Interstate 95 along the Trenton belt line was renumbered as an extension of Interstate 295 starting in January 2018. The changes coincided with the realignment of I-95 from north of Trenton and Bristol, Pennsylvania onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Pearl Harbor Memorial Turnpike Extension east to Bordentown, New Jersey.

Interstate 95 south
Interstate 95 trailblazer posted along the collector distributor roadway from I-295 north to U.S. 1. Photo taken 09/26/09.
The first reassurance marker for Interstate 95 appears as the c/d roadway from U.S. 1 (Exit 67) merges onto the freeway mainline beyond I-295. Photo taken 09/26/09.
A three-quarter cloverleaf interchange handles the movements between Interstate 95 and Mercer County 583 (Princeton Pike). Princeton Pike branches northward from U.S. 206 (Lawrenceville Road) outside Trenton to the borough of Princeton four miles to the north. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Exit 8B leaves I-95 south for CR 583 (Princeton Pike) north. Princeton Pike becomes Mercer Road through Princeton township. The north-south route ends at New Jersey 27 (Nassau Street) one block north of U.S. 206 (Stockton Street) by the campus of Princeton University. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Six lanes of Interstate 95 pass underneath Princeton Pike at Exit 8A. Mercer County 583 (Princeton Pike) leads southwest to Franklin Corner and south Lawrence township. The route becomes part of U.S. 206 along Princeton Avenue into Trenton. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Reassurance marker for I-95 south posted on the mainline between CR 583 and the CR 546 (Franklin Corner Road) underpass. Photo taken 04/25/04.
A full cloverleaf interchange (Exits 7B/A) joins Interstate 95 with U.S. 206 (Lawrenceville Road) just north of Ryder University in one quarter mile. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Exit 7B departs Interstate 95 south for U.S. 206 (Lawrenceville Road) north through Lawrenceville and Princeton. The US highway represents a growing and congested corridor between Trenton and Interstate 287 & U.S. 202 at Raritan. The 17-mile drive between the two freeways is a slow one with heavy development and numerous traffic lights. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Southbound I-95 at the Exit 7A loop ramp onto U.S. 206 (Lawrenceville Road) south. U.S. 206 combines with U.S. 1 Business at Princeton Avenue three miles to the south en route to Downtown Trenton. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Interstate 95 continues west with six lanes toward Ewingville. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Federal City Road consists of a north-south route between Ewingville Road (CR 636) and Pennington Lawrenceville Road (CR 546). The residential road serves both Lawrenceville township and Ewingville from Interstate 95 via a parclo interchange at Exit 5. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Interstate 95 southbound at the Exit 5B off-ramp to Federal City Road north. Federal City Road ends to the north at Mercer County 546 and Keele Road in 1.1 miles. Note the pull through panel for Interstate 95 and its control state of Penna. Photo taken 09/26/09.
The right lane leaves Interstate 95 for Federal City Road south to Ewingville. Federal City Road reaches CR 636 (Ewingville Road) in one mile. Photo taken 09/26/09.
One mile east of New Jersey 31 along I-95 south. New Jersey 31 (Pennington Road) begins in Downtown Trenton at U.S. 206 (Warren & Broad Streets), five miles to the south. The state route serves eastern reaches of Ewing township and The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) to Exit 4 with I-95. Photo taken 09/26/09.
New Jersey 31 continues north of Interstate 95 ten miles to meet U.S. 202 at Ringoes. North from there, U.S. 202 & NJ 31 overlap six miles to Flemington. The state route concludes a 48.93-mile course at U.S. 46 in Buttzville. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Interstate 95 remains in an east-west orientation at the parclo interchange (Exit 4) with New Jersey 31 (Pennington Road). Pennington Road is named for the nearby borough of Pennington four miles to the north. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Interstate 95 straddles the Hopewell and Ewing township line west from Exit 4. Photo taken 04/25/04.
The next two interchanges along Interstate 95 south serve adjacent Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN). Photo taken 09/26/09.
Reed / Lower Ferry Road and a CSX Railroad line travel above Interstate 95 on the quarter mile approach to Exits 3B/A with Scotch Road. Scotch Road (CR 611) south from Exit 3B serves the General Aviation aspect of Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN). Northbound Scotch Road continues to Mercer County 546 (Washington Crossing Pennington Road). Photo taken 09/26/09.
A collector distributor roadway branches away from the I-95 mainline for Scotch Road (CR 611) at Exit 3. Exit 2 (Mercer County 579) follows in 1.75 miles for the Passenger Terminal of Trenton-Mercer Airport. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Exit 3B leaves the c/d roadway for Scotch Road (CR 611) north into Hopewell Township.
Expansion of the Exit 3 interchange resulted in the addition of a c/d roadway and new loop ramp for Scotch Road. Exit 3 previously ended at Scotch Road opposite Nursery Road (CR 647) west. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Interstate 95 begins its southwesterly turn toward the Delaware River at the Exit 3A loop ramp. Scotch Road (CR 611) loops around the backside of the TTN Airport on the two mile drive to Parkway Avenue (CR 634) in Ewing. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Reentering Ewing township along Interstate 95 south. Photo taken 04/25/04.
CR 579 (Bear Tavern Road) intersects Interstate 95 at a five-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 2). The north-south route begins as Sullivan Way from New Jersey 29 in Trenton and winds northward through Ewing to Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN). Photo taken 04/25/04.
Exit 2 loops away from I-95 south for CR 579 Bear Tavern Road). County Route 579 heads north from Interstate 95 to Bear Tavern and Ackers Corner in Hopewell Township to end at New Jersey 31 in West Amwell Township. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Continuing southwest on Interstate 95 toward the Scudders Falls and New Jersey 29 (Exit 1). The freeway reduces from six to four lanes before crossing the Scudders Falls Bridge into Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Lowering toward the Delaware River and the folded diamond interchange (Exit 1) with New Jersey 29 on Interstate 95 south. Photo taken 09/26/09.
A somewhat sharp turn takes Exit 1 away from I-95 south to New Jersey 29. NJ 29 straddles the Delaware River northward from Trenton to Washington Crossing, Hopewell township, and Lambertville. Southward the route follows a limited access parkway into Downtown Trenton. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Interstate 95 crosses the Delaware River along the four-lane Scudders Falls Bridge to Yardley, Pennsylvania. Exit 51 ensues at the south end of the plate girder bridge with Taylorsville Road.
Taylorsville Road lines a bluff west of the Delaware River northward 2.75 miles to Taylorsville by Washington Crossing. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Milepost zero for I-95 in New Jersey, posted midway across the Delaware River. The nondescript bridge provides motorists a free route into Pennsylvania and back.
Plans are underway to replace the aging Scudders Falls Bridge with potential construction starting 2015 or later. Photo taken 09/26/09.

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