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Interstate 95 North
A new Pennsylvania welcome sign was installed just beyond the Delaware state line along I-95 north sometime after December 20, 2017. Photo taken 12/23/17.
Interstate 95 crosses the Delaware state line with six overall lanes into the Lower Chichester township. The freeway spans the West Branch of Naamans Creek and PA 491 (Naamans Creek Road) over the ensuing stretch. Photo taken 12/19/17.
The Pennsylvania Welcome Center follows the PA 491 underpass along I-95 northbound. The rest area doubles as a truck weigh station. Photo taken 10/05/14.
A pair of parclo interchanges link Interstate 95 with the borough of Marcus Hook beyond the welcome center and weigh station. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Interstate 95 in Pennsylvania is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway. Photo taken 12/27/16.
Exit 1 departs from I-95 north at the Blueball Avenue overpass for Chichester Avenue. Chichester Avenue angles across the freeway from Boothwyn to PA 452 (Market Street) at Linwood. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Exit 2 quickly follows from I-95 north beyond the Chichester Avenue overpass for Pennsylvania 452 (Market Street) in Upper Chichester township. Photo taken 12/19/17.
U.S. 322 east merges with I-95 north at the succeeding wye interchange (Exit 3 from southbound). PA 452 north provides the connection to the US highway west along Conchester Highway. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Pennsylvania 452 originates in Marcus Hook from U.S. 13 (10th Street) and extends 7.1 miles north to Village Green, Glen Riddle, U.S. 1 and Pennsylvania 352 at Lima. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Travelers along I-95 northbound next enter the city of Chester. Four interchanges serve the industrial city along the Delaware River starting with Highland Avenue (Exit 3) in a half mile. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Exit 3 separates from Interstate 95 north just ahead of the wye interchange bringing U.S. 322 east onto the freeway. The off-ramp links with parallel Township Line Road west to the borough of Trainer and east to Highland Avenue. Photo taken 12/19/17.
A left side merge brings traffic from U.S. 322 (Conchester Highway) onto Interstate 95 north ahead of the Highland Avenue overpass. A weaving traffic pattern ensues to Exit 4, where U.S. 322 branches south to the Chester Waterfront. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Interstate 95 North U.S. 322 east
U.S. 322 turns southward from I-95 on 0.75 miles to cross the Delaware River along the Commodore Barry Bridge to Bridgeport, New Jersey. 2016 traffic counts recorded by PennDOT here topped out at 191,000 vehicles per day. Photo taken 12/19/17.
An auxiliary lane opens along I-95 northbound from the Highland Avenue off-ramp to the semi directional T interchange (Exit 3) with U.S. 322 east. Photo taken 12/27/16.
Opened in 1974, the Commodore Barry Bridge is a cantilevered through truss span that links PA 291 (2nd Street) with U.S. 130 in Gloucester County, New Jersey. Prior to completion of the bridge, U.S. 322 utilized an auto ferry to cross the Delaware River. Tolls for the eastbound direction of the bridge were removed in 1992. Photo taken 12/27/16.
Northbound I-95 splits with U.S. 322 east at Exit 4. U.S. 322 travels east from Bridgeport, New Jersey to Glassboro and ultimately Atlantic City. The freeway to the Commodore Barry Bridge includes ramps with PA 291 (2nd Street) by Talen Energy Stadium, home of the Philadelphia Union MLS franchise. Photo taken 12/19/16.
Interstate 95 North
Glancing south from I-95 at the Commodore Barry Bridge. A partial interchange nearby connects the bridge approach with U.S. 13 (9th Street). Photo taken 12/25/12.
I-95 reenters the Chester city limits from Feltonville ahead of the half diamond interchange (Exit 5) with Kerlin Street. Row homes along Concord Avenue line the south side of the freeway. Photo taken 12/19/17.
The on-ramp from U.S. 322 west forms an auxiliary lane to Exit 5 for Kerlin Street. Photo taken 12/19/16.
Exit 5 leaves I-95 north for 12th Street east to Kerlin Street. Kerlin Street is an urban collector linking PA 291 (2nd Street) and U.S. 13 (9th Street) in Chester with Upland Avenue in the borough of Upland. Photo taken 12/27/16.
Crossing Chester Creek, Interstate 95 and the adjacent CSX Railroad line converge and parallel one east below the Chester street grid to Ridley Creek. A split diamond interchange (Exit 6) lines the succeeding stretch of I-95 with PA 352 and PA 320. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Pennsylvania 352 begins from parallel U.S. 13 (9th Street) at Avenue of the States and crosses over I-95 north along Edgemont Avenue en route to Parkside and Brookhaven. Pennsylvania 320 parallels just to the east along a one-way couplet (Madison / Upland Streets) south of I-95 to PA 291 (4th Street) and north along Providence Avenue to Widener University and Palmers Corner. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Dropping below grade, I-95 advances one mile north to Interstate 476 (Mid-County Expressway) north. Locally known as the Blue Route, I-476 represents an important link between I-95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike System (I-76, I-276 and the Northeast Extension) as well as a busy commuter route for the Philadelphia western suburbs. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Constructed in 1975, the three-wye interchange (Exit 7) with Interstate 476 (Mid-County Expressway) north sat idle until 1991, when ramps opened up as a local connector to MacDade Boulevard. The dated design of the exchange results in a bottleneck along Interstate 95, where lane drops in both directions reduce the freeway mainline to just four overall lanes. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Northbound Interstate 95 crosses Ridley Creek into Ridley township just ahead of Exit 7. The forthcoming ramp for I-476 was expanded to two lanes in fall 2015. Photo taken 12/20/17.
The Blue Route winds northward from Ridley Township to Swarthmore, Marple and Haverford townships with four overall lanes. Beyond Pennsylvania 3 (Exit 9), Interstate 476 expands to six lanes northward to I-76 (Schuylkill Expressway) at Conshohocken and I-276 (PA Turnpike) at Plymouth Meeting. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Confirming marker for I-95 posted beyond the Exit 7 gore point and ahead of milepost 6.4. Photo taken 12/21/16.
Two lanes from the south end of I-476 join Interstate 95 north three quarter miles ahead of Exit 8 with Stewart Avenue. Photo taken 12/20/17.
2016 traffic counts along I-95 north reduced from 166,000 vpd west of I-476 to 73,000 vpd after the Mid-County Expressway. Photo taken 12/20/17.
The freeway shifts south across U.S. 13 (Chester Pike) and railroad tracks for AMTRAK and Norfolk Southern just ahead of Exit 8. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 8) with Stewart Avenue on I-95 north. Stewart Avenue links I-95 with parallel U.S. 13 (Chester Pike) in the borough of Ridley Park and PA 291 (Industrial Highway) by the Boeing plant. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Interstate 95 makes an S-curve across Darby Creek and next meets Pennsylvania 420 (Wannamaker Avenue). Photo taken 12/19/17.
A lane drop occurs in one half mile for the collector distributor roadway to Exits 9A/B for PA 420. PA 420 (Wannamaker Avenue) ends just south of I-95 at PA 291 (Powhattan Avenue) and Essington. Photo taken 12/19/17.
I-95 crosses into Tinicum township just ahead of the c/d roadway for PA 420. This overhead was taken down sometime after August 2013, with a temporary ground level guide sign later posted and still in place by December 2017. Photo taken 12/25/12.
Motorists along northbound I-95 reach the cloverleaf interchange (Exit 9) with Pennsylvania 420 (Wannamaker Avenue). The initial sign for I-76 west (via Pennsylvania 291 north) was added here in the early 2000s. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Taking the c/d roadway, Exit 9A departs for PA 420 (Wannamaker Avenue) south to Essington. PA 420 north continues across Darby Creek to the borough of Prospect Park. Photo taken 12/20/17.
PA 420 travels 5.6 miles overall, joining Ridley township with the borough of Morton, Springfield township, and PA 320 (Sproul Road). Photo taken 12/21/16.
The succeeding exits from Interstate 95 north both serve Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Photo taken 12/19/17.
Wetland areas spreading along the north side of I-95 to PHL Airport fall within John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Sound walls separate Interstate 95 from residential areas of Lester ahead of milepost 10. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The eight lane freeway converges with Pennsylvania 291 (Bartram Avenue) at forthcoming Exit 10. Until December 1985, all northbound traffic diverted from Interstate 95 onto adjacent Pennsylvania 291 between here and Enterprise Avenue. Environmental complications due to impacts of wetland areas along Darby Creek delayed construction of this last section of I-95 in Pennsylvania. Photo taken 12/19/17.
A c/d roadway departs from within the PHL Airport interchange for Pennsylvania 291 east across the Platt Bridge. There is no direct access from I-95 north to I-76. Motorists are instead directed onto 26th Street north from PA 291 to its on-ramp to I-76 west at Passyunk Avenue. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Exit 10 comprises a lone off-ramp from I-95 north onto PA 291 (Batram Avenue) north leading to Cargo City of Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). PA 291 shifts sides with the freeway to bypass the airport over the subsequent mile. Photo taken 12/19/17.
The c/d roadway at Exit 13 connects with a loop ramp to PA 291 west along Island Avenue. University City lies west of I-76 and the Schuylkill River across from Central Philadelphia. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Interstate 95 northbound passes over a Conrail line and PA 291 (Batram Avenue) just ahead of the Philadelphia city and county line and the sweeping ramp system (Exit 12) for PHL Airport. Photo taken 12/19/17.


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