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Interstate 95 North
U.S. 1 (Richmond Highway) and Interstate 95 intermingle again at Exit 161 just north of the Occoquan River. A pair of wye interchanges link the two highways. 12/16/16
From Exit 161 northward, U.S. 1 (Richmond Highway) diverges from the Interstate 95 corridor. The US highway trends eastward through Fort Belvoir to Alexandria. SR 235 loops from U.S. 1 into historic Mt. Vernon east of Fort Belvoir. 12/16/16
Interstate 95 bends back northward between Exits 161 and 163 at Lorton. 12/16/16
A folded diamond interchange (Exit 163) joins I-95 with SR 642 (Lorton Road) adjacent to the AMTRAK Lorton station and a cluster of apartment complexes. 12/16/16
Exit 163 parts ways with Interstate 95 north for SR 642 at Lorton. SR 642 (Lorton Road) constitutes a 3.15 mile long arterial between SR 123 (Ox Road) and U.S. 1 (Richmond Highway). Completed on March 31, 2017, a 2.5 mile project realigned and extended Lorton Road from SR 611 (Furnace Road) to SR 123.1 12/16/16
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3 photos
3 photos
A northbound ingress point for the I-95 Express Lanes follows Accotink Creek. 12/16/16
Four miles out from the systems interchange with the Capital Beltway (I-495), motorists continuing on Interstate 95 are already advised to keep left for the impending split with I-395 (Exit 170B). Crossing over the freeway here is Pohlick Road (SR 638). 12/16/16
Dynamic message signs in the D.C. area display travel times to Washington on I-95 north and to intersecting freeways on the Capital Beltway. 12/16/16
A second sign advises Interstate 95 northbound motorists to move to the left ahead of the Springfield Interchange. While Washington marks the southern end of the Northeastern U.S. Megalopolis, New Jersey and New York represent the ultimate destination for many northbound travelers from Florida and other points south. 12/16/16
Three quarters of a mile south of the cloverleaf interchange (Exit 166) with Fairfax County Parkway (SR 286) at Newington. SR 286 travels south from Interstate 95 to U.S. 1 at Fort Belvoir. 12/16/16
An Express Lanes flyover links the managed lanes with Boudinot Drive north to Alban Road, Fullerton Road to Virginia Business Park and a trumpet interchange with Fairfax County Parkway (SR 286). 12/16/16
Northward SR 286 (Fairfax County Parkway) connects Interstate 95 with Franconia-Springfield Parkway (SR 289) at Rolling Road (SR 638). The final segment of Fairfax County Parkway built, this portion of the parkway opened on September 20, 2010. 12/16/16
Exit 166A leaves I-95 north for Fairfax County Parkway south at Loisdale Road (SR 789). SR 286 (former SR 7100) replaced Backlick Road between the freeway and U.S. 1 at Accotink. 12/16/16
Traffic on the Express Lanes advances one half mile to a flyover ramp back to the Interstate 95 mainline for SR 644 (Franconia Road) and the Springfield Interchange with I-395 and I-495. 12/16/16
Backlick and Fullteron Roads are referenced on Exit 166B signage from when Fairfax County Parkway temporarily ended west of Interstate 95. SR 286, upgraded from SR 7100 on February 15, 2012, travels 29.21 miles overall northwest to Fairfax Station, Fair Oaks, Reston and SR 7 at Dranesville. 12/16/16
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A flyover ramp connects the reversible roadway with the right side of the Interstate 95 mainline to provide connections with SR 644 (Franconia Road) and the Capital Beltway. 12/16/16
One-mile overhead for Exits 169A/B (SR 644) on Interstate 95 northbound. There is no direct access between the Interstate 95 mainline and Franconia-Springfield Parkway (SR 289). The east-west arterial crosses the freeway just south of SR 644 (Old Keene Mill and Franconia Roads) and Springfield Town Center. 12/16/16
A direct ramp connects the I-95 Express Lanes northbound with SR 286 (Franconia-Springfield Parkway). The ramp ascends to meet the parkway at a traffic light in one mile. 12/16/16
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2 photos
The initial guide sign for the Springfield Interchange (Exits 170A/B) precedes the multi level exchange with Interstates 395 (Shirley Highway) north and 495 (Capital Beltway) by 1.5 miles. 12/16/16
Drivers headed to Interstate 66, I-270 in Maryland and Dulles International Airport (IAD) are advised to take Interstate 495 northbound (Inner) via Exit 170B. I-495 connects with I-66 and the Dulles Access Road in western Fairfax County. 12/21/12
SR 644 (Franconia Road) meets Interstate 95 along a retail corridor anchoed by Springfield Town Center mall adjacent to SR 617 (Amherst Avenue). Exit 169A takes motorists onto SR 644 east to Franconia and the Metro Blue line - Franconia-Springfield Station. 12/16/16
Upgrades to the Springfield Interchange finished in 2007 included the construction of a flyover for I-95 north onto the Capital Beltway outer loop from the left side. The Henry G. Shirley Memorial Highway continues northward as Interstate 395 from the right side. 12/16/16
A final Express Lanes ingress point precedes the Springfield Interchange. Exit 170B departs from the outside lanes onto a three lane flyover for I-495 north to Tysons Corner and Rockville, Maryland. 12/16/16
SR 644 travels eastward on Franconia Road 2.6 miles from Exit 169 to Franconia and westward along Old Keene Mill Road to West Springfield. 12/16/16
The Express Lanes ramp for SR 289 (Franconia-Springfield Parkway) and the general travel lanes distributor roadway (Exits 169A/B) to SR 644 depart simultaneously from Interstate 95 north. 12/16/16
Exit 169 splits into ramps for SR 644 east and west. Exit 169A also provides access to Springfield Town Center via Spring Mall Road at Loisdale Road (SR 789). 12/16/16
A trailblazer for Express 495 references the HOT lanes opened on the Capital Beltway between Springfield and Tysons Corner on November 17, 2012. 12/21/12
A left exit connects with the Express Lanes to Arlington and the 14th Street Bridge across the Potomac River. Interstate 95 leaves the Henry G. Shirley Memorial Highway on a two lane flyover ramp to I-495 east for Alexandria and Oxon Hill, Maryland. The outside lanes default onto Interstate 395 north (Exit 170A). 12/16/16
I-95 splits with the beginning of Interstate 395 (Exit 170A). Exit 170B to Interstate 495 (Capital Beltway) west departs from I-395 in three quarters of a mile. 12/21/12
Interstate 395 spurs 13.4 miles northeast from Springfield to Arlington, the Pentagon and Downtown Washington. The Express Lanes also extend north along I-395 to the Potomac River. 12/16/16
An Interstate 95 reassurance marker appears just beyond the Exits 170A/B gore point. 12/16/16
The northbound Interstate 95 mainline runs alongside I-395 for 0.7 miles to the flyover spanning the Springfield Interchange. Exit 170 separates from I-395 in a quarter mile for the Capital Beltway west to Tysons Corner and north to Rockville, Maryland. 12/16/16
Exits 170A/B split along Interstate 395 north below the flyover taking I-95 northbound to Alexandria. 12/16/16
The adjacent flyover carries southbound motorists along I-95 from the Capital Beltway west. 12/16/16

  1. Lorton Road Improvement Project (2G40-022-000) - Mount Vernon District. Fairfax County, Virginia project web page.

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