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Interstate 95 South
Interstate 495 begins a 11.47 mile route around the east side of Wilmington immediately south of the Delaware state line. With six overall lanes and a variable speed limit normally set at 65 miles per hour, through traffic is advised to take I-495 to bypass the city. Exit 6 departs just beyond the split for SR 92 (Naamans Road). 12/20/22
A reassurance marker for Interstate 95 accompanies milepost zero for Pennsylvania at the state line. 01/14/17
A welcome to Delaware sign stands beyond the gore point for I-495 south. Signs referencing Governor John Carney include the slogan "Endless Discoveries". Predecessor signs for Jack Markell retained "Its Good Being First", which first appeared in 2001 during the initial term of Governor Ruth Ann Minner . 09/27/14
Interstate 95 winds southwest from Claymont to a half diamond interchange (Exit 10 on I-95 north) with Harvey Road. Posted below the Harvey Road overpass is the first in a series of interchange sequence signs. 01/14/17
SR 3 (Marsh Road) meets with Interstate 95 at a modified diamond interchange (Exit 9) in one mile. Bellevue State Park lies just southeast of the exchange along parallel Carr Road. 12/30/18
A 5.87 mile route, SR 3 (Marsh Road) travels south from SR 92 (Naamans Road) through the Brandywine Hundred area to merge with U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike) via Washington Street Extension nearby. 12/30/18
Exit 9 departs Interstate 95 south for SR 3 (Marsh Road) north to the Ardens and south to Bellefonte. The state route concludes after a dog leg along Philadelphia Pike at Edgemoor and I-495 (Exit 4). 12/30/18
Serving the city of Wilmington, three exits depart over the course of five miles along Interstate 95 southbound. 01/14/17
Motorists headed to Downtown Wilmington are directed to Exit 7 A (SR 52 south), while visitors bound for the Christina Riverfront are advised to use Exit 6 (SR 4 and SR 9). I-95 crosses Brandywine Park ahead of Exit 7 B (SR 52 north). 08/25/21
A new community interchanges identification sign for Wilmington was added south of SR 3 in 2021. 08/25/21
I-95 passes over a parallel CSX Railroad line and Rockwood Road one mile from Exit 8 to U.S. 202 north and SR 202 south. U.S. 202 follows Concord Pike, a heavily traveled commercial arterial, northward from Wilmington to Fairfax, Talleyville and West Chester, Pennsylvania. 08/25/21
A directional cloverleaf interchange joins I-95 with U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) north and SR 202 (Concord Avenue) south at Exit 8. Among other changes, construction from September 2011 to November 2014 upgraded the exchange by widening the northbound ramp to U.S. 202 from I-95 north and realigning the southbound merge from Concord Pike to I-95. 08/25/21
U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) north connects I-95 with SR 141 and SR 261 (Foulk Road) at Blue ball. SR 141 branches northwest to Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children. 12/21/16
Formerly split between Exits 8 B/A, Exit 8 leads to both U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) north to West Chester and SR 202 (Concord Avenue) south into Wilmington. The loop ramp (Exit 8 A) for SR 202 south was eliminated to accommodate the realigned entrance ramp from Concord Pike. 08/25/21
SR 202 extends 1.01 miles south from Exit 8 to U.S. 13 Business (Market Street) at the Brandywine Village community in Wilmington. SR 202 lines a portion of the historic U.S. 202 route south to I-295 and U.S. 13/40 at Farnhurst. 12/22/20
A single lane ramp combines with the northbound exit from I-95 ahead of Concord Pike at Blue Ball. U.S. 202 travels with six overall lanes to Concord Mall and Brandywine Town Center mall before entering Delaware County, PA. 12/22/20
Interstate 95 U.S. 202 South
Continuing south into Wilmington, the succeeding exits along I-95 depart in 1.25 miles for SR 52 north to Greenville, Centerville and Mendenhall, Pennsylvania. SR 52 forms a multi state route with PA 52 to West Chester. 08/25/21
Although only partially signed, U.S. 202 combines with Interstate 95 for 5.6 miles south to SR 141 / Exit 5 A. 12/19/22
I-95/U.S. 202 south enter the city of Wilmington at the forthcoming CSX Railroad overpass. 12/19/22
Advancing under 18th Street, I-95 advances to the Brandywine Creek Bridge and Exit 7 to SR 52 (Delaware Avenue) at the Happy Valley neighborhood in Wilmington. 12/19/22
The auxiliary lane added from Concord Pike drops at Exit 7 B for SR 52 (Delaware Avenue) north. Exit 6 follows for SR 9 (4th Street) and SR 4 (M.L. King, Jr. Boulevard). 12/19/22
The Brandywine Creek Bridge spans the shallow waterway and adjacent North and South Park Drive above Brandywine Park. The 1,882 foot long span was constructed between 1962-64 and rebuilt in 1984.1 12/19/22
Exit 7 B parts ways with I-95 south for Jackson Street south at Gilpin Avenue. SR 52 (Delaware Avenue) follows in one block as it branches westward onto Pennsylvania Avenue to Wawaset and Highlands in northwest Wilmington. 12/19/22
I-95 drops below grade between Jackson and Adams Streets beyond the SR 52 overpass. 11th Street extends from Exit 7 A to connect I-95 with SR 52 south. Separating into a one way couplet (11th and 12th Streets) through Downtown Wilmington, SR 52 concludes at U.S. 13 Business (King / Walnut Streets). 12/19/22
An auxiliary lane forms between the Jackson Street entrance ramp adjacent to 11th Street at Cool Springs Park and Exit 6 to West Center City and Hilltop. 12/19/22
SR 9 follows 4th Street north to SR 2 (Lincoln / Union Streets) at Little Italy in Wilmington. The 58.18 mile long route leads south from the city to New Castle, Delaware City and ultimately SR 1 by Dover A.F.B. 12/19/22
Exit 6 leaves I-95 south beyond the 7th Street overpass. Jackson Street continues two blocks to the couplet of SR 48 (2nd Street / Lancaster Avenue). SR 48 leads east to U.S. 13 Business at LOMA and northwest to Greenhill and SR 41 outside Hockessin. SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) passes below the freeway from Monroe and 2nd Streets (SR 48) nearby to Browntown in Wilmington. West from the city, the 14.08 mile long route extends through Richardson Park, Newport, Stanton, Ogletown and ultimately SR 279 in southwest Newark. 12/19/22
Beyond the fall line at 5th Street, Interstate 95 elevates along the Wilmington Viaduct. 12/19/22
Lowering to the intersection of Jackson and Fourth Streets, Exit 6 expands to three lanes. A four lane urban boulevard, Fourth Street (SR 9) rises west through the Hilltop community and undulates east through Quaker Hill to combine with U.S. 13 at East Side. Paralleling three blocks to the south, SR 48 follows Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard east to Wilmington Station (AMTRAK and SEPTA) and U.S. 13 Business (Market Street). 12/19/22
I-95 shifts east of the AMTRAK Northeast Corridor through an S-curve between the Browntown and Riverfront areas of south Wilmington. Continuing south across Christina River wetland areas, the freeway meets I-295 in 1.5 miles. 12/19/22
The Wilmington Viaduct opened to traffic in 1964 and was rebuilt in 1978. Running from Spring 2021 to Spring 2023, major reconstruction redecked the elevated roadway and made a number of repairs and other improvements. 12/19/22
The first distance sign along Interstate 95 south with control cities in Delaware appears three miles ahead of SR 141 to Newport and 67 miles from Baltimore. 12/19/22
An expansive three wye interchange joins I-95/U.S. 202 with I-295 north in one mile. I-295 travels northward 93.8 miles overall to Camden and Trenton in New Jersey and Bristol, Pennsylvania. 12/19/22
I-95 rises to cross Little Mill Creek ahead of adjacent bridges over a Norfolk Southern Railroad line and the Christina River. The monotube assembly and arrow per lane (APL) sign for I-295 north (Left Exit 5 C) was installed here in Fall 2017. 12/19/22
Interstate 295 navigates east from I-95 between the older suburban areas of Minquadale and Wilmington Manor to reach the Delaware Memorial Bridge north of New Castle. 12/19/22
Interstate 295 turns north from the Delaware Memorial Bridge at Deepwater, splitting with the New Jersey Turnpike for Carneys Point and Camden. 12/19/22
I-495 south returns to Interstate 95 at a wye interchange preceding the cloverleaf interchange with SR 141. The right lane drops at the upcoming collector distributor roadway for Exits 5 B/A. 12/19/22
U.S. 202/SR 141 overlap from Exit 5 A south to both the Delaware Air National Guard facility at New Castle Airport (ILG) and U.S. 13/40 (Dupont Highway). 12/19/22
Southbound I-95 runs along the banks of the Christina River just ahead of the separation with U.S. 202 at Exit 5. Started in 2016, The SR 141 and I-95 Ramp Interchange Project made improvements to ramp geometry, added capacity and addressed safety issues. Work along the connections with I-95 southbound commenced in 2019. The project wrapped up in Spring 2022. 12/19/22
Exit 5 B departs for SR 141 north. Replacing the previous route of SR 41 along Newport Gap Pike through Newport and Belvedere, the Newport Freeway opened in 1979. SR 41 was subsequently truncated north from New Castle to SR 2 at Prices Corner. Forming a multi state route with PA 41, SR 41 leads northwest to U.S. 30 at Gap, Pennsylvania. 12/19/22
SR 141 south transitions into Basin Road just beyond the exchange with I-95 at Airport Road. Basin Road comprises a four lane arterial southward to SR 9 (Washington Street). Overall SR 141 loops 11.34 miles between U.S. 202 at Blue Ball and SR 9/273 in New Castle. 12/19/22
U.S. 202 overlaps with SR 141 (Basin Road) south 1.8 miles to U.S. 13/40 (Dupont Highway) near Wilmington Manor. U.S. 13, which parallels I-95 south from Morrisville, Pennsylvania, leaves the I-95 corridor southward to Dover, Salisbury and Hampton Roads, Virginia. U.S. 13 returns to I-95 outside Fayetteville, North Carolina. 12/19/22
Interstate 95 South
Interstate 95 is the Delaware Turnpike / John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway west from I-295 to the Maryland state line. The lone sign acknowledging the formal name of the toll road appears by the sand box between the north and southbound roadways. 12/20/22
The Biden Welcome Center and service plaza is located four miles beyond SR 141. 12/19/22
$111.8 million in construction upgraded the cloverleaf interchange with SR 1/7 between July 2011 and Fall 2013.2 A series of APL signs precede the two lane flyover (Exit 4 A) for SR 1 south to Dover, SR 7 and Christiana Mall. 12/20/22
SR 58 constitutes a 3.86 mile long route between SR 273 near Hares Corner and SR 4 at Delaware Park. SR 58 west connects I-95 with SR 7 north to the Pike Creek Valley and Christiana Hospital. Stanton, an unincorporated community at the cross roads of SR 4/7, lies just north of Exit 4 B. 12/20/22
The flyover for SR 1 south opened to traffic on August 27, 2013. The flyover linking SR 1 with I-95 north opened the morning of October 17, 2013. 12/20/22
Exit 4 B parts ways with I-95 (Delaware Turnpike) south for SR 58 (Churchmans Road). 08/18/21
SR 7 heads north from SR 58 and Churchmans Crossing and overlaps with SR 4 to Stanton. SR 7 turns northwest from there along Limestone Road, ultimately connecting with PA 41 near Avondale. 08/18/21
Exit 4 A separates from I-95 south beyond the Churchmans Road (SR 58) overpass. SR 1 constitutes a 44 mile long limited access highway from Churchmans Crossing to Smyrna and Dover. The toll road provides part of the high speed route to Milford and the Sussex County beaches including Rehoboth, Dewey and Bethany Beaches. 12/20/22
The flyover for Exit 4 A separates with a ramp for SR 7 south to Christiana and Mall Road east to Christiana Mall. SR 7 parallels SR 1 as a commuter route south to Bear, Red Lion and U.S. 13 at Wrangle Hill. 12/22/20
Two lanes continue onto SR 1 south ahead of Bear. Combining with U.S. 13 at Tybouts Corner, the freeway advances south to the William V. Roth, Jr. Bridge across the C & D Canal at St. Georges. 12/22/20
Flyovers tying into the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 separate traffic from SR 1 north for Wilmington and New Jersey respectively. 12/19/22
Interstate 95 shifts southward to a directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 3) with SR 273 in 0.75 miles. The Biden Welcome Center follows. 12/20/22
SR 273 constitutes a multi state route with MD 273 east to New Castle, Delaware and west to Harrisville, Maryland. 08/25/21
Within the First State, SR 273 serves commuter traffic east to Christiana and Hares Corner and west to Ogletown and Downtown Newark. Through Newark SR 273 partitions into a one way couplet along Main Street west and Delaware Avenue east. 12/20/22
Two lanes depart I-95 south for SR 273. Formerly a diamond interchange, the exchange at Exit 3 was expanded in 1976 with four additional ramps. 12/20/22
SR 273 east along the Christiana Bypass opened to traffic in 1987 between Chapman Road and SR 7. SR 273 meets SR 1, which opened south to U.S. 13 at Tybouts Corner in 1991, just east of Christiana. 12/20/22
Improving safety, road work from Spring 2021 to Fall 2022 realigned the westbound ramp for SR 273 to a new signalized intersection. This offset weaving traffic between I-95 and Harmony Road. 12/20/22
Future road work at SR 273 will convert the exchange with Interstate 95 into a DDI. 12/20/22
I-95 advances 0.75 miles west from SR 273 to the left exit for the Biden Welcome Center and service area. 09/28/14
Interstate 95 (Delaware Turnpike) passes under SR 273 and a flyover ramp from SR 273 east to I-95 north. The forthcoming service area houses a variety of food options, a gas station and welcome center. 09/28/14
Formerly the Delaware Welcome Center Travel Plaza, the Biden Welcome Center lies between the north and southbound roadways of Interstate 95. 08/27/21
A confirming marker for Interstate 95 south precedes the Chapman Road overpass. A second assembly was previously posted along the outside lanes here. 12/26/22
Departing beyond the Chapman Road overpass, the entrance ramp for the Biden Welcome Center separates onto a driveway to a gas station and an access road to the main service area. 12/26/22
The Delaware Turnpike Service Area operated between 1964 and September 2009. The original building was demolished and a new modern facility was built in its place. The Biden Welcome Center opened in June 2010 as the Delaware Welcome Center Travel Plaza. 12/26/22
The Interstate 95 mainline continues another three miles to SR 896 at Exit 1 and six miles to MD 279 at Exit 109 outside Elkton. 08/27/21
Areas of timberland remain along both sides of I-95 west of the Salem Church Road overpass. This stretch was the proposed site for an interchange (Exit 2) with the unconstructed Pike Creek Valley Freeway north and the U.S. 301 freeway south to Middletown. 06/06/12
I-95 converges with SR 896 (S College Avenue) on the south side of Newark in two miles. 08/27/21
Iron Hill (elevation 330 feet) rises to the southwest as advance signage appears for the open road tolling (ORT) lanes at the Newark toll plaza. 08/27/21
A $32 million project upgraded the Newark toll plaza between April 2010 and June 27, 2011. Work was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).3 08/27/21
SR 896 south to Glasgow was expanded to a four lane divided highway between 1994 and 1996. The corridor was once considered for a possible freeway for U.S. 301 between I-95 and Middletown. SR 896 instead was expanded as a controlled access arterial due to opposition from Iron Hill area residents. 08/27/21
College Avenue runs northward to the heart of the University of Delaware campus and Downtown Newark. The arterial north of SR 4 (Christina Parkway) is home to the Bob Carpenter Center (home of UD Men's basketball) and the football stadium. 08/27/21
Two lanes separate from Interstate 95 south for the high speed E-ZPass lanes while two lanes lead to the attended toll booths with cash toll collection. 08/27/21
I-95 south crosses over SR 72 a half mile ahead of SR 896 (College Avenue). SR 896 forms a multi state route with MD 896 and PA 896 between Smoketown, Pennsylvania and Boyds Corner, Delaware. SR 896 is 21.05 miles long between U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) and the state tri-corner area north of Mechanicsville. 08/27/21
SR 4 (Christina Parkway) encircles southwest Newark between South College Avenue (SR 896) and Elkton Road (SR 279). A weight restriction along Christina Parkway precludes truck traffic from using the route to bypass the Newark toll plaza. 08/27/21
The ORT partition lies just west of the entrance ramps from SR 896. 08/27/21
Exit 1 B leaves I-95 (Delaware Turnpike) south for SR 896 (College Avenue) north into Newark. SR 896 was realigned in 1988 to bypass the UD campus along a combination of Christina Parkway (SR 4) west and Elkton Road / S Main Street (former SR 2) north to New London Road. 08/27/21
Leading south from Newark, SR 896 travels three miles to U.S. 40 at Glasgow. Prior to January 2019, U.S. 301 commenced a nearly 1,100 mile route to Sarasota, Florida along SR 896 south from Glasgow to Summit Bridge and Middletown. U.S. 301 was realigned onto a toll road southwest from SR 1 at Biddles Corner. 08/27/21
Interstate 95 south splits with ORT lanes and cash lanes one mile ahead of the toll collection point. 06/06/12
Delaware Turnpike cash tolls were increased to $4.00 per passenger vehicle on October 1, 2007. 06/06/12
Welsh Tract Road spans Interstate 95 ahead of the Newark Toll plaza. 06/06/12
The toll collection gantry comes into view as ORT motorists maintain speed. 06/06/12
Passing by the conventional toll booths along the ORT lanes at the Newark Toll plaza. The split roadway converges ahead of the Otts Chapel Road overpass. 06/06/12

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