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The northernmost stretch of Interstate 93 takes the freeway westward 11.10 miles through the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, mostly parallel to VT 18. I-93 enters the state from the Connecticut River and arcs west through the town of Waterford to end at I-91 outside St. Johnsbury.

Interstate 93 was completed in Vermont on October 29, 1982 after 20 years of planning and lawsuits filed by various area agriculture groups. Work opened all 11 miles of freeway simultaneously.1

Interstate 93 North
Welcome to Vermont sign posted just north of the Connecticut River along Interstate 93 north. An 8.7-mile exit less stretch ensues. Photo taken 03/02/15.
A Vermont welcome center and rest area lines the northbound side of Interstate 93 to the east of Hurlburt Hill and south of Badger Mountain (el. 1,765 ft). Photo taken 03/02/15.
Northbound Interstate 93 at the Vermont welcome center near Lower Waterford. Photo taken 03/02/15.
The freeway cuts through a gap between Hurlburt Hill and Badger Mountain adjacent to Vermont 18 beyond the rest area. Photo taken 03/02/15.
Curving northwest around Stiles Pond, Interstate 93 approaches the diamond interchange (Exit 1) with Vermont 18. Vermont 18 concludes a 7.89 mile route at U.S. 2 (Portland Street), one mile west of East St. Johnsbury. Photo taken 03/02/15.
The final push of Interstate 93 north faces southwest as the freeway hugs the north slopes of Fairbanks Mountain along the St. Johnsbury and Waterford town line. Photo taken 03/02/15.
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2 photos
A resigning project undertaken in 2007 replaced the last state-named shield for Interstate 93 in Vermont. This marker is also the final northbound shield for the entire 190-mile route. Photo taken 07/30/07. Second photo taken 10/08/14.
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2 photos
The last mileage sign for I-93 north highlights the distances to the Interstate 91 control cities of nearby St. Johnsbury to the north and White River Junction, 62 miles to the south. The 2007 replacement eliminated the distance to Canada, 52 miles via I-91 north. Photo taken 07/30/07. Second photo taken 10/08/14.
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A new end sign for Interstate 93 was posted in 2007 near milepost nine, replacing the previous entry one mile further. Photo taken 10/08/14. Second photo taken 07/30/07.
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A 5% grade lowers Interstate 93 to the tri-level stack interchange with Interstate 91. Single lane ramps join I-91 north for St. Johnsbury, Newport and Quebec, Canada and south for Bradford, White River Junction and Brattleboro. Photo taken 10/08/14. Second photo taken 03/02/15.
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2 photos
Interstate 91 travels 177.38 miles in Vermont, joining with Autoroute 55 north to Sherbrooke, Quebec to the north and Springfield, Massachusetts to the south. Photo taken 10/08/14. Second photo taken 03/02/15.
Trucks bound for U.S. 2 leading southwest from St. Johnsbury to Montpelier are directed onto Interstate 91 north to Exit 21. U.S. 2 winds southwest through Danville, Marshfield and Plainfield along a mostly two-lane corridor to the capital city. Photo taken 03/02/15.
Older signing standards in Vermont underlined the directions at Interstate junctions. This button copy sign for I-91 was removed in 2007. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Drivers separate into the respective ramps for Interstate 91 as Interstate 93 ends. I-91 north spans the Passumpsic River to meet U.S. 5 nearby. A 7.5-mile exit less stretch takes southbound motorists to Barnet. Photo taken 10/08/14.
This sign bridge, removed in 2007, directed motorists at the end of Interstate 93. For some reason VTrans included a TO banner on the northbound I-91 overhead. Photo taken 07/23/00.
Interstate 93 South
The southbound ramp to Interstate 93 from I-91 south passes through the lower level of the tri-level stack interchange between the two freeways. Photo taken 07/30/07.
Ramps from I-91 combine as Interstate 93 winds northeast along the St. Johnsbury and Waterford town line. Photo taken 07/30/07.
Former button copy mileage sign posted 16 miles west of Littleton, New Hampshire. Littleton is the largest city in the Granite State north of the White Mountains region. Photo taken 07/30/07.
Northbound scene beyond the Daniels Farm Road overpass along Interstate 93. The freeway hugs the northern slopes of Fairbanks Mountain to Exit 1. Photo taken 07/30/07.
Vermont 18 commences a 7.9 mile route east to west Littleton, New Hampshire from U.S. 2 (Portland Street) just north of Exit 1. Photo taken 07/30/07.
U.S. 2 leads west back into St. Johnsbury from the end of Vermont 18. Vermont 18 parallels I-93 southeast to Lower Waterford. Photo taken 07/30/07.
Exit 1 represents the lone Vermont interchange for Interstate 93 south. I-93 replaced VT and NH 18 southeast as the main route between St. Johnsbury and Littleton. New Hampshire 18 extends VT 18, 20.1 miles to Franconia. Photo taken 07/30/07.
Trucks using Interstate 91 south to Interstate 93 north to bypass the route of U.S. 2 through St. Johnsbury are directed back to the US Route via VT 18 north. U.S. 2 meanders east to Concord, Luneburg and Lancaster, New Hampshire. Photo taken 07/30/07.
The diamond interchange (Exit 1) with Vermont 18 spreads into view along I-93. Photo taken 07/30/07.
Shield assembly for Vermont 18 and U.S. 2 posted at the end of the Exit 1 off-ramp. VT 18 runs south along Stiles Pond nearby while ending northward at U.S. 2, one mile from East St. Johnsbury. Photo taken 07/30/07.

  1. "Last stretch of I-93 will open Oct. 29." The Nashua Telegraph, October 19, 1982.

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