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Interstate 95 North
North from the wye interchange with Interstate 895 north, I-95 (John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway) expands with four I-95 Express Toll Lanes (ETL) and eight General Purpose Lanes. 01/04/19
Interstate 95 reenters Baltimore County through the Rosedale community. 01/04/19
A four level systems interchange (Exit 64) joins I-95 with Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway) in 1.5 miles. 01/04/19
The $1.1 billion reconstruction of I-95 for the I-95 ETL1 commenced on on January 22, 2007. The project expanded the freeway outward and converted the directional interchange with left exit ramps at I-695 into a multi level exchange with high speed flyovers. 01/04/19
Two lanes depart from I-95 north a third of a mile beyond the Hazelwood Avenue overpass for Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway) north to the suburbs of Overlea, Parkville and Towson and south to Essex and Dundalk. 01/04/19
The reconfigured Beltway interchange shifted Exit 64 one half mile west from the previous gore point for Exit 64A to I-695 east by 2010. Kenwood Avenue (MD 588) passes over Interstate 95 at the separation. 01/04/19
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Travelers bound for Interstate 695 ascend onto flyovers for the Baltimore Beltway. 01/04/19
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I-695 turns northwest to meet Interstate 83 at Lutherville and southeast around the Back River to Sparrows Point and the tolled Francis Scott Key Bridge. 01/04/19
The previous design of the exchange, where the roadways of both I-95 and I-695 switched sides, was similar to Malfunction Junction in Birmingham, Alabama where I-20/59 and I-65 converged. 06/25/10
Funding issues delayed construction of the flyovers connecting the Baltimore Beltway with the I-95 ETL. A stub was included in the design of the flyover from I-695 north to I-95 south for the ETL. 07/06/10
Construction begun in Spring 2008 at MD 43 reconfigured the cloverleaf interchange to include new ramps from the Interstate 95 Express Lanes. Work also rebuilt 1.1 miles of MD 43.
Sign changes made for Exit 67 added Middle River for the southern extension of MD 43 in place of references for U.S. 1 and 40. 06/25/10
MD 43 (White Marsh Boulevard) forms a controlled-access expressway west from Interstate 95 to White Marsh Town Center, U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) at Putty Hill, and I-695 north at Parkville. 06/25/10
Separate ramps formerly connected I-95 north with MD 43 (White Marsh Boulevard). Exit 67 now leaves the Interstate 95 mainline where Exit 67A did for MD 43 east to U.S. 40 at White Marsh. MD 43 was extended southward from U.S. 40 in 2007 to MD 150 (Eastern Boulevard) at Middle River. 06/25/10
Interstate 95 (JFK Memorial Highway) spans Gunpowder Falls north of the Loreley community. 06/25/10
A short distance east of Gunpowder Falls is Little Gunpowder Falls, the dividing line between Baltimore and Harford Counties. Interstate 95 passes through portions of Gunpowder Falls State Park at both water crossings. 12/21/12
Advancing east to Joppa, Interstate 95 next meets MD 152 (Mountain Road) at a diamond interchange in one mile. 12/21/12
MD 152 runs 14 miles north from Exit 74 through Pleasant Hills and Fallston to MD 146 near Madonna. 12/21/12
Exit 74 departs for MD 152 (Mountain Road). The 17.34 mile long route continues south to U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) near Joppatowne, and Aberdeen Proving Grounds. 12/21/12
Confirming marker for Interstate 95 north posted ahead of the Clayton Road overpass. 12/21/12
Exits 77A/B join Interstate 95 with MD 24 north to Bel Air, MD 924 north to Emmorton and MD 24 south to Edgewood in one mile. 12/21/12
A $39.6-million project redesigned the forthcoming cloverleaf interchange (Exit 77) to separate movements to MD 24 north from the adjacent ramp connecting MD 24 with MD 924 at Tollgate Road. The diamond interchange at Tollgate Road was completed in October 2011. 12/21/12
MD 24 constitutes a controlled access arterial (Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway) between Edgewood and the Harford County seat of Bel Air. Beyond Bel Air, MD 24 passes through Rocks State Park, then heads through Constitution to the Pennsylvania state line at Fawn Grove. 12/21/12
The right lane of Interstate 95 north forms a distributor lane to MD 24/924 at Exit 77. 12/21/12
Changes made to Exit 77 during 2011-12 added a left turn from Exit 77A for MD 24 north to Bel Air. Exit 77B defaults motorists onto the MD 24 ramp to MD 924 (Emmorton Road) and Tollgate Road by a number of big box stores. Both roads parallel MD 24 (Vietnam Veterans Highway) northward by a number of subdivisions. 12/21/12
MD 924 follows the pre-1988 alignment of MD 24, 7.34 miles north to the interchange where U.S. 1 and MD 24 (Rock Spring Road) split, north of Bel Air. 12/21/12
The John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway carries six lanes from MD 24 east to the Delaware state line. 12/21/12
Approaching the Abingdon Road overpass, a mileage sign appears two miles out from the ensuing exit with MD 543, and eight miles from Aberdeen. New York is 171 miles to the northeast via I-95, I-295 and the New Jersey Turnpike. 12/21/12
One mile south of Exit 80 to MD 543 (Creswell Road) on Interstate 95 north. MD 543 leads north from U.S. 40 at Belcamp (Riverside) to Fountain Green, Hickory and MD 165 at Pylesville. 12/21/12
MD 136 passes over the JFK Memorial Highway a half mile south of Exit 80. Connections from MD 543 with MD 136 at Creswell lead motorists north to Churchville. 12/21/12
Exit 80 leaves I-95 north for MD 543 (Creswell Road). MD 543 widens to four lanes at Exit 80 and follows Riverside Parkway southeast to a partial trumpet interchange with U.S. 40. 12/21/12
The community of Belcamp, also referred to as Riverside, lies on the south side of the diamond interchange with I-95. 07/02/10
Riverside Parkway replaced the original MD 543 alignment of Belcamp and Creswell Roads. 07/02/10
The Maryland House service plaza, which features a full array of services, including food, gas, convenience store, information, and other amenities, lies one mile north of MD 543 within the freeway median. This plaza opened simultaneously with the Northeast Expressway toll road in 1962. 04/30/04
One half mile west of the Maryland House Service Plaza along Interstate 95 north.
The Maryland House service area closed on September 15, 2012 for $30 million reconstruction. The new 42,000 square foot facility opened on January 16, 2014.2 12/21/12
The left exit ramp to the Maryland House Service Plaza departs Interstate 95 north. A second service area, the Chesapeake House, is located 15 miles to the east along the JFK Memorial Highway. 06/25/10
The 2012 replacement for the mileage sign after the Maryland House switched Aberdeen (2 miles) with MD 22, increased the mileage to Havre de Grace from six to nine miles and swapped out Perryville (10 miles) for New York (168 miles). 12/21/12
MD 22 (Churchville Road west / Aberdeen Throughway east) crosses paths with Interstate 95 in one mile at Exit 85. 12/21/12
MD 22 begins at U.S. 1 Business/MD 924 (Main Street) in Bel Air, then travels east to Churchville, I-95 and U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) in Aberdeen. 12/21/12
Cal Ripken Stadium lies just north of I-95 and east of MD 22. Harford Community College is west of Churchville along MD 22. 04/30/04
Northbound at the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 85) with MD 22 (Aberdeen Throughway / Churchville Road). MD 22 ends to the east at Aberdeen Proving Ground. 06/25/10
Maxa Road passes over Interstate 95 north from Aberdeen beyond this reassurance shield. 12/21/12
The subsequent exit along I-95 north is three miles ahead at Havre de Grace. Perryville via Exit 93 or U.S. 40 follows in eight miles while New York City is 165 miles away. 06/25/10
Installed in 2012, this overhead is the first indication of the forthcoming toll plaza for the Susquehanna River crossing. Toll rates for the six-lane span increased to $8.00 per passenger vehicles on July 1, 2013. 12/21/12
Also the last before the tolled Millard J. Tydings Bridge to Perryville, the final Harford County exit along I-95 (John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway) north connects with MD 155 (Level Road) to Churchville and Havre de Grace. 12/21/12
MD 155 (Level Road) goes southeast to Superior and Ohio Streets in Havre De Grace, ending at U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) west of the tolled Hatem Bridge. Westward, the state route continues to Webster and Churchville. 12/21/12
Exit 89 leaves Interstate 95 north for MD 155 (Level Road). MD 155 totals 9.06 miles between Churchville and Havre De Grace. 12/21/12
MD 155 shields posted at the Exit 89 ramp end with Level Road. 06/25/10
Interstate 95 drops 200 feet in elevation from MD 155 to the Millard J. Tydings Bridge. 12/21/12
Interstate 95 continues three miles east to MD 222 (Exit 93). North East, a town of over 3,500, is the suceeding exit in ten miles. New York is another 150 miles to the northeast. 12/21/12
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2 photos
Interstate 95 spans the Susquehanna River across a high-level bridge between Havre De Grace and Perryville. Known as the Millard J. Tidings Memorial Bridge, tolls collected in the northbound direction generate funds for the maintenance of the entire John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway. 12/21/12
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2 photos
Looking south from the Millard J. Tydings Bridge at the Susquehanna River and Garrett Island. Three bridges span the river just north of its mouth at Chesapeake Bay: a CSX Railroad bridge, the Thomas J. Hatem Bridge (U.S. 40) and AMTRAK. 12/21/12
I-95 northbound formally enters Cecil County near the midpoint of the Susquehanna River. 12/21/12
Interstate 95 rises 150 feet from the Susquehanna River bridge to the Perryville main line toll plaza. Dedicated E-ZPass lanes are available, but open-road tolling is not. 12/21/12
Exit 93 provides connections to the northwest Cecil County town of Rising Sun via MD 275 and 276 north. MD 222 intersects the south end of MD 275 nearby, with MD 275 (Perrylawn Drive) traveling 2.2 miles to MD 276 (Jacob Tome Memorial Highway) for its 5.2-mile drive to the Rising Sun area. 12/21/12
A single toll schedule sign alerts motorists to the rates charged ahead. 12/21/12
A folded diamond interchange (Exit 93) joins Interstate 95 and MD 222 (Perrylawn Drive) north of Perryville and southeast of Port Deposit. MD 222 represents former U.S. 222 between MD 7 in Perryville, and U.S. 1 at Conowingo. Exit 93 also serves interests to the V.A. Medical Center at Perryville and the State Police and JFK Memorial Highway Administration Building nearby. 12/21/12
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2 photos
A conventional toll plaza includes a single E-ZPass only lane to the left. Truckers are required to stay to the right due to the following weigh station. 12/21/12
Tolls at the Susquehanna River were switched to northbound only in 1991 when MdTA expanded the toll plaza. 12/18/07
The loop ramp (Exit 93) to MD 222 (Perrylawn Drive) quickly follows the toll plaza. MD 222 travels 1.6 miles south to U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) in Perryville. Northward the state route turns west at MD 275 for a descent into the Susquehanna River valley. Port Deposit is a town situated in the narrow area between the river and bluffs. 12/21/12
Exit 93 leaves I-95 northbound for MD 222 (former U.S. 222). MD 824 passes underneath the freeway nearby, representing an older alignment of U.S. 222 between Reservoir Road and MD 275 (Perrylawn Drive). MD 222 north is a scenic route along the Susquehanna between Port Deposit and Conowingo Dam. 12/21/12
Interstate 95 (John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway) north passes over MD 824 (Blythedale Road) ahead of this confirming marker. 12/21/12
A six mile exit less stretch leads I-95 east to MD 272 (Exit 100). The last Maryland exit is 14.5 miles ahead with MD 279.
A replacement mileage sign posted in 2012 increased the mileage to Elkton from 15 to 18. 12/21/12
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2 photos
The upcoming Chesapeake House provides gas, food, and tourist information. 12/21/12
Interstate 95 northbound at the left side ramp for the Chesapeake House service area. Like the Maryland House in Harford County, this facility closed for multi year reconstruction. It reopened on August 5, 2014.2 12/18/07
Taking the Chesapeake House ramp from Interstate 95 north, three turns connect the single lane roadway with a gas station and the 30,000 square foot main building2 housing eateries, restrooms and tourist information. 12/21/12
A reassurance marker stands on the left side at the merge of traffic from the Chesapeake House back onto Interstate 95 north. 12/21/12
Approaching Exit 100 with MD 272 (North East Road) north to Rising Sun (via MD 274) and Calvert and south to North East and Elk Neck. The forthcoming interchange was expanded in the southbound direction in 1998-2000 to incorporate new loop ramps and a c/d roadway. 12/21/12
MD 272 extends south 14 miles to Elk Neck State Park. Home to the historic Turkey Point Lighthouse, the 2,188-acre park spreads across the peninsula between northern Chesapeake Bay and the Elk River, which connects with the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal across the First State. 12/21/12
Northbound I-95 (John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway) at Exit 100. MD 272 travels 1.9 miles south to U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) at North East. MD 272 north forms a multi state route with PA 272 to Lancaster.
The pull-through panel for New York was removed by 2012. 12/18/07
This reassurance shield stands along northbound after North East creek and before the Bouchelle Road overpass. 12/21/12
This 2012-installed mileage sign revised the mileage to MD 279 to seven miles from eight and replaced Philadelphia (53 miles) with Wilmington (26 miles). New York remains 147 miles to the northeast. 12/21/12
The final Maryland exit from Interstate 95 north joins the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway with MD 279 (Elkton Road) on the outskirts of both Elkton and Newark, Delaware. 12/21/12
MD 279 constitutes a 4.95-mile route from U.S. 40, west of Elkton, to the Delaware state line. Elkton Road (SR 279) continues from the border to SR 896 in the city of Newark and as S Main Street to the University of Delaware campus. 12/21/12
Interstate 95 crosses Big Elk Creek on the half mile approach to Exits 109A/B for MD 279 (Elkton Road). A pair of truck stops along Elkton Road nearby make this cloverleaf interchange a popular stop for truckers. 12/21/12
Interstate 95 climbs to 100 feet above sea level from Big Elk Creek to the MD 316 (Appleton Road) overpass. The freeway formally leaves the Chesapeake Bay Watershed at this crossing, having traveled through it since Exit 48 at Petersburg, Virginia. 12/21/12
Exit 109 leaves Interstate 95 north beyond the MD 316 over crossing as a c/d roadway. MD 279 (Elkton Road) west initially travels along a four-lane divided highway to the crossing of Big Elk Creek between MD 316 (Appleton Road) north and MD 268 (North Street) south to Downtown Elkton. 12/21/12
Exit 109B loops onto MD 279 (Elkton Road) north. MD 279 transitions to SR 279 in 1.2 miles at MD 277 (Fletchwood Road) west and the state line. SR 279 was designated in place of SR 2 in Summer 2013 one mile east to SR 4 (Christina Parkway) and SR 896 in Newark. 12/21/12

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