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Interstate 95 & New Jersey Turnpike north
Merging onto the New Jersey Turnpike mainline from the Pearl Harbor Memorial Turnpike Extension eastbound near Mansfield. Interstate 95 next approaches U.S. 206 (Exit 7) 1.5 miles north of Exit 6. U.S. 206 crosses the turnpike from the southeast en route to Bordentown and Trenton within the vicinity of the upcoming interchange. Photo taken 10/05/14.
One-mile guide signs for the Exit 7 interchange with U.S. 206 near Bordentown. The US highway travels east of the Philadelphia metropolitan area from Hammonton northward to Vincentown, Columbus and Mansfield before crossing paths with Interstate 95 and the New Jersey Turnpike. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Connections with New Jersey 68, a 7.8-mile route south from U.S. 206 in adjacent Mansfield Township, lead motorists to Fort Dix and McGuire Air Force Base. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Interstate 95 crosses over both U.S. 206 and Blacks Creek ahead of the trumpet interchange and access roadway between the Turnpike and US route. U.S. 206 combines with U.S. 130 one mile to the north ahead of the Bordentown city line. U.S. 206 travels eight miles the capital city of Trenton and its suburb of White Horse. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The standard signing practice on the New Jersey Turnpike is to post exit signs on overhead assemblies at the interchange gore points. Photo taken 10/05/14.
6.7 miles separate Exit 7 from Exit 7A with Interstate 195 at Robbinsville Township. Service areas line both sides of the Turnpike between the two interchanges. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Interstate 95 (NJ Turnpike) crosses Crosswicks Creek and the Mercer County line ahead of the South Broad Street (CR 672) overpass in Hamilton Township. The Woodrow Wilson Service Area is one mile ahead. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The Woodrow Wilson Service Area lies along Interstate 95 between Mercer County 524 (Yardville Allentown Road) and Merrick Road in Hamilton Township. It is accessible from both the Inner and Outer Roadways. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Interstate 95 continues two miles north from the Woodrow Wilson Service Area to Interstate 195 (Exit 7A). I-195 extends 34.17 miles east from Trenton to Belmar by the New Jersey shore. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Services at the Woodrow Wilson Service Area include a gas station, food court and truck parking. Photo taken 10/05/14.
A flyover passes over the Outer Water to carry drivers from the Inner Roadway to the Woodrow Wilson Service Area. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Interstate 195 provides a high speed route to Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, Asbury Park, Neptune and Point Pleasant to the east of the New Jersey Turnpike. Photo taken 10/05/14.
I-195 west ends at the junction of Interstate 295 and New Jersey 29 at White Horse. New Jersey 29 provides a high speed route into the capital city. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Construction on Interstate 195 commenced in 1968, with most the route complete between White Horse and Belmar by 1981. The western section to the Trenton Belt Line fully opened by 1990. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The Inner Roadway sees a flyover crossing the Outer Roadway for the trumpet interchange and access road to I-195. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Exit 7A leaves the Outer Roadway of the New Jersey Turnpike northbound for Interstate 195. Downtown Trenton lies ten miles to the west while West Belmar and South Belmar are 31 miles to the east. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The trumpet interchange for I-195 was redesigned during the 2009-14 widening project. This included building a new sweeping ramp from the Exit 7A toll plaza onto the northbound Turnpike. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Continuing northward toward the borough of Hightstown, Interstate 95 & New Jersey Turnpike meet the east end of New Jersey 133 (Hightstown Bypass) in two miles. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Forthcoming Exit 8 consists of a rebuilt trumpet interchange with the Hightstown Bypass in East Windsor Township. New Jersey 133 was extended south from NJ 33 to the NJ Turnpike in January 2013, replacing the original access road to NJ 33 in the process. Photo taken 10/05/14.
A single point urban interchange (SPUI) joins NJ 133 with NJ 33 just northeast of Exit 8. New Jersey 33 (Franklin Street) forms a 42.03 mile route between Downtown Trenton and Ocean Grove in Neptune Township. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Exit 8 leaves the Inner Roadway at the CR 571 (Etra Perrineville Road) overpass for New Jersey 133 to New Jersey 33. New Jersey 33 follows Franklin Street, Main Street and Mercer Street west through Hightstown to merge with U.S. 130 south of town. The two routes share five miles of pavement southwest to Robbinsville. Photo taken 10/05/14.
New Jersey 33 travels east from Hightstown to Twin Rivers, Freehold, Neptune and Asbury Park. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Motorists bound for NJ 133 west depart the Outer Roadway at Exit 8. NJ 133 encircles Hightstown along a 4.4-mile freeway from I-95 west to Mercer County 571 (Princeton Hightstown Road) near Locust Corner. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The ensuing service area along Interstate 95 (New Jersey Turnpike) north lies eight miles ahead in East Brunswick Township. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Two miles south of the Exit 8A interchange with New Jersey 32 at South Brunswick. Sign changes made during the 2009-14 expansion project amended signs for Exit 8A to show both NJ 32 and U.S. 130. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Northbound I-95 at milepost 72 by the Cranbury Half Acre Road overpass. The Molly Pitcher Service Area lines the southbound Turnpike. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The upcoming Exit 8A trumpet interchange connects Interstate 95 with New Jersey 32 (Forsgate Drive) west to U.S. 130 and CR 612 (Forsgate Drive) east into Monroe Township. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Exit 8A leaves Interstate 95 north for NJ 32 west and CR 612 east to the borough of Jamesburg. New Jersey 32 totals just 1.18 miles between the NJ Turnpike and U.S. 130 in South Brunswick township. U.S. 130 heads south from Forsgate Drive to Cranbury township and north to North Brunswick township. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The Exit 8A access road leads south from a toll plaza to ramps for both NJ 32 (Forsgate Drive) and parallel CR 535 (Cranbury South River Road). Photo taken 10/05/14.
Now beyond the original Inner and Outer Roadway split, Interstate 95 advances through an industrial park area through South Brunswick Township. The Joyce Kilmer Service Area is two miles ahead. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Ramps from the Inner and Outer Roadways connect I-95 north with the Joyce Kilmer Service Area one mile north of the Davidson Mill Road overpass. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Church Lane passes over the New Jersey Turnpike at the Joyce Kilmer Service Plaza off-ramp in East Brunswick Township. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Forthcoming New Jersey 18 winds northwest from Exit 9 through the city of New Brunswick to span the Raritan River ahead of Rutgers University. The state route ends at Hoes Lane and Buckingham Drive. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Two miles south of the trumpet interchange (Exit 9) with New Jersey 18 on I-95 north. NJ 18 links the Turnpike with nearby U.S. 1 via an expressway connection. The state route travels southeast from New Brunswick to South River, East Brunswick, Old Bridge and U.S. 9 before upgrading to a freeway onward to the Atlantic coast. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Interstate 95 northbound at the Sullivan Way overpass, one mile south of the trumpet interchange (Exit 9) with New Jersey 18. NJ 18 meets U.S. 1 just west of Interstate 95 at a cloverleaf interchange before transitioning onto Memorial Parkway along the Raritan River. Photo taken 10/05/14.
2 photos
2 photos
Exit 9 departs from both the Inner and Outer Roadways of the New Jersey Turnpike beyond the NJ 18 overpass. South River, East Brunswick and Old Bridge lie within four miles of I-95 via NJ 18 south. Three miles separate Downtown New Brunswick from the New Jersey Turnpike to the northwest. Photos taken 10/05/14.
A button copy gore point sign remained in use for Exit 9 above the Turnpike Inner Roadway. Photo taken 10/05/14.
12 lanes of the New Jersey Turnpike span the Raritan River between New Brunswick and Edison Township. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Dynamic message boards display travel times to New York City along Interstate 95 north throughout North Jersey. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Advancing northeast through Edison Township, travelers next approach Interstate 287 and New Jersey 440 (Exit 10). Interstate 287 begins at the upcoming interchange and travels west to Metuchen, Piscataway and Somerville. The freeway encircles the North Jersey metropolitan area of New York City between Perth Amboy and Mahwah at the New York state line. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Auxiliary guide sign for Exit 10 referencing the New Jersey 440 connection to the Outerbridge Crossing onto Staten Island, New York. I-287 and NJ 440 see five interchanges for Edison Township. Photo taken 10/05/14.
One-mile overhead for Interstate 287 north & New Jersey 440 east (Exit 10) on Interstate 95 northbound. New Jersey 440 crosses the Outerbridge Crossing over Arthur Kill four miles to the east. The state route becomes New York 440 and the West Shore Expressway on Staten Island between the bridge and Interstate 278 (Staten Island Expressway). The state route returns to New Jersey via the Bayonne Bridge at Bayonne. Photo taken 10/05/14.
New Jersey Turnpike northbound reaches the Exit 10 trumpet interchange. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Looking at Exit 10 ramp departure of the New Jersey Turnpike Outer Roadway northbound. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The Exit 10 ramps not only serve Interstate 287 north and New Jersey 440 east, but also nearby Middlesex County 514 (Woodbridge Avenue). Woodbridge Avenue constitutes a main arterial through Edison Township between U.S. 1 and the community of Woodbridge. Photo taken 10/05/14.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
This suite of photos follows Exit 10 beyond the toll plaza, showing overheads and ramp configurations to Interstate 287 north, New Jersey 440 east and Middlesex County 514 (Woodbridge Avenue) near Bonhamtown. The Exit 10 access road meets the three routes via a directional cloverleaf between the freeway and CR 514 east of I-95. Photos taken 06/13/05.
Woodbridge Avenue (CR 514) parallels the toll road in a north-south fashion between Highland Park, Raritan Center, Fords and Woodbridge. Travelers should be advised that the after the three off-ramps, the Exit 10 ramp defaults back into the NJ Turnpike toll plaza. Photo taken 06/13/05.


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