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Interstate 95 South
The first exit for southbound I-95 in Maryland is with MD 279 to Elkton and U.S. 40. This non-reflective sign was located within Delaware at the Otts Chapel Road overpass. Photo taken 06/06/12.
The Maryland welcome sign stands next to Delaware milepost zero. I-95 extends another 46 miles along the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway to the Baltimore city line. Photo taken 06/06/12.
MD 279 (Elkton Road) crosses paths with Interstate 95 at a cloverleaf interchange (Exits 109B/A) in one half mile. Photo taken 06/06/12.
MD 279 (Elkton Road) leads southwest along a four lane expressway into Elkton. Northeastward, MD 279 transitions to SR 279 en route to Newark, Delaware. Photo taken 06/06/12.
MD 279 (Newark Avenue) south connects I-95 with MD 213 (Bridge Street) north of Downtown Elkton. MD 213 runs north from Elkton to Fair Hill and PA 841 at Lewisville and south to Chesapeake City and Cecilton. Photo taken 06/06/12.
The first confirming marker for I-95 south in Maryland stands between the MD 316 (Appleton Road) overpass and Big Elk Creek. Photo taken 12/30/12.
Interstate 95 undulates through a series of S curves 6.8 miles west to MD 272 (Exits 100B/A) and ten miles to the Chesapeake House Service Area. Photo taken 01/04/19.
The town of Port Deposit lies along the Susquehanna River and west side of Cecil County in 17 miles. I-95 sign replacements made in 2012 switched Perryville with Port Deposit here. Photo taken 01/04/19.
One mile east of the six-ramp parclo interchange with MD 272 (North East Road). MD 272 heads south through the town of North East to U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway). Photo taken 06/06/12.
MD 272 spurs south along Elk Neck, a peninsula separating Chesapeake Bay from the Elk River, to Elk Neck State Park. The park is home of the historic Turkey Point Lighthouse, which overlooks Chesapeake Bay at the southern tip of Elk Neck. Photo taken 06/01/04.
MD 274 branches northwest from MD 272 (North East Road) just north of Interstate 95 at Bay View. MD 274 (Joseph Biggs Memorial Highway) angles northwest 7.35 miles to MD 273 at Rising Sun. Photo taken 01/04/19.
A collector distributor roadway separates from Interstate 95 southbound for Exits 100B/A. The diamond interchange with MD 272 was expanded to include two loop ramps during work between 1998 and 2000. Photo taken 01/04/19.
MD 272 north continues to MD 273 at Calvert and the Pennsylvania state line. PA 272 extends the highway from there past Nottingham to U.S. 222 at Wakefield en route to Lancaster along what was PA 72. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Exit 100A loops onto MD 272 (North East Road) south to a number of nearby business parks, big box retail at U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) and the North East business district at MD 7 (Cecil Avenue). Photo taken 01/04/19.
Leading away from North East, I-95 lowers across Stony Run before rising again to nearly 400 feet above sea level. Photo taken 01/04/19.
This mileage sign was placed between June 6 and 20, 2012. The previous sign listed Havre De Grace at 11 miles and Aberdeen in place of Baltimore. Photo taken 01/04/19.
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The approaching Chesapeake House Travel Plaza lies between the south and northbound roadways of I-95 at mile marker 98. This service area provides full services, including fuel, restrooms, food and tourist information. Photos taken 01/04/19.
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I-95 south reaches the left exit for the Chesapeake House. Opened in 1975, the service area closed in January 2014 for a $26 million renovation. The new 30,000 square-foot facility opened six weeks ahead of schedule on August 5.1 Photos taken 01/04/19.
A new interchange will be built along I-95 with Belvidere Road. Cecil County was awarded a $20 million grant by the U.S. Department of Transportation in December 2018 for the new exchange and relocation of Belvidere Road.2 The exit will support expansion of Principio Business Park along U.S. 40. Photo taken 01/04/19.
The succeeding exit along southbound I-95 from the Chesapeake House Travel Plaza is with MD 222. Photo taken 01/04/19.
A truck weigh station operates just beyond the forthcoming exchange with MD 222. Photo taken 01/04/19.
MD 222 follows a narrow, winding course between Port Deposit and U.S. 1 along the Susquehanna River. Photo taken 01/04/19.
MD 222 is former U.S. 222, which was decommissioned south from U.S. 1 at Conowingo to U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) at Perryville in 1995. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Entering the folded diamond interchange (Exit 93) with MD 222 (Perrylawn Drive) on Interstate 95 south. MD 222 heads 1.7 miles south through Aikin to U.S. 40 by the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge. Photo taken 01/04/19.
MD 276 extends Perrylawn Drive north from MD 222 (Bainbridge Road) near Craigtown. MD 276 connects Perryville with U.S. 1 near Rising Sun. Photo taken 06/01/04.
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Weigh stations line both sides of Interstate 95 (JFK Memorial Highway) by the Tydings Bridge Toll Plaza west of MD 222. Photo taken 08/04/13. Second photo taken 01/04/19.
Tolls were collected in both directions of Interstate 95 at the Milard E. Tydings Bridge between 1963 and 1991. Tolls were doubled northbound and dropped from southbound in October 1991. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Interstate 95 spans Frenchtown Road ahead of this reassurance marker. Photo taken 01/04/19.
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Interstate 95 crosses the Susquehanna River over the Millard E. Tydings Memorial Bridge. Constructed in 1962-1963, the deck truss bridge opened as part of the John F. Kennedy Highway (formerly Northeastern Expressway) in November 1963. Photos taken 01/04/19.
The Millard E. Tydings Memorial Bridge accommodates six overall lanes on a 87.3 wide deck. The 5,061 foot long span passes 89.9 feet above the Susquehanna River.3 Photo taken 01/04/19.
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Spencer and Robert Islands rise midway across the Susquehanna River, northwest of the Tydings Bridge and Port Deposit. Much of the land to the west and Robert Island north toward Conowingo Dam fall within Susquehanna State Park. Photos taken 06/30/10.
Interstate 95 formally enters Harford County two thirds of the way across the Millard Tydings Bridge. A county line sign stands at the west end of the span. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Interstate 95 South
Ascending from the Susquehanna River crossing, Interstate 95 next approaches the diamond interchange (Exit 89) with MD 155 (Level Road). Photo taken 01/04/19.
MD 155 (Level Road) lowers over 350 feet in elevation southeast from Exit 89 to U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) at Ohio Street in Havre de Grace. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Lapidum Road passes over Interstate 95 (JFK Memorial Highway) southbound at Exit 89 to MD 155 (Level Road). MD 155 measures 9.06 miles overall between Havre De Grace and Churchville. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Signs posted along the ramp to MD 155 (Level Road) from Interstate 95 south. The Lower Susquehanna Scenic Byway originates at Concord Point in Havre De Grace and overlays MD 155 west to MD 161 (Darlington Road) north. The byway continues from MD 161 along Rock Run Road to Susquehanna State Park. Photo taken 06/21/12.
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Continuing west along Interstate 95 between Exit 89 and the Earlton Road overpass. Photos taken 01/04/19.
Southbound mileage sign posted three miles east of Aberdeen and 32 miles out from Baltimore. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Motorists headed to Aberdeen Proving Ground are directed to remain along I-95 south beyond Aberdeen to MD 543 at Exit 80. MD 543 south to U.S. 40 east links with MD 715 (Short Lane) and the Maryland Boulevard gate into the military base. Photo taken 08/04/13.
A six ramp parclo interchange (Exit 85) joins Interstate 95 with MD 22 (Churchville Road west / Aberdeen Throughway east) at Aberdeen in one mile. Photo taken 01/04/19.
MD 22 begins at the Aberdeen Proving Ground gate and bypasses the Aberdeen city center along a semi-controlled access arterial to I-95. The state route converges with JFK Memorial Highway by a number of big box stores and shopping centers. Photo taken 01/04/19.
The exchange with MD 22 lies just south of Ripken Stadium and the Cal Ripken Museum. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Exit 85 departs Interstate 95 south. MD 22 (Churchville Road) continues west from Aberdeen to Churchville (MD 136), Fountain Green and U.S. 1 Business / MD 924 in Bel Air. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Southbound reassurance shield posted between MD 22 and the Stepney Road overpass. Interstate 95 skims the Aberdeen city limits along this stretch. Photo taken 01/04/19.
The next two interchanges serve the Harford County seat of Bel Air. MD 543 (Riverside Parkway) travels northwest from Harford Furnace to meet MD 22 (Churchville Road) just east of the Bel Air city limits. Downtown Baltimore is 33 miles to the west. Photo taken 01/04/19.
The next off-ramp along southbound is for the second service area for I-95 (John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway). Photo taken 01/04/19.
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The Maryland House was built at the same time as the freeway in 1962-1963, and it features similar services as the Chesapeake House. Photos taken 01/04/19.
MD 543 (Creswell Road) heads north from Exit 80 to Fountain Green, Hickory, and ultimately Pylesville (at MD 165). Southward, MD 543 (Riverside Parkway) meets U.S. 40 at an interchange near Belcamp. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Southbound Interstate 95 reaches Exit 80 to MD 543 for Belcamp, Riverside and Churchville (via MD 136 north). MD 543 travels 19.09 miles overall. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Reassurance marker posted between James Run and the overpass carrying MD 136 (Calvary Road) from the community of Bush. Photo taken 01/04/19.
A previous mileage sign listed the MD 24 interchange (Exits 77B-A), Interstate 695 (Exit 64) and Baltimore. It was replaced by December 2012 to show Joppa (seven miles) instead of the Beltway and increase the distance to Baltimore by five miles to reflect Downtown. Photo taken 01/04/19.
MD 24 (Emmorton Road) crosses paths with Interstate 95 at a three quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exit 77) near Van Bibber. Photo taken 01/04/19.
MD 24 is an expressway between Edgewood and Bel Air, and the old alignment to the east is MD 924 (Emmorton Road). It is a well developed corridor from I-95 to Bel Air. North of Bel Air, MD 24 passes through Rocks State Park, then extends to the state Line, where it connects with PA 851 and PA 425. Photo taken 01/04/19.
A diamond interchange joining MD 24 (Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway) with adjacent MD 924 (Emmorton Road) / Tollgate Road opened to traffic in October 2011. The $39.6 million project4 included redesigning the exchange on I-95 at Exit 77 to separate movements northward to MD 24 and MD 924. Photo taken 01/04/19.
A c/d roadway separated from the Interstate 95 southbound mainline to MD 24, MD 924 (Emmorton Road) north and Tollgate Road west. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Exit 77B departs for the MD 24 northbound ramp to MD 924 (Emmorton Road) and Tollgate Road. Traffic bound for the MD 24 mainline to Bel Air is directed off Exit 77A to a signalized intersection.
MD 924 represents the pre-1988 alignment of MD 24 north to the county seat. Photo taken 01/04/19.
MD 24 continues as an expressway southeast from I-95, and the old road (Edgewood Road) continues into Van Bibber and McComas. MD 24 leads directly to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Confirming marker for I-95 south posted after the entrance ramp from MD 24 at Exit 77. Photo taken 01/04/19.
The succeeding exit is with MD 152 (Mountain Road) north to Mountain, Pleasant Hill, Fallston, and Upper Crossroads. MD 152 also meets U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) to the southeast near Joppatowne. Photo taken 01/04/19.
A diamond interchange joins I-95 with Mountain Road at Exit 74. MD 152 is a 17.34-mile route stretching south to the Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) and north to MD 146 south of Madonna. Photo taken 01/04/19.
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Exit 74 leaves for MD 152 south to Joppa and Joppatowne and north to Fallston. MD 152 provides a second route to Bel Air via Old Joppa Road from Stockton or U.S. 1 from Lynchs Corner. Photo taken 01/04/19. Second photo taken 12/30/12.
Old Joppa Road passes over Interstate 95 beyond this shield assembly and variable message sign. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Washington, DC appears for the first time on southbound signs along Interstate 95 at 65 miles out. JFK Memorial Highway advances six miles west to MD 43 (Whitemarsh Boulevard). Photo taken 01/04/19.
Spanning Little Gunpowder Falls within Gunpowder Falls State Park, southbound travelers enter Baltimore County. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Interstate 95 South
The crossing of Gundpowder Falls follows to the west of Bradshaw and Gunpowder. Interstate 95 passes through another section of Gunpowder Falls State Park near the waterway. Photo taken 06/27/10.
The I-95 Express Toll Lanes (ETL) separate from the General Purpose Lanes of Interstate 95 southbound within two miles of the New Forge Road overpass. Photo taken 01/04/19.
The ensuing exit is for MD 43 (White Marsh Boulevard) to Gunpowder State Park. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Using all electronic tolling (AET), rates on the I-95 Express Toll Lanes vary depending upon traffic congestion on the General Purpose Lanes. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Interstate 95 southward to the split with I-895 was reconstructed from 2007 to 2013 for the I-95 Express Toll Lanes. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Forthcoming MD 43 (White Marsh Boulevard) connects I-95 with U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) in White Marsh to the east and U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) at Perry Hall to the west. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Construction from Spring 2008 to 2014 reconstructed the cloverleaf interchange with MD 43 and 1.1 miles of White Marsh Boulevard. Only open to the south, access ramps were built linking MD 43 with the I-95 ETL. Photo taken 01/04/19.
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The I-95 ETL commences southbound at the Cowenton Road overpass. The managed lanes opened to traffic on December 6, 2014. Photos taken 01/04/19.
MD 43 (White Marsh Boulevard) constitutes a controlled access arterial west to I-695 at Carney and Parkville and south to MD 150 (Eastern Boulevard) at Middle River. Photo taken 01/04/19.
I-95 southbound at the unopened I-95 ETL ramps for MD 43. Photo taken 01/04/19.
MD 43 was originally envisioned as an expressway connecting I-695, I-95, U.S. 40 and the unconstructed Winlass Freeway; stub ramps for the freeway were located near U.S. 40 at White Marsh. They were removed during 2005-07 work extending MD 43 south along a four lane arterial to MD 150. Photo taken 01/04/19.
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Leaving the exchange with MD 43, Interstate 95 advances through an area of big box retail and offices anchored by White Marsh Mall to the Baltimore Beltway. Photos taken 01/04/19.
Interstate 695 provides connections to I-83 north to York, Pennsylvania and I-70 west to Frederick. Photo taken 01/04/19.
I-95 proceeds one mile south to a lane drop at the ramps for I-695 (Baltimore Beltway). Heading northward, I-695 serves the suburbs of Overlea, Carney, Towson and Timonium. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Interstate 695 south across the Francis Scott Key Bridge is a truck route for vehicles carrying hazardous cargo through Baltimore. Hazardous material (Hazmat) based cargo is prohibited from the tunnels along I-95 and I-895. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Southward from I-95, Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway) winds through the suburban communities of Rossville, Essex and Dundalk. Photo taken 01/04/19.
The Port of Baltimore Hawkins Point facility lies across the Francis Scott Key Bridge along I-695 south. All other port interests are located further west along I-95 or I-895 in the city of Baltimore. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Exit 64 carries all traffic to Interstate 695 in unison from I-95 south ahead of the Rossville Boulevard overpass. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Encircling Baltimore to the north, the outer loop of I-695 heads to Towson, I-83 at Lutherville-Timonium, Pikesville, I-795 and Catonsville. Photo taken 01/04/19.
The Inner Loop of I-695 serves industrial areas of Sparrows Point and Curtis Bay on the south side of Baltimore. West from the Key Bridge, I-695 connects with Interstate 97 south to Annapolis. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Interstate 695 north next meets U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) at Overlea. The succeeding exit from the Beltway south is for U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) at Rossville. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Work on the systems interchange joining I-95/695 began on January 22, 2007. Ramps joining the General Purpose Lanes with Interstate 695 were completed in Summer 2010. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Work on the new high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes through the exchange at I-695 wrapped up in Fall 2013. Photo taken 01/04/19.
The multi level interchange at I-695 replaced a low speed ramp system with left exits. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Traveling through the unincorporated community of Rosedale, I-95 proceeds southwest two miles to the wye interchange (Exit 62) with I-895 (Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Thruway). Photo taken 01/04/19.
Restrictions for I-95 (Fort McHenry Tunnel) and I-895 (Baltimore Harbor Tunnel) across the Patapsco River. Photo taken 01/04/19.
A confirming marker for Interstate 95 south stands beyond the MD 588 (Kenwood Avenue) overpass. Photo taken 01/04/19.
I-895 provides a direct connection to Interstate 97 south to Annapolis via I-895 Spur from the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Thruway at Exit 6. Photo taken 01/04/19.
Construction for the I-95 ETL rebuilt the split with Exit 62 so that the ramps for I-895 depart from the right. Work commenced in October 2006 and the freeway mainline realignment and exit ramp were completed by Fall 2011. Photo taken 01/04/19.
The first exit from I-895 south links with Moravia Road to U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway). Moravia Road constitutes a four lane arterial northward to U.S. 1 (Belair Road) in the Gardenville section of Baltimore. U.S. 40 passes underneath I-95 en route to the Orangeville neighborhood. Photo taken 01/04/19.
The Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Thruway opened to traffic on November 30, 1957 as a four lane route southwest through the city. The toll road provides a good alternative to the often-clogged Fort McHenry Tunnel along I-95 to the west. Photo taken 01/04/19.
I-95 transitions from the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway onto the Fort McHenry Tunnel Approach at the split with I-895. Maintained by the Maryland Transportation Authority with toll financing, the Fort McHenry Tunnel Approach extends southwest from Exit 61 to Exit 50. Photo taken 01/04/19.
I-95 and I-895 cross paths with one another again two miles beyond Exit 62. Continuing toward the Patapsco River, I-95 takes a westward trajectory, while I-895 heads southwest. Photo taken 01/04/19.
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The I-95 ETL concludes with ramps to both I-95 south and the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Thruway. Photos taken 01/04/19.
The I-95 ETL ramp to Interstate 895 also connects with Moravia Road (Exit 14). Photo taken 01/04/19.
I-95 continues 8.2 miles west to Interstate 395 north to the Baltimore Inner Harbor and Downtown. I-895 returns to I-95 in 16.7 miles at Elkridge in Howard County. Photo taken 01/04/19.

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