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Interstate 95 South
2015 traffic counts reduce from 48,000 vpd to 31,900 vpd on Interstate 95 leading south from I-20 to U.S. 76. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 straddles western reaches of the Florence city limits to the parclo A2 interchange (Exit 157) with U.S. 76 (Palmetto Street). Savannah, Georgia lies 171 miles to the southwest. 01/01/17
U.S. 76 branches southwest from Business Loop I-20 along a five-lane boulevard through suburban areas to meet Interstate 95 in one mile. U.S. 76 connects Florence with Sumter. 01/01/17
West from Exit 157, U.S. 76 travels four miles to the town of Timmonsville. The Florence County Forward Project included widening of the US route west to Timmonsville. Funded by a penny tax approved by voters in 2006, the expansion was completed in fall 2016.1 01/01/17
With Florence now behind, Interstate 95 resumes across rural areas for the remainder of the drive through South Carolina. The ensuing stretch passes west of Morris Bay. 01/01/17
Passing below Alligator Road, this mileage sign predates construction of the diamond interchange with Honda Way north and Center Road south at Exit 153. Savannah is another 168 miles to the south via I-95 and connecting routes. 01/01/17
Exit 153 connects Interstate 95 with the adjacent Honda of South Carolina manufacturing plant. 05/28/07
Honda Way leads north from Exit 153 to U.S. 76 (Smith Street) in Timmonsville. Center Road extends the road south to Hollman Crossroads. 01/01/17
Curving southwest, Interstate 95 crosses Sparrow Swamp on the three mile drive to S.C. 403. Savannah is now 164 miles away. 01/01/17
One mile ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 150) with S.C. 403 at the Hill Street overpass. 01/01/17
S.C. 403 (Cale Yarlborough Highway) leads north back to Timmonsville and south to the community of Sardis. The rural highway travels 36 miles overall from S.C. 341 at Camp Branch to U.S. 15 at Lees Crossroads. 01/01/17
Progressing southward, Interstate 95 passes through a mixture of forest and agricultural land ahead of the Lynches River. 01/01/17
Four miles closer to Savannah, the next exit along I-95 south is located three miles ahead with S.C. 341. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 enters Sumter County across the 1967-built bridges over the Lynches River. A diamond interchange joins the freeway with S.C. 341 one mile to the south. 01/01/17
Exit 146 leaves I-95 south for S.C. 341 north to Lynchburg and south to Olanta and Lake City. A 93-mile highway, S.C. 341 concludes to the northwest at Kershaw (U.S. 521-601 Business) and to the east at Johnsonville (S.C. 41 & 51). 01/01/17
The third and final Sumter County interchange lies nine miles ahead with U.S. 378. Drivers continuing south will reach Savannah in 156 miles. 01/01/17
S.C. 53 and S.C. 58 combine through a diamond interchange (Exit 141) with I-95 along Narrow Payne Road. Shiloh is a small community 2.5 miles to the south along S.C. 58 (Pudding Swamp Road). 01/01/17
Exit 141 parts ways with Interstate 95 south for Narrow Payne Road. S.C. 53 and 58 crisscross through rural areas between U.S. 378 to the south and S.C. 341 to the north. 01/01/17
The first active rest area along I-95 southbound since Dillon is located west of Shiloh by the Mt. Sinai Church Road overpass. 01/01/17
Southbound I-95 reassurance marker posted ahead of Pudding Swamp. 01/01/17
Mileage sign posted 152 miles from Savannah. U.S. 378 crosses paths with I-95 in five miles as a five-lane arterial. 01/01/17
Rest areas operate in both directions of Interstate 95 at mile marker 139. 01/01/17
Advancing south from Hope Swamp, a forested median separates the freeway roadways over the next two miles. 05/28/07
U.S. 378 ventures six five miles east to U.S. 301 at Turbeville from the upcoming diamond interchange (Exit 135) with Interstate 95. A two-state route, U.S. 378 ends at Conway, 14 miles north of Myrtle Beach. 01/01/17
U.S. 378 provides the most direct route to the city of Sumter from Interstate 95 at Exit 135. The US Highway west combines with U.S. 78 along a freeway bypass to the north of the Sumter County seat in 11 miles. U.S. 76 & 378 overlap from there to Columbia. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 passes through forest land over the ensuing stretch to Exit 132. 01/01/17
Savannah is now just over a two hour drive during optimum driving conditions. The freeway however is periodically congested in the Low Country due to the advent of traffic from I-26. 01/01/17
Southbound travelers enter northern reaches of Clarendon County beyond the Skinner Road overpass. 01/01/17
Nearly a 66-mile highway, S.C. 527 branches south from S.C. 341 at Wisacky to S.C. 41 near Andrews. The state highway meets I-95 at a diamond interchange (Exit 132) in one mile. 01/01/17
S.C. 527 (Black River Road) heads 2.6 miles south from Exit 132 to U.S. 301 near the settlement of Sardinia. The Williamsburg County seat of Kingstree is a 22 mile drive to the southeast. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 plies across Black River Swamp just west of S.C. 527. 01/01/17
The Clarendon County seat of Manning represents the next destination city along I-95 south in 13 miles. Savannah follows in 142 miles. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 spans a series of five 1968-built bridges across Black River Swamp. 01/01/17
Curving southward after Tearcoat Branch, I-95 passes by agricultural areas over the next five and a half miles. 05/28/07
A tree lined median separates traffic along Interstate 95 southbound after the Durant Road overpass. 05/28/07
A community interchanges identification sign outlines the three interchanges for Manning. Manning lies at the crossroads of U.S. 301 and U.S. 521, two miles east of Interstate 95. 01/01/17
U.S. 521 (Sumter Highway) parallels a CSX Railroad line through the forthcoming folded diamond interchange (Exit 122) with Interstate 95 at Alcolu. 01/01/17
U.S. 521 travels just 177 miles from U.S. 17 in Georgetown north to Manning, Sumter, Camden, Lancaster and Interstate 485 in south Charlotte, North Carolina. 01/01/17
Continuing south, motorists along Interstate 95 cross the first of three bridges over wetland areas of Pocotaligo River. These spans were built in 1967. 01/01/17
S.C. 261 (Paxville Highway) crosses paths with I-95 in two miles. Drivers reach Savannah in 131 miles. 01/01/17
One mile north of the diamond interchange (Exit 119) with S.C. 261 (Paxville Highway) at the Old Georgetown Road overpass on I-95 south. S.C. 261 travels east to Kingstree and U.S. 701 at Yuhannah as part of a 117-mile route. 01/01/17
S.C. 261 (Paxville Highway) leads two miles east to Boyce Street through Downtown Manning. The state highway extends west seven miles to U.S. 15 at the town of Paxville. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 advances southwest from Manning across large tracts of pine forest. 01/01/17
A town of around 1,000, Summerton is the next destination for southbound travelers along Interstate 95. Savannah is now 128 miles away. 01/01/17
U.S. 301 splits with U.S. 521 in Downtown Manning to follow Sunset Drive southwest to the city line. The US Highway bee lines another 3.7 miles to meet I-95 for the first time since the North Carolina state line. 01/01/17
Beyond Exit 115, U.S. 301 (Alex Harvin Highway) switches sides with Interstate 95 and continues another 4.7 miles to Main Street through Summerton. 01/01/17
A six mile exit less stretch takes Interstate 95 southwest to the outskirts of Summerton. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 travels 16 miles to the Orangeburg town of Santee and 124 miles toward Savannah, Georgia. 01/01/17
Buff Boulevard links I-95 with U.S. 15/301 (Church Street) north to the Summerton business district from forthcoming Exit 108. 01/01/17
U.S. 15/301 parallel I-95 southwest from Buff Boulevard to St. Paul and Cantey Bay off Lake Marion. South from Exit 108, Buff Boulevard becomes M.G. Hemingway Road to Biff Davis Road, west of Davis Crossroads. 01/01/17
Reassurance marker posted ahead of Little Toweaw Creek along Interstate 95 southbound. 01/01/17
Mileage sign posted nine miles from Santee and 117 miles from Savannah, Georgia. 01/01/17
U.S. 15/301 converge with Interstate 95 by Santee National Wildlife Refuge at Exit 102 in one mile. The two routes overlap with I-95 south across Lake Marion. 01/01/17
A trumpet interchange (Exit 102) connects Interstate 95 with adjacent St. Paul Road, U.S. 15/301 north back to Summerton. St. Paul Road south ends just to the west at the closed Francis Marion Bridge. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 U.S. 15 U.S. 301 South
With the Francis Marion Bridge closed to vehicular traffic, U.S. 15/301 overlap with Interstate 95 south to Santee. The pair are omitted on reassurance shields however. 01/01/17
A second South Carolina welcome center for Interstate 95 south resides just west of Lake Marion in 1.5 miles. 01/01/17
The largest lake in the Palmetto State, Lake Marion was formed by Santee Dam along the Santee River in 1941.2 01/01/17
U.S. 15/301 formerly crossed the adjacent Francis Marion Bridge along the north side of I-95. Built in the 1940s, the span is open for fishing and will become a part of the 500 mile Palmetto Trail for hikers and bicyclists.3 01/01/17
The substandard bridges carrying Interstate 95 across Lake Marion total 4,500 feet in length. The bridges date back to 1968.4 01/01/17
Exit 98 joins I-95/U.S. 15-301 with S.C. 6 (Old Number Six Highway) by Lake Marion Golf Course and Santee State Park in one mile. The north-south highway parallels the I-26 corridor northwest from Moncks Corner 116 miles to Lexington. 01/01/17
The Santee rest area for Interstate 95 south lies across from Bass Drive (old U.S. 15-301) and the Chapel Branch arm of Lake Marion. 01/01/17
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 98) with S.C. 6 on I-95 south. S.C. 6 links the freeway with U.S. 15 Connector (Bass Drive) south through Santee on the eight mile drive north to Elloree. The town of Eutawville is located nine miles to the east at S.C. 45. 01/01/17
U.S. 15/301 part ways with Interstate 95 south at Exit 97. Construction from 2014 to 2017 expanded the interchange into a six-ramp parclo with a new roadway leading east to S.C. 6. 01/01/17
Exit 97 was closed during work to reconfigure the interchange at Five Chop Road. U.S. 15/301 split just to the west at Bass Drive (U.S. 15 Connector). U.S. 301 constitutes a four-lane corridor west 23 miles to Orangeburg while U.S. 15 represents a local route south around Gibson Bay. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 South
Ten miles remain before Interstate 95 gains traffic from Interstate 26 and points north to Charlotte and the Great Lakes. Savannah is still over 100 miles out. 01/01/17
U.S. 15 (Bass Drive) arcs south from U.S. 301 to cross paths with Interstate 95 again at Exit 93. The US route intersects S.C. 210 west from Vance nearby. 01/01/17
Interstate 95 southbound at the diamond interchange (Exit 93) with U.S. 15. U.S. 15 continues three miles south to a five point intersection with U.S. 178 and S.C. 45 at Wells before turning southwest and paralleling I-95 for the remainder of its route to Waltersboro. 01/01/17
Reassurance marker posted between U.S. 15 and U.S. 176 on Interstate 95 south. 01/01/17
U.S. 176 runs west from Exit 90 to Providence and east to Wells from a diamond interchange (Exit 90) with I-95 in one mile. 01/01/17
Exit 90 departs I-95 south for U.S. 176 (Old State Road). U.S. 176 travels seven miles southeast to Holly Hill and northwest 17 miles to Cameron. The US highway shadows Interstate 26 from Whitmire to its southern terminus at Goose Creek. 01/01/17
Mileage sign posted south of Providence Swamp for the exchange with I-26 (three miles) and Savannah (100 miles). 10/13/14
Interstate 95 crosses Four Hole Swap on the two mile approach to the cloverleaf interchange (Exits 86B/A) with Interstate 26. 01/01/17
I-26 is designated as the James F. Byrnes Memorial Freeway stateway on its 221-mile trek from Charleston and the Low Country to Landrum in the Upstate. 01/01/17
Interstate 26 travels southeast along a rural route toward Summerville, where it expands into a busy commuter freeway leading to North Charleston. The freeway serves Charleston Naval Base and tourist traffic headed to Folly Beach and Sullivans Island. 01/01/17
Drivers heading north to Orangeburg, the capital city of Columbia, Greenville and Spartanburg part ways with Interstate 95 south at Exit 86B. I-26 ends in Kingsport, Tennessee. 01/01/17
Exit 86A loops onto Interstate 26 east for the final 52.29 miles leading to U.S. 17 south toward Downtown Charleston. 01/01/17

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