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Interstate 95 North
An ingress point for Phase 2 of the 95 Express lanes lies one mile north of the Miami-Dade County line. Costing $120 million, work converting the existing HOV lanes into two Express Lanes in south Broward was completed in Fall 2016. Tolling on the managed lanes commenced on October 15, 2016.1 Photo taken 01/23/16.
SR 858 (Hallandale Beach Boulevard) crosses paths with Interstate 95 in a half mile at Exit 18. The drawbridge that carries Hallandale Beach Boulevard over the Intracoastal Waterway to SR A1A (Ocean Boulevard) made the news on January 29, 2005, when cameras captured the image of an elderly woman, Helen Koton, hanging onto the bridge while it raised to its vertical position. She was able to survive with a few bumps and bruises. These cameras were installed due to the presence of two "blindspots" that cannot be seen from the bridge tender's control tower.2 Cameras were considered for some of the other 13 drawbridges in Broward County, especially as a result of another drawbridge accident on SR 838 (Sunrise Boulevard) in Fort Lauderdale. In that accident, 82-year-old Savitiri Motwane was killed October 2, 2003, as she was unable to hang on to the bridge as it raised to allow clearance for two boats to pass under the Sunrise Boulevard bridge.3 Photo taken 01/23/16.
This mileage sign line references the two other International Airports serving South Florida: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) six miles away via I-595 east and Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) 50 miles away via I-95 Exit 69. Photo taken 03/04/14.
A half mile ahead of the 95 Express Lanes entrance at Hallandale Beach. Phase 2 of the managed lanes system extends 9.5 miles north to Broward Boulevard (SR 842) in Fort Lauderdale. Photo taken 01/23/16.
Exit 18 departs Interstate 95 north for SR 858 (Hallandale Beach Boulevard). The 5.43-mile state road runs from U.S. 441 at Miramar and West Park east through Pembroke Park and Hallandale Beach to Gulfstream Racetrack and SR A1A just off the Atlantic Ocean. Photo taken 01/23/16.
Just one half mile separates Exit 18 from the diamond interchange (Exit 19) with SR 824 (Pembroke Road) along I-95 north. SR 824 lines the Hollywood south city limits west along Pembroke Park and east along Hallandale Beach. Photo taken 03/25/06.
SR 824 totals 6.55 miles between SR 817 (University Drive) near North Perry Airport (HWO) to the west and U.S. 1 (Federal Highway) to the east. Photo taken 03/04/14.
The first reassurance marker for I-95 north posted within Broward County. Broward County was not always its own county. It was formed in 1915 from the southern portion of Palm Beach County and the northern portion of Dade County. Prior to the creation of Broward County, the dividing line between Palm Beach and Dade Counties was located between Commercial Boulevard and Oakland Park Boulevard (Floranada Road in Fort Lauderdale).4 Photo taken 05/17/08.
Interstate 95 north at the Exit 19 off-ramp to SR 824 (Pembroke Road). Pembroke Road separates Pembroke Pikes and Miramar west of U.S. 441 (SW 60th Avenue). Photo taken 03/04/14.
Interstate 95 continues another 0.75 miles to the next of three exits for the city of Hollywood. Meeting I-95 ahead is SR 820 (Hollywood Boulevard), a commercial boulevard east to the central business district and west to Pembroke Pines. Photo taken 03/25/06.
Nearing the diamond interchange (Exit 20) with Hollywood Boulevard on I-95 north. East from Interstate 95, Hollywood Boulevard sees two traffic circles to the SR 820 terminus at SR A1A (North Ocean Drive). The boulevard is locally maintained between North 28th Street and Young Circle with U.S. 1 (Federal Highway). Photo taken 03/04/14.
Exit 20 parts ways with I-95 north for SR 820 (Hollywood Boulevard) to Hollywood. AMTRAK Hollywood Station abuts the west side of the freeway here. SR 820 otherwise extends west through Pembroke Pines along Pines Boulevard to both I-75 and U.S. 27. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Interstate 95 bends northeasterly to Stirling Road (Exit 22) and the Dania Beach city line. A diamond interchange (Exit 21) with SR 822 (Sheridan Street) is next in 1.50 miles. Photo taken 03/25/06.
State Road 824 lines Sheridan Street 5.79 miles west from SR A1A (Ocean Drive) to U.S. 441 at the Seminole Hollywood Reservation. Photo taken 03/25/06.
A TriRail station and associated park & ride occupies the southwest quadrant of Exit 21 between I-95 and SR 822 (Sheridan Street). Photo taken 05/17/08.
Passing over Taft Street along Interstate 95 north. Forthcoming SR 824 lines the Dania Beach City line east from SW 22nd Street to U.S. 1 (Federal Highway) and West Lake Park. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Northbound Interstate 95 reaches Exit 21 to SR 822 (Sheridan Street). Topeekeegee Yugnee Park lies just to the west along SR 822. Sheridan Street otherwise extends west from Hollywood to Cooper City and Pembroke Pikes. Photo taken 03/25/06.
Interstate 95 passes between an industrial park area to the west and a retail strip to the east to a diamond interchange (Exit 22) with SR 848 (Stirling Road). Photo taken 03/04/14.
SR 848 (Stirling Road) separates Hollywood and Dania Beach west from C-10 Canal to U.S. 441 at the Seminole Hollywood Reservation. Photo taken 03/25/06.
A 6.72-mile route, SR 848 travels west from Exit 22 to SR 817 (University Drive) in Davie and east to U.S. 1 (Federal Highway) in Dania Beach. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Now within the city of Dania Beach, Interstate 95 proceeds northward another three quarters of a mile to Exit 23 with SR 818 (Griffin Road). Photo taken 03/04/14.
One half mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 23) with Griffin Road, northbound motorists bound for Interstate 595 (Port Everglades Expressway) depart at the subsequent interchange. Photo taken 03/04/14.
An auxiliary lane accompanies Interstate 95 north from Stirling Street to the Griffin Road off-ramp (Exit 23). Photo taken 03/04/14.
Interstate 595, a 12.86 mile route between Davie (I-75) and Port Everglades (U.S. 1) crosses paths with Interstate 95 at a systems interchange 0.75 miles north of SR 818 (Griffin Road). Photo taken 03/04/14.
SR 818 runs east along the south side of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) to U.S. 1 (Federal Highway). Westward, the 10.75-mile state road concludes at SR 823 (Flamingo Road) along the Davie and Cooper City line. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Interstate 95 spans Dania Cut-Off Canal and straddles the western periphery of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) over the next mile. Photo taken 03/04/14.
SW 42nd Street passes over I-95 eastward into the air cargo terminal of FLL Airport as two lanes prepare to depart for Interstate 595 (Exit 12). I-595 provides the fastest route to the passenger terminal of FLL Airport. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Constructed between 1985 and 1991, Interstate 595 represents the sole east-west freeway in Broward County. The commuter route serves Davie, Plantation and Sunrise to its western terminus at Interstate 75 and SR 869 (Sawgrass Expressway) by Weston. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Interstate 595 west includes two reversible managed lanes (I-595 Express Lanes). The tolled lanes opened to traffic on March 26, 2014, increasing capacity for commuters to the western suburbs. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Long distance travelers bound for Naples and Tampa can take I-595 west to I-75 north across Alligator Alley. A massive interchange with Florida's Turnpike sends motorists northward to Orlando or southwest to Homestead. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Interstate 595 lines the north side of FLL Airport and the south Fort Lauderdale city limits to an interchange with U.S. 1. There ramps ties into Port Everglades. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Remaining along the Interstate 95 mainline, northbound drivers next meet a diamond interchange (Exit 25) with SR 84 (Marina Mile Boulevard). Photo taken 05/17/08.
Colorfully painted flyovers between Interstate 95 and the Port Everglades Expressway spread into view. Photo taken 03/25/06.
Interstate 95 north maintains four through lanes as Exit 25 claims the right lane for Marina Mile Boulevard. Marina Mile Boulevard leads southwest to Dania Bach and the I-595 frontage road system (SR 84) through Davie. Photo taken 05/17/08.
A 0.61-mile portion of Marina Mile Boulevard at I-95 doubles as State Road 84. The remainder of the route east to SW and SE 24th Street into Fort Lauderdale is locally maintained. Overall SR 84 was a cross peninsular route between Naples and Fort Lauderdale. The route was replaced by I-75 along Alligator Alley. Photo taken 05/17/08.
A flyover from I-595 east to I-95 north forms a collector roadway from SR 84 north to the diamond interchange with SR 736 (Davie Boulevard). Photo taken 03/25/06.
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2 photos
Separate overpasses carry SR 84 (Marina Mile Boulevard) across Interstate 95. A left turn joins SR 84 west to Dania Beach while an on-ramp merges onto the state road east into Fort Lauderdale. Photos taken 03/25/06.
Exit 26 follows in one mile for SR 736 (Davie Boulevard). Photo taken 05/17/08.
Ramps from I-595 combine beyond the SR 84 overpass to run alongside the northbound mainline to the right. Photo taken 04/01/14.
SR 736 travels along Davie Boulevard 4.03 miles between U.S. 441 to the west and U.S. 1 (6th Avenue) to the east. SR 842 parallels one mile to the north along Broward Boulevard east into Downtown Fort Lauderdale. Photo taken 05/17/08.
Crossing the New River South Fork, the I-595 ramps approach a left side slip ramp onto Exit 26 for SR 736 (Davie Boulevard). Photo taken 04/01/14.
The on-ramp from SR 84 adds an auxiliary lane to Exit 26 with SR 736 (Davie Boulevard). Photo taken 03/25/06.
Drivers bound for SR 736 (Davie Boulevard) depart the I-595 collector roadway and proceed northward to both the I-95 mainline and an off-ramp to SR 842 (Exit 27). Photo taken 04/01/14.
Exit 26 parts ways with I-95 north to SR 736. Davie Boulevard extends west from Fort Lauderdale to become Peters Road through Plantation. Photo taken 03/25/06.
A left side flyover after Exit 27 joins the HOV lane with the TriRail Broward Station, Amtrak and an associated park & ride lot. Photo taken 05/17/08.
Exit 27 departs I-95 north from below SR 736 for SR 842. The state road runs 7.16 miles east from SR 817 (University Drive) in Plantation to end at U.S. 1 (6th Avenue) in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. Photo taken 03/25/06.
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2 photos
Meanwhile the I-595 on-ramps also pass below SR 736 and approach their connection with SR 842. SR 842 sees a second unsigned segment along East Las Olas Boulevard between Karen Canal and SR A1A. Photos taken 04/01/14.
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2 photos
The unnumbered exit to the TriRail Broward Station elevates and passes over the southbound mainline directly to the park & ride lot south of SR 842. When the tolled 95 Express Lanes are extended north, this ramp will solely serve the HOT lanes. Photo taken 05/17/08. Second photo taken 03/25/06.
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2 photos
A high flyover appears on the horizon from SR 842 (Broward Boulevard) east onto I-95 north as traffic from I-595 finally merges onto the mainline. Photos taken 04/01/14.
The on-ramp from SR 842 forms a sixth northbound lane to the parclo interchange (Exits 29A/B) with SR 838 (Sunrise Boulevard). Photo taken 04/01/14.
SR 838 (Sunrise Boulevard) extends east through Fort Lauderdale just north of Downtown and west to Plantation, culminating at SR 817 (University Drive) south of the Sunrise city line. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Exit 29A carries drivers onto SR 838 (Sunrise Boulevard) east to SR A1A (Atlantic Boulevard) by the Fort Lauderdale beaches. This includes an overlap with U.S. 1 to Federal Highway north. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Exit 29B loops onto SR 838 (Sunrise Boulevard) west to Lauderhill. Sunrise Boulevard concludes at the Sawgrass Expressway (SR 869) near Sawgrass Mills Mall and the BB&T Center (home of the NHL Florida Panthers) in Sunrise. Photo taken 04/01/14.
The HOV-2 lane extends northward along Interstate 95 into Palm Beach County. The lane is restricted during the morning and evening peak hours. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Interstate 95 veers northeast to run alongside Mills Pond Park and the parallel TriRail. Photo taken 04/01/14.
SR 816 (Oakland Park Boulevard) meets I-95 at a six-ramp parclo interchange (Exits 31A/B) at the Wilton Manors, Oakland Park and Fort Lauderdale city line. Photo taken 04/01/14.
SR 816 (Oakland Park Boulevard) extends west from Oakland Park to Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill and Sunrise. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Exit 31B connects I-95 north with SR 816 (Oakland Park Boulevard) east along the Oakland Park and Wilton Manors city line to northern areas of Fort Lauderdale. Oakland Park was founded in 1929 and home to over 41,000 residents as of the 2010 census. Photo taken 04/01/14.
The 9.72-mile route of SR 816 concludes at SR A1A just east of the Intracoastal Waterway. Photo taken 04/01/14.
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2 photos
Oakland Park Boulevard comprises a commercial arterial west to U.S. 441 in Lauderdale Lakes. Beyond the state road end at SR 817, the boulevard runs through Sunrise to Exit 2 of the Sawgrass Expressway. Photos taken 04/01/14.
Interstate 95 continues northeast through Oakland Park to Exit 32 with Commercial Boulevard and Exit 33 with Cypress Creek Road. Photo taken 05/17/08.
A diamond interchange (Exit 32) with an added flyover from SR 870 west to I-95 south joins the freeway with Commercial Boulevard in 0.75 miles. Photo taken 04/01/14.
SR 870 provides another east-west connection between Interstate 95 and Florida's Turnpike at Tamarac. Photo taken 04/01/14.
SR 870 (Commercial Boulevard), totaling 9.89 miles, goes east from Exit 32 to Lauderdale-By-The-Sea and west to SR 817 at Tamarac. Photo taken 04/01/14.
SR 870 (Commercial Boulevard) west connects I-95 with Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) and Fort Lauderdale Stadium in northwest Fort Lauderdale. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Interstate 95 winds northeast to depart Oakland Park for the city of Pompano Beach beyond forthcoming Exit 33 with Cypress Creek Boulevard. Note that this sign, unlike advance mileage signs in Miami-Dade County, does not reference the intersecting state roads. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Cypress Creek Road runs east-west between North Lauderdale and northeast Fort Lauderdale. A six-ramp parclo interchange (Exits 33A/B) joins the arterial with I-95 in a half mile. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Exit 33A leads drivers east onto Cypress Creek Road to SR 811 (Dixie Highway) and NE 18th Avenue by Pine Crest High School. Photo taken 04/01/14.
North Andrews Avenue spans I-95 at the Exit 33A ramp departure for Cypress Creek Road east. The arterial transitions into a residential street, NE 62nd Street, to U.S. 1. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Exit 33B loops onto Cypress Creek Road west. The arterial runs along the north side of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) to NW 31st Avenue. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Cypress Creek Road becomes 62nd Street / McNab Road west through North Lauderdale and Tamarac. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Interstate 95 turns more northerly beyond Cypress Creek Canal through the city of Pompano Beach. The next three exits serve the city. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Upcoming SR 814 (Atlantic Boulevard) bisects Pompano Beach as part of a 7.12-mile route between U.S. 441 in Margate and SR A1A on the barrier island. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Interstate 95 parallels an industrial area along Andrews Avenue northward to Exit 36. Photo taken 04/01/14.
The fifth northbound lane defaults to SR 814 (Atlantic Boulevard) at Exit 36. Points of interest served by Exit 36 include Pompano State Farmers Market and Isle Casino & Horse Racing. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Interstate 95 north reaches the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 36) with SR 814 (Atlantic Boulevard). Atlantic Boulevard extends beyond the SR 814 end at Margate through Coral Springs to Exit 6 of the Sawgrass Expressway. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Copans Road lies 1.75 miles ahead to the west of Pompano Beach Airpark (PMP). SR 834 (Sample Road) follows in three miles along the Pompano Beach city line. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Copans Road constitutes a locally maintained arterial leading east to U.S. 1 (Federal Highway) in Pompano Beach and west to Coconut Creek. Photo taken 04/01/14.
The left lane continues with a restriction of HOV-2 traffic during peak hours. The lane will eventually be converted to a HOT Lane as part of a future phase of the 95 Express Lanes. Photo taken 04/01/14.
One quarter mile ahead of the three-quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exit 38) with Copans Road on I-95 north. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Exit 38 leaves I-95 north for Copans Road east to Pompano Beach Airpark (PMP) and west through an industrial area to Coconut Creek and Royal Palm Boulevard through Margate. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Interstate 95 shifts northeastward again on the one mile approach to Sample Road (Exit 39). The subsequent two exits lie within Deerfield Beach. Photo taken 04/01/14.
SR 834 runs 9.49 miles along Sample Road from SR 817 (University Drive) in Coral Springs to U.S. 1 (Federal Highway) at Lighthouse Point. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Reassurance marker posted ahead of the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 39) with SR 834. A Turnpike trailblazer directs motorists west along Sample Road to Exit 69 of the toll road. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Exit 39 claims the auxiliary lane gained from Copans Road for SR 834 (Sample Road) east to north Pompano Beach and west to Coconut Creek. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Sample Road continues beyond the SR 834 end in Coral Springs to Exit 8 of the Sawgrass Expressway. Photo taken 04/01/14.
The final two Broward County interchanges lie within the city of Deerfield Beach. Deerfield Beach is perhaps best known for its continuous public access walkway that parallels the beach front. Its beaches are very accessible and easy to reach without infringing on private property as a result of the walkway. Photo taken 04/01/14.
A reassurance marker for I-95 stands between the Sample Road on-ramp and a pedestrian bridge at NW 41st Street. Photo taken 04/01/14.
One mile south of SR 869 SW 10th Street) west to the Sawgrass Expressway. The toll road acts as the proverbial "line in the sand" that separates developed Broward County from the undeveloped and uninhabited Everglades along the west side of Coral Springs, Tamarac and Sunrise. The northern terminus of Toll SR 869 (Sawgrass Expressway) is located 2.7 miles east of forthcoming Exit 41. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Northbound Interstate 95 reaches the parclo interchange with SR 869 (SW 10th Street). SR 869 is a surface street between I-95 and Florida's Turnpike; it becomes the Sawgrass Expressway after passing under the turnpike. SW 10th Street continues east through Deerfield Beach as a locally maintained road to the Intracoastal Waterway. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Just one mile separates SW 10th Street (SR 869) with Exit 42 to SR 810 (Hillsboro Boulevard) in north Deerfield Beach. Photo taken 04/01/14.
A three-quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exits 42A/B) facilitates the movements between Interstate 95 and (SR 810 (Hillsboro Boulevard) in one quarter mile. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Exit 42A parts ways with I-95 north for SR 810 (Hillsboro Boulevard) east to SR A1A (21st Avenue) on Deerfield Beach portion of the Atlantic barrier island. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Three signs precede the loop ramp for Exit 42B onto SR 810 (Hillsboro Boulevard) west. Photo taken 04/01/14.
West from Exit 42B, SR 810 follows Hillsboro Boulevard across Deerfield Beach to Coconut Creek and U.S. 441 at the Parkland city line. Photo taken 04/01/14.
SR 810 ends a 7.82-mile route at U.S. 441, with Hillsboro Boulevard angling northwest a short distance further to Terramar Park in Parkland. Photo taken 04/01/14.
The first three interchanges within Palm Beach County lie within the city of Boca Raton. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Interstate 95 reassurance marker posted ahead of Hillsboro Canal. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Crossing Hillsboro Canal, northbound travelers along I-95 enter Palm Beach County. Palm Beach County was founded in 1909, when it separated from Dade County. A few years later, in 1915, the southern tier of Palm Beach County and northern tier of Dade County became today's Broward County. Other portions of Palm Beach County later became parts of Okeechobee County in 1917 and Martin County in 1925. The first city to be incorporated in Palm Beach County was West Palm Beach, which did so in 1894.4 Photo taken 04/01/14.

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