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Exit 12 leaves Interstate 95 northbound for the terminal access roads to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). The new ramp system opened on June 28, 2002 as part of a $86.5 million project to both construct the new roadways linking I-95 with the passenger terminals and resurface the freeway mainline.1 Photo taken 12/19/17. Second photo taken 10/05/14. Third photo taken 10/05/14.
A two-lane collector distributor roadway (Exit 13) follows from I-95 north to Pennsylvania 291 west along Island Avenue and east across the four-lane George Platte Bridge. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Pennsylvania 291 intertwines with I-95 along Island and Penrose Avenues to the north of PHL Airport. Exit 13 connects with the Platte Bridge north across the Schuylkill River to South Philadelphia. The state route east and South 26th Street provide the Breezewood style connection to Interstate 76 and the Schuylkill Expressway heading northwest to Mannyunk, Roxborough, Conshohocken and Valley Forge. Photo taken 12/19/17.
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With the advent of traffic from PHL Airport, the c/d roadway for Exit 13 expands to four lanes to the two-lane loop ramp for Pennsylvania 291 (Island Avenue west / Penrose Avenue east). Photos taken 12/18/16.
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Traffic partitions for Island Avenue north and the wye interchange with Pennsylvania 291 east across the George Platte Bridge. Photos taken 12/18/16.
The c/d roadway from PHL Airport returns to I-95 north by this reassurance marker. This stretch of freeway represents the location where the planned Crosstown Expressway (I-695) would have begun. The proposed route of I-695 looped north and east to I-76 (Schuylkill Expressway) within the vicinity of South Street outside Central Philadelphia. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The Girard Point Bridge comes into view as Interstate 95 makes a sweeping curve to the east of PHL Airport. Photo taken 06/03/12.
Interstate 95 north rises onto the lower deck of the Girard Point Bridge, two miles ahead of Exit 17 with Pennsylvania 611 (Broad Street) north. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Broad Street travels north from the Philadelphia Naval Business Center to I-95 at the Girard Point Bridge east end. The Wells Fargo Center (home of the NHL Philadelphia Flyers and NBA Sixers) lies just east of Broad Street and north of I-95. Northeast of there is along Pattison Avenue is Citizens Bank Park (home of the MLB Phillies). Photo taken 06/03/12.
The northbound roadway for I-95 enters the lower deck of the Girard Point Bridge beyond the 1.5-mile guide sign for Pennsylvania 611 (Broad Street). Pennsylvania 611 begins at I-95 and follows Broad Street throughout the city of Philadelphia. Photo taken 12/19/17.
The Girard Point Bridge spans the Schuylkill River and portions of Roosevelt Park and the Philadelphia Naval Business Center. The business park was established following the closure of the Philadelphia Navy Yard as a military base on September 30, 1995. Photo taken 12/19/17.
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3 photos
Built in 1973, the Girard Point Bridge totals 5,167 feet in length. The 96.1 foot wide decks accommodate three lanes with shoulders in each direction.2 Photos taken 12/19/17.
Interstate 95 northbound emerges from the lower deck of the Girard Point Bridge a quarter mile ahead of the wye interchange (Exit 17) with Pennsylvania 611 (Broad Street) north. Pennsylvania 611 divides South Philadelphia north to Center City. The urban arterial was once apart of U.S. 611, and later Pennsylvania 291, from here north to Pennsylvania 3 (Market Street) at City Hall. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Lincoln Financial Field comes into view as Exit 17 lowers from Interstate 95 north to PA 611 (Broad Street) north. The succeeding exit connects with Packer Avenue west ahead of Citizens Bank Park and the Walt Whitman Bridge east into South Jersey. Photo taken 12/19/17.
A half diamond interchange connects I-95 south with Broad Street by the Wells Fargo Center. Interstate 95 follows the Delaware Expressway from the Girard Point Bridge northward throughout the city of Philadelphia. Photo taken 06/03/12.
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The six-lane viaduct for I-95 travels just south of Lincoln Financial Field east of South 11th Street. Home of the 2017 Superbowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, the stadium debuted in 2003. Photo taken 06/03/12. Second photo taken 10/05/14. Third photo taken 06/03/12.
The Delaware Expressway makes a gradual northward turn to parallel Front Street west of the Packer Marine Terminal. Photo taken 12/21/16.
Paralleling a CSX line and several PIDC Railroad spurs, Interstate 95 remains elevated above industrial areas to the flyover (Exit 19) ramp for Interstate 76 east and Packer Avenue west. Photo taken 12/21/16.
The towers of the Walt Whitman Bridge suspension bridge rise along the northeastern horizon as I-95 advances to within one half mile of Exit 19. Interstate 76 crosses the Delaware River to Gloucester City and Camden, New Jersey. The freeway extends a short distance southward in the Garden State to New Jersey 42 (North South Freeway) and I-295 at Bellmawr. Photo taken 12/21/16.
Exit 19 departs I-95 (Delaware Expressway) north for Interstate 76 east toward Atlantic City and Packer Avenue west toward the Philadelphia sports complex. Packer Avenue west to 10th Street provides an alternate route for the Schuylkill Expressway north to Grays Ferry and University City. Photo taken 12/21/16.
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Passing above Pattison Avenue, I-95 returns to grade level ahead of the ramps for Interstate 76 and the Walt Whitman Bridge west end. Photos taken 06/03/12.
The subsequent exit along Interstate 95 north connects with parallel Christopher Columbus Boulevard south of Washington Avenue in one mile. Photo taken 12/21/16.
The Delaware Expressway rises onto a viaduct again beyond the Walt Whitman Bridge at Oregon Avenue. Expanded to eight lanes, the freeway separates industrial and redeveloped retail areas along the Delaware River from the residential street grid at Whitman and Pennsport north to Exit 20. Photo taken 06/03/12.
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Skyscrapers from Downtown Philadelphia appear as I-95 shifts westward from alongside Swanson Street to Front Street. Forthcoming Exit 20 to Columbus Boulevard north serves Queen Village, South Hill, Society Hill and Penns Landing along the Delaware Riverfront. Photo taken 10/05/14. Second photo taken 12/21/16.
One half mile ahead of the off-ramp (Exit 20) for Columbus Boulevard on I-95 north. Return access to the Delaware Expressway lies a half mile to the north. Photo taken 12/21/16.
Exit 20 lowers from the northbound viaduct to adjacent Christopher Columbus Boulevard. Washington Avenue stems west from nearby to the Italian Market and Grays Ferry. Photo taken 12/21/16.
With a left side merge adding a lane north of Christian Street, a lane drop occurs along northbound a short distance beyond Exit 20. Photo taken 10/05/14.
A six-lane urban arterial, Columbus Boulevard runs south through retail areas to Snyder and Oregon Avenues and from there to the Packer Marine Terminal. Photo taken 06/03/12.
Continuing north between Penns Landing and Society Hill, a left exit departs next for Interstate 676 & U.S. 30 Interstate 676 & U.S. 30 west into Central Philadelphia. Photo taken 12/21/16.
The roadways of I-95 diverge to accommodate left side ramps from Columbus Boulevard. Photo taken 10/05/14.
The South Street pedestrian bridge links the popular entertainment strip west of Front Street with adjacent Penns Landing. Photo taken 12/21/16.
A two block tunnel conceals Interstate 95 at Society Hill. Attached to the structure is the second diagrammatic sign outline the upcoming lane drop for I-676 & U.S. 30 west along the Vine Street Expressway and east across the Ben Franklin Bridge. Photo taken 12/21/16.
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The lid at Spruce and Dock Streets hosts the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Korean War Memorial Park above the Delaware Expressway. Photo taken 12/21/16. Second photo taken 10/05/14.
A pedestrian bridge spans Interstate 95 at Walnut Street, followed by a second landscaped lid at Chestnut Street. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Exit 22 partitions from Interstate 95 north at the Market Street overpass. I-676 & U.S. 30 (Vine Street Expressway) overlap west to I-76 (Schuylkill Expressway) and east across the Delaware River to Admiral Wilson Boulevard in Camden, New Jersey. Photo taken 12/21/16.
The two lane flyover for I-676 & U.S. 30 splits into ramps for the Vine Street Expressway and Callowhill Street westbound. I-676 is discontinuous, with U.S. 30 navigating along a surface boulevard between ramps west of 8th Street and the Ben Franklin Bridge approach at 5th Street. Callowhill Street connects I-95 with I-676 east via 6th Street. Photo taken 12/21/16.
The semi directional T interchange linking the east end of the Vine Street Expressway was completed in 1991. The Vine Street Expressway converges with ramps from the Ben Franklin Bridge beyond 8th Street and drops below grade ahead of Broad Street. Photo taken 12/21/16.
Ramps from I-95 form the westbound beginning of the Vine Street Expressway. Interstate 676 runs north of Chinatown and the central business district to the Schuylkill River. Photo taken 12/21/16.
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With the top third composed of granite, the western bridge pier for the Ben Franklin Bridge rises directly alongside the northbound mainline of the Delaware Expressway. The span dates to 1926. Photo taken 09/19/04. Second photo taken 10/05/14.
Interstate 95 turns northeast, matching the course of the Delaware River, from north of Spring Garden Street to Fishtown. Upcoming Exit 23 for Girard and Lehigh Avenues was relocated a half mile north during Phase 3 of the Girard Avenue Interchange project. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Back to back on-ramps from I-676 (Vine Street Expressway) east and Race Street add an auxiliary lane north to Exit 23. Construction estimated to start in 2024 will rebuild the elevates lanes of I-95 north from I-676 to Shackamaxon Street, adding a fourth general travel lane. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Girard Avenue angles east through the Fishtown community to converge with I-95 at Richmond Street. The new ramps for Exit 23 tie into parallel Richmond Street just west of the realigned Girard Avenue. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Started in 2014, Phase 3 of the Girard Avenue Interchange project rebuilds the Interstate 95 northbound viaduct and adds a lane from Columbia Avenue to north of Ann Street. Work runs through 2018. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Exit 23 departs from Interstate 95 north for Richmond Street. Richmond Street forms a south side frontage road for the Delaware Expressway to Lehigh Avenue to Kensington, and Ann Street at Port Richmond. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Reassurance marker posted above the east end of Girard Avenue. Photo taken 12/19/17.
A second shield for I-95 appears ahead of milepost 24.2 on the viaduct across Lehigh Avenue and a Conrail line. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Interstate 95 switches sides with parallel Richmond Street at Ann Street. Removed by 2016, this early 2000s-installed interchange sequence sign outlined successive off-ramps for Allegheny Avenue and the Betsy Ross Bridge / Aramingo Avenue. With construction starting in 2018, the AFC Project for I-95 permanently closes the direct off-ramp to Allegheny Avenue and expands Exit 26 for the Betsy Ross Bridge to include a new northbound off-ramp to Castor Avenue. Photo taken 10/05/14.
With the closure of Exit 25, motorists will continue 0.7 miles further north on I-95 to meet Castor Avenue directly. Castor Avenue will connect with a rebuilt Delaware Avenue west to complete the movement to Allegheny Avenue. Both north-south streets join I-95 with the Port Richmond and Richmond communities. Photo taken 12/19/17.
The Betsy Ross Bridge Interchange project both rebuilds and adds additional movements to the four level interchange (Exit 26) with New Jersey 90 across the Betsy Ross Bridge and Aramingo Avenue at the Frankford neighborhood. Initial phases of constructed started in 2015, with the last projected to begin in 2026. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Two lanes separate from Interstate 95 north for the Betsy Ross Bridge south to U.S. 130 and Maple Shade Township, New Jersey. Completed by April 30, 1976, the Betsy Ross Bridge is owned by the Delaware River Port Authority. The eight-lane span travels 8,485 feet between its abutment to abutment.3 Photo taken 12/19/17.
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Prior to 2001, the interchange only connected I-95 with the bridge across the Delaware River. Opening at that time were ramps linking the Delaware Expressway with nearby Aramingo Avenue. The ramps utilized partially built flyovers originally built for the planned Pulaski Expressway4 Photo taken 10/03/04. Second photo taken 10/05/14. Third photo taken 10/05/14.
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Interstate 95 advances with four northbound lanes to a wye interchange (Exit 27) with Aramingo Avenue north. Aramingo Avenue becomes Harbison Avenue north across Bridge Street into the Wissinoming neighborhood. Photos taken 12/19/17.
Crossing Frankford Creek, Exit 27 separates from I-95 north as a 0.6-mile long c/d roadway leading to Aramingo Avenue at Tacony Street. Photo taken 12/19/17.
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Traveling north of the Bridesburg community, I-95 and the adjacent c/d roadway for Exit 27 progress toward Tacony Street. Anticipated for 2023, work on Section BR3 of the Betsy Ross Bridge Interchange project will add a fourth northbound lane and rebuild both the mainline and c/d roadway to Margaret Street. Photos taken 10/05/14.
Interstate 95 curves across Tacony and Bridge Streets beyond this reassurance marker. Photo taken 12/19/17.
A loop ramp joins the freeway tom Bridge Street ahead of a missing confirming marker for I-95 north. The Tacony Palymra Bridge appears in the distance. Photo taken 10/05/14.
Traveling alongside Tacony Street, I-95 advances 1.75 miles north to Exit 30 with Pennsylvania 73. Forming a multi state route with New Jersey 73 across the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge, the span derives its name from its endpoints at Palmyra, New Jersey and the Tacony section of Philadelphia. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Rhawn Street was formerly listed below Cottman Avenue on Exit 30 guide signs. Rhawn Street stems north from State Road through the Holmesburg community to Pennypack Park. Photo taken 12/19/17.
One mile ahead of Exit 30 for Cottman Avenue on I-95 north.
Work starting in late 2018 on the Section BS1 project widens the Delaware Expressway to eight overall lanes. Photo taken 12/19/17.
PA 73 parallels the Delaware Expressway along New State Road, from Levick Street to a one-way couplet of Princeton Avenue south and Cottman Avenue north. Cottman Avenue extends the state route northwest to the Mayfair and Rhawnhurst neighborhoods of the city. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Motorists headed to Pennsylvania 73 (Cottman Avenue) and Rhawn Street depart Interstate 95 northbound at Exit 30. Multi state route 73 begins north of Reading in Berks County, Pennsylvania and ends at U.S. 322 near Hammonton, New Jersey. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Widening I-95 north to four lanes and reconstructing seven area bridges, the Cottman Avenue Interchange Improvement Project (CPR) wrapped up here in late 2017. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Interstate 95 shifts across State Road and Pennypack Creek through an S-curve. The next exit leads to Academy Road and Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE). Photo taken 10/05/14.
The AMTRAK Northeast Corridor runs along the north side of I-95 on the one mile approach to the trumpet interchange (Exit 32) with Academy Road north. Photo taken 12/19/17.
An $80 million project along Interstate 95 between Pennypack Creek and Academy Road began in 2002. Work reconstructed the roadway and repaired six bridges along a 1.2 mile stretch.5 Photo taken 12/19/17.
A button copy guide sign for the previously unnumbered ramp to Academy Road was retained during construction in 2002. New signs added exit numbers. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Interstate 95 switches sides with the AMTRAK Northeast Corridor to the off-ramp for Academy Road north and Linden Avenue. Linden Avenue parallels Academy Road between the Holmesburg and Torresdale neighborhoods north from Pleasant Hill Park on the Delaware River. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Academy Road stems north from Exit 32 along a limited access connector to U.S. 13 (Frankford Avenue) and from there as a four-lane arterial through Torresdale and Morrell Park. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Linden Avenue spans I-95 north by this confirming marker. Photo taken 12/19/17.
An on-ramp joins Linden Avenue north with I-95 directly ahead of this shield posted south of Fluehr Park. Photo taken 12/19/17.
Interstate 95 crosses over both Grant Avenue and Poquessing Creek into Bucks County beyond the first in a series of diagrammatic signs for Pennsylvania 63 (Woodhaven Road). Photo taken 12/19/17.


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