Business Loop I-90 forms an L-shaped route south from Interstate 90 to the city of Buffalo. The north-south leg overlaps with Business Loop I-25 & U.S. 87 Business along Main Street, from Exit 56A south to U.S. 16 (Hart Street). The east-west leg overlaps with U.S. 16 along Hart Street back to I-90 at Exit 58. An array of traveler services line the segment along Hart Street, while the cosigned section with Business Loop I-25 serves the Johnson County Fairgrounds.

The overlap between Business Loops I-25 and 90 represent one of a handful of such combinations in the Interstate system. Business Loops I-15 and 84 combine through both Brigham City and again at Tremonton, Utah. Business Loop I-15 also runs concurrently with Business Loop I-90 through Butte, Montana. Business Loops I-69 and 94 combine through Port Huron, Michigan.

Business Loop I-90 Mileage and Junction List
Business Loop I-25 U.S. 87 Business South Business Loop I-90 East
Johnson County 1 (Rock Creek Road) leads south directly into the half diamond interchange with I-90 & U.S. 87. Business Loops I-25/90 take over for the route south along Main Street. 08/07/16
Business Loops I-25/90 emerge from the eastbound off-ramp (Exit 56A) of I-90 east & U.S. 87 south. 08/07/16
Main Street travels south between ranch land and industrial businesses ahead of the Buffalo city limits. The first confirming markers for each route stand along this stretch. 08/07/16
U.S. 87 Business appears on the subsequent shield assembly for Business Loops I-25/90 southbound. The trio lower toward French Creek and the Johnson County Fairgrounds. 08/07/16
Crossing French Creek, Main Street enters Buffalo. The city of over 4,500 sites at 4,645 feet above sea level. 08/07/16
Airport Road (CR 212) winds southeast from Johnson County Airport (BYG) to intersect Business Loops I-25/90 across from Fairgrounds Road. A shield assembly posted here erroneously includes a TO banner for Business Loop I-25 south. 08/07/16
Main Street shifts westward into the Buffalo street grid ahead of U.S. 16 & Business Loop I-90 (Hart Street) east. 08/07/16
Hart Street extends west from Business Loops I-25/90 (Main Street) as a residential street at this shield assembly. Although unmarked, Business Loop I-90 combines with U.S. 16 east at the succeeding traffic light, following Hart Street to I-25. 08/07/16
U.S. 16 (Hart Street) constitutes a commercial arterial east from Main Street to I-90. U.S. 16 continues beyond the ending Business Loop I-90 to U.S. 14 near Ucross. 08/07/16
Business Loop I-90 U.S. 16 East
Hart Street expands to five overall lanes by an array of traveler services between Business Loop I-25 (Main Street) and Interstate 25. 08/07/16
Trailblazers for I-25 and I-90 take the place of reassurance shields for Business Loop I-90 leading east along Hart Street. This assembly stands at the intersection with Bypass Road, former Wyoming 196 around Buffalo. 08/07/16
A lane drop occurs along Hart Street eastbound for the on-ramp to I-25 & U.S. 87 south to Casper and Cheyenne. 08/07/16
Business Loop I-90 reappears on guide signs at the diamond interchange with Interstate 25. 08/07/16
I-25 ends 1.4 miles to the north, where U.S. 87 combines with I-90 northwest to Sheridan and Billings, Montana. 08/07/16
Business Loop I-90 & U.S. 16 advance east by several additional lodging options to Clear Creek. 08/07/16
U.S. 16 curves northeast beyond Clear Creek to meet Interstate 90. 08/07/16
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East from Buffalo, I-90 traverses a 66-mile swath of remote terrain to Gillette. WYDOT will close the freeway during periods of inclement weather. 08/07/16
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Business Loop I-90 ends at the diamond interchange with Interstate 90. 08/07/16
U.S. 16 continues northeast from I-90 along Clear Creek to Ucross. There it combines with U.S. 14 for a long arc leading southeast to Gillette. 08/07/16
Business Loop I-90 U.S. 16 West
Business Loop I-90 combines with U.S. 16 west from Exit 58. 08/04/16
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2 photos
Passing below the I-90 mainline, motorists along U.S. 16 approach the I-90 eastbound on-ramp for Gillette, Buffalo and Rapid City, South Dakota. 08/04/16
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2 photos
Widening to a three-lane arterial, Business Loop I-90 & U.S. 16 curve westward to Clear Creek. 08/04/16
Business Loop I-90 & U.S. 16 reach the eastern extent of the Buffalo city limits after Clear Creek. 08/04/16
Interstate 25 begins and travels south from I-90 in Buffalo. A diamond interchange joins the northernmost section of the freeway with Business Loop I-90 & U.S. 16 (Hart Street). 08/05/16
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 87 overlaps with Interstate 25 south from I-90 to Casper. 08/04/16
Reassurance shields for Business Loop I-90 & U.S. 16 follow the west side ramps with I-25 as Hart Street intersects Bypass Road (old WYO 196). 08/04/16
A second second of markers alludes to the former status of Bypass Road as Wyoming 196. Wyoming 196 was truncated to south Buffalo, where it intersects Business Loop I-25 (Main Street). 08/05/16
Hart Street advances west as a five lane arterial to Main Street and the southward turn of U.S. 16 onto Business Loop I-25. 08/05/16
Business Loop I-90 accompanies Business Loop I-25 & U.S. 87 Business (Main Street) north to the Johnson County Fairgrounds and back to I-90. 08/05/16
U.S. 16 provides part of the long distance route from I-25 and I-90 in northeastern Wyoming to Yellowstone National Park. West of Buffalo, the US highway travels along Cloud Peak Skyway en route to Powder River Pass (el. of 9,666 feet). 08/05/16
Business Loop I-25 U.S. 87 Business North Business Loop I-90 West
Trailblazers mark the remainder of Business Loop I-90 west along the overlap with U.S. 87 Business north on Main Street. 08/04/16
Leaving central Buffalo, Business Loops I-25/90 & U.S. 87 Business shift eastward and converge with North Bypass Road. This shield assembly stands at Hogerson Street. 08/04/16
North Bypass Road (old WYO 196) intersects Main Street just south of Airport Road north and the Johnson County Fairgrounds. The last I-90 trailblazer follows. 08/04/16
Crossing French Creek, Business Loops I-25/90 & U.S. 87 Business (Main Street) leave Buffalo. 08/04/16
Main Street curves through the half diamond interchange returning Business Loop I-90 west to I-90 & U.S. 87. 08/04/16
Sheridan lies 31 miles to the northwest of Business Loops I-25/90. 08/04/16

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