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Interstate 95 South
Interstate 95 south rises to 30 feet above sea level from the Altamaha State Waterfowl Management Area to a diamond interchange (Exit 42) with SR 99 (Grants Ferry Road). SR 99 branches west from parallel U.S. 17 & SR 25 at Broadfield for a six-mile drive to Sterling. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Blank space on Exit 42 guide signs was intended for displaying Grants Ferry Road, the name of SR 99 west to U.S. 25 & 341 at Sterling. Exit 42 represents the former south end of Business Loop I-95 from Darien as well. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Georgia 99 follows a 38-mile course from Eulonia near Exit 58 to U.S. 82 & Georgia 520, ten miles west of Sterling. The route provides a cut-off for interests west to Hahunta and Waycross, while also serving the outer suburbs of Brunswick. Photo taken 01/03/14.
A southbound side rest area and tourist information center lies one mile south of Georgia 99 and Exit 42. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Construction in 2013-14 replaced the Georgia 99 overpass and pavement on the ramps to and from I-95. New signs added during the project included a second southbound reassurance shield for I-95. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Widening of I-95 through Glynn County brought the majority of the freeway from four to eight lanes. Photo taken 11/13/06.
Jacksonville continues to be omitted on southbound mileage signs, leaving just Brunswick 11 miles out on this assembly. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Southbound I-95 at the Brunswick area rest area and tourist information center. The next facility is the Florida welcome center in 44 miles. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Exit 38 joins Interstate 95 south next with Golden Isles Parkway and Georgia 25 Spur south to U.S. 17 (Glynn Avenue) in the city of Brunswick. Photo taken 12/21/13.
One half mile north of the diamond interchange (Exit 38) with SR 25 Spur (Golden Isles Parkway) on Interstate 95 south. Golden Isles Parkway leads south as a controlled access arterial by Glynn Mall and a number of other shopping centers directly to U.S. 17. U.S. 17 proceeds south from there to SR 25 Spur East (F.J. Torras Causeway) to St. Simons Island, Fort Frederica National Monument and Sea Island. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Interstate 95 south at Exit 38 for Georgia 25 Spur south to U.S. 17 and Golden Isles Parkway north to Georgia 99 (Grants Ferry Road) and additional suburban development.
Golden Isles Parkway south to U.S. 17 (Glynn Avenue) was once also designated as Business Spur I-95. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Angling southwest, Interstate 95 continues one mile to a six-ramp parclo interchange (Exits 36B/A) with U.S. 25 & 341 (New Jesup Highway). Photo taken 01/03/14.
Interstate 95 again carries eight overall lanes of traffic. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Elevating to pass over CSX and Norfolk Southern Railroad lines and Old Jesup Road, Interstate 95 advance to within a half mile of Exit 36B to U.S. 25 & 341. U.S. 25 & 341 run concurrent for 38.8 miles from outside Downtown Brunswick to the Wayne County seat Jesup. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Exit 36B departs I-95 south for U.S. 25 & 341 (New Jesup Highway) north. U.S. 25 combines with U.S. 84 east from Jesup to Ludowici, where the route merges with U.S. 301 to Statesboro and U.S. 80. U.S. 25 finally travels solo from Hopeulikit to Augusta. U.S. 341 extends northwest from Jesup, continuing Golden Isles Parkway from Brunswick to Perry. Photo taken 01/03/14.
A loop ramp (Exit 36A) follows onto U.S. 25 & 341 south. The pair continue 5.3 miles to Bay and Gloucester Streets. There U.S. 25 turns east through Downtown Brunswick to end at U.S. 17 while U.S. 341 works the street grid to also end at U.S. 17, just north of the Sidney Lanier Bridge. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Interstate 95 traverses a swath of wetlands, waterways and islands as it stays west of Brunswick. Spanning Gibson Creek, the freeway reaches Little Crispen Island beyond this shield assembly. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Leaving Little Crispen Island, Interstate 95 crosses the Turtle River onto Blythe Island. Widening of I-95 through here joined the two separate spans with six overall lanes and the capacity to expand to eight lanes. Photo taken 12/21/13.
A second Interstate 95 marker appears along southbound ahead of the Blythe Island Drive overpass. Blythe Island is accessible from adjacent Georgia 303 (Old Jacksonville Highway). Photo taken 12/21/13.
Interstate 95 spans the South Brunswick River from Blythe Island on the one mile approach to Exit 29 with U.S. 17-82 and SR 25-520. The upcoming parclo interchange is the last exit with U.S. 17 in the state. The route branches west from I-95 to Spring Bluff, Waverly and Woodbine. East of I-95, U.S. 17 & SR 25 overlap 5.6 miles with SR 520 to Jeckyl Island Causeway before turning north across the cable-stayed Sidney Lanier Bridge into Brunswick. Photo taken 12/21/13.
U.S. 82 begins at Interstate 95 (Exit 29), traveling west along side Georgia 520 (South Georgia Parkway) 50 miles to Waycross. This portion of the route was originally signed as U.S. 84. U.S. 84 shifted northward to Jesup and Hinesville in 1989, overtaking the former path of U.S. 82. Photo taken 12/21/13.
U.S. 82 & Georgia 520 combine west from Exit 29 to Dawson in southwest Georgia. Georgia 520 ventures northwest from there to U.S. 27 & 280 and Columbus while U.S. 82 maintains a westward heading to Cuthbert, Georgetown and Eufaula, Alabama. The 1,609-mile route stretches two thirds across the country to Alamogordo, New Mexico. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Angling southwest, Interstate 95 again traverses an area of wetlands to the Little Satilla River. Photo taken 01/03/14.
The first of seven Camden County interchanges joins Interstate 95 with Dover Bluff Road by the Sanctuary Cove golf course community in one mile. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Bridging the Little Satilla River, Interstate 95 enters Camden County, the final of seven Georgia Counties along the freeway. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Dover Bluff Road links Interstate 95 south with U.S. 17 & Georgia 25 at the community of Spring Bluff to the west. Southeastward, the local road traverses Hazards Neck to Dover Bluff off Umbrella Creek. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 26) with Dover Bluff Road on Interstate 95 south. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Veering away from the coast, Interstate 95 turns more westward across Hazzards Neck to White Oak Creek. Photo taken 12/21/13.
The Camden County seat of Woodbine is 15 miles to the southwest while Jacksonville reappears on mileage signs for I-95 at 56 miles out. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Opened to traffic in April 2012, the diamond interchange with Horse Stamp Church Road removed a 12-mile exit less stretch. Photo taken 01/03/14.
The Horse Stamp Church Road exit provides additional access to Dover Bluff and Waverly from Interstate 95. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Horse Stamp Church Road heads six miles northwest from Exit 22 to U.S. 17 & Georgia 25 at Georgia 110 in Waverly. East from I-95, the rural road becomes Ella Park Church Road en route to Dover Bluff Road near Hickory Bluff. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Interstate 95 bends more southerly and approaches White Oak Creek and Wild Neck, east of White Oak. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Approaching the Satilla River, southbound motorists on Interstate 95 next meet Georgia 25 Spur west into the city of Woodbine. Photo taken 01/03/14.
One half mile ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 14) with Georgia Spur 25 west and Satilla Bluff Road east. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Exit 14 leaves Interstate 95 south for SR 25 Spur west to U.S. 17 & SR 25 (Bedell Avenue) and Satilla Bluff Road east toward Ceylon. U.S. 17 & SR 25 parallel I-95 southward from Woodbine to Colesburg and Kingsland while nearby SR 110 angles southwest to SR 40 near Folkston. Photo taken 12/21/13.
A forested median lines Interstate 95 southward from Woodbine to Grassy Island and Shingle Island Swamp. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Interstate 95 continues south from Shingle Island Swamp to meet Harrietts Bluff Road at a diamond interchange (Exit 7). Photo taken 01/03/14.
Harrietts Bluff Road meanders east from Interstate 95, mirroring the Crooked River to Sadlers Landing and the community of Harrietts Bluff. Union Carbide Road stems east from the road onto Floyds Neck. Photo taken 01/03/14.
West from Exit 7, Harrietts Bluff Road concludes in 1.5 miles at U.S. 17 & Georgia 25. This is the first of four interchanges for the city of Kingsland. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Interstate 95 plies across wetlands and the Crooked River on the 1.25-mile approach to Exit 6 with Laurel Island Parkway. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Laurel Island Parkway transitions into Colerain Road west of Exit 6, connecting I-95 with both U.S. 17 & Georgia 25 and Martin Luther King Boulevard south into Kingsland. Photo taken 01/03/14.
East from the diamond interchange (Exit 6) with Interstate 95, Laurel Island Parkway continues into the city of St. Marys as Colerain Road to Georgia 40 Spur (Charlies Smith, Sr. Highway) and Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Georgia 40 (King Avenue) leads east from the Kingsland city center and parallels the St. Marys Railroad to a folded diamond interchange (Exit 3) with Interstate 95. Photo taken 01/03/14.
SR 40 east provides the main route to Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base from Interstate 95 south along with Kings Bay Road east. Okefenokee Parkway doubles as SR 23 & 121 south from Folkston and the west end of SR 40 through Charlton County. Photo taken 11/13/06.
A 30-mile long route, Georgia 40 ends nines miles to the east at Church Street in St. Marys. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Exit 3 leaves Interstate 95 south for Georgia 40 (King Avenue) in Kingsland. The state route concludes 21 miles to the west at U.S. 1-23-301 in Folkston. Photo taken 01/03/14.
The final reassurance marker posted for Interstate 95 south in Georgia. Photo taken 01/03/14.
A parclo interchange (Exit 1) joins Interstate 95 with St. Marys Road in one mile. The exit includes northbound access to a welcome center. Photo taken 01/03/14.
St. Marys Road winds east as a four-lane divided parkway to Georgia 40 Spur and a gate into Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base. Photo taken 01/03/14.
St. Marys Road ties into Scrubby Bluff Road west of Exit 1. Scrubby Bluff Road winds north from Scrubby Bluff on the St. Marys River to U.S. 17 in south Kingsland.
A ground level guide sign for Exit 1 was missing by 2013. The sign bridge posted after it was missing before 2006. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Flowing 126 miles east from Okefenokee Swamp, the St. Marys River marks the state border between Georgia and Florida from near Moniac, around Trail Ridge to Folkston, and east to Cumberland Island and the Atlantic Ocean. Photo taken 01/03/14.


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