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Interstate 95 North
A distributor roadway separates from I-95 north at Exit 333 for SR 9B. The commuter freeway serves interests from St. Johns, Flagler Center business park, and Nocatee north into Southside Jacksonville. Jax Beaches is signed for the connection with SR 202 (JTB) east via I-295 north. Photo taken 06/16/16.
The first Duval County interchange along Interstate 95 joins the freeway with Old Saint Augustine Road by Baptist Medical Center South and the Bartram Park community. Old St. Augustine Road travels west through Greenland to Interstate 295 and north to SR 13 (San Jose Boulevard) at Goodbys. Photo taken 07/23/13.
I-95 travels between Batram Park Boulevard and the Flagler Center on the half mile approach to Exit 335. A folded diamond interchange connects with Old St. Augustine Road opposite wetland areas along Big Davis Creek. The exchange opened to traffic on August 15, 2004 after 21 months of construction.12 Photo taken 10/06/18.
Exit 337 follows in two miles for Interstate 295, the Jacksonville Beltway. A series of arrow per lane (APL) signs replaced a set of diagrammatic signs in winter 2014.
Signs for Exit 335 display Old St. Augustine Road on I-95 north while previous southbound overheads referenced just St. Augustine Road. This was related to a separate section of St. Augustine Road located north of SR 13 (San Jose Boulevard) and San Jose. Area residents and businesses differentiate the Mandarin segment from the northern section by calling it Old St. Augustine Road. FDOT signs referenced Old St. Augustine Road due to its use on an official map.12 Photo taken 10/06/18.
Traffic to Exit 335 (Old St. Augustine Road) departs Interstate 95 north. Old St. Augustine Road ties into U.S. 1 (Phillips Highway), 1.4 miles to the east at Alphons Street in Bayard. The five-lane boulevard extends west four miles to Greenland and Loretto Roads at Loretto. Photo taken 10/06/18.
With five foot high letters spelling out Jacksonville, the Old St. Augustine Road overpass acts as a gateway for the city along I-95 northbound. Photo taken 10/06/18.
A series of arrow-per-lane signs outline the forthcoming separation with Exit 337 for the Jacksonville Beltway along I-95 north. Photo taken 10/06/18.
The East Beltway of I-295 serves Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach via connections with SR 202, U.S. 90, or SR 10. The West Beltway, completed between 1968-77, encircles the Mandarin, Ortega and Springfield neighborhoods of Jacksonville. It provides a direct route to Orange Park in Clay County and Interstate 10 west for Lake City. Photo taken 10/06/18.
One quarter mile ahead of the two-lane ramp (Exit 337) for Interstate 295 on I-95 north. Signs, about 350 of them, were altered or replaced as part of $1.3-million project between December 2011 and Summer 2012 to update State Road 9A as Interstate 295 for the East Beltway.2 Photo taken 10/06/18.
A $107 million project underway from November 2001 to 2005 expanded the former three-wye interchange with I-295 to incorporate new ramps with the East Beltway. All connections to the newly completed SR 9A through Southside were open by mid-August 2005.1 Photo taken 10/06/18.
Exit 337 splits from the Interstate 95 north at the Greenland Road overpass, which was replaced by 2005 during SR 9A interchange construction. The East Beltway provides a long-distance bypass of Downtown Jacksonville through the Southside, Arlington and North Jacksonville neighborhoods of the city. The graceful Dames Point Bridge (N.B. Broward Bridge) spans the St. Johns along the way. Photo taken 10/06/18.
Single lane ramps partition for Interstate 295 north (West Beltway) to Orange Park and north (East Beltway) to the Jacksonville Beaches and the University of North Florida. The western beltway mainly serves commuter interests, especially across the Buckman Bridge to U.S. 17 and SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) in Clay County. The route is not a favorable long-distance bypass of the city center. Photo taken 10/06/18.
An overhead sign along the flyover for the West Beltway will advise motorists of the I-295 Express Lanes. The toll lanes extend west from I-95 across the Buckman Bridge. Photo taken 10/06/18.
Continuing along the flyover for the West Beltway from I-95 north. Previously numbered as Exit 97 in the sequential numbering system, this connection replaced a left side ramp. Photo taken 10/06/18.
2 photos
2 photos
With six overall lanes, Interstate 95 passes through the systems interchange with the Jacksonville Beltway. Photos taken 07/23/13.
U.S. 1 (Philips Highway) returns to Interstate 95 along side a Florida East Coast railroad line at Exit 339 in one mile. The US highway last met the freeway at Exit 298, south of St. Augustine. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Five lanes of Interstate 95 parallel Julington Creek to the folded diamond interchange (Exit 339) with U.S. 1 near Greenland. Photo taken 07/23/13.
The right lane gained from Interstate 295 departs for U.S. 1 (Phillips Highway) at Exit 339. Exit 339 resides next to The Avenues Mall and the south end of SR 115 (Southside Boulevard). Photo taken 07/23/13.
Exit 339 loops away from Interstate 95 north for U.S. 1 (Phillips Highway) north through Mandarin and south through South Side. Photo taken 07/23/13.
SR 115 (Southside Boulevard) ventures north from U.S. 1 at The Avenues mall to parallel Interstate 95 through South Side Jacksonville. Photo taken 07/23/13.
One quarter mile south of the Exit 340 connector between Interstate 95 north and SR 115 (Southside Boulevard) north. A pair of wye interchanges facilitate movements between the two roadways. Photo taken 07/23/13.
SR 115 exists almost wholly within Duval County from South Side Jacksonville to Callahan in Nassau County. The state road constitutes a busy arterial north to a sprawling office campus at SR 202 (Butler Boulevard) to the Arlington section of Jacksonville (as U.S. 90 Alternate). Photo taken 07/23/13.
Traffic partitions between Interstate 95 north and the Exit 340 ramp to Southside Boulevard. Interstate 95 will see SR 115 again in a hidden fashion at Exit 354 (U.S. 1).
State Road 115 overlaps with a multitude of routes between Beach Boulevard (U.S. 90) and the Springfield neighborhood north of Jacksonville. SR 115 crosses paths with I-95 again at Exit 356 (Lem Turner Road). Photo taken 07/23/13.
Interstate 95 bends northwest along side Pottsburg Creek Swamp between the Mandarin and South Side neighborhoods to SR 152 (Baymeadows Road). Photo taken 07/23/13.
A diamond interchange (Exit 341) connects Interstate 95 with SR 152 (Baymeadows Road) in one mile. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Three exits depart Interstate 95 over the course of four miles for the San Marco and South Side neighborhoods. Photo taken 07/04/06.
State Road 152 follows 6.42 miles of Baymeadows Road west to SR 13 (San Jose Boulevard) and east to Interstate 295 (East Beltway). Florida Coastal School of Law lies west of I-95 in a business park north of SR 152. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Exit 341 leaves Interstate 95 north for SR 152 (Baymeadows Road) west to the San Marco neighborhood east to Stockdale in South Side Jacksonville. Photo taken 07/23/13.
The freeway traverses Pottsburg Creek Swamp by this reassurance marker. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Next in line for northbound travelers is the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 344) with SR 202 (J. Turner Boulevard). SR 202 begins just west of I-95 at U.S. 1 (Phillips Highway) in the Belfort Station community.
A $78-million project underway from 2015 to early 2018 expanded the SR 202 exchange with I-95. A new flyover from I-95 south to SR 202 east was constructed and the ramp from I-95 north was expanded to include access to SR 202 west at a signalized intersection.10 Photo taken 07/23/13.
Butler Boulevard (JTB) is named for J. Turner Butler, a former Florida House member and president of the Florida Senate to 1941. His legislative efforts aided in the creation of the Jacksonville Port Authority and he also wrote bills that established the Acosta and Main Street Bridges and the Jacksonville Expressway system. His efforts also aided the government merger between Duval County and Jacksonville city in 1968.3 Photo taken 07/23/13.
SR 202 leads east from Interstate 95 as a full freeway to Jacksonville Beach. The east end of the freeway was completed when the trumpet interchange with Florida A1A opened to traffic on March 18, 1997 at a cost of $4.7 million.4 JTB connects with I-295 north to both the University of North Florida and Florida State College's South campus. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Exit 344 leaves Interstate 95 northbound for SR 202 (J. Turner Boulevard). Tolled until 1988, State Road 202 bisects the South Side of Jacksonville to the city of Jacksonville Beach, serving as the catalyst to a number of suburban developments along its 13-mile course. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Continuing between the San Marcos and South Side neighborhoods of Jacksonville, Interstate 95 north sees two exits over the next three miles, culminating at U.S. 1 Alternate (Emerson Street) north to Empire Point. Photo taken 07/23/13.
A half diamond interchange (Exit 345) follows in one mile for Bowden Road. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Bowden Road leads west from a residential area east of Pottsburg Creek to intersect U.S. 1 (Philips Highway) just west of Exit 345. SR 109 (University Boulevard) ties into U.S. 1 nearby. Photo taken 07/23/13.
The auxiliary lane gained from SR 202 west departs for Bowden Road one half mile north of this reassurance marker. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Return access to Interstate 95 north from Bowden lies within the adjacent parclo interchange with SR 109 (University Boulevard). University Boulevard carries the state road northeast from SR 13 (San Jose Boulevard) at Lakewood to Spring Glen and the Arlington River. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Northbound I-95 at Exit 345 to Bowden Road for SR 109 (University Boulevard). State Road 109 exists in two portions: a 6.44-mile segment between SR 13 and SR 115 (Arlington Expressway) via Cesery Boulevard, and another 2.27 miles of University Boulevard leading north from SR 115 to Floral Bluff and Jacksonville University. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Sound walls overgrown with foliage, coincide with Interstate 95 through the Englewood community between SR 109 and Exit 347 with U.S. 1 Alternate (Emerson Street). U.S. 1 Alternate loops east from U.S. 1 (Phillips Highway) to the Hart Bridge, East Jacksonville and the Stadium District. Photo taken 07/23/13.
One half mile south of the parclo interchange (Exit 347) with U.S. 1 Alternate (Emerson Street). Emerson Street carries SR 126 west from U.S. 1 (Phillips Highway) to SR 13 (San Jose Boulevard) near Miramar Terrace. U.S. 1 Alternate continues Emerson Street east to the Emerson Expressway at Spring Glen. Photo taken 07/23/13.
U.S. 1 Alternate (Emerson Street) meets U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) at an interchange along the short Emerson Expressway. North from there, the US highway merges with the Hart Bridge Expressway (SR 228) to cross the St. Johns River.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway, a L-shaped freeway, carries the route north and west around the Springfield Historical District to meet I-95 again at Exit 354. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Interchange sequence sign posted ahead of the ramps for Downtown Jacksonville (Exit 350), Park Street (Exit 351A) and Interstate 10 (Exit 351B). Photo taken 07/23/13.
Previously departing one mile ahead, construction as part of the I-95 Overland Bridge Replacement Project replaced the off-ramp at Exit 350A to Downtown with a new collector distributor roadway separating from just north of the San Diego Road underpass. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Exit 350A connects Interstate 95 north with both the Main Street Bridge (U.S. 1 & 90) and the Acosta Bridge (SR 13) north across the St. Johns River to the Central Civic Core District, the La Valla District and Downtown. SR 13 concludes at the north end of the Acosta Bridge with ramps to a short portion of unsigned SR 228 (Riverside Avenue). Photo taken 07/23/13.
Interstate 95 & U.S. 1 north and U.S. 90 west
The Jacksonville skyline unfolds as a wye interchange adds traffic from Atlantic Boulevard (U.S. 90) west. The $158-million Overland Bridge project commenced on January 14, 2013. Road work rebuilt a 2.3-mile section of I-95, including the Overland Bridge viaduct, to mid-2016.4 A new southbound lane was added and ramps to U.S. 1 (Kings Avenue) south were redesigned and a new northbound off-ramp to Atlantic Boulevard added. U.S. 1 south & 90 east, which previously paralleled I-95 along Kings Avenue, were relocated onto a short overlap with I-95 along the rebuilt freeway. Photo taken 07/23/13.
This former sign bridge preceded the three-lane off-ramp of Exit 350A. The Main Street exit includes an off-ramp for Prudential Drive in the South Bank District neighborhood. Prudential Drive carries State Road 5 east to Kings Avenue south.
Signage to the left alerted motorists to the forthcoming Exit 351B for Interstate 10's westbound beginning. Photo taken 03/03/13.
U.S. 1 north & U.S. 90 west leave Interstate 95 north for the Main Street Bridge into Downtown. SR 13 north joins the Acosta Expressway from Prudential Drive west from Hendricks Avenue while SR 13 south follows the Acosta Expressway east directly to San Marco Boulevard south. Photo taken 03/03/13.
The Acosta Bridge includes an exit ramp to Mary Street in the South Bank District before spanning the St. Johns River to former U.S. 17 (Broad Street) north to the Central Civic Core District and Riverside Avenue (old U.S. 17) southwest into the Brooklyn community. U.S. 1 & 90 partition into the couplet of Main and Ocean Streets to their split at Beaver Street (U.S. 90 west). Photo taken 07/23/13.
Interstate 95 North
Looking north from Interstate 95 at the departing Acosta Expressway and the parallel Jacksonville Skyway, a 2.5-mile long automated people mover between Kings Avenue in the South Bank District to State and Union Streets (U.S. 17 & 23) at the Church District. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Interstate 95 spans the Saint Johns River on the Fuller Warren Bridge west to the Avondale and Brooklyn neighborhoods and Interstate 10 (Exit 351B). A cable-stayed pedestrian bridge crosses over the span between Baptist Medical Center and Nemours Children's Clinic hospital. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Unobstructed views of the Jacksonville sky line are afforded to northbound drivers across the Fuller Warren Bridge. Visible in the foreground is a Florida East Coast Railroad bridge, the Acosta Bridge and a blue tower from the Main Street lift Bridge. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Exit 351A departs next for Park Street to former U.S. 17 (College & Post Streets) and Riverside Avenue (SR 211). Exit 351B follows for Interstate 10 west to Lake City (junction I-75). Photo taken 07/23/13.
Another view of Downtown Jacksonville from the Fuller Warren Bridge to the west. The adjacent Acosta Bridge is a 1994 replacement of the original 1921 lift bridge. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Northbound reassurance marker for Interstate 95 posted midway across the Fuller Warren Bridge. The concrete girder bridge was constructed for $100 million with work starting on August 5, 1996. The southbound span opened on April 16, 2000 with work continuing on the northbound span until it fully opened to traffic on November 17, 2002,5,6 The new 75 foot high span replaced a city-built 1954 bascule bridge7, which was tolled until 1988. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Exit 351A lowers from the Fuller Warren Bridge to the intersection of Peninsular Place at Park Street as four lanes of Interstate 95 north prepare to meet the east end of Interstate 10 (Exit 351B). Construction between February 2005 and a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 17, 2011 upgraded a 1950s designed interchange with left side ramps, into a high-speed directional interchange. Known as "The Big I", the $154 million project involved 17 separate bridges and 21 ramps. The project earned the 2011 People's Choice Award.7,8 Photo taken 07/23/13.
Interstate 95 northbound narrowed to two through lanes at Exit 351B for I-10 west. A $126 million project underway from May 5, 2017 to Summer 2020 adds an additional lane along I-95 across the Fuller Warren Bridge in both directions.13 Photo taken 03/03/13.
The westbound beginning of Interstate 10 leaves Interstate 95 north for Lake City, Tallahassee, Pensacola, and ultimately Santa Monica, California. Interstate 10 traverses the upper Gulf Coast west from the Big Bend of Florida to Mobile, Biloxi-Gulfport, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles and Houston, Texas. The freeway then begins a slow ascent from San Antonio to El Paso in West Texas. Photo taken 07/23/13.
Big I construction removed the original ramps to Myrtle Avenue (Exit 352A) and replaced them with a new collector distributor roadway joining I-95 north with Forsyth Street (Exit 352B) east and Monroe Street (Exit 352C) east to Downtown. Photo taken 03/03/13.
The flyover for Interstate 10 west passes over I-95 north as the freeway resumes a northern trajectory. Photo taken 07/23/13.
2 photos
2 photos
The Exit 352 c/d roadway parts ways with Interstate 95 north to combine with the ending I-10. The c/d roadway expands to four lanes to ramps for Forsyth Street east through the La Valla District and Monroe Street east to the Duval County Courthouse. Motorists bound for Union Street are advised also to use the c/d lanes to stay to the right for the Exit 353B off-ramp to U.S. 17 north & 23 south. Photos taken 03/03/13.

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