate 80 west leave the Toll Road and join the access road connecting Interstates 90 with 94. Photo taken 11/05/09.
Heading south along the Exit 21 access road to the trumpet interchange with Frank Borman Expressway. A set of toll booths resided here until 1985, when the new mainline plaza was constructed east of Willow Creek Road. Interstate 94 continues northeast along the periphery of Lake Michigan to Interstate 196 at St. Joseph and an eastward course to Lansing, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Ann Arbor and Detroit. Interstates 80 & 94 west continue from Lake Station to Gary, Hammond and Lansing, Illinois. Photo taken 11/05/09.
An accident involving a truck damaging a bridge parapet in November 2010 resulted in the closure of the westbound off ramp at this interchange. The ramp was closed shortly after temporary repairs were deemed unsafe, resulting in an temporary detour of Interstate 80 west to Interstate 65 south at Exit 17. Eastbound drivers enter the Portage Service Area in 0.75 miles. Photo taken 11/04/11.


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