Interstate 95 north
Nearing the city of Benson on Interstate 95 north. North Carolina 50 & 242 intersect the freeway at a partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 79). The two highways merge for a short distance from Exit 79 to U.S. 301 (Wall Street) in Downtown Benson. North Carolina 50 travels 14 miles east to North Carolina 55 on the outskirts of Newton Grove. Photo taken 07/28/13.
One half mile south of North Carolina 50 & 242 (East Main Street) at the town of Benson. North Carolina 242 enters the area from a 13-mile drive north from Spivey's Corner and U.S. 421. The state route ends two miles north of Benson at Exit 325 of Interstate 40. Exit 79 was upgraded in 2005 from a diamond to a partial-cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 07/28/13.
The Exit 79 loop ramp leaves Interstate 95 north and ends at the North Carolina 50 and 242 intersection split. West of U.S. 301 & North Carolina 242 (Wall Street), North Carolina 50 follows West Main Street 0.6 miles to the split with North Carolina 27's westbound beginning. NC 27 proceeds eight miles west to Coats from there. NC 50 meanwhile turns northward along the I-40 corridor to Garner and Raleigh. Interstates 95 and 40 come together next. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Interstate 95 stays along the east side of Benson through to Interstate 40. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Long distance interests to North Carolina's coastal areas should use Interstate 40 and its connections with North Carolina 24 and other roads for Wrightsville Beach, Beaufort, Morehead City, Carolina Beach, Topsail Beach, etc. The USS North Carolina Battleship and North Carolina Aquariums are among the attractions near the eastern terminus in Wilmington. Photo taken 05/30/07.
A directional ramp shuttles travelers from I-95 north onto I-40 west. This includes an auxiliary lane to Exit 81. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Traffic interests to Interstate 40 depart Interstate 95 in unison via Exit 81. Interstate 40 travels north 27 miles to I-440 at Raleigh and 49 miles to North Carolina 147 (Durham Freeway). Eastbound travelers head 13 miles to Newton Grove and 93 miles to Interstate 40's end at Wilmington. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Exit 81 partitions into separate ramps to Interstate 40. Interstate 40 opened to traffic between Interstate 95 and U.S. 70 at Garner in 1989. Completion of the route southeast from Interstate 95 occurred by June 29, 1990.1 Photo taken 05/30/07.
Interstate 95 maintains four lanes through the directional-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 81) with Interstate 40. Photo taken 05/30/07.
Glancing at the Interstate 40 eastbound sign bridge for the loop ramp onto Interstate 95 northbound (Exit 328B). Interstate 95 receives the smallest control points south of Bangor, Maine in the form of Dunn, Benson, and Smithfield in North Carolina. Photo taken 05/30/07.
Reassurance marker posted for Interstate 95 north as the freeway parallels Hannah Creek. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Richmond appears for the first time on this mileage sign south 15 miles south of Smithfield. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Traveling northeast toward the community of Four Oaks and Exit 87. What was a split-diamond interchange with Hockaday Road (SR 1162) / Main Street and Keen Road (SR 1178) was modified into a conventional diamond interchange in 2006. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Keen Road (SR 1178) cuts a north-south swath from U.S. 301 (Wellons Street) at Four Oaks to North Carolina 96 and U.S. 701. Allendale Road (SR 1164) provides access to parallel Main Street west of Exit 87. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Interstate 95 north at Keen Road (SR 1178) and Four Oaks. High mast lighting and street lights accompany the Exit 87 ramps to Keen Road. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Brewer Road (SR 1225) travels alongside Interstate 95 north from Exit 87 to North Carolina 96. North Carolina 96 becomes the northbound side frontage road through to its merge with U.S. 701 and U.S. 301 north. NC 96 travels ten miles north from Interstate 40 (Exit 334). Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 701 enters the scene along a 15-mile drive north from Newton Grove and Bentonville Civil War Battlefield. The highway travels south to Clinton, Elizabethtown, Whiteville, and Tabor City in North Carolina. Its overall routing takes U.S. 701, 172 miles to Georgetown, South Carolina. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Northbound at the Exit 90 off-ramp to U.S. 301, U.S. 701 south, and North Carolina 96. U.S. 701's northern terminus occurs on the north side of this interchange where it meets U.S. 301. North Carolina 96 meanwhile joins U.S. 301 north for a six-mile drive into Downtown Smithfield. The state route shares pavement with U.S. 301 all the way to Selma before turning north to Zebullon. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Interstate 95 progresses northeast across Black Creek, east of Holts Lake, to the Smithfield town limits. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Downtown Smithfield lies five miles ahead, with Wilson in another 33 miles and Richmond still 165 miles away. Photo taken 07/28/13.
The Neuse River flows 275 miles south from the North Carolina Piedmont and Falls Lake to Pamlico Sound south of New Bern. Photo taken 07/28/13.
1.50 miles south of the folded cloverleaf interchange (Exit 93) with Brogden Road (SR 1007) on Interstate 95 north. Whitley Farm Road (SR 2549) and Wal-Pat Drive (SR 2548) comprise the frontage road system tying into the forthcoming exit. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Exit 93 represents the first of two interchanges serving the town of Smithfield. Photo taken 06/24/10.
Brogden Road (SR 1007) ends a short distance north of Interstate 95 at U.S. 301 & North Carolina 96's split from 3rd Street onto Brightleaf Boulevard. Brogden Road southeast provides a back route to the city of Goldsboro. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 70 Business (Market Street) meets U.S. 301 & North Carolina 96 (Brightleaf Boulevard) in Downtown Smithfield, 1.2 miles west of the partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 95) with I-95. U.S. 70 Business represents the original U.S. 70 alignment, since bypassed by a freeway near Selma. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 70 Business loops through Smithfield and West Smithfield along Market Street. The business loop merges with U.S. 70 four miles east of Interstate 95, 21 miles west of Goldsboro. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Traveling the Exit 95 off-ramp from Mallard Road to U.S. 70 Business. Mallard Road (SR 2507) stems south from Exit 95 to Brogden Road while U.S. 70 Business transitions into a rural highway from Smithfield and Interstate 95 eastward. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Industrial Park Drive (SR 2398) runs along the west side of Interstate 95 between Exits 96 and 97, serving a variety of businesses and the Carolina Premium Outlets. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Rocky Mount, where future Interstate 495 ties into I-95, appears on this mileage sign at 46 miles out. Upcoming Exit 97 serves interests to the Hinnant Family Vineyards. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Interstate 95 nears the next two versions of U.S. 70, the mainline and U.S. 70 Bypass. U.S. 70 follows an expressway bypass of Selma and Pine Level to the south. The route splits within the vicinity of Exit 97, with U.S. 70 Bypass following a freeway to the west of the at-grade U.S. 70. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Nearing the U.S. 70 Bypass over crossing on Interstate 95 north; U.S. 70 lies just one third of a mile to the east. U.S. 70 is a major corridor between Raleigh, Garner, and Clinton to the west with Selma, Goldsboro, Kinston, New Bern, and Morehead City to the east.
A fourth version of U.S. 70, U.S. 70 Alternate, ties into Exit 97 from the east to provide access to Pine Level. Only one version of U.S. 70 heads northwest toward nearby Selma otherwise. Photo taken 07/28/13.
A six-ramp partial cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 95 and U.S. 70 at the west end of U.S. 70 Alternate. U.S. 70 merges with U.S. 70 Bypass via wye interchanges in either direction. Selma lies two miles to the north; Pine Level resides three miles east on U.S. 70 Alternate. Long distance interests to Tryon Palace at New Bern and Cape Lookout National Seashore on the south Outer Banks should use U.S. 70 east. Photo taken 07/28/13.
The third rest area along I-95 north in North Carolina and first since the Fayetteville area lies 1.5 miles ahead outside Selma. Photo taken 07/28/13.
A direct route into Selma is provided by Anderson Street north from a folded-diamond interchange at Exit 98. Anderson Street (SR 1927) intersects U.S. 301 & North Carolina 96 (Pollock Street) in Downtown, four blocks south of their split at Richardson Street. Photo taken 07/28/13.
One quarter mile out from Exit 98 and Anderson Street (SR 1927). Connections with U.S. 301 in town direct motorists to North Carolina 96 and 39 north to Zebulon and Emit respectively. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Northbound at the Exit 98 loop ramp to Anderson Street west to Selma. Anderson Street (SR 1927) becomes Main Street east of Interstate 95 en route to Pine Level. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Campground Road (SR 2387) lines the east side of Interstate 95 by this shield assembly, linking Pine Level Selma Road with Wiggs Road to the east. Photo taken 07/28/13.
A pair of rest areas line Interstate 95 between Selma and Crumplers Crossroads. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Nearing the town of Micro and Pittman Road (Exit 101) on Interstate 95 north. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Pittman Road (SR 2137) intersects Interstate 95 at a diamond interchange (Exit 101) near the rural area of Crumplers Crossroads. The local road travels north-south between Lizzie Mill and Davis Homestead Roads. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Interstate 95 northbound at the Exit 101 ramp departure to Pittman Road (SR 2137). Pittman Road meets U.S. 301 just north of the CSX Railroad crossing. A pair of state routes act as frontage roads for Interstate 95 through this vicinity. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Next in line for northbound travelers is the diamond interchange (Exit 102) by the town of Micro. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Reassurance marker for I-95 north posted east of Little Creek. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Meeting the freeway at Micro and Exit 102 is East Main Street south and Micro Road north (SR 2130). Photo taken 07/28/13.
East Main Street (SR 2130) intersects U.S. 301 (Smithfield Street) in the heart of Micro before becoming Micro Road West north into rural areas. South of Exit 102, Micro Road quickly ends at Lowell Mill Road; Lowell Mill Road (SR 2335) parallels Interstate 95 to the south through farm fields. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Interstate 95 continues a short distance to Exit 105 with Bagley Road. Bagley Road (SR 2339) serves the rural communities of Bagley and Lowell Mill. Photo taken 07/28/13.
One quarter mile west of the Exit 105 off-ramp to Bagley Road. Bagley Road (SR 2339) meets Lowell Mill Road (SR 2335) nearby to the east and U.S. 301 and Weaver Road (SR 2144) to the west. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Northbound at the rural diamond interchange with Bagley Road (Exit 105). Weaver Road (SR 2144) continues north from Bagley Road at U.S. 301 to Beulahtown. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Situated within the Exit 105 interchange is the one-mile guide sign for Truck Stop Road (Exit 106). Truck Stop Road (SR 2399) represents another in a series of local roads that ties into Interstate 95 from U.S. 301. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Interstate 95 crosses the Little River immediately east of Exit 105. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Truck Stop Road (SR 2399) joins Interstate 95 with Princeton Kenly Road (SR 2342) to the south and J. Howell Road (SR 2165) at U.S. 301 to the north, both local roads that serve the rural areas outside of Kenly. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Wilson is now 22 miles to the north, followed by Rocky Mount in 39 miles. Richmond is still over two hours away. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Exit 106 departs Interstate 95 northbound for Truck Stop Road (SR 2399). Princeton Kenly Road (SR 2342) ventures east from Truck Stop Road to Alford Avenue in the town of Kenly. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 301 crosses paths with Interstate 95 again at a partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 107) at west Kenly. U.S. 301 follows Church Street through Downtown, intersecting North Carolina 222 (2nd Street) in the process. North Carolina 222 travels through rural areas between North Carolina 231 near Emit and U.S. 117 near Fremont. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 301 continues east from Kenly seven miles to Lucama and 12 miles to Wilson along a four-lane highway. The US highway breaks away from the immediate vicinity of Interstate 95 from Kenly north to Roanoke Rapids.
Historically, U.S. 301 between Exit 107 and North Carolina 4 north of Rocky Mount represents a decommissioned routing of Business Loop Interstate 95. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Drivers bound for U.S. 301 north to Kenly and Lucama depart Interstate 95 northbound at Exit 107. Interests to Wilson may use either U.S. 301 north or the I-795 & U.S. 264 freeway east from Interstate 95 north at Exit 119. Use Exit 107 for Kenly's Southern National Motorsports Park and the Tobacco Farm Life Museum. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Interstate 95 angles more northerly to bypass Kenly and the U.S. 301 corridor leading toward Wilson. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Downtown Wilson is still 19 miles ahead while Rocky Mount is 36 miles away. I-95 generally stays outside Wilson to the west. Photo taken 07/28/13.
The 30.34-mile stretch through Johnston County concludes as Interstate 95 enters Wilson County just east of the NC 222 overpass. The freeway remains rural over the next several miles. Photo taken 07/28/13.


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