Interstate 91 north
Interstate 91 enters Hartford County on the drive between Exit 22 (Connecticut 9 freeway) and Connecticut 3 (Exit 23). Connecticut 3 (Cromwell Avenue) travels above Interstate 91 to the west of the partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 23) with West Street. Photo taken 08/09/04.
0.25-miles south of Exit 23 for West Street on Interstate 91 north. West Street stems east from Connecticut 3 (Cromwell Avenue) to Connecticut 99 (Main Street) in Rocky Hill. Cromwell Avenue passes over Interstate 91 in this scene. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Interstate 91 northbound at the ramp departure (Exit 23) onto West Street. Connecticut 3 comprises 14.48 miles between Connecticut 66 in Middletown and Connecticut 2 at Glastonbury. The state route meets Interstate 91 again at Exit 25. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Interstate 91 continues in a northeasterly path by a pair of abandoned ramps built for unconstructed Interstate 291. The next exit lies one mile ahead with Connecticut 99 (Silas Deane Highway). Connecticut 99 ventures north from Cromwell and Rocky Hill into Wethersfield within the vicinity of Interstate 91. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Orchard Street passes overhead one half mile south of the folded cloverleaf interchange (Exit 24) with Connecticut 99 (Silas Deane Highway). Connecticut 99 parallels the Connecticut River Valley between Connecticut 9 at Middletown and Connecticut 15 at Wethersfield. The state route tallies 10.64 miles. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Exit 24 loops from Interstate 91 north to Connecticut 99 (Silas Deane Highway) below. Connecticut 99 travels through a commercialized stretch of Rocky Hill northward to South Wethersfield nearby. Silas Deane Highway north intersects Connecticut 3 (Maple Street) and Connecticut 175 (Wells Road) within 1.75 miles of Interstate 91. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Interstate 91 enters the town of Wethersfield on the approach to Exit 25 with the Connecticut 3 freeway and Great Meadow Road (Exits 25-26). Connecticut 3 enters the interchange via Maple Street east of Connecticut 99 (Silas Deane Highway). Exits 25 and 26 partition for Connecticut 3 north to Glastonberry and Great Meadow Road for East Wethersfield respectively. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Exits 25-26 for Connecticut 3 north and East Wethersfield lie one half mile ahead on Interstate 91 north. The pull-through panel directs motorists northward for Bradley International Airport (BDL) at Windsor Locks. Connecticut 3 follows a short freeway between Interstate 91 and Connecticut 2 at Glastonberry. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Motorists destined for Connecticut 3 north of Great Meadow Road leave Interstate 91 northbound at Exits 25-26. The Connecticut 3 freeway represents the southernmost segment of Interstate 491, and later the westernmost segment of former Interstate 86. Both designations were removed from the system when the connection between Connecticut 2 and Interstate 84 was never built. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Continuing northward along Interstate 91 on the approach to Exit 27 for Brainard Road and Hartford-Brainard Airport (HFD). Brainard Road parallels Interstate 91 alongside Hartford-Brainard Airport to Murphy, Airport and Maxim Roads. Photo taken 08/09/04.
U.S. 5 & Connecticut 15 come into play at the Exit 27 interchange from the southwest. The tandem follow a freeway from Berlin Turnpike in Wethersfield to the Charter Oak Bridge across the Connecticut River into East Hartford. Access to U.S. 5 & Connecticut 15 southbound is provided by the Exit 28 loop ramp just after the Exit 27 off-ramp to Brainard Road. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Exit 27 departs Interstate 91 northbound for Brainard Road north to Airport Road and Murphy Road east to Hartford-Brainard Airport (HBD). Airport Road stems west from Brainard Road to the intersection of Brown Street and Wethersfield Avenue within the city of Hartford. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Exit 28 loops onto U.S. 5 & Connecticut 15 southbound for the freeway spur to Berlin Turnpike at Wethersfield. Use Connecticut 175 (Cedar Street) west from Berlin Turnpike for the town of Newington.
Motorists destined for U.S. 5 & Connecticut 15 north across the Charter Oaks Bridge to East Hartford depart one mile ahead at Exit 29. Interests to Interstate 84 east for Sturrbridge and Boston, Massachusetts are advised to take Connecticut 15 north to its merge with I-84 in East Hartford. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Paralleling Interstate 91 out of view to the east is the U.S. 5 & Connecticut 15 freeway. The carriageways of Interstate 91 split to accommodate ramp movements between the two freeways ahead. Connecticut 15 continues the Wilbur Cross Highway across the Connecticut River to the Connecticut 2 freeway (Exit 90), Main Street (U.S. 5) and Silver Lane (Exit 91) before merging with Interstate 84. Interstate 84 westbound interests should continue north on Interstate 91 another 1.50 miles to Downtown Hartford. Photo taken 08/09/04.

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U.S. 5 & Connecticut 15 elevate onto the Charter Oak Bridge across the Connecticut River as Exit 29 joins the Wilbur Cross Highway two miles east of its merge with Interstate 84. Wilbur Cross Highway continues northeast as Interstate 84 through to the Massachusetts state line near Sturrbridge.
An interchange sequence sign lists the next three off-ramps, all departing from the left-hand side to the central business district of Hartford. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Continuing northbound on Interstate 91 into the Hartford central business district. Departing ahead is Exit 29A for the White Head Highway freeway spur into Downtown. Restricted at the time of this photograph, Exit 29A represents the historic westbound beginning of planned Interstate 484. Interstate 484 was to link Interstate 91 with Interstate 84 near Bushnell Park and the Connecticut State Capitol. Photo taken 08/09/04.
One quarter mile south of the Exit 29A separation for White Head Highway westbound along I-91 north. White Head Highway was to represent the easternmost stretch of Interstate 484 between Interstate 91 and Pulaski Circle. The older freeway is assigned Connecticut 598 and was never signed as Interstate 484. I-484 was approved in 1968 and cancelled in 1983.1 Photo taken 08/09/04.
Entering the tri-level stack interchange (Exit 29A) with White Head Highway west on I-91 north. The freeway sees off-ramps at Columbus Boulevard and Prospect Street before concluding at Pulaski Circle. Use Elm Street west from Pulaski Circle for the Connecticut State Capitol complex. Photo taken 08/09/04.
A look at the Downtown Hartford skyline from Interstate 91 northbound. Departing ahead is the collector distributor roadway system (Exit 32) for both Trumbell Street and Interstate 84 west. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Interstate 91 narrows to two lanes as Exit 32 claims the left-hand lane for its c/d roadway to Trumbell Street and Interstate 84 west. Trumbell Street arcs southwest from Interstate 91 to U.S. 44 (Morgan and Main Streets) into Downtown Hartford. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Interstate 91 passes underneath the Founders Bridge (Connecticut 2) near the ramp split of Exit 32. The skyline of Hartford is bound by I-84, I-91 and White Head Highway to the west. An on-ramp from Grove Street travels underneath Interstate 91 here. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Interstate 91 northbound near the Exit 32 c/d roadway partition for Trumbell Street south and Interstate 84 west. Interstate 84 & U.S. 6 (ignored on Interstate 91 signs) constitute the main east-west freeway through the capital city of Hartford. Interstate 84 & U.S. 6-44 cross the Connecticut River from East Hartford into Downtown Hartford. U.S. 44 departs via a split-diamond interchange (Exit 50) onto the adjacent Morgan Street. U.S. 6 meanwhile continues west along Interstate 84 to West Hartford and Farmington. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Exit 32A veers westward from the Interstate 91 c/d roadway for Interstate 84 & U.S. 6 west to New Britain, Waterbury and Danbury. Exit 32B continues north underneath Interstate 84 & U.S. 6-44 before curving westward to the intersection with Trumbell and Market Streets. Use Exit 32B for U.S. 44 (Main Street) west. Photo taken 08/09/04.
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2 photos
A complex stack interchange joins Interstate 91 with Interstate 84, U.S. 6-44, and Trumbell Street above the west banks of the Connecticut River. Travelers on the Exit 32 c/d roadway not departing for Trumbell Street west default onto Interstate 91 north for Windsor and Springfield, Massachusetts. Photos taken 08/09/04.
Interstate 91 leaves Downtown Hartford alongside Riverside Park and the Connecticut River. A carpool lane (HOV-2) prepares to split from the northbound mainline ahead at the diamond interchange (Exit 33) with Jennings Road. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Jennings Road travels west from the Connecticut River and Exit 33 to the intersection of Weston Street with Boce Barlow Way. Photo taken 08/09/04.
A ground-level mounted button copy sign lists the Jennings Road connections to Weston Street and West Service Road west of Interstate 91 and Leibert Road east of Interstate 91. Leibert Road loops north from Weston Street underneath I-91 to the East Service Road near Riverside Park and Jennings Road. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Exit 33 leaves Interstate 91 northbound ahead of the carl pool (HOV-2) lane split. Jennings Road and Boce Barlow Road west carry motorists to Windsor Street and Main Street. Main Street becomes Connecticut 159 at Exit 34. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Attached to the Jennings Road overpass is the one-mile guide sign for Exit 34 (Connecticut 159) and a 13-mile pull-through panel for Bradley International Airport (BDL). The HOV-2 lanes along Interstate 91 are configured a lot like California carpool lanes in that they are not separated from the mainline by a physical barrier, but by lane striping. However with that stated, unlike carpool lanes in Phoenix, Arizona where lane changes are permitted over a solid white line, lane changes are not permitted over the solid lines in both California and Connecticut. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Auxiliary guide sign for Exit 34 (Connecticut 159) touting the nearby community of Wilson. Connecticut 159 continues Main Street north of Interstate 91 as Windsor Avenue into the town of Windsor itself. Photo taken 08/09/04.
One half mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 34) with the southern terminus of Connecticut 159 (Main Street / Windsor Avenue). Posted here is the first guide sign for the eastbound beginning of Interstate 291 (Exit 35A), which takes the Captain John Bissell Bridge across the Connecticut River. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Drivers to Connecticut 159 (Windsor Avenue) northbound depart Interstate 91 at Exit 34. Connecticut 159 travels 16.82 miles north from Windsor to Massachusetts 159 at the state line. The state route meets Interstate 91 again at Exit 42 in Windsor Locks.
Interstate 91 otherwise prepares to enter its interchange with Interstate 291 and Connecticut 218 (Putnam Highway) in Windsor. The HOV-2 lane features its own off-ramp onto Putnam Highway. Photo taken 08/09/04.
A large neutered reassurance shield for Interstate 91, replaced by 2009, was posted ahead of the Bina Avenue over crossing near Keney Park. Photo taken 08/09/04.
The portion of Interstate 291 constructed provides a bypass route between Windsor, South Windsor and Manchester to the northeast of Hartford. The freeway utilizes the Captain John Bissell Bridge to cross the Connecticut River between Connecticut 159 (Windsor Avenue) and U.S. 5 (John Fitch Boulevard). Interstate 291 otherwise ties into Interstate 84 adjacent to its interchange with Interstate 384, a freeway spur into Manchester. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Traveling the Exit 35A/B off-ramp northward to the eastbound beginning of Interstate 291. Interstate 291 was planned as a three-quarter beltway around the city of Hartford between Rocky Hill, West Hartford and Windsor. For the most part freeway plans were abandoned with the exception of the Connecticut 9 freeway between Interstate 84 and New Britain. Cancellation of Interstate 291 west of Interstate 91 occurred by March of 1979. The Bissell Bridge opened in 1959 and carried the designation of Connecticut 291 until 1994.2 Photo taken 08/09/04.
Exit 35A leaves Interstate 91 northbound for Interstate 291 east to South Windsor and junction Interstates 84 and 384 at Manchester. Traffic continuing north to Exit 35B meets Connecticut 218 (Putnam Highway) ahead. Connecticut 218 arcs 7.00 miles west and south from Connecticut 159 (Windsor Avenue) to U.S. 44 (Albany Avenue) at West Hartford. Photo taken 08/09/04.


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