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Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 east
Confirming shield for Interstate 94 posted after Exit 340. 37th Street SE parallels the south side of the freeway as the former alignment of U.S. 10. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Traveling east along Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 on the approach to the ranch exit with 38th Street (Exit 342). Photo taken 06/17/15.
Forthcoming Exit 343 links I-94 & U.S. 52 east with the nearby Bonanzaville USA and the Red River Valley Fairgrounds. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Eastbound Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 at the diamond interchange (Exit 342) with 38th Street. 38th Street travels north to Cass County 10 and south to 52nd Avenue South through open farm land. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Passing under the 38th Street overpass, Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 next split with the beginning of U.S. 10 east at Exit 343. U.S. 10 follows Main Avenue across both West Fargo and Fargo. Business Loop I-94 follows all of U.S. 10 to U.S. 75 in Moorhead, Minnesota. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Confirming shield assembly for Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 east posted ahead of the trumpet interchange (Exit 343) with U.S. 10. Photo taken 06/17/15.
U.S. 10's eastbound beginning departs Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 east at Exit 343 outside West Fargo. Business Loop I-94 & U.S. 10 follow Main Avenue seven miles east into Downtown Fargo. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Shields for Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 east posted as motorists merge in from U.S. 10 west. A two-lane road passes above carrying Business Loop I-94 (Main Avenue). Photo taken 06/17/15.
Turning southeast through West Fargo, Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 east next meet Sheyenne Street (Cass County 17) at a parclo interchange (Exit 346). Photo taken 06/17/15.
Sheyenne Street / County Road 17 travels north to Business Loop I-94 & U.S. 10 (Main Avenue) to the West Fargo city center and south to far reaches of West Fargo and the city of Horace. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Turning more toward the east, I-94 & U.S. 52 east approach Exit 347 with 9th Street East north and Veterans Boulevard south. The parclo interchange opened to traffic on October 1, 2009 to open up land for new development to the south. Photo taken 06/17/15.
I-94 becomes more suburban on the half mile approach to Veterans Boulevard. I-29 & U.S. 81 appear for the first time to motorists on this interchange sequence sign at 2.75 miles out. Photo taken 06/17/15.
The Sanford Medical Center Fargo appears in the distance beyond this shield assembly as I-94 nears Exit 347. The $494-million facility opens in 2017 along parallel 23rd Avenue South. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Exit 347 leaves I-94 & U.S. 52 east. Built in 2009, Veterans Boulevard straddles the West Fargo and Fargo city line to new developments in the Urban Plains and Brandt Crossing neighborhoods. The arterial wholly enters Fargo at 40th Avenue South through the Osgood community. Photo taken 06/17/15.
The subsequent eastbound interchange joins Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 with 45th Street South at the Anderson Park and West Acres neighborhoods in Fargo. 45th Street represents a growing corridor of development leading southward from the freeway to 52nd Avenue South and The District neighborhood. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 east enters the city limits of Fargo between the Amber Valley and Willow Park neighborhoods. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 crosses paths with I-94 & U.S. 52 in 1.5 miles by the Bluemont Lakes neighborhood. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Exit 348 consists of a six-ramp parclo interchange between Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 and 45th Street South. 45th Street north provides an array of traveler services and shopping opportunities to Main Avenue (U.S. 10). Visitors bound for the Red River Zoo should also use Exit 348. Photo taken 06/17/15.
An auxiliary lane opens along Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 east from 45th Street South to Exits 349A/B. I-29 & U.S. 81 travel the length of Fargo between Harwood and Frontier. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Exit 349A departs for Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 south to Wahpeton in one half mile. The freeway leaves the city at 52nd Avenue South in three miles. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Passing under the 42nd Street South overpass on Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 east near Exit 349A. Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 continue southward 138 miles together to Watertown, South Dakota. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Entering the cloverstack interchange (Exit 349) with Interstate 29 & U.S. 81 on I-94 & U.S. 52 east. Drivers taking Exit 349A will reach Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 232 miles. Grand Forks meanwhile lies 75 miles northward from Exit 349B. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Exit 349B leaves I-94 & U.S. 52 east for I-29 & U.S. 81 north to Hector International Airport (FAR) and Grand Forks. The tandem continue another 88 miles to their split at Mandel, but both end at the Canadian Border near Pembina in 154 miles. Photo taken 06/17/15.
A high-flyover ramp was added to the exchange between I-29 and I-94 during the mid-2000s expansion project of Interstate 29 through Fargo. It replaced a cloverleaf ramp. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Continuing east from I-29 & U.S. 81, Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 reach the penultimate North Dakota interchange at 25th Street South (Exit 350). 25th Street runs north to the Westgate neighborhood and 12th Avenue North near North Dakota State University. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Eastbound I-94 & U.S. 52 at the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 350) with 25th Street. Heading south, 25th Street heads to the Rose Creek neighborhood and 52nd Avenue South near Frontier. Photo taken 06/17/15.
U.S. 81 Business (University Drive) meets Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 east at Exit 351 at the Clara Barton and Lincoln neighborhoods. The US highway follows the old U.S. 81 alignment through much of the city, including to North Dakota State University (NDSU) and the Fargodome. Photo taken 06/17/15.
This interchange sequence sign includes the first two Minnesota interchanges at the adjacent city of Moorhead. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Exit 351 leaves Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 east at a pedestrian bridge linking the Brunsdale and Lewis & Clark neighborhoods. U.S. 81 Business constitutes a commercial arterial south to 35th Avenue South at the River Drive and Southpointe neighborhoods. Photo taken 06/17/15.
U.S. 81 Business follows University Drive northward to its split at 13th Avenue South. A one-way couplet for the route takes U.S. 81 Business north through the Jefferson/Carl Ben and Hawthorne neighborhoods to Downtown and NDSU. Photo taken 06/17/15.
Exit 1A joins Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 with U.S. 75 (South 8th Street) in the city of Moorhead, Minnesota. U.S. 75 heads north from the freeway to Concordia College and a brief overlap with U.S. 10 through Downtown. Photo taken 04/22/07.
Six lanes of Interstate 94 & U.S. 52 span the Red River between North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota. Photo taken 04/22/07.

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