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Interstate 95 South
The iconic South of the Border rises along the east side of I-95 as travelers enter the Palmetto State at Exit 1A. The roadside attraction opened in 1950 and has remained one of the most recognizable sites for travelers between Florida and the Northeast. The 165-foot tall Sombrero Tower, added in the 1970s, anchors the landscape along adjacent U.S. 301/501. 12/30/12
Exit 1A loops from just south of the N.C. line to serve movements to South of the Border and Hamer along U.S. 301/501. 01/01/17
Motorists joining U.S. 301/501 travel 6.00 miles to S.C. 57 in the city of Dillon. The Rowland, North Carolina town center is 2.5 miles to the north. 01/01/17
U.S. 301/501 overlap south from the state border another 14.25 miles to the town of Latta. 01/01/17
Travelers along Interstate 95 southbound reach Florence in 37 miles. S.C. 9/57 cross paths with the freeway at the next exit in five miles outside of Dillon. 12/30/12
The South Carolina Welcome Center precedes the Little Pee Dee River near Hamer. 12/30/12
The tourist information center offers copies of the official South Carolina Highway Map and lodging coupons among brochures of Palmetto State points of interest. 12/30/12
Crossing the swampy area of Little Pee Dee River and Ropers Mill Branch, I-95 approaches the diamond interchange (Exit 193) with S.C. 9/57 (Radford Boulevard). The two overlap for 6.2 miles between Little Rock and the Dillon street grid, including a nearly one-mile stretch with U.S. 301/501 along Second Avenue. 12/30/12
S.C. 9 leads east parallel to the North Carolina state line between Dillon and North Myrtle Beach. A portion of the corridor was widened to four lanes. 12/30/12
Exit 193 leaves Interstate 95 south for S.C. 9 & 57. S.C. 57 branches north from Little Rock nearby to end at the North Carolina state line in nine miles while S.C. 9 ventures northwest 24 miles to the Marlboro County seat of Bennettsville. 12/30/12
The third Dillon area exit joins Interstate 95 with S.C. 34 west of town. The state highway begins in Dillon and leads west 31 miles to Darlington and 195 miles overall to Greenwood. 12/30/12
Interstate 95 advances southwest across wetland areas surrounding Reedy Creek and Little Reedy Creek over the next 4.5 miles. 01/01/17
Leaving the Dillon vicinity, Interstate 95 continues eight miles to S.C. 38 (Exit 181) and 29 miles to Florence. 01/01/17
S.C. 38 branches 6.25 miles northwest from U.S. 501 along a four-lane divided highway or five-lane arterial to meet Interstate 95 at Exits 181B/A. S.C. 917 ties into S.C. 38 nearby from the town of Latta. 01/01/17
Along with U.S. 501 and S.C. 9, S.C. 38 constitutes part of a multi-lane corridor linking Charlotte, North Carolina with Myrtle Beach. 01/01/17
Exit 181B departs Interstate 95 south for S.C. 38 west. No control point is used as the state highway heads to Bennettsville and Hamlet, North Carolina (via N.C. 38). 01/01/17
Drivers bound for Marion, Conway and Myrtle Beach loop away from Interstate 95 south for S.C. 38 east. This corridor is slated for Future Interstate 73, which may be built as a toll road. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 traverses wetland areas of Poccosin Swamp beyond the six-ramp parclo interchange with S.C. 38 to the Great Pee Dee River. 01/01/17
Drivers along I-95 nip the southern corner of Marlboro County on the ten mile drive to S.C. 327. The city of Florence is now 20 miles away. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 rises from Pee Dee River Swamp to pass by a set of abandoned rest areas preceding Exit 170. 01/01/17
The first of five Florence interchanges joins I-95 with S.C. 327 in one mile. S.C. 327 begins at Exit 170 and heads south to form the northern leg of a multi-lane bypass east of Florence. The state highway turns east with U.S. 76 & 301 in five miles near Florence Regional Airport (FLO), as U.S. 301 continues the bypass southwest to U.S. 52. 01/01/17
Construction in 2012-13 reconfigured the parclo A2 interchange at Exit 170 into a parclo interchange with a new southbound on-ramp from Williston Road. Overall S.C. 327 forms a 23 mile arc south from Williston Road and I-95 to the split of U.S. 52 and 301 at Effingham. 01/01/17
TV Road stems 0.82 miles southwest from Pocket Road to meet Interstate 95 at a diamond interchange (Exit 169) in one mile. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 expands to six overall lanes from S.C. 327 to Interstate 20. Widened by April 2004, the expansion accommodates beach bound traffic headed to the Grand Strand from Columbia and other points west. 01/01/17
South from Exit 169, TV Road continues by the community of Quinby to become Irby Street in the city of Florence. 01/01/17
Curving southwest, I-95 enters a wedge of Darlington County just after Exit 169. 01/01/17
U.S. 52 and Business Spur I-20 radiate outward from Florence and meet Interstate 95 at the succeeding two interchanges. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 south reenters Florence County as it crosses High Hill Creek. 01/01/17
One mile out from the folded diamond interchange (Exit 164) with U.S. 52 on I-95 south. U.S. 52 follows Lucas and Irby Streets south into Florence, meeting U.S. 76 (Palmetto Street) in Downtown. The US highway overall travels 161 miles between Charleston and Cheraw in South Carolina. 01/01/17
U.S. 52 and a parallel CSX Railroad line head north by Florence-Darlington Technical College on the six mile drive to Darlington. The US highway bypasses the west side of the Darlington County seat by Darlington International Raceway. 01/01/17
Traffic to U.S. 52 (Lucas Street) parts ways with Interstate 95 south for Exit 164. U.S. 52 provides a four-lane highway between Florence and the Darlington bypass to the north. South from downtown Florence, the November 2012-opened U.S. 301 bypass shortened the U.S. 52 & 301 overlap by 3.5 miles. The two still travel together six miles, with U.S. 52 continuing as a four-lane highway from their split at Effingham to Charleston. 01/01/17
Confirming shield for I-95 posted south of U.S. 52. SCDOT recorded 48,000 vehicles per day (vpd) on this stretch in 2015. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 stays just west of the Florence city limits on the two mile approach to Interstate 20 west and Business Spur I-20 east (Exits 160B/A). 01/01/17
The right lane of Interstate 95 south defaults onto I-20 west as I-95 again reduces to four overall lanes beyond the directional cloverleaf interchange at Exit 160. 01/01/17
One half mile north of the off-ramp (Exit 160B) to I-20 west. Interstate 20 overall links the capital city of Columbia with Augusta, Georgia, Aiken, and Florence. The freeway ends as Business Spur I-20, a 2.11-mile connector joining I-20 and I-95 with U.S. 76 (Palmetto Street) to the east. The series of signs for Exit 160A incorrectly show the business route as I-20. 01/01/17
Interstate 95's southbound control city shifts to Savannah beyond Florence. Interstate 20 west heads 65 miles west to Interstate 77 and the Capital Beltway of Columbia. The freeway serves Bishopville and Camden on an otherwise rural drive. 01/01/17
Exit 160B leaves Interstate 95 south for I-20 west to Columbia. Interstate 20 provides a major corridor west to Atlanta, Birmingham, Shreveport, Dallas, Fort Worth and Interstate 10 for points west to Phoenix, Los Angeles, and San Diego. 01/01/17


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