Interstate 95 north
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2 photos
Crossing the Savannah River, Interstate 95 enters Jasper County, South Carolina. A swing bridge along the CSX Railroad line parallels the crossing to the east. Photo taken 12/13/17. Second photo taken 08/28/04.
A number of palmetto trees accompany decorative walls to formally welcome travelers to South Carolina along Interstate 95 north. This configuration is rarely seen along the Interstate system. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Two sets of bridges cross flood relief channels through the marshy areas east of the Savannah River. These spans were built by 1976. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Serving northbound motorists ahead of the first interchange is a South Carolina Welcome Center and rest area. Free official state highway maps and tourist information is available at the forthcoming facility. Photo taken 12/13/17.
A northbound side weigh station facility was shuttered by 2013. Photo taken 12/13/17.
The Palmetto State welcome center is open daily between 9 pm and 5 am. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Interstate 95 enters Jasper County through northern reaches of Savannah River National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is directly accessible via Exit 5 onto U.S. 17 south. The Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge on Port Royal Sound lies 22 miles to the east via Exit 8 and U.S. 278. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Meeting Interstate 95 first in the Palmetto State is U.S. 17 within the city of Hardeeville. Hardeeville lies at the junction of U.S. 17, South Carolina 46, and the south end of U.S. 321. U.S. 321 does not meet Interstate 95 directly, but rather spurs north from U.S. 17 three quarters of mile to the north. U.S. 321 ventures north to U.S. 601's south end near Tarboro and beyond there to the Hampton County town of Estill in 36 miles. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Northbound I-95 at the tourist information center and rest area at Hardeeville. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Exit 5 consists of a parclo B2 interchange with U.S. 17 (Coastal Highway) set between a large array of services in Hardeeville. U.S. 17 provides a route into Savannah through marshland north of the Savannah River. Connections with S.C. 170 and S.C. 46 lead east to U.S. 278, west of Hilton Head Island. U.S. 17 otherwise parallels I-95 closely from Hardeeville north to Ridgeland. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Interstate 95 spans S.C. 46 (Main Street) after this reassurance marker. S.C. 46 ends at U.S. 321, just north of its split with U.S. 17 nearby. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Northbound motorists remain within the Hardeeville city limits another seven miles to Bagshaw Swamp. Florence, where I-20 ends, is 159 miles to the northeast. Photo taken 12/19/13.
John Smith Road passes over I-95 one mile south of a diamond interchange (Exit 8) with U.S. 278 (Independence Boulevard). U.S. 278 ends 33 miles to the east at the resort city of Hilton Head Island. The four-lane divided highway provides the first leg of a direct route also to the Beaufort County seat of Beaufort via S.C. 170 to U.S. 21. Photo taken 12/19/13.
U.S. 278 east also leads to the Sun City community on Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, a coastal town along S.C. 46 on the May River. Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) Parris Island is reached via S.C. 170 north from U.S. 278 to the town of Port Royal. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 95 northbound at the diamond interchange (Exit 8) with U.S. 278. U.S. 278 merges with parallel U.S. 17 just west of Exit 8. The two highways travel north from there 10 miles to Switzerland and 15 miles to Ridgeland. U.S. 17 & 278 provide a viable alternate route to Interstate 95 when traffic accidents or other congestion occurs on the four-lane freeway. Photo taken 12/19/13.
A forested median once separated the north and southbound roadways along I-95 beyond Exit 8. Vegetation removal completed in October 2018 cleared all trees from the freeway median between mile markers 0 and 23.19. Eight miles of cable barriers were installed as well.1 Photo taken 12/13/17.
The town of Ridgeland lies 12 miles ahead while Florence remains over two hours away. Ridgeland has a reputation for rigid speed enforcement along its stretch of Interstate 95. Photo taken 12/13/17.
The ten mile exit less stretch between Hardeeville and Ridgeland is comprised of forest stands and swampland. Back-ups occur frequently along this stretch during holiday travel. Photo taken 12/19/13.
A set of rest areas along both sides of Interstate 95 at Switzerland were converted to truck only parking areas. Photo taken 07/27/13.
One mile south of a trumpet interchange (Exit 18) with Road 13 on Interstate 95 north. Exit 18 provides a direct connection to parallel U.S. 17 & 278 between Switzerland and Ridgeland. Photo taken 12/13/17.
The truck parking area lies just north of the Crow Field Road overpass. Seven former Interstate rest areas statewide were converted to truck only facilities in 2008. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Exit 18 departs Interstate 95 north for the connector to U.S. 17 & 278. Bees Creek Road (Road 13) ties into the interchange from the east, leading north to South Carolina 336 (Old House Road) at Grahamville east of the Ridgeland town center. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Interstate 95 bypasses the street grid of Ridgeland from Mitchellville north to the merge with U.S. 17 south of Ricetown. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Remaining wholly within the town limits of Ridgeland, Interstate 95 merges with U.S. 17 north in four miles. Florence remains 146 miles to the northeast. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Continuing through the Jasper County seat of Ridgeland, I-95 next meets Exit 21 with S.C. 336 (East Main Street). The state highway follows Main Street through Downtown Ridgeland, intersecting U.S. 17 & 321 one half mile west of the freeway. U.S. 278 and U.S. 17 part ways two blocks north of their intersection with S.C. 336. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Northbound at the diamond interchange (Exit 21) with S.C. 336 (East Main Street). S.C. 336 travels 13.59 miles overall between U.S. 321 at Tillman and S.C. 462 east of Ridgeland. Photo taken 12/19/13.
U.S. 17 (Jacob Smart Boulevard) continues north from its split with U.S. 278 (3rd Avenue) a short distance to merge with Interstate 95 at Exit 22. A trumpet interchange ties the US highway with the freeway at the north end of Ridgeland. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Exit 22 loops onto U.S. 17 southbound for return access to Ridgeland. Two frontage roads parallels Interstate 95 & U.S. 17 northward: the east side road heads to Ricetown while the west side road is old U.S. 17 northeast toward Pocotaligo. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Interstate 95 & U.S. 17 north
U.S. 17 and Interstate 95 overlap 11 miles to Exit 33. Old U.S. 17 remains in use on a parallel alignment west of the freeway through Coosawhatchie.
Vegetation clearing between mile markers 23.19 and 32.5 in 2018 removed or cut back trees within the freeway median.1 Photo taken 12/13/17.
South Carolina 462 meanders north from eastern reaches of Ridgeland to the next northbound exit in five miles. Florence is now a two hour drive away. Photo taken 12/13/17.
A diamond interchange (Exit 28) joins South Carolina 462 with Interstate 95 & U.S. 17. The state highway follows a four lane alignment northwest from the freeway onto a four-lane section of old U.S. 17 through Coosawhatchie. Photo taken 12/13/17.
The sixth of seven interchanges within Jasper County along Interstate 95 serves S.C. 462 at the community of Coosawhatchie. S.C. 462 comprises a 14.5-mile loop around Ridgeland between U.S. 278 near Gillisonville and U.S. 278 at the Beaufort County line. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Interstate 95 & U.S. 17 pass Coosawhatchie just to the east. Photo taken 12/19/13.
The bridge over the Coosawhatchie River were completed in 1974. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Four miles remain along the I-95 and U.S. 17 overlap to Pocotaligo. Interstate 95 and U.S. 17 do not meet again until Fredericksburg, Virginia, a distance of 475 miles! Photo taken 12/19/13.
U.S. 17 departs the freeway for Charleston and the Atlantic coast by way of Sheldon, Jacksonboro, and Rantowles. U.S. 17 merges with U.S. 21, 1.5 miles east of Interstate 95 for a six-mile wrong-way overlap between Pocotaligo and Gardens Corner. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Entering the trumpet interchange (Exit 33) with old U.S. 17 (Frontage Road) south and U.S. 17 north on I-95 north. Connections with U.S. 21 direct motorists southeast to Burton, Beaufort, Port Royal and Hunting Island. U.S. 17 traverses areas of marshland between Gardens Corner and Jacksonboro along a two lane highway with occasional passing lanes. U.S. 17 widens to four lanes from Jacksonboro east to Charleston, serving small communities such as Parkers Ferry, Osborn and Ravenel along the way. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Interstate 95 north
Interstate 95 swings westward to bypass Yemassee over the next five miles. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Spanning both Kress Road and the Seaboard System Railroad, northbound travelers cross the Hampton County line. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Another six miles remain for drivers headed to Yemassee, which centers on the intersection of U.S. 17 Alternate & 21 and S.C. 68. Florence is now 131 miles away. Photo taken 12/19/13.
South Carolina 68 travels northwest from U.S. 17 Alternate & U.S. 21 in Yemassee 1.6 miles to a folded diamond interchange (Exit 38) with Interstate 95. Photo taken 12/23/17.
Exit 38 leaves I-95 north for S.C. 68 (Yemassee Highway). S.C. 68 travels 15.33 miles overall between U.S. 278 at Almeda and Yemassee. U.S. 278 meets U.S. 601 at the Hampton County seat of Hampton four miles west of the S.C. 68 west end. U.S. 17 Alternate & U.S. 21 meanwhile overlap seven miles from Pocotaligo to a point four miles northeast of Yemassee. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Interstate 95 north quickly leaves the Yemassee town limits beyond the on-ramp from S.C. 68. Photo taken 12/13/17.
U.S. 21, which has stayed east of I-95 from its beginning at Beaufort, finally crosses paths with I-95 in three miles. Florence is another 126 miles to the northeast. Photo taken 12/13/17.
The short stretch through Hampton County concludes as Interstate 95 north spans the Combahee River into Colleton County. Photo taken 12/13/17.
U.S. 21 parts ways with U.S. 17 Alternate and travels three miles northwest to meet Interstate 95 at Exit 42. The US highway continues from there 57 miles to Orangeburg, the largest city along Interstate 26 between Columbia and the Charleston metropolitan area. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 42) with U.S. 21 (Low Country Highway) on I-95 north. U.S. 21 travels 19 miles north to Ruffin and seven miles south to Yemassee. U.S. 17 Alternate travels 15 miles between U.S. 21 and S.C. 63 through Hendersonville to the east. Photo taken 12/19/13.
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2 photos
A long unending swath of forest lies ahead as Interstate 95 progresses northeast 16 miles to Walterboro and 121 miles to Florence. Photos taken 12/19/13.
The second northbound rest area within the Palmetto State lies opposite the final southbound facility west of Hendersonville. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Northbound at the rest area off-ramp on I-95. The facilities lie just south of the Black Creek Road over crossing. Photo taken 12/13/17.
The first of two interchanges for the Colleton County seat of Walterboro lies one mile ahead with S.C. 63 (Sniders Highway). Walterboro lies at the cross roads of U.S. 17 Alternate, S.C. 63, S.C. 64 and the south end of U.S. 15. S.C. 63 (Sniders Highway) links the seat with Islandton and Hampton to the west. The state highway provides a four-lane route into Downtown Walterboro, joining U.S. 17 Alternate (Hendersonville Highway) in the process. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Northbound at the diamond interchange (Exit 53) with S.C. 63 (Sniders Highway) west of Walterboro. The two Walterboro interchanges provide a large array of services for long distance travelers. S.C. 63 otherwise provides a direct route to U.S. 17 Alternate and Downtown. U.S. 17 Alternate continues east from the city to Round O, Cottageville, and the outer Charleston suburbs at Summerville. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Interstate 95 stays generally west of Walterboro, crossing Great Swamp over the next two miles. Photo taken 12/19/13.
A second Walterboro exit lies three miles ahead with S.C. 64. 107 miles further is The Magic City of Florence. Photo taken 12/19/13.
South Carolina 64 travels north through Walterboro to meet Interstate 95 at the a folded diamond interchange (Exit 57). The state highway shares a brief overlap with U.S. 15 through Downtown. Southeast from there, South Carolina 64 travels 15 miles to meet U.S. 17 at Jacksonboro. Photo taken 12/19/13.
S.C. 64's connection with U.S. 17 provides a route to the Edisto Island community of Edisto Beach. S.C. 174 stems south from U.S. 17 at Osborn to the coastal community. Other local attractions such as the South Carolina Artisans Center and the Tuskegee Airman Monument lie within Walterboro via S.C. 64 and 63. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 95 passes over the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad ahead of the Exit 57 loop ramp onto S.C. 64 (Bells Highway). S.C. 64 heads west from Walterboro 12 miles to U.S. 21 and 22 miles to Lodge in northwest Colleton County. The state highway concludes at the U.S. Department of Energy Savannah River Site, west of Barnwell and Snelling, 56 miles away. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Leaving Walterboro, Interstate 95 turns more northerly through forested areas west of the U.S. 15 corridor. Photo taken 12/19/13.
The first mention of Interstate 26 on I-95 appears 27 miles to the south of their rural junction. Florence lies 79 miles further north. Photo taken 12/19/13.
McLeod Road (Road 34) meets Interstate 95 at a diamond interchange (Exit 62) in one mile. There is not much near this rural exit. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Exit 62 carries motorists to McLeod Road (Road 34) from Interstate 95. Road 34 travels east from Mt. Carmel Road to U.S. 15, with U.S. 15 running north to Canadys. Photo taken 12/13/17.
The majority of Interstate 95 north between Exits 62 and 68 includes a wide forested median. Photo taken 12/19/13.
South Carolina 61 (Augusta Highway) parallels the Edisto River northwest from Canadys to Springtown. The state highway and I-95 come together in five miles. Photo taken 12/19/13.
The diamond interchange (Exit 68) between I-95 and S.C. 68 (Augusta Highway) lies three miles west of Canadys. Colleton State Park lies nearby. Photo taken 12/13/17.
South Carolina 61 travels 25 miles east to U.S. 17A on the outskirts of Summerville and 49 miles east to Charleston. Westward, the state highway splits with South Carolina 217, which heads to Smoaks, in six miles, and ends 20 miles away at U.S. 78 east of Bamberg and west of Branchville. Photo taken 12/13/17.
The Edisto River separates Colleton and Dorchester Counties across Interstate 95. The river flows over 250 miles southeast from the Sandhills region west of Columbia to the Atlantic Ocean at Edisto Beach. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Reassurance marker for I-95 north posted at the 1974-built bridge across the Edisto River. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Interstate 95 plies across a low lying area north of the Edisto River on the initial portion of the eight mile drive to St. George. Photo taken 12/19/13.
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2 photos
A northbound weigh station operates along Interstate 95 by Cowtail Creek. Photos taken 12/19/13.
U.S. 78 links I-95 with the Dorchester County seat of St. George from Exit 77. The US highway is part of the South Carolina Heritage Trail scenic route westward to Aiken and Augusta. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 95 passes over a Norfolk Southern Railroad ahead of the folded diamond interchange with U.S. 78 (Badham Drive). U.S. 78 mirrors Interstate 26 from Ridgeville southeast into Downtown Charleston. Much of the route is slow going with U.S. 78 acting as the commercial arterial through the Summerville, Ladson, and North Charleston areas. West of St. George, U.S. 78 follows a rural path to Reevesville on the 15-mile drive to Branchville and U.S. 21. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 95 continues north from this shield assembly by Hudsontown. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 26 again appears on mileage signage eight miles out while Florence is now 87 miles away. Photo taken 12/19/13.
U.S. 178 crosses paths with Interstate 95, 15 miles north of its beginning and split with U.S. 78 near Dorchester and Ridgeville. The US highway parallels Interstate 26 west to Harleyville, Rosinville, Bowman and Orangeburg before turning westward toward North and Greenwood. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Northbound at the diamond interchange (Exit 82) with U.S. 178 (Charleston Highway) on Interstate 95. U.S. 178 reaches the town of Harleyville in seven miles at S.C. 453 and Bowman nine miles west at S.C. 210. Photo taken 12/19/13.
2 photos
2 photos
Beyond forthcoming Interstate 26, I-95 progresses northeast to toward Santee. Holly Hill is referenced as the following exit with U.S. 176 in 15 miles. Photos taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 26 angles northwest from South Carolina's LowCountry to converge with I-95 in a rural area between Bowman and Holly Hill in south Orangeburg County. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Interstate 26 throughout South Carolina is formally named the James F. Byrnes Memorial Freeway. Byrnes was a former governor, U.S. Senator and associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.2 Photo taken 12/19/13.
Within the Palmetto State, I-26 provides the main route between Charleston, the capital city of Columbia and Spartanburg in the Upstate. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Interstates 26 and 95 meet just beyond the Orangeburg County line at a full cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Exit 86A departs I-95 north for Interstate 26 east to Summerville, Ladson, Hanahan, North Charleston and Charleston. Charleston is a Colonial city rich in history. The coastal metropolitan area boasts the Port of Charleston, Charleston Air Force Base and the beaches of Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, and Folly Beach. I-26 concludes at U.S. 17 just east of Downtown in 53 miles. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Interstate 26 westbound travels northwest 61 miles to Columbia and 148 miles to Spartanburg. The rural freeway also serves the Orangeburg outskirts in 20 miles and connections to Charlotte, North Carolina via Interstate 77 in 53 miles. Photo taken 12/13/17.



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