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Interstate 95 South
Interstate 95 enters Dorchester County to the immediate south of I-26. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Traffic counts recorded by SCDOT in 2015 along I-95 south increased from 29,400 vpd to 43,000 vpd with the addition of motorists south from Interstate 26 west. Photo taken 10/13/14.
The 16.04 mile stretch of Interstate 95 through Dorchester passes by the county seat of St. George in ten miles. Continuing south, I-95 leads travelers 95 miles to Savannah, Georgia. Photo taken 12/21/13.
U.S. 178 mirrors the course of I-26 to the west, like U.S. 176 does to the east, northward from its beginning near Ridgeville to northern Orangeburg County. The US route connects I-95 with the town of Bowman, nine miles to the northwest. Photo taken 10/13/14.
A diamond interchange joins I-95 with U.S. 178 (Charleston Highway), two miles west of U.S. 15 and Rosinville. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Taking the off-ramp (Exit 82) to U.S. 178 (Charleston Highway), motorists bound for Harleyville turn south onto U.S. 178 for a seven mile drive to the town. Photo taken 12/21/13.
U.S. 178 travels 240 miles overall from the Low Country of South Carolina to Rosman, a short distance north of the North Carolina border. The route generally travels through rural areas or serves local traffic. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Interstate 95 advances south from U.S. 178 to cross Indian Field Swamp over the next five miles. Savannah is now 92 miles away. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Nearing the town of St. George, Exit 77 represents the fifth out of six interchanges along Interstate 95 south connecting with a US highway. Photo taken 10/13/14.
U.S. 78 originates in Charleston and travels northwest to Summerville and St. George. The US route exits the state after 141 miles via North Augusta. Photo taken 10/13/14.
West from Exit 77, U.S. 78 continues through nearby Reevesille 15 miles to Branchville and 28 miles to Bamberg. Photo taken 10/13/14.
I-95 leaves the St. George town limits across Polk Swamp beyond this reassurance marker. Photo taken 10/13/14.
The Colleton County seat of Walterboro is the next destination along Interstate 95 south in 21 miles. Savannah is another 65 miles further. Photo taken 10/13/14.
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2 photos
A truck parking area follows along Interstate 95 south after Cowtail Creek. The adjacent northbound facility is a weigh station. Photos taken 10/13/14.
S.C. 61 travels east-west for 67 miles from U.S. 78 near Branchville to S.C. 30 in Charleston. The state highway meets I-95 at Exit 68 in one mile. Photo taken 10/13/14.
An area of wetlands along I-95 south from Crooked Creek culminates at the 1974-built bridge across the Edisto River. Southbound motorists enter Colleton County here. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 68) with S.C. 61 (Augusta Highway) on Interstate 95 south. Canadys lies three miles to the east at the cross roads with U.S. 15. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Progressing southward, Interstate 95 makes sweeping curves through a large swath of pine forest over the next six miles. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Interstate 95 stays rural to the outskirts of Walterboro. Savannah is now 78 miles out. Photo taken 10/13/14.
A diamond interchange (Exit 62) lies one mile ahead with McLeod Road (Road 34) by the Colleton County Commerce Center. Photo taken 10/13/14.
McLeod Road links I-95 with U.S. 15 (Jeffries Highway) to the east and Mt. Caramel Road to the west from Exit 62. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Confirming marker for I-95 south posted after McLeod Road (Road 34). Photo taken 10/13/14.
Southbound mileage sign posted six miles from Walterboro and 71 miles from Savannah. Photo taken 10/13/14.
S.C. 64 (Bells Highway) branches northwest from U.S. 15 (Jeffries Boulevard) along a commercial arterial to cross paths with Interstate 95 at Exit 57. The state highway joins Walterboro with rural areas to Lodge, 22 miles to the west. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Drivers along I-95 south reach the folded diamond interchange (Exit 57) with S.C. 64 (Bells Highway). S.C. 64 constitutes a scenic route for the majority of its 73 mile alignment west from U.S. 17 at Jacksonboro to the U.S. Department of Energy Savannah River Site west of Barnwell. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Interstate 95 bypasses Walterboro to the west between S.C. 64 and S.C. 63. Photo taken 11/13/06.
Continuing south, I-95 traverses Great Swamp on the three mile drive to S.C. 63 (Sniders Highway). Savannah is a 67 mile drive via I-95 and U.S. 17 south. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Beach Road (Road 51) spans Interstate 95, one mile north of the diamond interchange (Exit 53) with S.C. 63. S.C. 63 east combines with U.S. 17 Alternate in 1.8 miles en route to Downtown Walterboro. U.S. 17 Alternate parallels I-95 south from the city to Hendersonville and Yemassee. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Southbound I-95 at the ramp departure (Exit 53) to S.C. 63 (Sniders Highway). S.C. 63 ventures west from Walterboro ten miles to U.S. 21 and 25 miles to end at U.S. 278 in Varnville near the Hampton County seat of Hampton. Photo taken 10/13/14.
The longest exit less stretch along Interstate 95 in South Carolina totals 10.51 miles through southern Colleton County. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Yemassee, a rural town along U.S. 17 Alternate & 21, lies 16 miles ahead. Drivers headed for Savannah depart in nine exits to reach the colonial era city in 62 miles. Photo taken 10/13/14.
41,100 vehicles per day were recorded by SCDOT between Exits 53 and 42 in 2015. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Curving southwest after the Crosby Corner Road overpass along Interstate 95. Photo taken 10/13/14.
One mile ahead of the final rest area in the Palmetto State on I-95 south. The next area is the Georgia Welcome Center in Chatham County. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Rest areas line both sides of the freeway south of the Black Creek Road over crossing. Photo taken 10/13/14.
U.S. 21 (Lowcountry Highway) travels 20 miles south from Ruffin to a diamond interchange (Exit 42) with Interstate 95. The US route continues another 2.7 miles by Jonesville to combine with U.S. 17 Alternate ahead of Yemassee. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Exit 42 leaves Interstate 95 south for U.S. 21 (Lowcountry Highway). U.S. 21 follows a rural course north to Branchville and Orangeburg, where it accompanies the I-26 corridor to Columbia. Photo taken 10/13/14.
U.S. 17 Alternate & U.S. 21 south overlap for 7.40 miles through Yemassee to U.S. 17 near Pocotaligo. U.S. 21 turns southeast there for another 18.5 miles to U.S. 21 Business at Beaufort, and 37.41 miles to conclude at Hunting Island. Photo taken 12/21/13.
Interstate 95 sinks toward the Combahee River beyond U.S. 21. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Travelers along I-95 south pass through the eastern wedge of Hampton County for a 2.57 mile stint. Photo taken 10/13/14.
S.C. 68 stems northwest from U.S. 17 Alternate & 21 in Yemassee to a folded diamond interchange (Exit 38) with Interstate 95. The 15.33-mile state highway parallels a CSX Railroad line northwest to U.S. 278 at Almeda. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Exit 38 loops away from I-95 to S.C. 68 (Yemassee Highway). S.C. 68, in conjunction with U.S. 278 west, provides a direct route to Hampton. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Interstate 95 turns more southerly from Yemassee to the CSX Railroad siding of Kress. Photo taken 01/03/14.
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 17 and Interstate 95 come together for the first time since Fredericksburg, Virginia in five miles. Photos taken 10/13/14.
A trumpet interchange joins I-95 with U.S. 17 in one mile at Grahams Neck. Exit 33 provides access onto U.S. 17 north as it leads east through Point South, Pocotaligo and U.S. 21 to Beaufort. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Spanning the CSX Railroad, I-95 enters Jasper County, the last through South Carolina. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Interests to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island are directed to follow U.S. 17 north to U.S. 21 south from Gardens Corner to Port Royal. Photo taken 01/03/14.
U.S. 17 constitutes a four-lane divided highway east to Gardens Corner and southern Colleton County. U.S. 17 represents the main route through the coastal Lowcountry, traveling to Charleston, Georgetown and ultimately Myrtle Beach. Photo taken 10/13/14.
U.S. 17 merges with Interstate 95 south for a 9.96-mile overlap to Ridgeland. Old U.S. 17 (West Frontage Road) remains in use on a parallel alignment through Coosawhatchie. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Interstate 95 & U.S. 17 south
Interstate 95 & U.S. 17 southbound reassurance shields posted after Point South. The four-lane freeway crosses the Tulifiny River ahead. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Southbound mileage sign referencing the distance to the Jasper County seat of Ridgeland and Savannah, Georgia. The freeway maintains just four lanes to the Savannah River crossing into the Peach State. Note the old alignment of U.S. 17 to the west. An additional frontage road parallels the northbound side of I-95 as well. Photo taken 01/03/14.
S.C. 462 (Coosaw Scenic Drive) meets Interstate 95 & U.S. 17 at Coosawhatchie. The state highway follows a four-lane roadway west into the community, utilizing a short section of old U.S. 17 in the process. S.C. 462 travels west from Coosawhatchie 15.7 miles to U.S. 601 at Pineland and 18.2 miles to its end at U.S. 321 in Robertville. Photo taken 01/03/14.
A 1974 bridge spans the Coosawhatchie River just ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 28) with S.C. 462 (Coosaw Scenic Drive). Photo taken 01/03/14.
S.C. 462 turns south from Exit 28 along a rural course to Old House and S.C. 170 on the Beaufort County line. S.C. 170 south and U.S. 278 east provide the shortest route to Hilton Head Island from I-95 to the north. Photo taken 01/03/14.
A second shield assembly for Interstate 95 & U.S. 17 south stands south of Coosawhatchie. The former alignment of U.S. 17 (West Frontage Road) appears again along the west side of the freeway. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Interstate 95 & U.S. 17 bee line south seven miles to the town of Ridgeland. Savannah is now 39 miles away. Photo taken 01/03/14.
U.S. 17 and Interstate 95 part ways at a trumpet interchange with Jacob Smart Boulevard in one mile. U.S. 17 rejoins its original four-lane alignment through Ridgeland. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Southbound I-95 at the ramp departure (Exit 22) for U.S. 17 south to Jacob Smart Boulevard. U.S. 17 passes through the Ridgeland business district, where it combines with U.S. 278 for a 12.80-mile overlap alongside I-95 to Exit 8. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Interstate 95 South
Shifting east through Ridgeland, I-95 next meets S.C. 336 (Main Street) at a diamond interchange in one mile. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Interstate 95 travels solo from Ridgeland southward to State Street in Jacksonville, Florida where U.S. 17 rejoins the freeway. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Totaling just 13.59 miles, S.C. 336 runs east from Ridgeland to S.C. 462 and west from to U.S. 321 at Tillman. S.C. 336 eastward from U.S. 17 & 278 comprises part of the original alignment for U.S. 278, and later U.S. 278 Alternate. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Reassurance shield assembly for I-95 south posted at the Smiths Crossing overpass in south Ridgeland. Photo taken 01/03/14.
15 miles separates Interstate 95 from Hardeeville before the freeway crosses the Savannah River into the Peach State. Photo taken 01/03/14.
A trumpet interchange follows with Road 13 at the settlement of Switzerland. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Exit 18 links Interstate 95 with adjacent U.S. 17 & 278 (Jacob Smart Boulevard) north to Mitchellville and Bees Creek Road (Road 13) north to Grahamville. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Truck parking lies one mile south of the Road 13 overpass. There are no facilities at the area. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Long straight aways take Interstate 95 south 9.57 miles across Great, Bahama and Bob Dam Swamps to Exit 8 in north Hardeeville. Photo taken 10/13/14.
The shuttered rest areas at milepost 17 were converted to truck parking areas in 2008. Photo taken 10/13/14.
47,400 vehicles per day were recorded by SCDOT in 2015 along Interstate 95 south from Switzerland to U.S. 278. Photo taken 10/13/14.
The Hardeeville city center lies 11 miles ahead. Savannah is another 15 miles via U.S. 17 south from Exit 5. Photo taken 01/03/14.
The Hardeeville the city limits extend northward to Bagshaw Swamp and milepost 13 to encompass newer suburban areas along U.S. 278. Photo taken 01/03/14.
A tree-lined median separates the roadways of Interstate 95 through southern Jasper County. Out of view also is adjacent U.S. 17 & 278. Photo taken 10/13/14.
U.S. 278 (Independence Boulevard) partitions with U.S. 17 (Whyte Hardee Boulevard) just west of the forthcoming diamond interchange (Exit 8) with Interstate 95. Photo taken 01/03/14.
U.S. 278 expands into a four lane divided highway east to the master planned community of Sun City and the town of Bluffton in Beaufort County. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Southbound at the off-ramp (Exit 8) to U.S. 278 on Interstate 95. U.S. 278 ends 26.50 miles to the east in the resort area of Hilton Head Island. The highway travels 1,074 miles overall west to Atlanta and Wickes, Arkansas. Photo taken 10/13/14.
U.S. 278 heads east to Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge and across the Intracoastal Waterway to Cross Island Parkway. The controlled access toll road leads the route southwest to its terminus at U.S. 278 Business and Pope Avenue. Photo taken 11/13/06.
Interstate 95 diverges from adjacent U.S. 17 to bypass the city center of Hardeeville to the east. Photo taken 10/13/14.
U.S. 17 turns south from Hardeeville and travels another 15 miles to Savannah. Photo taken 10/13/14.
U.S. 321 ends just north of Interstate 95 (Exit 5) along a commercialized stretch of U.S. 17 (Whyte Hardee Boulevard). The US route provides a straight shot south from Columbia to Hardeeville via Denmark and Fairfax. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Entering the parclo B2 interchange (Exit 5) with U.S. 17 (Speedway Boulevard) on I-95 south. U.S. 17 follows a rural route south to Limehouse and the Eugene Talmadge Bridge spanning the Savannah River. Photo taken 01/03/14.
U.S. 17 south formerly looped west through Savannah National Wildlife Refuge to the Houlihan Bridge, Port Wentworth and Garden City along what is now S.C. 170 and Georgia 25. Photo taken 01/03/14.
A former weigh station lines the north side of I-95 ahead of an S-curve west across a CSX Railroad line. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Purrysburg Road (Road 34) passes over Interstate 95 south at the final reassurance marker in South Carolina. Photo taken 01/03/14.
Brunswick, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida debut on southbound mileage signs for Interstate 95 ahead of the Savannah River. I-95 passes west of Savannah, but through outer reaches of the city limits. Photo taken 10/13/14.
Interstate 95 continues through Savannah National Wildlife Refuge on the 8.4 exit less stretch to Port Wentworth, Georgia. Photo taken 10/13/14.
A landscaped gateway thanks southbound drivers as Interstate 95 approaches the Savannah River bridge. Photo taken 10/13/14.
I-95 spans the Savannah River with just four lanes on a bridge completed in 1976. Photo taken 10/13/14.


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