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Interstate 95 Interstate 495 North
I-95/495 north meet Interstate 295 and National Harbor Boulevard along the east side of the Potomac Rive near Fox Ferry Point. The National Harbor development lies just to the south. 12/16/16
Welcome to Maryland sign posted a half mile ahead of Exit 3A for MD 210 (Indian Head Highway) south to Indian Head. 12/16/16
Two lanes depart from the Local lanes of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge to I-295 north. I-295 travels onto the Anacostia Freeway by Bolling A.F.B. through south Washington. I-295 ends at I-695 (Southeast Freeway), which leads west toward Downtown, and D.C. 295, which extends the freeway north. 12/16/16
Exit 3 follows from the Thru Lanes to MD 210 (Indian Head Highway), a 21.27 mile route south from the DC line by Forest Heights to the Naval Surface Warfare Center. 12/16/16
Visible in the distance is the 24 story MGM National Harbor casino. Spreading across 23 acres, the $1.4 billion resort opened for business on December 8, 2016.1 12/16/16
Exit 3 leaves simultaneously from the Through lanes as Exit 2 departs the Local lanes. Exit 3 combines with Exit 3A from the Local lanes along the original I-295 connection with MD 210 and Oxon Hill Road. 12/16/16
The Maryland and D.C. version of I-295 is the fourth I-95 encounters along the drive north from Miami, Florida. It provides a direct route to B/W Parkway north to Baltimore. 08/04/13
The four-level exchange with Interstate 295, National Harbor Boulevard and MGM National Avenue replaced a three quarter cloverleaf interchange with one directional ramp. 12/16/16
The dual roadway setup of I-95/495 concludes east of the directional cloverleaf interchange with MD 210. The beltway advances with four lanes to MD 414 (St. Barnabas Road).
A sign bridge replaced this ground level sign during expansion of I-95/495 in 2009. 06/01/04
MD 414 shifts west from St. Barnabas Road onto Oxon Hill Road at Exit 4A and Oxon Hill. 06/01/04
North from Exit 4B, MD 414 (St. Barnabas Road) continues to an interchange with MD 5 (Branch Avenue) by an assortment of suburban areas including Barnaby Village, Deerpark Heights, Temple Hills and Marlow Heights. The state route concludes at MD 458 (Silver Hill Road) in Silver Hill. 06/01/04
Confirming markers for I-95/495 north / outer loop posted as the Capital Beltway travels between North Barnaby and Temple Hills. 06/01/04
The subsequent exit along I-95/495 north is with MD 5 (Branch Avenue) to Waldorf and Silver Hill. 06/01/04
MD 5 is an expressway from an interchange with MD 414 (St. Barnabas Road) south to U.S. 301. This includes a freeway section for 5.3 miles from the Capital Beltway to Surratts Road. 06/01/04
Exit 7A leaves the Capital Beltway outer loop for MD 5 (Branch Avenue) south. An important commuter route, MD 5 heads south from the Washington area to Charles and St. Marys Counties before ending at Point Lookout State Park. 08/01/05
MD 5 (Branch Avenue) retains access control from Exit 7B north to MD 458 at Silver Hill. The remainder of the state route lines an arterial to Suitland Parkway and Southern Avenue at the D.C. line. Branch Avenue enters Washington at Lower Fairfax Village. 06/07/04
Advancing east, I-95/495 curve by the Auth Village community on the one mile approach to Exit 9 with MD 337 (Allentown Road). MD 337 travels northeast along the perimeter of Andrews A.F.B. from MD 5 to Suitland Parkway and MD 4 (Pennsylvania Avenue). 06/07/04
MD 337 (Allentown Road) parallels the Capital Beltway by both the West Gate and Visitors Entrance to Andrews Air Force Base. Suitland Road stems north from the Visitors Entrance and Allentown Road to the community of Morningside. 06/07/04
Entering the half diamond interchange (Exit 9) with MD 337 (Allentown Road) on I-95/495 north. There is no direct access to Suitland Parkway, located 1.25 miles to the north. Suitland Road connects the beltway with the parkway en route to Suitland, where it becomes MD 218. 06/07/04
The ensuing exit along I-95/495 north (outer loop) lies one mile ahead with MD 4 (Pennsylvania Avenue). 06/07/04
MD 4 constitutes a busy corridor leading 64.85 miles southward from Washington, DC to MD 5 near Leonardtown. 12/16/16
Maintained by the National Park Service, Suitland Parkway separates from MD 337 (Allentown Road) and passes under I-95/495. The limited access road winds westward to Interstate 295 (Anacostia Freeway) in Southeast Washington. 12/16/16
An on-ramp joins the Capital Beltway outer loop from Forestville Road and MD 337 ahead of this shield assembly. Forestville Road links Suitland Parkway east with I-95/495 north. 12/16/16
Exit 11A leaves I-95/495 north for MD 4 (Pennsylvania Avenue) southeast to Upper Marlboro. MD 4 is a freeway from Dowerhouse Road, east of Andrews AFB, to MD 258/259 at Bristol. Beyond there, the state route heads south to Chesapeake Ranch Estates, then angles southwest over the Patuxent River to California. 12/16/16
A cloverleaf ramp (Exit 11B) loops away from I-95/495 north onto MD 4 (Pennsylvania Avenue) west to Forestville, Suitland and Southeast Washington. Pennsylvania Avenue extends northwest through the District of Columbia to the White House. 12/16/16
The Maryland State Highway Administration (MDSHA) recorded 212,250 vehicles per day (vpd) on the Capital Beltway north of MD 4 in 2016. 12/16/16
An interchange sequence sign outlines the succeeding three off-ramps for Ritchie Station Marketplace, Largo and FedEx Field respectively. 12/16/16
The forthcoming dumbbell interchange (Exit 13) with Ritchie-Marlboro Road was added by the early 2000s. 12/16/16
Ritchie-Marlboro Road arcs southeast from Exit 13 to Upper Marlboro. Walker Mill Road extends the road west from nearby Ritchie to Walker Mill Regional Park and the town of Capitol Heights. 12/16/16
North from Exit 13, I-95/495 run between an industrial park to the west and subdivision to the east to the Southwest Branch of the Patuxent River. 12/16/16
The next three exits connect the Capital Beltway with FedEx Field, which is located to the west of I-95/495 at the confluence of Arena Drive, Garret A. Morgan Boulevard north from MD 214 (Central Avenue), and Redskins Road south from MD 202 (Landover Road). 12/16/16
Formerly a cloverleaf interchange, loop ramps on the north side of MD 214 (Central Avenue) were removed in 2009. Exit 15 serves both Central Avenue west to Seat Pleasant and east to Largo in one half mile. 12/16/16
MD 214 (Central Avenue) originates from the D.C. line at Capitol Heights to the west. The 24.97-mile long route travels through Seat Pleasant and Largo east to Edgewater and Beverly Beach off Chesapeake Bay. 12/16/16
A diamond interchange (Exit 16) joins I-95/495 with Arena Drive in one mile. 12/16/16
This set of shields for I-95 and I-495 stand next to the site where the Capital Centre was located. The one time home of Washington Bullets basketball and Washington Capitals hockey closed in 1999 and was demolished in 2002. The Boulevard at the Capital Centre retail complex was built in place of the former arena in 2003. 12/16/16
Arena Drive derived its name from the former Capital Centre. The arterial leads east to MD 202 (Landover Road) and west to FedEx Field, home of the Washington Redskins NFL franchise. Exit 16 previously was open to traffic only during sporting events or concerts. 12/16/16
Widening of I-95/495 north at MD 202 in 2008-09 added a collector distributor roadway and removed the loop ramp (Exit 17B) for Landover Road west. 12/16/16
MD 202 (Landover Road) totals 13.92 miles from MD 725 by the town of Upper Marlboro to MD 450 in Bladensburg. 12/16/16
A painted median separates the two-lane c/d roadway from the three lane freeway mainline through the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 17) with MD 202 (Landover Road). 12/16/16
MD 202 (Landover Road) leads southeast to Largo and Oak Grove and west to Kent Village and Landover. 12/16/16
Continuing north between Glenarden and Ardmore, I-95/495 next meet U.S. 50 and unsigned Interstate 595 at Exits 19A/B. 12/16/16
New Carrollton Station serves the Metro Orange and Silver Line subways into Washington, AMTRAK service and Greyhound bus service. The transit facility lies nearby on the north side of U.S. 50 west. I-595/U.S. 50 combine for 6.3 miles east to MD 197 in the city of Bowie. 12/16/16
U.S. 50 (John Hanson Highway) travels east from Washington, DC to Annapolis, Easton and Ocean City. I-595 overlaps U.S. 50 between I-95/495 and MD 70. I-595 was to be cosigned with U.S. 50 in 1995, but that plan was scrapped due to established familiarity with the corridor as U.S. 50 and the potential for motorist confusion. 12/16/16
Interstate 595 was officially included in the Interstate Highway System in 1989, midway during a series of upgrades along U.S. 50 between the Capital Beltway and MD 70. Work started along John Hanson Highway in the mid 80s included the upgrade of Exit 19 from a cloverleaf interchange into a turbine style exchange. 12/16/16
A loop ramp (Exit 19B) follows for U.S. 50 (John Hanson Highway) west to Landover, Cheverly and New York Avenue through Northeast Washington. The U.S. 50 freeway west into D.C. is not a part of the Interstate Highway System. 06/07/04
The subsequent exit along northbound I-95/495 is with MD 450 (Annapolis Road) for Lanham. MD 450 is the former routing of U.S. 50 before the John Hanson Highway was completed, from 1953 to 1961.2 06/07/04
MD 450 covers the old alignment of U.S. 50 from the District of Columbia boundary east to an interchange with U.S. 50 near Annapolis. MD 450 follows Annapolis Road between Washington and MD 3 in Bowie, and Defense Highway east from Bowie. 10/02/04
Entering the parclo interchange with MD 450 (Annapolis Road) on I-95/495 north. Exit 20A departs first for MD 450 east to Lanham. 06/07/04
The Capital Beltway continues with four through lanes as Exit 20B loops away onto MD 450 (Annapolis Road) west to Woodlawn and Bladensburg. 06/07/04
This mileage sign provides the distance to Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Exits 22A/B), the separation of I-95 and I-495 and the outer loop of I-495 to Interstate 270 west to Frederick (Exit 35). 06/07/04
Three of the next four exits along the Capital Beltway outer loop connect with routes north to Baltimore. Baltimore-Washington Parkway, U.S. 1 and I-95 parallel one another northeast to Laurel and southwest Baltimore. 06/07/04
The next exit along I-95/495 north is the cloverleaf interchange (Exits 22A/B) with Baltimore-Washington Parkway. A limited access highway, the parkway prohibits trucks on the section maintained by the National Park Service south to U.S. 50 and Kenilworth Avenue and north to MD 175. 06/07/04
The state maintained portion of Baltimore-Washington Parkway north of Jessup is designated as MD 295. The NPS section is unnumbered, while the parkway south of U.S. 50 is MD 201 (Kenilworth Avenue) and D.C. 295 in Washington. 10/02/04
One half mile ahead of Exit 22A to Baltimore-Washington Parkway north on I-95/495 north. The parkway provides a direct route to Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) via I-195 south, 18 miles to the northeast. 06/07/04
Exit 22A leaves I-95/495 north to east Laurel, Fort Meader and Baltimore. Parallel MD 201 (Kenilworth Avenue) extends north from Bladensburg to meet the beltway at the succeeding exit. 06/07/04
Referenced on a supplemental sign along the outer loop, the Exit 22A ramp includes access to adjacent MD 193 (Greenbelt Road). MD 193 travels east from Greenbelt to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Glenn Dale. 10/02/04
Baltimore-Washington Parkway south runs between Bladensburg and Cheverly and transitions to Kenilworth Avenue into northeastern Washington. The Anacostia Freeway continues the route as D.C. 295 south to I-695 (Southeast Freeway) and I-295 at the 11th Street Bridge. 06/07/04
A six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 23) joins I-95/495 with MD 201 (Kenilworth Avenue) in the city of Greenbelt. 06/07/04
MD 201 stretches 9.40 miles from the D.C. line and Baltimore Parkway north to MD 212 in Beltsville. 06/07/04
A wye interchange adds traffic from the Greenbelt transit station to I-95/495 two miles ahead of their split. A diagrammatic sign replaced separate panels here for U.S. 1 (Exit 25) and the departure of I-95 from the beltway by 2007. 06/07/04
Exit 25 departs next for U.S. 1 (Baltimore Avenue) at the city of College Park.
The panel for I-95 north here was replaced by 2007 to reference traveler services for Exit 25, while the U.S. 1 overhead was carbon copied to use Clearview font in 2016. 06/07/04
U.S. 1 (Baltimore Avenue) travels north from College Park to Beltsville and Laurel. The cloverleaf interchange with I-95/495 formerly included a loop ramp from the outer loop to Baltimore Avenue south. U.S. 1 and I-95 will cross paths again in Baltimore, but not meet each other directly until Newark, New Jersey. 06/07/04
Advancing west from U.S. 1, the Capital Beltway expands to six lanes along the outer loop ahead of I-95/495 split. I-95 turns north with three lanes to Landover and Baltimore, while I-495 maintains four westbound lanes to Silver Spring and Bethesda.
This diagrammatic sign was replaced by 2007 to show Beltway below I-495 west. 06/07/04
Crossing over Little Paint Branch, three quarters of a mile ahead of the directional cloverleaf interchange with the departing Interstate 95.
Separate panels direct motorists to I-495 west and I-95 north at this location as of 2007. 06/07/04
The upcoming exchange between I-495 and I-95 was originally going to include connections with the continuation of I-95 south into the District of Columbia, to the north end of I-395 (Center Leg Freeway) at New York Avenue. Although I-95 was never completed as planned, the interchange with the Capital Beltway was designed with ramps for the unconstructed freeway. These were later repurposed to serve a park and ride lot and truck weigh station located at the stub end. 06/07/04
Traffic separates for Interstate 95 north to Baltimore, Wilmington and Philadelphia and I-495 west to I-270 for Rockville and Gaithersburg and I-66 west to Fairfax.
Overheads pictured here were replaced by 2007. 06/07/04
Once on the transition ramp from the Capital Beltway, Interstate 95 north partitions with a left side ramp for the park and ride located at the south end of the I-95 freeway. A similar park and ride parking area is located at the eastern end of Interstate 70 in Baltimore. 06/07/04

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