Interstate 95 north
The final exit within the city limits of Milford serves Old Gate Lane and Woodmont Road at Exit 40 on Interstate 95 north. Old Gate Lane travels northeast from Connecticut 162 (New Haven Avenue) to Town Road near Connecticut Post Mall and its end at Woodmont Road. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Interstate 95 swings northeast across the Indian River by this shield assembly. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Town Road passes underneath Interstate 95, 0.25 miles west of the off-ramp (Exit 40) onto Old Gate Lane. Town Road links Old Gate Lane with U.S. 1 (Boston Post Road) at Connecticut Post Mall. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Exit 40 departs Interstate 95 northbound onto Old Gate Lane ahead of its intersection with Woodmont Road. Woodmont Road stems south from Roses Mill Road near U.S. 1 (Boston Post Road) to Anderson Avenue and Brewster Road near the communities of Milford Lawns and Woodmont. Photo taken 07/27/07.
The Milford Service Area is next along Interstate 95 north. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Attached to the Quarry Road overpass is the 0.75-mile overhead for Exit 41 (Marsh Hill Road). Marsh Hill Road continues Oxford Road north from the Milford city limits to the intersection of Lambert and Indian River Roads at Orange. Photo taken 07/27/07.
The Milford Service Plaza offers travelers the opportunity to refuel, eat and acquire tourist information. The plaza resides between the Woodmont and Marsh Hill Road diamond interchanges. Photo taken 07/27/07.
One half mile west of the off-ramp (Exit 41) to Marsh Hill Road at the Milford Service Plaza. Use Marsh Hill Road north to Indian River Road for the northbound beginning of Connecticut 114 (Racebrook Road). Connecticut 114 and 152 (Orange Center Road) both travel north from U.S. 1 (Boston Post Road) in Orange to Connecticut 34 (Derby Turnpike). Photo taken 08/09/04.
Traffic to Marsh Hill Road leaves Interstate 95 northbound at Exit 41. Take Marsh Hill Road south to Oxford Road for east Milford and the city of West Haven. Use Marsh Hill Road north for Orange and connections to Connecticut 114 & 152 for Woodbridge and the Orange Town Center respectively. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Connecticut 162 (Saw Mill Road) finally crosses paths with Interstate 95 at Exit 42. The state route has remained south of the Connecticut Turnpike since Downtown Milford near Exit 35. Saw Mill Road carries Connecticut 162 west from Main Street / Pratt Avenue northwest to Bull Hill Lane. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Interstate 95 northbound at the 0.50-mile overhead for Exit 42 at the Allings Crossings Road underpass. Connecticut 162 loops northwest from Main Street in West Haven to U.S. 1 (Boston Post road) at the Town of Orange.
New overhead assemblies replaced all signs for Exit 42 by 2008. Photo taken 07/27/07.
A half-cloverleaf interchange facilitates movements between the Connecticut Turnpike and Connecticut 162 (Saw Mill Road) at Meloy Road and Greta Street in West Haven. Connecticut 162 loops 0.6 miles east to Elm Street, Main Street and Kelsey Avenue before turning west along Pratt Avenue to Jones Hill Road and Milford. Photo taken 08/09/04.
The next northbound exit serves Downtown West Haven via Campbell Avenue at Exit 43. Campbell Avenue travels north-south between Allingtown at U.S. 1 (Orange Avenue) to Elm / Main Streets in Downtown West Haven.
This assembly was removed during reconstruction of I-95 at Exit 42 in 2007. Photo taken 08/09/04.
One half mile west of the half-diamond interchange (Exit 43) with Campbell Avenue on I-95 north. Campbell Avenue merges with Connecticut 122 (1st Avenue) one half mile to the north. Connecticut 122 continues Campbell Avenue north from there to U.S. 1 (Orange Avenue) and Forest Road. The state route totals 3.51 miles between Interstate 95 (Exit 44) and Connecticut 63 (Whalley Avenue) in northwest New Haven. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Stevens Avenue passes over the Connecticut Turnpike just west of the off-ramp (Exit 43) to Campbell Avenue and Connecticut 122. An advisory sign affixed to the overpass warns truckers of the restriction applied to Exit 43 due to its steep off-ramp. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Interstate 95 northbound reaches Exit 43 with Campbell Avenue. Campbell Avenue travels south all the way to Captain Thomas Boulevard at Savin Rock. Savin Rock lies along Long Island Sound in south West Haven. Photo taken 08/09/04.
Interstate 95 continues east one mile from Exit 43 to Connecticut 10 (Ella T. Glasso Boulevard) via Kimberly Avenue at Exit 44. Connecticut 10 constitutes a 262-mile long multi-state route through Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The highway begins at Exit 45 and travels north to Edgewood Park and Westville within the city of New Haven. Photo taken 07/27/07.
The Connecticut Turnpike spans the West River at the West Haven and New Haven city line. Interstate 95 meets Kimberly Avenue and Connecticut 10 (Ella T. Glasso Boulevard) at a pair of partial-cloverleaf interchanges (Exits 44 northbound and 45 southbound) just east of the waterway. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Kimberly Avenue continues Elm Street north across the West River into New Haven. From there the surface street meets Interstate 95 and Connecticut 10 (Ella T. Glasso Boulevard). Kimberly Avenue continues north of Connecticut 10 to Howard Avenue. Sea Street stems east from the Exit 45 junction with Connecticut 10 to New Haven Harbor. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Interstate 95 gains the frontage streets of Long Wharf Road (northbound) and Sargent Drive (southbound) as it parallels the New Haven Harbor shoreline from Howard Avenue northeast to junction Connecticut 34 and Interstate 91.
A replacement of this overhead by 2011 revised the mileage from three quarters to a half mile as Exit 46 shifted west during I-95 New Haven Harbor Crossing Corridor Improvement Program road work. Photo taken 07/27/07.
A large diagrammatic overhead was posted at the Howard Avenue over pass for the upcoming junction with Connecticut 34 west (Exit 47) and Interstate 91 north (Exit 48). Connecticut 34 stems west into Downtown New Haven from the Connecticut Turnpike while Interstate 91 provides the main route to Hamden, Wallingford, Meriden and Hartford.
Interstate 95 was expanded leading east to the Q Bridge as part of the I-95 New Haven Harbor Crossing Corridor Improvement Program. Included in work was construction of a new overpass at Howard Avenue to accommodate the widened freeway. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Approaching the off-ramp (Exit 46) onto adjacent Long Wharf Road on Interstate 95 north. Long Warf Road travels alongside the Connecticut Turnpike northbound to U.S. 1 (Waters Street / Forbes Avenue) at East Street. Sargent Drive spurs south from Brewster Street along the southbound side of Interstate 95 to Hallock Avenue and 5th Street.
This overhead assembly was replaced by 2012 and later removed during widening of I-95 in 2014. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Interstate 95 northbound near the New Haven central business district at the former off-ramp (Exit 46) location onto adjacent Long Warf Road. The new ramp for Exit 46 opened in 2011 one quarter mile to the west.
Use Long Warf Road northbound for U.S. 1 (Water Street) south to State Street (former U.S. 5) and Downtown. The northbound beginning of Interstate 91 departed from the left-hand side of Interstate 95 northbound in 0.75 miles.
This sign bridge was removed and replaced with a new assembly further ahead by 2014. Left-hand ramps for both CT 34 west and I-91 north are replaced with new flyovers from the right as part of the I-95 New Haven Harbor Crossing Corridor Improvement Program. Photo taken 07/27/07.
The northbound control city of I-95 shifts to Providence, Rhode Island within the city of New Haven. Ahead is the former left-hand off-ramp for the westbound beginning of Connecticut 34 (Exit 47). Connecticut 34 follows the Richard C. Lee Connector, a freeway spur into Downtown New Haven, from Interstate 95 west to York Street at the Yale New Haven Medical Center. The Connector (formerly known as the Oak Street Connector) opened to traffic in 1960.1 Photo taken 07/27/07.
A historical look at the former off-ramp (Exit 47) from Interstate 95 north for the westbound beginning of Connecticut 34 (Richard C. Lee Connector). The freeway for Connecticut 34 ends prematurely at Church Street in Downtown New Haven. Until 2014, traffic merged onto a pair of frontage roads along a wide right-of-way intended for a never built westward extension of the Connector to Derby Avenue and Connecticut 122 (Forest Road) in West Haven.1 A portion of unused roadway for CT 34 was demolished at that time. Connecticut 34 otherwise travels 24.37 miles miles between New Haven and Newtown. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Interstate 91 ties into Interstate 95 just north of Connecticut 34 (Exit 47). Exit 48 originally carried traffic onto I-91 from the left-hand lanes of I-95 north as the Connecticut Turnpike turns east to cross New Haven Harbor / Quinnipiac River en route to East Haven. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Construction through 2016 involves the redesign of the I-91 and I-95 exchange as part of the multi-year project to replace the adjacent Q Bridge. This work includes building a new right-hand ramp to I-91 north from I-95 north that is scheduled to open in April 2015.
Interstate 91 otherwise parallels U.S. 5 north to the capital city of Hartford, Springfield, Massachusetts, and Brattleboro, Vermont. Photo taken 07/27/07.
An on-ramp tied into the curve of Interstate 95 east at I-91 from Connecticut 34 east. New ramps combine traffic from both I-91 south and CT 34 east to a merge with I-95 north further east at the Q Bridge approach. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Six lanes of freeway crossed the Quinnipiac River at the north end of New Haven Harbor between Interstate 91 and the former half-diamond interchange (Exit 49) with Stiles Street. Known as the New Haven Harbor Crossing Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge, or locally as the "Q-Bridge", the original New Haven Harbor bridge opened to traffic in 1958. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Starting in 2007, work commenced on construction of two extradosed cable stayed bridges over the harbor waters. Construction started with building of the eventual northbound span, completed in 2012, alongside the existing southbound side. Traffic completely shifted from the 1958 span to the new northbound bridge with two-way traffic in a temporary configuration on July 29, 2013. Crews then demolished the original span to make way for the new southbound bridge, which remains under construction through to 2016. Upon completion of the project, the Q Bridge will accommodate ten overall lanes.2,3 Photo taken 07/27/07.
A half diamond interchange (Exit 49) originally tied the east end of the Q Bridge with Stiles Avenue. This interchange was dismantled during the bridge replacement project. Photo taken 06/26/05.
2 photos
2 photos
Approximately 60,000 vehicles a day spanned the Quinnipiac River mouth in 2005 on an aging bridge with no shoulders. Growth in traffic and the need for safety improvements led ConnDOT to seek a replacement. Photos taken 07/27/07.
Exit 49 to Stiles Avenue was closed permanently by 2007. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Interstate 95 departed the Q Bridge into eastern reaches of New Haven. Pictured here is the former off-ramp (Exit 49) to Stiles Street. Ramps here were removed when I-95 was realigned slightly south. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Exit 50 was initially a simple wye interchange between Interstate 95 north at Woodward Avenue. Changes made as part of the Q Bridge project relocated the off-ramp further west and added a return ramp to replace the one removed at Styles Street.
Woodward Avenue otherwise serves the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Centers and the U.S. Coast Guard Base of New Haven to the south.
Additionally, Fort Nathan Hale, a 20 acre City Park, lies along New Haven Harbor to the south. The fort played a role in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. Photo taken 06/26/05.
The original overhead for Exit 50 was retained to 2011 as I-95 touched down east of Stiles Street. Stiles Street links Alabama Street with U.S. 1 (Forbes Avenue) at the port area along New Haven Harbor. Photo taken 07/27/07.
A new off-ramp from Exit 50 was opened in 2007 at Fulton Terrace to provide return access west to Connecticut Avenue and adjacent Styles Street. Connecticut Avenue leads south nearby to East Shore Park. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Northbound at the old Exit 50 ramp departure to Woodward Avenue.
Woodward Avenue travels north-south parallel to Connecticut 37 (Townsend Avenue) from Lighthouse Point northward to the intersection of Townsend, Fairmont, and Quinnipiac Avenues. Connecticut 337 travels Townsend Avenue from U.S. 1 (Forbes Avenue) south to Silver Sands Road on a 4.91 mile loop east to Connecticut 142. The state route serves Tweed New Haven Airport (HVN) east of Brightview.
Lighthouse Point, home of Lighthouse Point Park and New Haven Lighthouse, lies at the entrance to New Haven Harbor from Long Island Sound. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Passing below a removed overpass at Exit 50, I-95 next approached the split-diamond interchange (Exit 51) with U.S. 1 (Forbes Avenue and Frontage Road). Interstate 95 and parallel U.S. 1 cross the East Haven Town line near Exit 51. Photo taken 06/26/05.
U.S. 1 splits into a one-way street couplet along Frontage Road (east) and Forbes Avenue (west) near the East Haven Town line. Exit 51 provides a slip ramp onto Frontage Road east ahead of High Street (Connecticut 100) and Hemingway Avenue (Connecticut 142 west). Connecticut 100 joins Downtown East Haven with U.S. 1 and Foxon (junction Connecticut 80) to the north. Connecticut 142 enters the scene from the south, tying into the east end of the aforementioned Connecticut 337 at Short Beach Road. Photo taken 06/26/05.
The freeway reduced to four overall lanes east of Exit 51, but widening associated with the I-95 New Haven Harbor Crossing Corridor Improvement Program extended the six lane portion east to Exit 54 between 2004 and mid 2009.2 Photo taken 07/27/07.
A slip ramp provides return access from the eastbound Frontage Road as U.S. 1 north veers southward toward Beacon Hill. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Completion of Interstate 95 expansion through the Town of East Haven occurred by mid-2006. The freeway passes over Lake Saltonstall ahead on the one mile approach to Exit 53 with the Branford Connector (CT 794). Photo taken 07/27/07.
Lake Saltonstall represents the Branford Town line at Interstate 95. Unsigned Connecticut 794 (Branford Connector) joins the Connecticut Turnpike with U.S. 1 near the east end of Connecticut 142 (Short Beach Road) and the west end of Connecticut 146 (Main Street). Connecticut 142 loops southwest from U.S. 1 (West Main Street) to the community of Short Beach.
This ground level sign (since removed) stood at the former location of a main line toll plaza. Photo taken 06/26/05.
The next Connecticut Turnpike Service Areas lies along Interstate 95 between Exits 53 and 54 at Branford. The usual array of services including food, fuel and tourist information are provided. Photo taken 07/27/07.
One half mile west of the wye interchange of Exit 53 at the Hosley Avenue over crossing. The Branford Connector travels less than a mile southeast to U.S. 1 at the split of North Main and Main Streets. Connecticut 146 partitions there and heads into Downtown Branford on its 13.00-mile routing along the scenic coastline. U.S. 1 meanwhile bypasses the town center area to the north. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Exit 53 departs Interstate 95 north for the Branford Connector southbound to U.S. 1, Connecticut 142 (Short Beach Road) west and Connecticut 146 (Main Street) east. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Interstate 95 northbound at the Branford Service Area. Following from the freeway in 0.75 miles is the Exit 54 off-ramp to Cedar Street north of Downtown.
Cedar Street meets U.S. 1 (North Main Street) nearby and ends at Connecticut 146 (South Main Street) in the town center. Cedar Street comprises unsigned Connecticut 740 from U.S. 1 northward to Connecticut 80.4 Photo taken 07/27/07.
Interstate 95 reduces to four overall lanes east of the diamond interchange (Exit 54) with Cedar Street. Cedar Street becomes Brushy Plain Road and Totoket Road on the three-mile drive north to Connecticut 80 at Totoket. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Northbound at the Cherry Hill Road over crossing near Exit 54 and Cedar Street. Interests to Connecticut 146 (Montowese Street) southeast to Indian Neck and Pine Orchard should use Cedar Street south to Connecticut 146 at South Main Street. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Interstate 95 leaves the central Branford area at the Cedar Street interchange (Exit 54). Photo taken 07/27/07.
Northbound reassurance marker posted after Exit 54 and the Ivy Street underpass. Photo taken 07/27/07.
U.S. 1 (North Main Street) merges with East Main Street as it leaves central Branford. The US highway crosses paths with Interstate 95 at a half-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 55) near junction Connecticut 139 (North Branford Road). Photo taken 07/27/07.
U.S. 1, in conjunction with Connecticut 139 (North Branford Road), provides a route to the Town of North Branford from Interstate 95. Connecticut 139 comprises a short 2.36-route between U.S. 1 and Connecticut 22 & 80 at the North Branford town center. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Interstate 95 passes over U.S. 1 (East Main Street) ahead of the loop ramp for Exit 55. U.S. 1 intersects Windmill Hill Road to the west and the south end of Connecticut 139 to the east. The highway otherwise meanders northward to Connecticut 22 before returning to Interstate 95 at Exit 57. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Leetes Island Road heads south from U.S. 1 (East Main Street) to intersect Interstate 95 at a partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 58). The local road merges with Connecticut 146 (Stoney Creek Road) to the south near the community of Stoney Creek. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Featherbed Lane passes over Interstate 95 one half mile west of Exit 58. Leetes Island Road meets Connecticut 146 northwest of the Leetes Island community. Stoney Creek meanwhile lies south of Leetes Island Road via Thimble Island Road on Long Island Sound. Photo taken 07/27/07.
Northbound (eastbound) at the ramp departure of Exit 56 onto Leetes Island Road. Leetes Island Road becomes School Ground Road north of U.S. 1 (East Main Street) en route to Connecticut 139 (North Branford Road) near Valley Road and the Town line. Photo taken 06/26/05.



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  • 08/09/04 by AARoads and Carter Buchanan.
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