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Interstate 95 North
Welcome signs posted at the U.S. 301/501 underpass near South of the Border and Rowland. 12/13/17
Diverging with U.S. 301/501, Interstate 95 parallels Bracey Swamp northeast. The freeway in North Carolina is a part of the Purple Heart Memorial Highway system. 12/13/17
NC 130 connects Interstate 95 with the Rowland business district at a parclo A2 interchange (Exit 2). The state route combines with U.S. 501 northwest to Raemon. 12/13/17
NC 130 angles southeast six miles from Exit 2 to meet NC 904 at Five Forks and another seven miles east to the town of Fairmont. NC 904 straddles the state line southeast to Fair Bluff, Tabor City and ultimately Ocean Isle Beach. 12/13/17
Interstate 95 advances east from Rowland across Ashpole Swamp. 12/13/17
A regional service center, Lumberton lies 17 miles to the northeast directly along I-95. The freeway bypasses Fayetteville, which is located 31 miles further. 12/13/17
The North Carolina Welcome Center and rest area is situated on a rise Ashpole Swamp and Scotts Mill Branch. 12/13/17
Exit 7 constitutes a diamond interchange with Raynham Road (SR 2455) near the small towns of McDonald and Raynham. 12/13/17
Raynham Road (SR 2455) travels north from Exit 7 to U.S. 301 near Raynham and south to NC 103 near Five Forks. McDonald Road (SR 2422) stems east from Raynham Road nearby to McDonald. 12/13/17
NCDOT recorded 40,000 vehicles per day (vpd) along I-95 to the north of McDonald in 2017. 12/13/17
Continuing northeast, I-95 reaches Lumberton in 12 miles. Fayetteville lies another 30 miles beyond the Robeson County seat. 12/21/18
U.S. 301 returns to I-95 from Rowland and Raynham at Exit 10 / Chicken Road in one mile. Interstate 95 subsumes U.S. 301 north from Back Swamp and U.S. 74 into Lumberton. 12/13/17
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 10) with U.S. 301 north and Chicken Road (SR 1003) south. SR 1003 extends 5.27 miles south to NC 41 outside the town of Fairmont. Paralleling I-95 to the north, former U.S. 301 parallels I-95 along Hilly Branch Road / SR 1207 3.46 miles east to U.S. 74 Alternate. 12/13/17
Interstate 95 U.S. 301 North
I-74 and U.S. 74 converges with I-95/U.S. 301 at a cloverleaf interchange (Exit 13) in 1.75 miles. 12/13/17
U.S. 74 Alternate branches north from I-74/U.S. 74 at the adjacent interchange to I-95. Prior to late 2007, U.S. 74 Alternate met I-95 directly at what was Exit 14. 12/21/18
U.S. 301 was relocated onto Interstate 95 between Exits 10 and 14 in 1984.1 U.S. 301 continues northeast with the freeway to Exit 22. 12/13/17
U.S. 74 constitutes the main route from Charlotte to Wilmington and the Southeastern North Carolina beaches. Entirely a four lane highway, U.S. 74 varies between freeway and expressway segments, some of which are incorporated into I-74. 12/21/18
A collector distributor roadway separates from I-95/U.S. 301 north for I-74/U.S. 74. The exchange joining the two freeways at Exit 13 was completed on September 26, 2008. Interstate 74 was extended east from the older Maxton Bypass to U.S. 74 Alternate at south Lumberton at that time. 12/21/18
Exit 13A leaves the c/d roadway for U.S. 74 east to Wilmington. I-74 overlays U.S. 74 east four miles to NC 41; U.S. 74 continues south from there to Chabourn and Whiteville. 12/21/18
Exit 13B loops onto a c/d roadway along I-74/U.S. 74 westbound. Interstate 74 overlays portions of the U.S. 74 freeway around Maxton and Laurinburg. Worked started in late 2019 connectst the bypass at Rockingham with I-73/74 north at Ellerbe. 12/21/18
Frontage roads (5th Street / Kenric Drive) accompany Interstate 95 and U.S. 301 east toward Lumberton Regional Airport (LBT). 5th Street represents the old alignment of both U.S. 74 and U.S. 301 leading into Lumberton. 12/13/17
Although already within the city of Lumberton, Downtown is still another six mile drive east via I-95/U.S. 301 to Exits 17 or 19. 12/13/17
NC 72/711 (Caton Road) meet Interstate 95 at the ensuing exit in Lumberton. The two state routes combine 0.49 miles north of I-95. NC 711 ends at Exit 17; NC 72 (5th Street) continues east to NC 41 and along 2nd Street into Downtown. 12/13/17
Exit 17 departs Interstate 95 northbound for NC 72/711 (Caton Road). Beyond their separation, NC 711 (Country Club Road) winds northwest to the town of Pembroke and the campus of UNC-Pembroke. NC 72 gradually curves north along Caton Road to Philadelphus and the town of Red Springs. 12/13/17
NC 72 and 711 shields posted at the diamond interchange (Exit 17) with Caton Road. 12/16/07
Confirming markers for I-95/U.S. 301 preceding the VFW Road and Southeast Railroad underpass. The historic alignment of U.S. 301 followed 5th and 2nd Streets into Lumberton and Pine Street and Fayetteville north from Downtown. 12/13/17
Carthage Road (SR 1536) angles northwest through the Lumberton residential street grid from Water Street to Interstate 95 at forthcoming Exit 19. 02/15/19
Interstate 95 spans the Lumber River across a bridge built for U.S. 301 in 1955. The diamond interchange (Exit 19) with Carthage Road (SR 1536) follows. The guide sign here was knocked down in 2016 and still missing in 2018. 07/28/13
U.S. 301 was relocated onto the Lumberton bypass by 1954, which was four laned by 1958 and numbered Interstate 95 by 1961.1 12/13/17
Capuano Road and Lackey Street comprise the I-95/U.S. 301 frontage roads north from Carthage Road to NC 211 at Exit 20. NC 211 (North Roberts Avenue) forms an arterial bypass of central Lumberton, connecting I-95 with NC 41 (Elizabethtown Road) east to Elizabethtown and NC 72 south. 12/13/17
A six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 20) links I-95/U.S. 301 with NC 211 (North Roberts Avenue). NC 211 heads 15 miles northwest from Lumberton to Red Springs (NC 71). The state highway overall travels southeast to Southport along the Atlantic Coast and northwest to Candor in central North Carolina. 12/13/17
Kahn and Dawn Drive parallel the freeway as the frontage roads between Exits 20 and 22 through north Lumberton. 12/13/17
U.S. 301 concludes the 12 mile overlap with Interstate 95 at the succeeding exit in one mile. 12/13/17
The town of St. Pauls lies 11 miles ahead along Interstate 95 northbound at Exit 31. Fayetteville is another 20 miles. 12/13/17
U.S. 301 loops west from I-95 along Fayetteville Road from Robeson Community College at Exit 22 to Exit 25 near Tenmile Swamp. Previous guide signs for Exit 22 referenced Local Traffic in place of Lumberton. 12/13/17
Construction kicked off October 2012 on a $12.6 million project converting Exit 22 into a diverging diamond interchange (DDI). Completed by April 2015, new overpasses built for Fayetteville Road eliminated the overheight truck restriction along Interstate 95.2 12/13/17
Interstate 95 North
Interstate 95 north advances north and leaves the Lumberton city limits. 12/13/17
North and southbound weigh stations are located along Interstate 95 at mile marker 24 northwest of Powers. 12/13/17
SR 1529 (Powersville Road) spans Interstate 95 ahead of the weigh station off-ramp. The 1959 overpass was reconstructed in 2008 to provide additional height clearance. 12/13/17
U.S. 301 crosses back to the east of Interstate 95 at a parclo B2 interchange (Exit 25). 12/13/17
Exit 25 loops away from I-95 north to U.S. 301 and Russ Road. U.S. 301 continues north six miles to St. Pauls and NC 20. 12/13/17
Interstate 95 runs alongside Tenmile Swamp on the ensuing stretch north of Exit 25. 02/15/19
Fayetteville is another 26 miles to the north. 12/13/17

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  2. I-95 Diverging Diamond Interchange in Lumberton. North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), project web site.

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