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Peering westward from the Cass County 15 overpass at Exit 340. Interstate 94 next reaches Valley City in 48 miles. Photo taken June 17, 2015.

Interstate 94 joins the capital city of Bismarck with Jamestown and Fargo to the east and Dickinson to the west. The freeway replaced all of U.S. 10 from West Fargo to the Montana state line, and U.S. 52 from the state line west to Jamestown. While U.S. 10 was decommissioned from West Fargo to Seattle, U.S. 52 remains co-signed with Interstate 94 to Jamestown.

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Initial construction for Interstate 94 in North Dakota commenced in 1956 for the U.S. 10 stretch between Valley City and Jamestown. The 36.8 mile section was dedicated on October 16, 1958.1 An additional 48.1 miles opened between Jamestown and Dawson in 1959 and 20.2 miles from Casselton to the Minnesota state line in 1960.2 The freeway was completed statewide when the freeway replaced U.S. 10 between Beach and Medora in 1967.3

1978 Chamber of Commerce Map for Fargo-Moorhead
There were only two interchanges along Interstate 94 in Fargo, North Dakota in 1978. Areas west of I-29 were mostly undeveloped and the lone interchange in West Fargo was the west end of Main Avenue, where U.S. 10 combined with I-94 & U.S. 52.
Interstate 94 scenes
Sheyenne Street (CR 17) south within the parclo interchange at I-94/U.S. 52 in West Fargo. 06/17/15
Signs for I-94 omit U.S. 52 as Sheyenne Street intersects the east side ramps for the freeway. A traffic signal was added here in 2009. 06/17/15
Interstate 94 shield posted on Cass County Road 15 (165th Avenue Southwest) ahead of the diamond interchange at Exit 340 near Mapleton. 04/22/07
Approaching the freeway and its associated frontage roads, CR 15 sees a distance sign for the Interstate 94 control points. 04/22/07
CR 15 (165th Avenue Southwest) at the eastbound on-ramp to Interstate 94. I-94 splits with the eastbound beginning of U.S. 10 in three miles at West Fargo. 04/22/07
Interstate 94 shield posted at the Cass County Road 15 (165th Avenue SW) overpass at Exit 340. 06/17/15
The eastbound on-ramp departs CR 15 south for West Fargo and Fargo. Interstate 94 enters Moorhead City, Minnesota in 12 miles. 06/17/15
County Road 15 reassurance marker posted along 165th Avenue Southwest after the interchange and frontage roads with Interstate 94. The two lane road continues from Mapleton to Kindred and North Dakota 46. 04/22/07
U.S. 81 Business (University Drive) meets I-94/U.S. 52 at a six-ramp parclo interchange on the north side of the Brunsdale and Lincoln neighborhoods of Fargo. 06/17/15
The loop ramp for Interstate 94 west from U.S. 81 Business (Univeristy Drive) north was added as part of an interchange upgrade. 06/17/15

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