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Home to around 1,000, the town of Moorcroft in western Crook County has an economy based on ranching and tourism. Mine workers also drive from Moorcroft to energy-rich Campbell County to the west. Business Loop I-90 through Moorcroft follows Converse Street southeast from Exit 153 to the city center with U.S. 14 and U.S. 16. U.S. 14 partitions with the route for Yellowstone Avenue north, three blocks west of the access road returning the loop to I-90 at Exit 154.

Business Loop I-90 Mileage and Junction List
Business Loop I-90 U.S. 14 U.S. 16 East
Guide sign posted at the end of the off-ramp (Exit 153) taking U.S. 14 & 16 onto Business Loop I-90 through Moorcroft. Photo taken 07/04/15.
Just south of Interstate 90, Business Loop I-90 meets Wyoming 51 (old U.S. 14 & 16). Unmarked at this intersection, the state highway leads west from Moorcroft to Rozet. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Turning southeast from WYO 51, motorists pass by the first confirming marker for Business Loop I-90. Photo taken 07/04/15.
Entering Moorcroft, Business Loop I-90 & U.S. 14-16 follow Converse Street. The western Crook County town sits at an elevation of 4,206 feet above sea level. The community surpassed 1,000 in population as of the 2010 census. Photo taken 07/04/15.
Another shield assembly stands along Converse Street after the intersection with Crook Avenue. Photo taken 08/06/13.
The three routes divide in Downtown Moorcroft. U.S. 14 peels off toward the northeast, aiming toward Devils Tower National Monument. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Devils Tower National Monument lies north of U.S. 14 via Wyoming 24 north and Wyoming 110 west. Wyoming 24 also connects the US highway with the town of Hulett. Photo taken 08/06/13.
U.S. 14 east rejoins Interstate 90 at Sundance. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Business Loop I-90 U.S. 16 East
An I-90 trailblazer directs travelers from the Moorcroft business district four blocks east from U.S. 14 (Yellowstone Avenue) to the east access road. Photo taken 08/06/13.
Business Loop I-90 branches northeast to reconnect with I-90. U.S. 16 continues east from Moorcroft to Newcastle, Custer, South Dakota and the Black Hills region. Photo taken 08/08/14.
Business Loop I-90 East
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Angling northeast from U.S. 16 (Converse Street), Business Loop I-90 concludes beyond a truck stop and service station at a diamond interchange with Interstate 90. Photo taken 12/27/08. Second photo taken 08/11/13. Third photo taken 12/27/08.
Business Loop I-90 meets the on-ramp for Interstate 90 east to Sundance and Rapid City, South Dakota. Photo taken 07/07/15.
Business Loop I-90 West
Business Loop I-90 links I-90 with U.S. 16 (Converse Street) on the east side of Moorcroft. Photo taken 12/27/08.
Business Loop I-90 U.S. 16 West
U.S. 16 travels west from Newcastle and Upton to Moorcroft. Business Loop I-90 combines with the route along Converse Street west to the city center. Photo taken 12/27/08.
This cattle statue appears at the northeastern corner of Converse Street and the Interstate 90 connector road. Photo taken 12/27/08.
Moorcroft welcome sign at the intersection with Little Horn Avenue. Photo taken 12/27/08.
U.S. 14 winds southwest from Keyhole Reservoir to follow Yellowstone Avenue south to the Moorcroft town center. Photo taken 12/27/08.
Westbound Business Loop I-90 & U.S. 16 (Converse Street) at U.S. 14 (Yellowstone Avenue). Notably, this is the first meeting of U.S. 14 and U.S. 16 since leaving Rapid City, South Dakota. Photo taken 09/01/04.
U.S. 14 merges with Business Loop I-90 & U.S. 16 (Converse Street) west to I-90. U.S. 14 eastbound travels northward to WYO 24, which links with WYO 110 to Devils Tower. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Exiting Downtown, Converse Street bends northwest alongside the BNSF Railroad three blocks west of Yellowstone Avenue. Photo taken 12/27/08.
Business Loop I-90 U.S. 14 U.S. 16 West
U.S. 14 & 16 reassurance markers posted after Powder River Avenue. Photo taken 09/01/04.
Leaving the residential street grid of Moorcroft, Business Loop I-90 & U.S. 14-16 advance west one half mile to Interstate 90. Photo taken 08/10/13.
A sharp curve directs U.S. 14 & 16 north from the forthcoming intersection with Wyoming 51 to the ramps with I-90. Photo taken 08/04/16.
Wyoming 51 stems west from Business Loop I-90 & U.S. 14-16 (Converse Street) along Old U.S. 14-16 as a frontage road to Wyodak and Rozet. Photo taken 08/04/16.
The business route ends at a diamond interchange with Interstate 90 west of Moorcroft. Photo taken 08/04/16.
U.S. 14 & 16 overlap with Interstate 90 west to Gillette. Access roads tying into the north side of the exchange with I-90 lead to a rest area and power substation. Photo taken 08/04/16.

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