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Interstate 95 North
Situated one mile north of the Sussex County line, a rest area offers tourist information and road conditions prior to entering the Petersburg-Richmond metropolitan area. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Confirming marker posted ahead of the Johns Road overpass. This stretch of Interstate 95 opened in 1981. Photo taken 12/21/12.
The succeeding interchange joins Interstate 95 with SSR 623 (Rowanty Road) and adjacent U.S. 301 (Crater Road) at Carson. Photo taken 12/21/12.
The Carson Safety Rest Area ramp separates from I-95 north 1.25 miles ahead of Exit 37. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Northbound at the diamond interchange (Exit 37) with SSR 623 (Rowanty Road). SSR 623 travels south to SSR 602 in Sussex County. Westward the route links with Halifax Road (SSR 604) and U.S. 301 (Crater Road) at unincorporated Carson. SSR 703 (Carson Road) winds west from Carson 11.2 miles to Interstate 85 near Dinwiddie. Photo taken 12/21/12.
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2 photos
Interstate 95 reassurance shield and mileage sign assembly posted between Carson and Templeton. Photo taken 06/25/10. Second photo taken 12/21/12.
North and southbound side weigh stations operate along Interstate 95 north of the Lansing Road overpass. Photo taken 06/25/10.
U.S. 301 (Crater Road) continues as the frontage road for Interstate 95 to Virginia 35 (Courtland Road) at Exit 41. The US route shifts sides with the freeway again at a diamond interchange where Virginia 156 branches northeast to Prince George and Tallysville. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Exit 41 leaves Interstate 95 north for U.S. 301 (Crater Road), Virginia 156 north and Virginia 35 (Courtland Road) south to Homeville and Courtland. Virginia 35 is part of a multi-state route with North Carolina 35. The highway totals 48.71 miles from SSR 605 and 622 to the state line south of Boykins. Photo taken 12/21/12.
11 miles south of Petersburg and 13 miles from Colonial Heights on Interstate 95 north near Warwick Swamp. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Advising through traffic to bypass Petersburg and Richmond along Interstate 295, this schematic map is the first of two posted ahead of the I-95/295 separation at Exit 46. Photo taken 05/08/10.
The final rural exit south of Petersburg connects Interstate 95 with U.S. 301 (South Crater Road) via a diamond interchange (Exit 45). Photo taken 12/21/12.
Speed limits drop from 70 to 65 miles per hour along I-95 northbound beyond the SSR 608 (Garys Church Road) overpass. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Three three wye interchange (Exit 46) with Interstate 295 lies 1.5 miles beyond the off-ramp for U.S. 301 (Crater Road). Photo taken 12/21/12.
U.S. 301 (South Crater Road) shifts west of Interstate 95 from Exit 45 to Exit 50 in Petersburg. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Entering the greater Petersburg area, traffic partitions between I-95 northwest to the city center and I-295 by Hopewell and Richmond International Airport (RIC) to the east. The two freeways reconvene beyond Richmond at Exit 84. Photo taken 12/21/12.
The Petersburg bypass passes runs between western reaches of the independent city of Hopewell and the Fort Lee Military Reservation ahead of the Appomattox River. Connections from Interstate 295 with SR 10 lead motorists eastward to colonial Williamsburg. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Exit 46 leaves Interstate 95 north for I-295 in one half mile beyond the Tavern Road (SSR 626) overpass. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Interstate 95 north expands to three lanes at Second Swamp and the split with I-295 north (Exit 46). Staying just outside the Petersburg city limits, I-295 arcs northeast to U.S. 460 at New Bohemia. The exchange with Interstate 64 is 28 miles to the north. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Two lanes depart for Interstate 295 north at Exit 64. Generally avoiding urbanized areas, the four to six lane bypass provides a high speed route for Washington bound motorists. Photo taken 12/21/12.
SSR 629 (Rives Road) meets Interstate 95 at a diamond interchange (Exit 47) located just inside the Petersburg city limits in 0.75 miles. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Rives Road (SSR 629) links Interstate 95 with U.S. 301 (Crater Road) to the west and U.S. 460 (County Drive) at New Bohemia to the east. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Advancing north, I-95 next enters a cloverleaf interchange (Exit 48) with Wagner Road and U.S. 460 east. Wagner Road is an arterial route connecting with U.S. 301 (Crater Road), U.S. 460 Business (County Drive) and SR 106 (Courthouse Road). SR 106 stems 4.9 miles east from County Drive to Prince George and SR 156. Photo taken 12/21/12.
Exit 48A departs for U.S. 460 (Wagner Road) eastbound. Although not acknowledged from I-95 as of 2018, U.S. 460 was relocated westward from County Drive to Interstate 95 via Wagner Road in 2007. The 1988 Official Virginia State Map displayed Wagner Road as Interstate 795, but the route was never posted. Photo taken 12/21/12.
The pervasive Chesapeake Bay Watershed extends as far south as Petersburg; Interstate 95 remains within it until Cecil County, Maryland. Wagner Road extends one half mile west from Exit 48B to the commercial strip along U.S. 301 (South Crater Road). Photo taken 12/21/12.
Interstate 95 north & U.S. 460 west
The initial sign for Interstate 85 south and the split with U.S. 460 west precedes a lengthy collector distributor roadway (Exits 50ABCD) for U.S. 460 Business, U.S. 301 and Virginia 36. Photo taken 05/08/10.
The c/d roadway for Exit 50 separates from I-95 north & U.S. 460 west 0.75 miles north of a Norfolk Southern Railroad underpass. Exit 50A connects the freeway with U.S. 460 Business (County Drive) east. Still in place as of 2018, the guide sign here references the pre-2007 alignment of U.S. 460. Photo taken 05/08/10.
The c/d roadway for Exit 50 extends northward to the Downtown Petersburg off-ramp at Washington Street west. Photo taken 05/08/10.
U.S. 460 Business branches east from I-95 & U.S. 460 along County Drive to Wagner Road. The bannered route connects with Virginia 109 (Hickory Hill Road), a 3.18-mile spur to Fort Lee, nearby. Photo taken 06/25/10.
A single lane partitions from I-95 north & U.S. 460 west for the c/d roadway system to Exits 50A/B/C/D. The freeway mainline continues north 1.25 miles to I-85 south to South Hill and U.S. 460 west to Blackstone. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Exit 50A departs for County Drive east to U.S. 460 Business. U.S. 460 Business extends west along Winfield Road to nearby U.S. 301 (South Crater Road). Photo taken 06/25/10.
A six-ramp parclo interchange (Exits 50B/C) joins I-95 & U.S. 460 with U.S. 301 (Crater Road). Combining with U.S. 460 Business, U.S. 301 curves northward from I-95 to Blanford Cemetery and the couplet of Washington and Wythe Streets to Downtown Petersburg. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Exit 50C loops from the c/d roadway onto Crater Road southbound. U.S. 301 southbound serves the Walnut Hill and Battlefield Park sections of the city. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Interstate 95 enters the trumpet interchange (Exit 51) with I-85 south & U.S. 460 west as Exit 50D separates from the c/d roadway to Wythe and Washington Streets (U.S. 301-460 Business & SR 36). Photo taken 06/25/10.
Interstate 85 constitutes an important regional freeway joining the Richmond-Petersburg area with Durham, Greensboro, Charlotte and Atlanta. The 69 mile section of I-95 in Virginia is the least developed along the overall 669 mile long freeway. Photo taken 05/08/10.
Designed in the mid 1950s, Exit 51 constitutes a sharp loop ramp taking U.S. 460 westbound onto I-85 south. The initial 4.6 miles of the 6.4 mile overlap of I-85/U.S. 460 west to Exit 61 near Dinwiddie County Airport (PTB) was constructed as part of the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike. Photo taken 05/08/10.
Interstate 95 North
Traffic from I-85 north combines with the ramps to Washington/Wythe Streets at Exit 50D. SR 36 follows Wythe Street east from U.S. 1 (Market Street) to the two way section of Washington Street at Blandford. The state route continues east to Petersburg National Battlefield, Fort Lee, and Hopewell. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Exit 50D splits into separate ramps for Wythe Street (U.S. 460 Business & SR 36 east) east to the Blandford neighborhood and Washington Street (U.S. 460 Business & SR 36 west) west to Downtown and Kennelworth. U.S. 301 is incorrectly referenced here as the US route uses the couplet of Bollingbrook and Bank Streets to the north. Photo taken 06/25/10.
With the advent of traffic from I-85 north, Interstate 95 (Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike) expands to three norhtbound lanes. The succeeding exit departs in a quarter mile for Bank Street (U.S. 301 southbound). Photo taken 06/01/12.
Exit 52 leaves I-95 north below the Washington Street overpass. U.S. 301 south follows Bank Street east from 2nd Street (U.S. 1 south) to Crater Road; Bollingbrook Street carries U.S. 301 north between the same roads. Photo taken 05/08/10.
I-95 (Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike) continues north 0.75 miles across a Norfolk Southern Railroad line and the Appomattox River to Southpark Boulevard (Exit 53). Photo taken 06/01/12.
Interstate 95 exits the independent city of Petersburg for the city of Colonial Heights north of the Appomattox River. Photo taken 06/01/12.
Southpark Boulevard stems north from the off-ramp at Exit 53 and Roslyn Road to Southpark Mall. Photo taken 06/01/12.
The succeeding exits along I-95 north connects with SR 144 (Temple Avenue). Temple Avenue is a 4.9 mile long arterial between U.S. 1 & 301 (Jefferson Davis Highway) at Colonial Heights and SR 36 (Washington Street) at Fort Lee / Hopewell. Photo taken 06/01/12.
Entering the parclo A2 interchange (Exit 53) with Southpark Boulevard. Roslyn Road leads west from the exchange into residential areas of Colonial Park while numerous big box stores populate areas along the east side of I-95. Photo taken 06/01/12.
Virginia 144 (Temple Avenue) west to U.S. 1 & 301 southbound leads motorists to the campus of Virginia State University at Ettrick. Photo taken 06/01/12.
Interstate 95 runs along the west side of Southpark Mall by this reassurance shield. Photo taken 06/01/12.
A trumpet interchange (Exit 54) and access road connects I-95 with Virginia 144 (Temple Avenue). Costing $20 million, the I-95/Temple Avenue Interchange Improvements project lengthened ramps at Exit 54 and replaced the signalized intersection at Temple Avenue with a multilane roundabout. Work ran from February 2015 to November 10, 2017.1 Photo taken 06/01/12.
Exit 54 leaves I-95 northbound at the Conduit Road overpass. SR 144 (Temple Avenue) combines with U.S. 1/301 north 0.4 miles to the west and heads east four miles to SR 36 (Washington Street). Photo taken 06/01/12.
Travelers northbound on Interstate 95 cross into Chesterfield County from the independent city of Colonial Heights at Swift Creek. Photo taken 06/01/12.
Traversing wetlands north from Swift Creek, I-95 approaches a six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 58) with Woods Edge and Ruffin Mill Roads. Photo taken 06/01/12.
The northbound off-ramp at Exit 58 links I-95 directly with SSR 746 (Ruffin Mill Road) by Ruffin Mill Industrial Park. SSR 620 (Woods Edge Road) spans the freeway at the ensuing overpass. Photo taken 06/01/12.
Interstate 95 northbound at Exit 58. Woods Edge Road winds northeast from U.S. 1/301 near Walthall to residential areas east of the freeway. Ruffin Mill Road (SSR 746) runs east from Walthall to R. Garland Dodd Park and SR 10 (Hundred Road) at Walthall Mill. Photo taken 06/01/12.
Forthcoming SR 10 (Hundred Road) travels west from Chester to Chesterfield and Pocahontas State Park. Interests to City Point Unit of Petersburg National Battlefield the are directed to SR 10 east. Photo taken 10/02/04.
Virginia 10 (Hundred Road) turns west from I-295 at Woodvale to meet Interstate 95 in one mile. Virginia 10 is principal arterial joining Chester and Hopewell. Photo taken 06/01/12.
SSR 618 (Old Bermuda Hundred Road) passes over I-95 a half mile south of the full cloverleaf interchange (Exit 61) with Virginia 10 (Hundred Road). Photo taken 06/01/12.
Exit 61A departs Interstate 95 northbound for Virginia 10 (Hundred Road) east. Virginia 10 extends southeast from Hopewell through the James River Valley to Surry, Smithfield and Suffolk at Hampton Roads. Photo taken 06/01/12.
Exit 61B loops onto SR 10 (Hundred Road) west to the commercialized intersection with U.S. 1/301. Construction from Fall 2018 to Summer 2019 expands the arterial here from four to six lanes.2 SR 10 continues northwest 18 miles to U.S. 360 (Hill Avenue) in the city of Richmond. Photo taken 06/01/12.

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Photo Credits:

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