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Interstate 95 North
A weigh station lies just north of the Nash/Halifax County line along both directions of Interstate 95. There are five exits within Halifax County. Photo taken 06/25/05.
North Carolina 481 ventures two miles east from North Carolina 4 & 48 in Glenview to meet Interstate 95 at a diamond interchange (Exit 154). The state route continues five miles east to U.S. 301 at Enfield. Photo taken 06/25/05.
One-half mile guide sign for North Carolina 481 posted on Interstate 95 north. North Carolina 481 travels 20 miles overall between Glenview and Tillery (North Carolina 561). The highway overlaps with U.S. 301 for two miles at Enfield. Photo taken 06/25/05.
Drivers bound for North Carolina 481 west to Glenview and east to Enfield depart Interstate 95 north. North Carolina 481 splits into Business and Bypass routings on the outskirts of Enfield. The bypass route ties into U.S. 301 south of town and opened to traffic in 2002.2 Photo taken 06/25/05.
North Carolina 561 arcs 34 miles through Halifax County between Brinkleyville and U.S. 258 near Spring Hill. The state route crosses paths with Interstate 95 at Exit 160 three miles east of Heathsville. Photo taken 06/25/05.
Interstate 95 north at the diamond interchange (Exit 160) with N.C. 561. N.C. 561 ends eight miles to the west at the split of N.C. 4 and 48; eastward N.C. 561 meets U.S. 301 in eight miles near Halifax. Photo taken 06/25/05.
A diamond interchange (Exit 168) connects I-95 with N.C. 903 in two miles. North Carolina 903 ventures five miles northwest from U.S. 301 in Halifax to the freeway. Photo taken 06/25/05.
N.C. 903 continues northwest of Interstate 95 five miles to N.C. 48 and 11 miles combine with U.S. 158. The state route serves Halifax Industrial Park and overlaps with N.C. 125 before both highways join U.S. 301 south for a four-mile concurrency to Pender and Ruggles. Photo taken 06/25/05.
Northbound I-95 at Exit 168 to North Carolina 903. North Carolina 903 follows a circuitous routing from the Virginia state line near Lake Gaston south to Greenville, LaGrange, Kenansville and North Carolina 411 near Garland. Photo taken 06/25/05.
N.C. 125 ventures north from N.C. 903 six miles to a parclo interchange (Exit 171) with Interstate 95. Interests to Historic Halifax are advised to take N.C. 125 south. Photo taken 06/25/05.
North Carolina 125 continues north from Exit 171 into southern reaches of Roanoke Rapids. Following Old Farm Road South, North Carolina 125 enters the city and meets U.S. 158 for a short overlap to 10th Street. 10th Street carries the state route northwest to North Carolina 48 (Roanoke Avenue), where it ends in Downtown. Photo taken 06/25/05.
Interstate 95 approaches the city of Roanoke Rapids and U.S. 158 (Exit 173). U.S. 158 skims the southern reaches of town and joins the city with Weldon to the east and Littleton to the west. An intrastate highway, U.S. 158 travels overall between Mocksville west of Winston-Salem and Whalebone Junction on the Outer Banks. Photo taken 06/25/05.
One mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 158) with U.S. 158 on I-95. U.S. 158 follows 2nd Street through Weldon, two miles to the east. There U.S. 301 and U.S. 158 combine for a three-mile overlap eastward to Garysburg. West of Roanoke Rapids, U.S. 158 heads 14 miles to Littleton and 32 miles to U.S. 1 and 401 in Norlina. Photo taken 06/25/05.
Drivers destined for Roanoke Rapids and Weldon depart Interstate 95 northbound at Exit 173. U.S. 158 serves the historic district of Weldon and Murfreesboro Halifax Community College. Further east the highway meanders through rural areas to Jackson, Murfreesboro, Sunbury and Elizabeth City. Photo taken 06/25/05.
Crossing the Roanoke River into Northampton County on Interstate 95 north. Meeting the freeway ahead is North Carolina 46, an east-west highway between the nearby towns of Gaston and Garysburg. Photo taken 06/25/05.
Exit 176 leaves Interstate 95 northbound for North Carolina 46. Gaston and Garysburg each lie three miles out from the diamond interchange. The state route travels just 19 miles between U.S. 301 in Garysburg and Virginia 46. Photo taken 06/25/05.
Reassurance marker posted north of the N.C. 46 on-ramp. A hodgepodge of wetlands, forest and farm land line I-95 along this stretch east of Gaston. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Macon Price Road passes over Interstate 95 one mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 180) with North Carolina 48 (Pleasant Hill Road). North Carolina 48 meets Interstate 95 for the second time one mile south of the Virginia state line and two miles west of its end at U.S. 301 in Pleasant Hill. Photo taken 06/25/05.
Interstate 95 northbound at Exit 180 (North Carolina 48). North Carolina 48 (Pleasant Hill Road) travels west four miles to Gaston and North Carolina 46. The state highway also serves Northampton Commerce Park. Photo taken 06/25/05.
Interstate 95 crosses into Virginia near mile marker 181. A welcome center and rest area follow in southern Greenville County. Photo taken 06/25/05.



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