Interstate 95 / State Route 15 North
Maine 15 northbound joins Interstate 95 north between I-395 (Exit 182) west and Broadway (Exit 185). The state route originally followed U.S. 1A (South Main Street), Oak Street and Broadway through Brewer and Downtown Bangor. 07/01/12
U.S. 2 & Maine 100 (Hammond Street) cross paths with Interstate 95 & Maine 15 at a parclo interchange (Exit 183) in a one third mile. U.S. 2 & SR 100 travel together from Newport east through Etna, Carmel, and Hermon into West Bangor. The tandem follow Hammond Street and Odlin Road around the perimeter of Bangor International Airport (BGR) to Exit 183. Original Hammond Street was severed by the airport runways. 07/01/12
Northbound I-95 at Exit 183 to U.S. 2 & SR 100 (Hammond Street) in Bangor. U.S. 2 & SR 100 follow Hammond Street into Downtown Bangor. Once Downtown, U.S. 2 follows State Street east along the Penobscot River while SR 100 ends at Main Street (the north end of U.S. 202).
Shawn T. Mansfield Stadium lies near Exit 183 and is home to area Senior and Little Leagues. Local resident and author Stephen King donated money for the ball park in 1991. 06/27/05
Next in line for Interstate 95 & Maine 15 is the Exit 184 ramps to Maine 222 (Union Street) and Ohio Street. Maine 222 begins in Downtown Bangor at U.S. 1A & Maine 9 and ventures northwest to Bangor International Airport (BGR) and Levant. Ohio Street parallels Maine 222 (Union Street) northward to North Bangor. 07/01/12
Maine 222 ventures eight miles northwest to Levant on the 27 mile drive to its west end at Corinna. Union Street carries the state route less than a mile east to Hammond Street (U.S. 2 & Maine 100) outside of Downtown Bangor. 07/01/12
A brief section of Interstate 95 & Maine 15 appears very urban with a narrow right of way through north Bangor. Pictured here is a reassurance shield assembly ahead of Kenduskeag Stream. 07/01/12
Interstate 95 & Maine 15 curve eastward ahead of their split at Exit 185 (Broadway). Maine 15 returns to its original alignment en route to Kenduskeag and South Corinth. Kenduskeag Avenue spans the freeway in this scene. 06/27/05
Maine 15 travels overall north from Stonington along the Maine coast to U.S. 201 & Maine 6 at Jackman Station near the Canadian border. Broadway carries the state route 10.75 miles northwest to Kenduskeag. SR 15 joins the Bangor area with Dover-Foxcroft. 07/01/12
Exit 185 loops onto Broadway, carrying Maine 15 north away from Interstate 95. Broadway heads south 1.1 miles to U.S. 2 (State Street) at the intersection with Oak Street in Downtown. Oak Street (SR 15 Business) continues the road south to Brewer. 07/01/12
Interstate 95 North
Interstate 95 continues north solo from the parclo interchange (Exit 185) with Maine 15 (Broadway). 06/27/05
Stillwater Avenue branches northeast from Broadway 1.5 miles to the a partial-trumpet interchange (Exit 186) with Interstate 95. The interchange opened to traffic in November of 2001 and serves a retail corridor anchored by Bangor Mall. 07/01/12
Hogan Road joins U.S. 2 (State Street) with the Stillwater Avenue retail area in east Bangor. The north-south arterial meets Interstate 95 at a diamond interchange (Exit 187) near Bangor Mall. Connections with Mt. Hope Avenue and U.S. 2 east lead travelers to the community of Veazie along the Penobscot River. 07/01/12
Interstate 95 continues north toward Orono and Old Town on the 115 mile drive to Houlton and New Brunswick, Canada. 06/27/05
Orono lies along U.S. 2 (Main Street) at the merge between the Stillwater and Penobscot Rivers. The Orono town center lies just south of the University of Maine Campus and the U.S. 2 split with U.S. 2A (College Avenue) at Webster. Sports facilities to the University lie north of the main campus closer to Exit 193. 07/01/12
Northbound I-95 at the diamond interchange (Exit 191) with Kelly Road near Orono. Kelly Road travels east a short distance to U.S. 2 (Main Street) south of the Orono business district. The road otherwise ends to the west at parallel Stillwater Avenue. 06/27/05
Stillwater Avenue meets Interstate 95 again at a diamond interchange (Exit 193) outside of Stillwater. The roadway meets Maine 16 (Bennoch Road) at Stillwater before crossing the Stillwater River ahead of U.S. 2A (College Avenue). 06/27/05
Travelers bound for Stillwater, the University of Maine, and Old Town depart Interstate 95 north for Stillwater Avenue. Stillwater Avenue carries U.S. 2A northeast from Stillwater to Center Street at Old Town. Old Town lies along and on islands at the Penobscot River. U.S. 2A returns to U.S. 2 (Main Street) at Downtown with U.S. 2 spanning the river to Milford and Costigan. 06/27/05
Northbound shield assembly for I-95 posted as the freeway crosses the Old Town town line. 04/03/14
Interstate 95 leaves the Orono and Old Town areas north of Bangor for vastly undeveloped lands to Houlton. Howland represents the next community of interest along the four lane freeway. 06/27/05
Speed limits along the remaining 110 miles of Interstate 95 north between Old Town and Houlton were increased to 75 miles per hour on October 4, 2011. Legislation passed by the state increased the limit previously set at 65 miles per hour on this stretch.1 07/01/12
Maine 43 (Hudson Road) angles northwest from Old Town near Old Town Municipal Airport (OLD) to meet Interstate 95 at Exit 197 in one mile. The east-west route begins in Old Town (U.S. 2) and travels west to Hudson (Maine 221). 07/01/12
A diamond interchange facilitates movement between Interstate 95 and Maine 43 (Hudson Road) at Exit 197. Maine 43 follows Gillman Falls Avenue, Brunswick Road and Main Street between Maine 16 (Bennoch Road) and Downtown Old Town. Further west, Maine 43 continues beyond Hudson to Dexter and Farmington, ending at Temple in western Maine. 07/01/12
A commercial vehicle weigh /state police truck check station lies along Interstate 95 northbound between Exits 197 and 199 to the west of Pea Cove. All buses must stop when the facility is in operation. 06/27/05
Interstate 95 next meets Maine 16 (Bennoch Road) at Old Town and Alton town line. Maine 16 parallels the Stillwater River northward from Orono to Pea Cove. The state route veers northwest from SR 116 to Exit 199, Alton and LaGrange. 04/03/14
Drivers bound for SR 16 (Bennoch Road) depart Interstate 95 at a half diamond interchange (Exit 199). SR 16 continues northwest from Lagrange to Milo (SR 6 and 11) and west to Dover-Foxcroft. 04/03/14
Passing under SR 16, northbound travelers are advised of potential moose over the next 28 miles of I-95. The freeway next traverses Alton Bog. 10/10/14
2 photos
2 photos
Fall foliage along Interstate 95 at milepost 211 within the town of Edinburg. 10/10/14
Another 18 miles of Interstate 95 brings the freeway into the town of Howland. Meeting the freeway in one mile is Maine 6 & 155 (Lagrange Road) at a diamond interchange (Exit 217). SR 6 & 155 combine at the junction with U.S. 2 at East Enfield across the Penobscot River from Howland. SR 155 comprises a loop east from there to Enfield and Lincoln. 10/10/14
Maine 6 constitutes a lengthy east-west route across central Maine. The state route begins with U.S. 201 at the Quebec border north of Jackman and ends at the New Brunswick border near Vanceboro. Locally Maine 6 follows U.S. 2 north from West Enfield to South Lincoln. 06/27/05
Maine 6 & 155 follow Lagrange Road west from Maine 116 in Howland to Howland Road and Lagrange. Once at Lagrange, the two split on respective paths to Miro and Bradford. SR 116 meanwhile straddles the Penobscot River north from SR 16 (near Exit 199) to Chester. 10/10/14
Interstate 95 stays west of the Penobscot River on the drive north from Howland toward Lincoln. Lincoln lies east of the river at the split of U.S. 2 and Maine 6 east. 06/27/05
Interstate 95 shifts eastward beyond the Piscataquis River. 10/10/14
Northbound at milepost 220 in north Howland. Mattamiscontis township lies ahead. 10/10/14
Forthcoming Exit 227 leads motorists east to Maine 6 for Lincoln Lakes Region and the Grand Lakes in Washington County. 10/10/14
An access road stems west at the turn of Maine 116 from River Road onto South Chester Road outside Lincoln to Interstate 95 at a diamond interchange (Exit 227). Maine 116 (South Chester Road) leads east to Lincoln Regional Airport (LRG) and U.S. 2 & Maine 6 (Broadway). 10/10/14
Northbound I-95 reaches Exit 227 to Access Road. Maine 116 mirrors the Penobscot River north toward Chester from the Lincoln area. U.S. 2 & Maine 6 follow West Broadway to Main Street and Downtown Lincoln. U.S. 2 continues north from there to Mattawamkeag while Maine 6 turns east to Lee. 10/10/14
2 photos
2 photos
17 miles of uninterrupted freeway carry Interstate 95 northward from Chester to Medway. The freeway undulates over a series of hills including Adley Ridge on this stretch. 06/27/05
Interests to Baxter State Park are advised to take Exit 244 for both the south entrance. The park entails over 200,000 acres of timberland surrounding Mount Katahdin, the Maine high point. Park activities include fishing, hunting, hiking, camping and snowmobiling. 10/10/14
Two miles south of Exit 244 along I-95 north within the town of Medway. Meeting the freeway ahead is Maine 157 (Medway Road), an east-west state route between Millinocket and Mattawamkeag. 10/10/14
Weary travelers may stop at the rest area just south of the Penobscot River near Medway. Facilities exist along both north and south Interstate 95 here. 06/27/05
Interstate 95 northbound lowers to span the Penobscot River between the Maine 116 (Pattagumpus Road) under crossing and diamond interchange (Exit 244) with Maine 157 (Medway Road). 10/10/14
Maine 157 west to Maine 11 and Millinocket provides the main route to the Baxter State Park south entrance and Allagash Wilderness Water. Visitors bound for the north entrance should remain on Interstate 95 north to Exit 264. 10/10/14
Exit 244 leaves Interstate 95 north after the Penobscot River crossing. Maine 157 (Medway Road) merges with Maine 11 (Grindstone Road) nearby for the drive west along the Penobscot River to Millinocket. Maine 116 (Pattagumpus Road) meanwhile ends just west of I-95 at Maine 11 & 157 outside of East Millinocket. 10/10/14
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 95 continues north along another long exit less stretch toward Sherman. Most of the 15 mile drive includes a wide tree-filled median, adding to the feeling of isolation. The freeway crosses Salmon Stream a short distance north of Medway. 06/27/05
2 photos
2 photos
Travelers are provided with a vista point that offers a view of Mt. Katahdin, the tallest peak in the state of Maine at 5,267 ft, along Interstate 95 near Salmon Stream Lake. 06/27/05
Interstate 95 enters Herseytown near Little Salmon Stream Lake. Salmon Stream and its lakes lie just west of the freeway. 06/27/05
Sinking toward Exit 259 to Casey Road east to Benedicta. Interstate 95 enters Aroostoock County at the half diamond interchange north of Lawler Ridge. 06/27/05
Casey Road meanders west toward Rush Pond from Exit 259 and Interstate 95. Pond Road continues the road east to U.S. 2 (Silver ridge Road) at Monarda from the hamlet of Benedicta nearby. Benedicta Road ventures north from the intersection of Aroostook and Pond Roads at Benedicta to Sherman. 06/27/05
Continuing north toward Sherman and Houlton on Interstate 95. Connections with Maine 158 west to Maine 11 ahead provide travelers with the most direct route to Fort Kent and the North entrance to Baxter State Park. 06/27/05
Maine 158 (Main Street) crosses paths with Interstate 95 at Sherman just east of its beginning at Maine 11 (Station Road north / Grindstone Road west). Maine 158 represents a short route between Sherman and U.S. 2 (Island Falls Road) at Woodbridge Corner. 06/27/05
One mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 264) with Maine 158 (Main Street) at Sherman. SR 11 travels north from the west end of SR 158 to Sherman Station, Patten, Hersey and Fort Kent. SR 159 stems west from Patten and SR 11 toward Baxter State Park. 06/27/05
Drivers bound for Maine 158 to Maine 11 depart Interstate 95 northbound at Exit 264. Benedicta Road ties into the SR 11 (Station Road) by the intersection with SR 158 (Main Street) from the south. SR 158 (Woodbridge Corner Road) meets Golden Ridge Road east at Sherman Mills, a north-south road to U.S. 2 at Golden Ridge. 06/27/05
Interstate 95 begins to curve northeast on its final approach to Oakfield and Houlton. A 12 mile exit less stretch lies between Sherman and Island Falls. 06/27/05
Once at Island Falls, Interstate 95 meets Maine 159. Maine 159 constitutes an east-west highway between U.S. 2 (Silver Ridge Road) and the north entrance to Baxter State Park at Shin Pond. 06/27/05
Belvedere Road spans Interstate 95 one mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 276) with Maine 159. Maine 159 ends at U.S. 2 (Sherman Street) in the heart of Island Falls nearby. U.S. 2 continues northeast from there to Dyer Brook. 06/27/05
Maine 159 continues west from Interstate 95 (Exit 276) and Island Falls to Crystal and Patten (Maine 11). 06/27/05
Drivers curve northeast over the West Branch of the Mattawamkeag River north of Island Falls on the ten mile drive to Oakfield. 06/27/05
U.S. 2 (Silver Ridge Road) passes over Interstate 95 between Dyer Brook and Smyrna Mills west of Exit 286. Exit 286 joins the freeway with Oakfield Road south of Smyrna Mills and north of Oakfield. 06/27/05
Connections with Maine 212 via Oakfield Road north at U.S. 2 (Silver Ridge Road) in Smyrna Mills provides the last direct route to Maine 11 and the scenic drive to Ashland, Eagle Lake and Fort Kent. Maine 212 arcs northwest from U.S. 2 to Maine 11 at Knowles Corner. 06/27/05
One mile southwest of the diamond interchange (Exit 286) with Oakfield Road on I-95 north. Oakfield Road travels south to River Road and Main Street at the Oakfield town center. 06/27/05
Exit 286 departs Interstate 95 north to Oakfield Road for Smyrna Mills and Oakfield. River Road continues Oakfield Road southwest along the Mattawamkeag River East Branch toward Dyer Brook (via Keith Brook Road west) and Red Bridge. 06/27/05
U.S. 2 trailblazers stand at the end of the Exit 286 ramp to Oakfield Road directing motorists to U.S. 2 east via Smyrna Mills or west via Dyer Brook. 06/27/05
Interstate 95 spans the East Branch of the Mattawamkeag River just east of Exit 286. Posted ahead of the crossing is one of the last northbound reassurance markers. 06/27/05
The towns of Smyrna, New Limerick and Houlton are all that separate the freeway from its end at the Canadian border. 06/27/05
U.S. 2 and Interstate 95 parallel one another from Smyrna Mills east through the town of Smyrna. The US highway crosses paths with the freeway at Exit 291, midway between the town center and Ludlow. 06/27/05
U.S. 2 passes south of Interstate 95 at the diamond interchange (Exit 291) to Ludlow. County Road carries the highway east through New Limerick. 06/27/05
Exit 291 leaves Interstate 95 north for U.S. 2 west to Smyrna and east to New Limerick and Houlton. 06/27/05
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 95 travels in an east-west fashion between Smyrna and the northern terminus at New Brunswick. The freeway straddles the New Limerick and Ludlow town line east toward Houlton on the approach to Exit 302. 06/27/05
The final Interstate 95 rest area resides in Houlton and doubles as a visitor information center for motorists entering the United States from New Brunswick. 06/27/05
Exit 302 provides the last connection with U.S. 1, the only road between Houlton and the Presque Isle and Caribou areas, from I-95 north. U.S. 1 splits with U.S. 1A at Mars Hill to the north. U.S. 1 continues to Presque Isle and Caribou while U.S. 1A stays east to Fort Fairfield and Hamlin. The two reconvene at Van Buren. 06/27/05
One mile west of the diamond interchange (Exit 302) with U.S. 1 (North Street) at Houlton. A short drive carries motorists into Downtown Houlton to the south, where U.S. 1 shares a brief overlap with U.S. 2 along Kendall Street. There U.S. 2A (Bangor Street) returns to U.S. 2 after its long distance routing from Macwahoc and Haynesville. 06/27/05
Aroostook State Park is found south of Presque Isle and west of U.S. 1 near Spragueville. U.S. 1 north also serves interests to the University of Maine at Presque Isle and Northern Maine Community College. 06/27/05
Interstate 95 spans B Stream and a Bangor and Aroostook Railroad line ahead of the off-ramp (Exit 302) to U.S. 1 (North Street). U.S. 1 continues south from Downtown Houlton and U.S. 2 (Military Street) along Court Street. The US highway continues from there to Cary, Danforth and Calais. Northward U.S. 1 travels another 100 miles to its conclusion at Fort Kent on the St. John River to New Brunswick. 06/27/05
The last shield for Interstate 95 north. Only the end shield ahead of the customs house remains. 06/27/05
Interstate 95 becomes New Brunswick 95, a 12-kilometer expressway between the Canadian border and Trans Canada Highway / New Brunswick 2. Trans Canada Highway provides the main route to Maritime Provinces cities such as Fredericton, St. John, Charlottetown and Halifax. 06/27/05
U.S. 2 also ends at the parclo interchange (Exit 305) with Interstate 95. The US route enters the scene by way of Military Street at Houlton International Airport (HUL). 06/27/05
All travelers continuing beyond Exit 305 immediately enter the Canadian port of entry. There is no U-turn ramp provided. 06/27/05
Interstate 95 northbound at Exit 305 to U.S. 2's westbound beginning. U.S. 2 follows Airport Road briefly before turning onto Military Street west into Houlton. Airport Road south continues into Houlton International Airport Industrial Park. 06/27/05
Drivers must slow to 25 MPH beyond the Exit 305 gore point for Canadian customs. An end Interstate 95 shield stands at the international line. 06/27/05
Posted at the end of the Exit 305 ramp are shields for U.S. 2(Airport Road) west and return access to Interstate 95 south via the U.S. 2 eastbound on-ramp. Airport Road does not continue north of the interchange and instead defaults onto the southbound freeway on-ramp. 06/27/05

  1. "Maine boosts speed limit to 75 mph, highest in New England." Reuters news service, September 28, 2011.

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